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Wherez all da 40k books 'bout Orkz, huh? They'z the best! Dose humies tink dere so great, wif dere Heresy and dere Emperor and whatnot. But dey ain't Orkz! Dey ain't got the WAAAGH on dere side! Dere red wunz don't go fasta'!

Makes me plum sad, it does...

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There's a comic.

It's the best damn 40K comic ever. Redeemer comes a close second.

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Wazzit called? I NEEDS MORE ORKZ.

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killboy comic?

that one is fucking awesome

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Because reading ork accents for 200 pages of shitty BL writing would be painful.

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Deff Skwadron

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Reading Ork accents for too long gets tiring.
On a side note, I just got buttfucked by Meganobz in a 1000 pt game.

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http://www.cold-moon.com/40k/Deff%20Skwadron/deff_skwadron.htm Here ya go, ya grot.

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Deff Skwadron ya sez?

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Fear the alien

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If youz talkin' bout themz Pointy 'umies, or dem blue 'eads den youz wrong. Youz don' fear the "alien". YOUZ FEAR DA WAAAGH!

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Zog Meh...

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um,red ones do go faster now..........

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