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Time for more image madness /tg/.

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No particular folder tonight, I'm dumping whatever the hell I feel like.

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If anyone needs particular images, tell me and I'll dump what I have.

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Don't need anything in particular, but I always love coming home from work at 3rd shift and seeing your threads. Gives me something to do while I eat breakfast.

I thoroughly appreciate the time you take to post these.

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Stuff like this that makes me keep doing this. I can't do this kinda stuff forever though, I've only got 3 GB of images, and that's drying up rather quickly. Guess I need to find more.

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do you have any pictures that would be good for a planescape campaign, Jabs? I've got all the stock 2e/motp pictures, but it's hard to find portraits for planar creatures and/or landscapes.

I can contribute what I have as well. Pic related.

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Truth be told, I'm not familiar with planescape. Tell me some more about it and I'll do what I can to help you out.

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i'm particularly interested in spicing up the yogoloth and grey wastes in general. I was thinking of making the 'loths masters of dark artifice and machinery in some way EG yawgmoth. Any interesting pictures along those lines?

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rolled 37 = 37


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Fancy that, I was listening to that album not half an hour ago

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hm, hard to describe. Otherwordly pictures, perhaps with obviously impossible landmarks (pic related) are always a good start.

The inhabitants are rarely human and the style of architecture/landscape is non-standard, so traditional fantasy fare fails pretty epicly.

Entities such as angels and demons all inhabit the planes pretty much as a matter of course, although it's hard to find pictures that convey this. You wouldn't be suprised to see a fiend and a solar conversing over wine in the city of Sigil, for example.

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All right. Let me look at see what I've got sitting in my folder. No promises though, I don't have many otherworld-like images.

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i'm actually having the most trouble a) finding interesting pictures of non-standard player characters and monsters, and b) finding pictures of the upper (good) planes. For all it's prevalence in popular culture, there really isn't many interesting depicitions of the heavens- most are overstereotyped and boring.

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what you're supplying is great stuff. If you don't have many, i'll see if I can add to your collection as well :-)

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Many thanks. I'm always looking to grow my collection.

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many thanks. Sorry I can't contribute as quickly- my folder is poorly organised. Hopefully you don't have some of this stuff.

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I don't have much organization in my folders. I just have 'Creatures', 'Backgrounds', 'Machines', 'People', 'Weapons', and 'Misc.' That's about it. Organizing past that seems silly.

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I just have two folders: 'fantasy' and 'cyberpunk'. There's 3,000 pictures in each so far, so it's getting unwieldy.

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I would definitely do some housekeeping then.

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Did you set your folder organisation at the very beginning of your pic collecting, or was it something you decided to do once it grew a little too large?

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Once I hit the 2K image mark, I decided to organize my download folder into proper folders. I've doubled that number since, and I've got images that I've not organized into the folders yet. I don't know how many I have now.

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heh, I really want to find some way to use this pic xD

Do you have any more underground pics, especially of underground cities? Most of what you are posting is handy, though.

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Well, 3 gig you said?I have 5,000 total and that's about 1.3 gig, so you probably have over 10,000 perhaps?

That's a lot of pictures. *brofist*

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I'll look for the underground city stuff, if I have any more. I know I posted some earlier in the thread.

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Ahaha, sorry, I just looked to see how big my pictures folder in general was. I had forgotten I had my /b/ folder in there... As of right now, I only have 1.5 GB of images, almost 5K if my math is right.

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Fair enough. Is that all genres?

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I actually don't sort anything by genres, so I've got a mishmash of settings sitting next to each other. It's only really visible in the people folder and the background folder.

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I can't stand to have sci-fi ish pics in my fantasy folder (and the reverse). It means I occasionally miss pictures because i'm too lazy to swap the folders over in the download location. >.>

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anything you are looking for in particular, OP?

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actually, I might head over and contribute to the dragon thread for a bit. Thanks for your pictures, jabs, much appreciated.

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I'm a monster lover. The creepier and more eerie, the better. If it makes your skin crawl, I want it.

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oo actually, that I might be able to help with

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Es Y'golonac!

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love this one

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>are you trying to say you can't scary that creature


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you're reading solid gold mate.

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Oh the nightmares I'll have tonight are going to be delicious.

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I love these threads, but I always feel like such an asshole viewing them. I have nothing frightening to contribute, and all I'm doing is scouring them and going, "Ooh, this'll be good in my chronicle. Let's use this."

Thank you, Elegan/tg/entlemen, for giving me story fodder!

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save them, and contribute later.

That's where 90% of mine come from.

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That's how I got all of my images. Just be patient, bide your time, collect your images.

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last pic for now.

thanks jabberwock. See you next dumpthread <3

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I'm curious, where did you get this one, any idea? I know the author and those eyes shouldn't be there.

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Yes, soon you'll have awesome images.

Like this one that I don't know if it was posted or not. But this is all I have to contribute.

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I found it... on either Megachan or here. I don't recall to be honest. It may have also been in one of the many collections I've downloaded. I love that image though.


Absolutely. Thanks for contributing. I'll probably have another dump in about twelve to fourteen hours. I have about 786 MB of images I have to sort and put into my folders.

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madness you say?

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Thanks for the dump.
If only there were more pictures worth saving...I guess I'm just a picky cunt

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ITT friendly creatures that want to hug you.

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