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"how convenient, now you DO want to negotiate"

I'm a cancer /tg/?
by the way, drawfaggotry thread. everyone is invited.

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no one requesting?

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rolled 80 = 80

fuck yes


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Could you please draw a male elf in traveling clothes, a mil shirt, cloak and a black bow in his hand in a full blown argument with a male drow in traveling clothes, cloak, and a rapier on his belt? thanks

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Gimme a minute to think up something weird...

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Adventurers making sandwiches in the road.

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The artist formerly known as the Prince in Yellow.

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it's nice to put raping alien characters disguised as cohorts for your players

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Could I request a Daemon Prince of Nurgle? Notable features include intestines hanging out from a rip in his gut, his right arm covered in bloated flesh and zits, the antler horns that some of the Great Unclean Ones have, a rusted blade that weeps corrosive and terrible fluids, and a disturbingly cheery face.

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Dammmn. Nice job.

I'll re-post my request I had last time.

Viewing into the front window of an 18 wheeler, there are three Inquisition Acolytes.

In the passengers seat is a dirtied noble, who attempts to look refined. Looks young, and short tidy hair. He is eying the driver and other passenger as he discreetly puts on his seat-belt.

In the middle is a psyker, wearing a cloak. His hair is messy, and has a crazy grin on his face as he is reaching over and grabbing the wheel while his other hand is slamming down on a button on the dashboard.

The driver is a young man wearing plated leather armor. His hair is short and his face is rather decorated in scars that have not yet disfigured him. He is looking frustrated as he struggles to regain control of the wheel.

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3 Dwarves armed with basic spears and such walking into a dimly lit cavern with vermin scattering in the torch light and the red eyes of some megabeast in the background.

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any chance of a male halfing paladin smiling and looking innocenty while wearing shiny plate mail?

or a thri-keen with a fake dwarvern beardy, wielding dwarvern waraxes, and mithril armor?

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You know you want to.

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Aren't there about 50 pictures of this already?

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Full-plate wearing Kobold with a VERY large sword, and a cloth-wearing dagger-wielding Dragonborn sorcerer, looking quizzically at each other.

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I want more of that female.

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Right. Skeletal Robot Unicorn (option: rainbows) disembowelling a My Little Pony (option:rainbows)


Skeleton Robot Unicorns (option:rainbows) ridden by Elfdar (option:Banshees) w/lances/spears/pointy Elfdar weaponry charging SPESS MEHREENS (option:Angry) being ridden by Sororitas w/Witchlances. Could be one-on-one if you don't feel like drawing ranks.

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no, i mean, really, what? who is the prince in yellow? i tough it was the king in yellow, Hast-

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I think you're better off drawing

3 Dwarves armed with basic spears and such walking into a dimly lit cavern with vermin scattering in the torch light and the red eyes of some megabeast in the background.

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i'm doing something about this, although is not exactly what you want.

of course, as i said in the last thread, this thread will have porn.

probably the first one.

i love three keens, perhaps i'll do the beardy one.

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Human warrior, with short, military cropped hair and a couple scars across his face. He's grinning, in a confident sort of way.

He wears plate armor, though not a complete set to reduce weight. Of note are two large quivers, one across each shoulder, only instead of arrows, each holds perhaps a dozen short swords. He has another two swords in his hands, and four more float above him, ready to strike.

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Callidus with powersword leaping at Leatherface who has his chainsaw.

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A Human Bard sitting on a rock at a beach facing towards the ocean tuning his loot and singing a song watching the horizon. A cthulu like monstrous creature is half-risen out of the sea. The Bard is not worried.

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Well alright I can change the request if it is that upsetting.

How about an arbitrator fighting about 8 orks swarming him with a guardsman in the background yelling "I'LL SAVE YOU!" as he fires off a frag grenade towards the green mass' general direction.

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What do you mean? If I'm allowed to know anyways.

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Requesting a Hive-scummer, with short red hair and several piercings. She's wearing short-shorts, heavy, beaten-up boots, knee-high socks, a tank top (preferably with exposed midriff) and a ganger jacket (unzipped, of course). She's got an autopistol on her hip and has a baseball bat in one hand and a Kalashnikov-type Autogun in the other. She looks cocky and (over-)confident.

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>>If you're still taking requests, can I get a drow woman in Tibetan/Indian-style clothing (revealing, preferably), with long straight white hair and a simple, featureless mask that covers her whole face and is decorated simply?

Delivered >>8948382

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Can I make this sammich making... IN THE NUDE?

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A Black Hand trooper rideing on what appears to be an heavily modified Mammoth MK3 ( Ala, Mammoth Tank from C&C 3 ) that appears to have two massive but heavily armored tanks behind the turret, it is spitting massive gouts of flames.

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A Catachan warrior in the jungle, sneaking up on a Tau Firewarrior with a knife.

The Catachan should be wearing a mask that looks loosely like one of these(just go for the crazy, half made, native look).

Or a squad of them fighting in the jungle against some unseen opponent(or enemy of your choice)

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Ornate bonesword

should be simple enough.

off to bed I go

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I've made it a point not to request any thri-kreen anymore. I've been too greedy with you drawfags.

Since King of the Hill is on, I want to see Hank Hill as a paladin of Proupaine and Proupaine Ecxeceres, the twin gods of efficient, clean-burning fuel.

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bleh, its been a while

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sorry, doodly as my name, hope it gives you a smile.

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Oh, oh!

I want a Hobgoblin Barbarian, wearing scale mail (semi-plate armor) slicing apart a horde of enemies, with a group of allies. (A druid, two wizards, and a cleric) all looking on in amazement.
Below the Hobgoblin should be his name: Gormang McCloud, Highlander-Aspirant of the Tajorian Mountains

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An elf in rags and tatters reaching one hand tentatively towards a curiously black stone on a pedestal in the middle of a dark, dusty, cobwebbed room while leaning heavily on a staff with his other arm.

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Oh man, that's just as good. Thank you...

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I withdraw my request. I kind of want to draw it myself now.

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sketchy, also i couldn't find any reference of the pose i wanted.

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the fuck

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well, it looks like the illithid ecchi killed the thread.

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...Can I request more...?

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Could I get a picture of an extra heretical dark mechanicus techpriestess who's holding two of her tentacles, one in each hand... only one is an organic mutation and the other is a cybernetic replica? Both have the tips covered in socks, so you can't tell if they're pervert tentacles or not.

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holy hell, im giggling like mad at this pic

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female dragonborn wrestling a female tau.

just because.

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Dragon Clan magistrate in his kimono, with his jitte in his belt. He's skinny, with shaggy hair and a thin goatee, and he is enjoying tea out of a ridiculously feminine cup, but at the same time rocking the closest thing a samurai can muster to trollface.

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Could you draw two Cutenids and a Sister of Battle? One cutenid wearing a massive strapon, pointing it in the face of the other cutenid, and doing an awesomeface. The other cutenid is staring at the strapon, horrified. The Sister of Battle in the background is pissed off that her strapon was stolen and is rushing to reclaim it.

>> No.8950381


or you know, not.

Besides, don't you want to see a waifish elf hand a sammich over to a grizzled looking dorf and/or human?

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draw a scrawny acne riddled neckbeard with rotting teeth and a mountain dew T Shirt high fiving a chunky elven priestess.

please very much.

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Throne dammit, you got me listening to that song...

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I feel sorry for the illithid on the sole basis that it/she has breasts

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The new Dwarf Fortress has included some things that warrant drawfag attention. I can't find the thread now, but someone had showed they had generated a world with a skinless buffalo god-monster, that after 1500-2000 years of world generation had racked up over 8000 kills.

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I think it's the same thread that showed where a bronze colossus had ripped a chain shirt off of an elf and beat 50 other elves to death with it.

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Still taking requests? If so.

Know that scene in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, where the Dutyer yells "Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R.!"

I want that same scene, but he's yelling at Chii, and saying "Get out of here C.H.O.B.I.T."

Pic related is Chii. I don't care what you put her in. A Stalker or Seva Suit, her wedding dress thing, or a Japanese Schoolgirl outfit, whatever you want her wearing is fine with me.

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>sexy illithids

We're okay with this, trust me.

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Draw an Emerald green Dragonwaught Kobold with Dragon wings riding a 'raptor, please.

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Great, he left. :(

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I like this picture. It is made of WIN and RAGE

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*sob* Check your own goddamn closet for monsters from now on.

>> No.8953129

>*sob* Check your own goddamn closet for monsters from now on.
I think thats how this happened in the first place...

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Either would make me ecstatic.

An obligatorily emo-goth-looking rootwalker (think treants basically modified for FantasyCraft) who looks like a willow tree trying to impersonate Morticia Addams, with bark scarring emulating the effect of running mascara under the eyes. Very distinctively female and feminine in the children's cartoon sense (RE: DEM HIPS, not DEM TIGOLBITTIES).


Lizardfolk martial artist. Basically, gender-ambiguous saurian martial artist with raptor claws doing some form of tae kwan do type high kick that would require considerable flexibility and would turn someone's face and torso to shredded meat. They have a head-frill, and a calm-ish expression.

TL;DR Morticia Addams emogothtreant or gender neutral lizard version of Baek from Tekken.

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Some dude posted these and i really wanna seeem
Daft Punk as tech priests
chars from interstellar 5555 as mindflayers

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