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All of my cultist images are ancient. Can you guys post anything I'm missing?

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Don't have many, unfortunately.

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I wouldn't mind seeing some more Grimdark Cultist

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I hope he does the other three gods. That one is so good.

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That is new AND AWESOME.

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That's about it for semi-uncommon ones I have.
This one is less Cultist and more LCB which I'm personally not big on, but it has Cultist in a maid outfit.
Which should be looked into more.

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How can it be new, when he's dead.

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whoa only time I have ever seen cultist in a horrified state

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Protip 1: That's not very new.

Protip 2: He's not very dead.

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Must not focus....on..........breasts

Golden Throne they are perfect...

..no I'm a member of ordo hereticus, stand firm.

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Curse my love for Chink and x-ray shots!


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Also I was talking about the thing I was linking to.

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1. He claimed it was new and I have never seen it before, so I didn't know.
2. The joke is that he's dead. It doesn't matter whether it's true.

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Actually its not a joke, but its a less known fact that Chink, after gorging himself on communist blood and semen, has risen from his grave as an undead horror, as of yet unseen on the face of the planet.

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Pics or it didn't happen

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Sadly there is no record of his many insane feasts, but have some Blazblue and Wakfu.

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Thanks Chink, you glorious disgusting sonofabitch.

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Such attention to detail. Truly a masterpiece.

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I just hope that's shit around Eva's ass and not her intestines.

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Here is my Chink folder. Please upload anything I don't have!

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As an avid WH40K'er myself, I have never encountered this before. Anyone care to explain in a few sentences?

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Ah, sadly I don't have a personal collection, the BB one is his newest in my knowledge.

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> Chink folder
Ia ia fhtagn!

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Her fingers were nailed to a table. Do you really think Chink wouldn't go full guro on that?

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I know, I know... I just hope...

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Hope in vain is nothing but delusion.

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Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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Nice tits.

I really like Cultist, but then I always remember what that writefag did with me in DD6.

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Cultist used as a Daemonculaba, little Blackheart shoved up her cunt then spat out as an Unfleshed.

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Creepy. Gimme a link or repost it.

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>>8958833 Will pay to watch you blow a goat.


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Oh boy, what a thread

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1d4chan, Dranon's Delight.

So, I just checked out your Chink collection. 40% made me hard, 50% made me feel a bit nauseous, 10% was hilarious, 100% was insane. Chink probably has issues.

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A very accute case of AWESOME!

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Indeed. He's like 70% Slaaneshi, 30% Nurgelesque.

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Oh I always knew he's got issues but I never saw this many of his stuff at once. The cut off penises and the mutilated girls... oh boy.

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I really ought to add to Dranon's Delight, just to ruin it for people.

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I don't think those who want to download Chink's stuff are going to be bothered by DD...

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Never seen this 'afore.
It's a good'un.

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Oh, old school. Nice!

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