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In this thread. WE BRING PEACE.

That's right. Talk about ways to bring about universal peace to a setting.

Easy: Setting that has plenty of openings for Alliances and resources. (Most fantasy settings,)

Medium: Setting has several aggressive, powerful forces that will refuse co-operation. (Warcraft)

Hard: Entire setting is an all out ,apocalyptic war. (40K)


"Messiah!": Bring about peace WITHOUT killing/eradicating a single person/faction.

"TROLLED!" Bring about peace through sheer trickery.

"Trapt!" Somehow involve traps. They're always useful.

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for 40k would the necrons finally sealing off the warp count as killing off DE and/or Chaos?

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I think the immaterium is constantly linked to all life. A necron "peace" would involve the extermination of all intelligent life. Technically a win, but don't expect more thanks than "..."

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Force the new lich king to order the Scourge to
immolate themselves.
Unite the races by dangling demons on a stick before them, hopefully they'll find killing the real bad guys more fun than each other.
If it's a race outside the Horde/Alliance. It's a dick that needs conscripted, contained or cut apart.
If the titans come back. Treat them like the demons.

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Well, in 40k we could say that the Emperor goes messiah and decides after contemplating it for 10k years that not all xenos are evil.
So he decides to ally the Imperium with the Tau and Eldar. He then forces the Dragon to return the necron to sleep, and uses his awesome psychic powers to create super-wards locking Chaos and the DE in the warp.
He then points the orks in the direction of the Tyrannid galaxy and lets the tyrannid (and the possible things chasing the tyrannid) get crushed by a mega WAAAGH.
Thus, PEACE!
tl;dr Emperor decides to make love not war.

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Eldar alliance is techy. Tau is more feasible. Is the Emp strong enough to close the warp? Especially after a tussle with the void dragon? What about the orc gods and the necron C'tan?

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Turn everyone into a girl. Only thing men are good at is rape and war.

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Tyrannids vs. Orks = something way too hot to handle emerges. Those races thrive on war, bad idea. Better idea. Make an alternate strain of Ork that worships the emperor and with the emperor's blessing has a edge on other orks.

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And building society, and developing science.... and creating medicine.... and developing consumer products....... and the best Chefs in the world are actually Men.......

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Pretty much only way it's going to happen. I'm still waiting for the "sperm created from female cells" to be allowed for invetro and all that. Then we can finally weed out that mutated X chromosome that causes so much pain for humanity.

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I like this better than what I put. And hell, why not say the Emperor can dominate some of the tyrannid since they obey psychic hiveminds and uses the Emperor's Hive and the Emperorz Boyz to help drive back the main hive fleet and convert the other orkz into thinking that the Emperor iz da biggest.

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Wasn't there a scifi book about just that?
All men died an the remaining women managed to survive through cloning or some other handwaving. Then they find a shuttle with a few surviving astronauts in cryo sleep. Does anybody remember the name of that book?

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Men are just screwed up women, this is a biological fact. Look into it, the Y chromosome is a flag for the developing female to undergo a horrific physiological and mental change.

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I remember that being an episode in The Twilight Zone knock off on scifi (back before syfy) but I can't remember waht the show is called.

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It's a common book theme. Something men make and try to show how fucked up a completely women run society would be. Really it's all bullshit they produce to try and make themselves feel better at the expensive of women which ironically is proving my point.

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The Y Chromosome is just a flag to continue development rather than stopping. So you could say Women are just stunted malformed men. It's evolution's way of saying that good enough, isn't good enough.

Also shut up. Women are just as horrible as men. The only people who think otherwise are idiots.

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Wraeththu time!

Both men and women become something the don't want to be. Everybody is equal in their anguish.

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You guys are pointing your misandry at the wrong thread. Check out the "party of feminists in 12th century Islam" thread if you're wanting to troll like a proper womyn.

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>opinions =/ fact

You're trying to say males are unnatural, this is wrong. Asexuals exist, but it isn't how our species works. Changing humanity INTO an asexual race? That's the horrific change.

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you mean, like crossing orks and men?

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You didn't bring peace, but you sorta get the "trapt!" award.

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All former problems are now gone.

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step 1) kill everyone
step 2) peace!

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Kill every Biological in the universe.

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that would be AWESOME

just to watch the chaos of every nation and demographic evolve, i mean what happens to all the feminists?

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Wouldn't everything be over in ~100 years?

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Peace is coming at you from the end of my bolter, faggots

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War rages, while the would be saviours bicker over penises! SAVE US ALL /TG/!!

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