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Counts as Chaos Fury.

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Read that as Chaos Furry. FFFFFFFFFFUUUU-

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Is that some kind of porcupine bird hybrid?

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babeh birdy

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They're feathers you idiots. You know how all feathers have a spine running through the middle called a QUILL?

The bird is so young the feathers haven't actually fleshed out.

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rolled 63 = 63

baby parrot bird.

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Trailer... related?

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Whoa shit. Trippy.

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babeh animlz :3

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that is horrifying

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Cutest Lord of Change ever.

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Baby birds are fucking terrifying. The sounds they make are enough to keep you up all night, mostly because they'll start up in the middle of the night and you'll flop around and reach for the closest available weapon to fend off whatever demon's come to claim you and your loved ones.

I miss having baby birds ;_;

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Looks like it has mutton chops.

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Chaos Furries you say?

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Foxes are worse.


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You know what other thing baby birds are? Vindictive.

They push off other eggs and siblings so they can have more food to themselves. That never sat well with me to this day.

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Does anyone else keep forgetting that Furies even exist?

>> No.8947788

I miss having them too. ):

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That is the most horrible picture I've seen in a week. Gaahhh.

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Yeah, they're total assholes. The parents are worse, though. One of my Jardines' dad bit off the toes on her left foot when she was a baby, though she's managed to get around well enough since.

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That's the first non-studio painted Doom Bull I've seen. Looks pretty good, actually

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Doom Bull?

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That's actually a normal Minotaur.

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Standard 'Eavy Metal Minotaurs...

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Turn the image upside down and look at the one with the drum.

>> No.8948329

Oh, it is a minotaur. My mistake. Well, it still looks pretty good, actually. The darker "skin" tone really helps it look less awful

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