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Fluff wise

Eldar v.s. Nids

Who is superior?

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Are you daft? Tyranids win, hands down, no hands/claws/guns/anything.

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I need to read some of the fluff.


>Tyranids are without number

>Eldar are a dying breed

Suggests Tyranids

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Nids at least required some creativity, rather than just taking a Tolkien derivative and putting them in space.

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Well, can the Nids get to the craftworlds? Because if the Eldar keep running away and doing hit and runs on the Nids, they might be able to hold their own... although I doubt they could actually BEAT the Nids.

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superior technology always wins.

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Eldar at least required some creativity, rather than just taking a sci-fi cliche and sticking on some saurian features.

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>generic alien race that ripped parts from alien
>Saw the movie aliens
>remodeled entire race to rip it off

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lol Doom of Malan'tai? One guy killed an ENTIRE CRAFTWORLD.

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Nids would never catch Eldar.

Eldar would never stop Nids.

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Old tyranids were less cliche

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This is what people who never read Eldar fluff actually believe.

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Equally faggy races, Humanity is superior.

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Tyranids were the original Sci-Fi horrible gribblies bug lizard swarm thing. Or one of them.

Ya can't call an original cliched.

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tell that to the taliban.

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There's a reason nobody reads it. It blows.

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/r/ing the fluff behind doomy

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>Tyranids were the original Sci-Fi horrible gribblies bug lizard swarm thing. Or one of them.

Oh you.

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Looks like someone is a xenophobe

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>Ecky Aliens in space
>Invented in early 80s

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Malan'tai craftworld was attacked by one hive ship that got seperated from the main tendril. It got DESTROYED, but not before launching about twenty mycetic spores, 19 of which were destroyed, the last went unnoticed.

It contained a Zoanthrope.

The zoanthrope slowly (over the course of about a week) devoured the souls of the surrounding eldar (wraithbone pendants are useless against the hive mind!) and then their infinity circuit. Using the power drained from these, it got exponentially more powerful, and drew ever increasing numbers of souls in daily. It eventually devoured the craftworld's entire population, leaving nothing but a floating metal hulk drifting through space, completely empty of life.

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My Opinion = God Tier
Your Opinion = Shit tier

Learn to play the fluff game kids.

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>Power to make pretty much anything you can imagine. Engineering being in your very genes
>Not superior tech

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That's kind of awesome.

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One doesn't have to be a xenophobe to not be an urophile.

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I like this

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Tyranids pretty much ARE superior tech, being designed ENTIRELY for conflict. Their entire bodies are literally made for war, and they suit their purposes like cogs in a machine. Even the best trained soldiers can break or defect (lol chaos), but if they're literally designed, physically and mentally, for absolute animalistic obedience, they will not fail.

Also, there's no such thing as victory when you fight tyranids. There's a temporary pause between assaults. Eventually you will all die. And then your pathetic eldar will be fuel for more, better zoanthropes.

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Tyranids: Becoming more and more like the xenomorphs from Alien since 1997. Or whenever the 2nd Alien movie released.

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Only when bad authors portray Humanity as dumbasses who crap their pants and get a heart attack instead of fighting and winning.

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Now comes in a named variety, for your convenience!

This is what the Doom of Malan'tai looks like (hypothetically). Taken from DA, not my artwork.

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What about Nids v.s. ORKS

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The pre-Fall Eldar would have made a zoo exhibit of the tyranid hive fleet.

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the dark eldar till do when they are not to high to fight, then they wrestle then.

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You can't win. We have more soldiers than you, and that's your only advantage. 'Better Soldiers'? We have better. More? We have more. Smarter? We are as smart as anything can possibly be. Unified? Is that a serious question?

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Ork tech is ramshackle and crude, because it's built on the fly often in the middle of a warzone. Orks don't have/need big factories to churn out weaponry. They can take battlefield scrap and combine it all together to build battle-tanks. The problem off couse, is that Phil Kelly is a complete Douche-Bag, and fucked over the Looted Vehicle entry and didn't give the Orks their Battletanks. So now FW is making them, and despite how awesome they look they're still 'player-permission-only' at best.

Thank Phil. You fuck.

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Well, you can't really disagree with this.

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Shitty fanfiction and bad authors downplaying Imperium don't make the Tyranids a powerful force.

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tyrants are all pathetic pussy whipped dicks, go crawling back to your Dom, fag.

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Each army has their own perks and flaws, The Ultramarines did repel a Tyranid invasion.

I have respect for them because of this feat

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>Implying that allowing Orks to take shit from other codexs was fair

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I lol'd

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That does piss me off. Ork vs Nid fluff used to be epic. It used to be focused around Hive Fleet Leviathan meeting it's match in the Octavius Warlord's dominion, with giant fucking battles lasting for years. It was very much a case of "WTF did we do... pray whatever side comes out of that mess doesn't come after us next!"

Then Robin takes the reigns of the Nid codex and the whole fucking thing gets retconned into "Lol-Nids-are-steamrolling-through-there-and-always-have-been". My favorite piece of fluff, and catapult for numerous DH and ongoing 40k campaigns, nutted instantly. Thanks for fucking up my favorite fluff, Robin!

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I like how both Marine and Guard wankers say that the moment a portion of fluff makes them lose a fight it's a "fanfiction" yet call xenos races weakling when they lose battles in canon.

Herp meet the Derp.

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>Implying the xenos isn't a weak cancer in the galaxy

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I agree. Tyranids were more interesting before this codex redid a lot of fluff. The tyranids fighting Orks was, indeed, the ultimate showdown. The army that gets stronger when it wins, never runs out of guys, and the army that gets stronger when it wins, and never runs out of guys.

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Ignoring the new, shitty, fluff, orks and tyranids are pretty evenly matched.

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Paying full price for the tank and at BS 2 with an 0-1 limitation and a break-down chart? How much more "fair" do you want it? On a 2+ every turn the vehicle falls apart and is removed as 'wrecked'. It was perfectly fine as it was. Even when the Deathskullz got multiple Looted Vehicles, none of them could be the same (so no spamming Basilisks).

That said, I most often used the Looted Vehicle rules to field actual Battle Tanks. Gobsmashas, Lungburstas, etc. Now you can't, because a shitty rhino with a sawn-off battlecannon does not a 'counts-as Lungbursta' make. What Phil SHOULD have done, was expanded upon the Looted Fail-Wagon with more options and chassis. Such as opting for a Rhino Chassis, a Chimera Chassis, Russ Chassis, etc. Then with weapon upgrades based off those vehicles. As it is, I represent my Looted Lemun Russ models as Battlewagons now, because it makes more sense (despite not having access to a decent Ordnance gun). I just wish I had a fucking Battletank, one that could actually engage other vehicles beyond 'Deathrolling' it (thank god they finally FAQ-ed that). Not to say Deathrollas aren't fun, but rather it's fucked up that Orks can't get an anti-tank gun outside of Apoc...

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Butthurt xenos player detected.

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Tyranids in all respects. The Eldar are cunning with powerful technology but very few. Tyranids are an seemingly endless mass travelling through space without the confines of Compassion or delusions of morality (I admit I got that part from Alien but it's relevant)

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He's actually got a point. As a non-Imperial player, I view the Marine players (especially) as 'coddled' and spoon-fed little twats. Even the grown 40-something Marine-fans tend to be excessively immature in their 'Marines are better than -X-' attitude.

What's humorous is when (as the other guy mentioned) a non-Imperial codex comes out and has an epic marine-beatdown fight in it, and the marine players respond with 'WTF, nuh-uhh... Marines are more awesome than that'. Yet they hold their own codex's blatant 'marine-biased' stories as shining examples of how every other army in the game SHOULD be...

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butthurt guardsman is butthurt.

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Not so much. The Ork codex is chocked full of fail, and is only remaining competitive because of Phil's half-assed development of it. 6pts an Ork, is retardedly undercosted. They should be 7 or 8, with I 3 base.

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DoW2, if taken as any kind of canon, suggests that the Eldar fear the Tyranids enough to throw several Imperium worlds in their way to slow them down and buy them a few extra weeks to try to hightail it.

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Nids are by far superior fluff wise, their numbers can't even be counted, only TENDRILS not even the main mass of nids are entering the Imperium. The eldar are a dieing race, powerfull yes, but only because they choose their battles very carefully. In an all out war, the nids would eat the elves alive...literally

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That's also standard Eldar arrogance and behavior. That kind of callous attitude has always been a trademark of the Eldar in 40k, and is one of the reasons why they can't truly be considered 'Good Guys'.

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>They should be 7 or 8, with I 3 base


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It'd tone down Shootas a bit (because they need it), and make Choppa/Slugga something more than just cannon-fodder (because they definitely need it).

Orks didn't use to be this shitty 'Always Strike Last' army. Orks used to double their initiative and swing at I 4 in the previous book. I'd rather personally have a reason to field my choppas again, than just spamming shootas (which is much more versatile and effective).

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I was rather satisfied that more than a third of the new Space Wolf codex fluff involved them getting their shit wrecked for being too headstrong. It's glossed over a lot, sure, but it's there.

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That is ignoring the new-fluff, dumb-head!

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Also, Venomthropes in the background providing cover.

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>They should be 7 or 8, with I 3 base.

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People like you make me happy that I play a straight Ultramarine army with no special characters (except Calgar in city based Apoc battles, because dropping 30 termies on to a city block to war with 120 fire warriors means they need some back up).
Every day I play, every match I win, every ounce of respect I begrudgingly wring from the guys at my shop, is one more way I can prove you wrong.

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Fluff wise? Nids.

Nobody goes faggot for them like they do for space elfs. Can love bloom? No. No it can't. Because you're biomass and I'm a lizardbug space horror, om nom nom.

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Fluff wise the only way to fight nids is with insane amounts of scorched earth. Fight like hell (WWII Russia) for a planet so they expend biomass and exterminatus before the spines are tall enough to reach the hive ships. preventing them from gaining biomass.

The eldar do not have the resources to fight this kind of war.

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The Eldar don't really have much biomass to contribute to the hivefleet themselves. They live on gypsy ships, not big lush planets. With careful tactics they could certainly keep themselves alive and do damage to the hivefleet, but they lack the numbers to win an outright victory.

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The tyranid codex showed one of the hive fleets slaughtering one of the craftworlds, don't remember which one though.
If that were the case, Chaos would have lost long ago.
Didn't the Ultramarines and the titans supporting them all get slaughtered?

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Malan'tai. You know, the one that created "The Doom of Malan'tai?"

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>implying that every Eldar warrior doesn't kill scores of guardsmen

>> No.8920738


I'm sorry, who exactly was the "dying race" of the setting again?

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Fluff wise the only way to fight nids is with insane amounts of scorched earth. Fight like hell (WWII Russia) for a planet so they expend biomass and exterminatus before the spines are tall enough to reach the hive ships. preventing them from gaining biomass.

The eldar do not have the resources to fight this kind of war.

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Fuck double post sorry.>>8920770

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Neither are superior.

Eldar can't take on Nids. Nids can't effectively catch Eldar.

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Eldar <3 Webway

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True enough. A full sized hive fleet can take out anything, even a forge world with a full legion of titans and tech guard. when the nids come to town, its too late for your ass by then. The only way the imperium has beaten them so far was one of the battleships blew up in the middle of one fleet, taking out the bulk of it that way, and another was diverted to ork territory where its been for a while, growing stronger with new genetic stock.

>> No.8920855

What I wonder is, how many more genes are out there for the hive-mind to acquire? Obviously it still wants to strip planets to increase the biomass of the swarm, but are the <insert species> of planet x all that much different from the <insert species> of planet y?

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this made me laugh

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In Fluff, the Eldar are these unstoppable warriors of ultimate power with psychic strength that dwarfs the mightest Astartes librarian. Each one is capable of slaying several space marines with astounding ease, and moves faster than the human eye can follow or the human brain can process, augmented or no.

The Tyranids, in fluff, are ravening killing machines that never stop, know no fear and cannot be held back forever. They consume, they reproduce, and all dies in their path.

In the game, the Eldar are shitty, with crap stats, dodgy wargear (sunrifle, yay!) and psychic powers that are weak.

In the game, Tyranids are extremely powerful units with great gear, powers and unit choices.

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Do you mean to imply that gene trainer Tyranid has nearly caught them all?

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Only the marines on the planet which was damn near all of them but I think that's kinda badass for the marines because they did defend their planet. Which is probly one of the biggest battles in 40k fluff

Crafted world Iyanden had 4/5 of its population destroyed and had to arm the undead bots to fight the nids off

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So, fluff wise, neither. Eldar are superior to the Tyranids in every way, but there's more tyranids and they are exceedingly deadly on their own.

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Don't most players play Imperium?

>> No.8920950

9/10 players play marines of some type. But thats not how it is at our shop

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Did you just diss the Eldar codex?

I look foward to charging your most expensive unit with a seer jetbike council.

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Speaking as an Eldar fan... Eldar would lose against pretty much anything except maybe Tau.

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Even though /tg/ loves to hate the Marines they're a very fun army to play. I started with Tau, hatd them. Then started Nids, I absolutely loved them. A friend of mine quit playing so he gave me his 500pt space Marine Army. I've been slowly building it over the years and I now have over 3.5k of them and around 8k of Nids. Marines are fun to play because you can play very varied lists.

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There's too much HUMANITY FUCK YEAH in the setting for this to conclude, the bugs and elves are still exchanging their feeble blows when the Imperium comes to blast them both into oblivion.

>> No.8920995

By all means, go for it. Just be ready for the 30 poison gaunts with furious charge to come for you right after. 90 attacks, wounding on 4+, re-rolling fails? I'll take it.

>> No.8920997

>In the game, the Eldar are shitty, with crap stats, dodgy wargear

So you skip over all the aspect warriors and only read guardians I see.

>> No.8921014

There is a reason the Eldar are secretive and don't just mindless charge people.

Same reason for you marine/tyranid players look at our units statline and laugh on how you have better things, without realizing both in fluff and crunch eldar are all about specific units/beings doing specific things that in the end all converge into something else.

>> No.8921015

>Doom of Malan'Tai destroyed an entire craft world, by himself.
>Maugan Ra held off an entire hive fleet, by himself.

Tough call there.

>> No.8921022

>Maugan Ra

Fuck yes

>> No.8921027

>and around 8k of Nids

Holy fuck man. Where the hell do you keep your army. You room must be covered in the fuckers.

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You know, the Eldar ARE dying out, RIGHT NOW! Their empire is crumbling every minute AND THEY STILL HAVE THE POWER TO CHALLENGE THE IMPERIUM


Dark Eldar are pirates.

Pirates capable of striking any place except the Sol system and the mound of the Eye of Terror.

>> No.8921056

The reality of the 40k setting, spess maroon codexes aside, is that humanity is keeping the galaxy warm for the inevitable victory of the tyranids or necrons.

Short of the Tau becoming the next godly tech-race or the Emperor waking up, nothing is capable of stopping those threats.

>> No.8921062


>So you skip over all the Fire Dragons


>> No.8921076

Back in 2e a Fire Dragon could punch straight through a marine's power armour without breaking a sweat; from that you can imagine how strong they were in general.

It's declined since then, mainly due to changes in GW's writing team and marketing direction.

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Doom of Malantai, need I say more?

>> No.8921087

I'm sorry, but my banshees used to be able to compete with Space Marine Terminators. Now, sending them into melee is just a delaying action while I try to bring dark reapers to bear.

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No. The Imperium is going to dissipate within approximately ONE CENTURY of the current "present" in warhammer.

Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS. For the love of god I hope not.

>Several space marines
I lol'd

TL;DR Zoanthropes are stronger psykers than Eldar. Gaunts are more numerous than Orks. Warriors are stronger than Space Marines. The Hive Mind itself is more creative than the Tau. The Necrons... fuck the necrons, why are we fighting the undead robots? The Dark Eldar are faggots that hide in another dimension we'll get to eventually, but atm don't care. Imperial Guard... trillion of bodies, thrown into the maw of the devourer.

>> No.8921106


Not entirely. Ynnead, after he wakes up and kicks Slaanesh in the balls could destroy everything but the C'Tan. He might even bring the Eldar backi n an advanced technology state.

>> No.8921108

I'm not going to lie I got 6000 pts in space marines, 3000 pts in eldar army, 6000 pts in nids, 3000pts in choas, 2000 pts in necrons and 1000 pts in dark eldar
so yea I've hit the spacemarines band wragon once or twice

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Need I say more?

>> No.8921124

Summoned Daemons.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921131


>> No.8921133

Kroot Hounds.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921136

Herp Derp.

Stop being a Mon-keigh, Autarch. A true Eldar general knows they need the right guys for the job and synergy to defeat the threats he faces. The reason we play Eldar is because we can fuck everbody shit up IF and only IF we managed to make our plan work.

Why do you think Eldrad says "Just according to the plan"?

>> No.8921138

>Gaunts are more numerous than Orks


....oh wait, you're serious.

>> No.8921140

dude nids maw daemons then they get sad when they go away after they die

>> No.8921144

>I've spent $1000s on GW!

>> No.8921145

Flayed Ones.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921158

Space Marine Scoots.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921160

The Phoenix Lords kick everything's ass.
There's just not enough of them to save the Eldar.
Though, when all the Eldar die, a new god is born, who then slays Slaanesh.
Chances of this happening? 0%, GW will -never- advance plot.

>> No.8921164

Yriel absorbs the supernova with his massive neutronium balls, then slaps the Doom of Malantai to death with his cock.

>> No.8921167


Need I say more?

>> No.8921168

You mean the Avatar of Khaine?

>> No.8921174

No silly, summoned daemons from the CSM codex.

>> No.8921177

gaunts do out number orks......plus nids will release spores that will take out the orks spores to stop them from reproducing. So yea nids are orks worst nightmare

>> No.8921183

Death Cult Assassins.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921193


Of course they will. They'll advance it so hard that all the aliens and heretics will die out, then the Ultramarines will become DOUBLE ULTRA SUPER LOYALIST HERETICS and start fighting everyone else. FOR NOT BEING LOYAL ENOUGH

>> No.8921207

don't say that too lound or gw will make it happen

>> No.8921220

...Despite them not being able to beat the orks.

>> No.8921224

Arco-Flagellants and Penitent Engine

Need I say more?

>> No.8921227


Space weeaboo elves are more fun then Lovecraftian dinosaur aliens.

>> No.8921231

Need I say more

Need I say more?

>> No.8921233

Oh fuck you cant be serious

>> No.8921237

Copy Zerg.

>> No.8921242

Oh man I thought I posted that and was like I don't remember posting that.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921244


I lol'd

L2 history. Tyranids were around WAY before starcraft came out in '97.

>> No.8921247

ITT: fanboys arguing about shit that doesnt matter

>> No.8921249

Nothing Lovecraftian about T-rexes in spess.

>> No.8921251

Course they were. Now look at their sudden change of appearance once StarCraft came out.


>> No.8921269

Who said Starcraft was Starcraft

>> No.8921270


Need I say more?

>> No.8921275

Those are Dark Eldar, who we all know would have a field day with Tyranids.

>> No.8921276


That was an evolution that had been coming for a while. If you look at the original tyranids, then the 2e ones, then the 3e ones, you see a progression towards no longer weilding weapons, but BEING weapons. They're still getting there. The tyrannofex is the closest thing i've seen to it. Not that I approve of the new codex AT ALL.

>> No.8921277


It'll keep going like this until the rest are defeated. Then the ultras turn on the Imperium, until the only things left are the Emperor, and two Ultramarines who think one is more loyal than the other offing each other.

They fall to the ground, dead, sodomized, whatever, the Emperor gets up and says to the reader AND NOW YOU ARE THE NEXT ULTRAMARINE.

>> No.8921285

Warp Beasts.

Need I say more?

>> No.8921292


Need I say more?

>> No.8921297

There was a sharp and sudden change in appearance shortly after StarCraft came out.

I was playing 40k while you were learning to walk, son - I saw that change happen.

>> No.8921303


Need I say more?

>> No.8921305

Also Dark Eldar, who we all know would have a field day with Tyranids.

>> No.8921306


Oh that's a good one.

Also, to the guy that keeps saying "Need I say more?" YES YOU DO.

>> No.8921307

Pity GW is so expensive, otherwise I might have a decent time getting more IG. Might do SM as well if I ever get back to 40k, or ignore it all together and play some WHFB Tzeentch deamons, and or Skinks.

>> No.8921311


Need I say more?

>> No.8921312

what you talking about the nid codex talks about 3 different times the nids destroyed the orks

>> No.8921330

They're overcosted but not good. The only thing they beat face against are foot marines or Fire Warrior gunlines. Noob armies in other words. They are overtly vulnerable to being tank shocked around, templated, or assaulted in a way they cannot bring all their attacks to bear. And No Retreat *really* makes them die. Hope you get that charge...

Warbikers are the *better* Ork Troop.

>> No.8921339

Fluff-wise Eldar are dying out but their warriors are fucking powerfull, with phoenix lords that are capable of taking on titans 1vs1 and surfing down on the wreckeage to the ground.
But, since Tyranids wastly outnumber them i dont think Eldar stand a chance in open conflict.

>> No.8921343


Need I say more?

>> No.8921345


>there's no such thing as victory when you fight tyranids. There's a temporary pause between assaults. Eventually you will all die.

Bitch, please.

>> No.8921357

Need I say more?

>> No.8921382


>> No.8921384


Need I say more?

>> No.8921396

Too large. Uneven tanning. Face isn't that good.

>> No.8921408

Knee dye seymour?

>> No.8921420

>> No.8921427


Huh? Oh yeah, she has a face. Fancy that.

>> No.8921433


Need I say more?

>> No.8921445

Reported for NSFW.

>> No.8921457

Cute face, but tattoos. Something about a lot of tattoos on a girl really puts me off.

>> No.8921461


Need I say more?

>> No.8921468

reported for being a fag

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>> No.8921481


See Zoenthropes.

>> No.8921497

/tg/, where all the nice things end up eventualy

>> No.8921502

Whoa back up here. This thread isn't about Space Marines, what's going on?

Space Marines.

Need I say more?

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>> No.8921522

Say less

Need I say more?

>> No.8921536

Har har.

Huh, I guess I don't need to say anymore, BECAUSE YOU'RE SMALL TIME.

>> No.8921542

The Eldar have been dieing off ever since the eye of terror formed(their fault mind you) and the dark eldar are no better off
Alpha-rank and above psychers can do the same thing, the only problem being that Eldar and maybe Tyranids are the only ones that can be semi-sane and still be that powerful.

>> No.8921552

really? wow, a fa/t g/uy who does not like boobies

must be gay

>> No.8921580


>You know, the Eldar ARE dying out, RIGHT NOW! Their empire is crumbling every minute AND THEY STILL HAVE THE POWER TO CHALLENGE THE IMPERIUM


No. Not even a little bit.

They pick their battles very, very carefully. They can fight in times and places of their choosing to maximise their chances of completing their objectives, but they are nothing compared to the Imperium.

They can win isolated battles and defeat some opponents, but they pose really no threat to the Imperium as a whole whatsoever.

The only two forces that constitute a valid threat to the entire imperium are the Tyranids (who are still too far away) and the forces of Chaos, with whom the Imperium has achieved something approaching a stalemate. A stalemate that still works in the Imperium's favour.

Eldar might win skirmishes but the Imperium is simply too enormous for them to do anything to really damage it. the best they can hope to do is to divert humanity's attention towards other races.

>> No.8921583

Fluff wise, a farseer is an alpha level by default. Eldar are something like the fourth one down and can go up and up and up the scale with diminishing returns - Eldrad was as powerful as the Emperor, but all his power was tied up in divination.

>> No.8921614

Everybody's gay, Dave.

>> No.8921622


>implying Chaos and Tyranids are a threat to Mankind

>> No.8921642

>They can win isolated battles and defeat some opponents, but they pose really no threat to the Imperium as a whole whatsoever.

Good thing they don't want to.

They only kill humans and fuck imperium shit when they want to reclaim a Maiden World.

>> No.8921651

I'd go with nids, but I guess I am biased. Hate elves so damned much (not eldar specifically, just elves in general).

Nids USED to be really fluffy (and its their history and mysteriousness that got me into them) and then crudface fucked it all up. Damn retconings.. Genestealer cults > 5th ed codex. If I could I would use the 4th ed nid codex, I like it FAR more than the new one. Hell I wanna try out 4th ed rules..

Battle sisters going out to stop the heretics, turns out its a genestealer cult. Awesome battle ensues.

>> No.8921676


4th Nid codex sucked in 5th edition so much it wasn't funny.

>> No.8921684

And when they do, they unleash the fucking pain.
Still, they are more concerned on survival, Eldar lack the manpower for aggresive expansion

>> No.8921761

Orks are also a valid threat, more so under a Uge' Boss like Thraka.

>> No.8921791


I still loved it far more than the new codex.

>> No.8921822

I enjoy the *crunch* behind the new codex. Overall, it's a lot more balanced, and everything in the army is pretty much capable of working in mutual support of one another. Tyranids get a *lot* more powerful than their base statlines would indicate.

>> No.8921844

I actually found it to be more effective. More fun too.

Not a fan at all of these new monstrous creatures. They're good no doubt, but I don't like them.

>> No.8921845


Unless I'm mistaken, Eldar have 0 manpower. Not very much xenopower either.

>> No.8921906

Nidzilla player?

>> No.8921911

For example Hive Guard are more effective for their cost than Vendettas against AV12 and lower. Piss cheap to max out on too.

Scoring monstrous creatures, heavy support that can deepstrike, be fast or kill mech from range? (gunfexes were utter shit) Fuck yeah. Tyrant CC deathstars are also better than before (unless you're facing a gimmick like Callidus+PBS).

>> No.8921913

There are more Eldar alive than Tau.

>> No.8921964

Also, you have a *lot* of ways to buff/debuff your army. Want to give permacover/defensive grenades to your stuff? Feel No Pain? Shooting on the Run? Or shall you drop the enemy down to WS 1 or cut their initiative in half so your Carnifex is striking *before Eldar*?

>> No.8921978


Only ever used one carnifex in any army list. One tyrant, one fex, thats it. I miss having a Flyrant, the centerpiece of my army, that wasn't overpriced and weak.

I miss having Eternal Warrior on synapse, I miss having my warriors each with different weapons. I miss without number. Only thing that kept the same feel were genestealers. Everything else was made COMPLETELY different. May as well be a different army now. Oh, and they somehow made Lictors even WORSE.

>> No.8921985

Oh no, I was not a fan of nidzilla. I had a good even split of mass troops and big guys.

>> No.8921996

Oh I miss gaunt 12 inch charge. That would fuck people up. And pew pew pew gaunts were solid too.

>> No.8922042

lulz RoWard will take care of most of the buffs/debuffs only leaving a few like SLs and harpy

id much rather have a group of 10 dudes with heavy flamers and rerollable 4+ inv saves who have 3 attacks on the charge and wound on 2s

loaded up in fast skimmers so bugs rarely have a chance to touch them

>> No.8922048

5th edition is better overall, but it rendered a lot of builds from 4th useless. You basically had to start completely over and buy new expensive models.

>> No.8922073

I started playing eldar at 5th edition.

What makes me frustated is that more than 60% of our models will flat out be outperformed. We went from a fast hitting specialist army to "Just throw some Warlocks on jetbikes and Fire Dragon in it"

>> No.8922076

Hive Guard say hi. You should probably stop playing against those builds of 1 unit of Hive Guard, 1 unit of Zoanthropes, and Doom of Malantai...

>> No.8922108

Oh I meant Tyranid codex, didn't specify.

But that does suck about Eldar. That hit Tau and Necron hard too.

>> No.8922113


They will have to come out, skimmers are easy to pop unless the nid player is relying on Zoans or CC for anti tank (against Eldar? deserves what he's getting.), and destructors are a risk under Shadow range. Seer council deathstars consist of single wound t3 models without powerweapons. They will be dealt with like asstermies, that is flooded with gants, gargs or stealers.

>> No.8922115

I think that would have been implied, seeing as how Eldar don't have a 5e codex.

>> No.8922133

That is correct, but they are spread out on craftworlds wich have differend leaders and different objectives wich in turn reduce their ability to do something that matters.
Biel-than defend the maiden worlds and aid the exodites, Alatoic drifts on the edges of the galaxy and doesent really give a fuck for example

>> No.8922150

Why is it, fluff-wise, Edlar banshees are capable of cutting through Space Marine armor? Am I missing something or weren't the Eldar meant to be physically frail, but just extremely fast?

>> No.8922158

hive guard? i laugh at them

they need 16 shots before they can wreck a wave serpent, sometimes i run 7 wave serpents

thats roughly 7 turns of shooting

>> No.8922171

But not all armies were nerfed going from 4th to 5th.

>> No.8922180

Let us not forget that yes the Tyrannofex is expensive, but realistically you are going to have to dedicate a *lot* of firepower to taking it out. It will be getting cover from Hive Guard (who will be getting it from Termagants...funny how that works, no?), and you cannot Shake/Stun it...good luck...

>> No.8922210


Yeah, DE, Tau and mech sisters went up.

>> No.8922215

Its because of their fuckpowerfull power swords wich are created to deal with heavy armor.
Striking scorpions in turn have their chainswords with fucking diamond blades that turn light armoured targets into a bloody mess

>> No.8922216

destructor can't be countered by SotW FYI, there is no psychic check

they can drown a fex in wounds and can fry small infantry like gaunts and stealer with the Heavy flamer

and like i said before, taking down a wave serpent is ass hard with hive guard and near impossible with zoans

>> No.8922236

they also have weeaboo katanas that cleave through tanks like butter

>> No.8922268


16 shots to take down? the hell? I've never lost to eldar with nids, old codex and new. Hive guard taking out pretty much any vehicle with 12 and under armour with ease.

>> No.8922320


You can only have 2 councils max, and thus they can only flame 1 squad of small critters per turn, and get shot/charged at by a lot more. They lack powerweapons which has always made them bad at CC and they are reliant on Fortune. Bike Council>Foot council, if you want to make a deathstar.

>> No.8922340

>Weeaboo Katanas
>Straight power swords

Herp Derp

>> No.8922361

16 shots turn into 10.56 hits which turn into 3.48 penns/1.8 glances

which turn into 2 destroyed or better, cut that in half thanks to cover saves and you got 1 exploded skimmer

and if your playing objectives you need to make sure to kill all his skimmers or they will jump onto objectives on the last turn and contest yours, while controlling atleast 1 himself

so you need to play against better eldar players

>> No.8922374

He's talking about the Witchblades I would guess.

>> No.8922401 [DELETED] 

If you think banshee swords are even remotely simillar to katanas i have bad news: u mad.

>> No.8922410

So basically, playing against Eldar players who don't play the game, but spend it flying around in their Falcons refusing to fight...

Congrats on victories based off cowardice.

>> No.8922418

bike council can't cast fortune on itself the turn it turbos

you also don't need powerweapons when dealing with a model with only 4-6 wounds when you wound on a 2+

but if you really feel the need for power weapons than you can always bring yriel and eldrad

>> No.8922436


>> No.8922452


It's a risk endeavour, skimmers turboboosting around are not killing anything, and stuns/immobilizes screw them up. If they run to a Hydra-based Guard list, game over. It's a substandard tactic.

>> No.8922454


>> No.8922458

That would be even worse.
I guess its the usual space marine player throwing trolling insults

>> No.8922481


If you're only speeding around and never shooting, the best you can get is a draw unless the other player is a retard. You can't speed with EVERY ship and acomplish anything, and you're STILL going to lose ships even when speeding.

>> No.8922488

Haters Gonna Hate.

>> No.8922506

>thinks humans are Orks.

Oh you, Humans are only good for Dying.

>> No.8922507

Nigga u just went full retard.

Banshee swords are more like scimitars, know the fucking difference

>> No.8922510

hydras have about the same output as the hiveguard

sure they ignore the cover save but they also are 1 STR lower

you would need 14 shots to take down a wave serpent

then again they are also more vulnerable to fire dragons and can be removed pretty easily

>> No.8922513

Basically what he's doing is speeding around and refusing to fight, until the last turn when he moves and attempts to tank-shock the opponent off the objective. It's victory the same way "Ninja Tau" is supposed to be victory by "I refuse to appear on the game board until it's the last turn when I contest all your objectives."

This is why 40k has random game length.

>> No.8922523

All's fair in love and war...

>> No.8922536


On average, over 30 WB attacks are needed to kill a Tervigon, if it has no FNP. Double for T-Fex. Councils still get swamped by small critters or massed shots, even easier than assault termies.

>> No.8922544

Fair enough.

>> No.8922547

scimitars come from asia, seems weeaboo enough for me

in fact all curved european swords are derived from asian influences

>> No.8922557

Bike Council can't cast fortune, period.

Fortune is not a warlock power.

>> No.8922564

Eldar have thicker Plot armour. But if any logic were to apply then Nids would be the winner

>> No.8922580

30 WB attacks?

hey thats how many attacks a council of 10 have on the charge! plus the ones from the farseer that usually goes with them

>> No.8922584

Space Marine boy's fault for deploying like that, seeing as how the Tau player warned him about it beforehand.

>> No.8922601

a "council" is called a council when they have a farseer with them

otherwise they are just "warlocks"

>> No.8922610

So 450 points minimum. Yup.

>> No.8922636

Yeah asia, but southwest asia.
The middle east is hardly weeaboo.
Please stop your retarded trolling

>> No.8922643

steep point cost but a good general will use them like a wrecking ball

plus terminators cost roughly the same, and don't get a rerollable inv save

>> No.8922649

i consider the entirety of asia, weeaboo

fucking weeaboo

>> No.8922658

Given Eldar's abysmal track record of AP3/2 and the cost of said AP3/2, you're better off going after TMCs with Fortuned Scatter Lasers and Doom.

Witchblades put out a shitton of wounds yes, but generally are lacking in # of attacks and most beasties have 3+ armor anyways.

What Witchblades do well is fuck vehicles in the tailpipe, what with their autoglancing transports and the like.

>> No.8922665

A council of 10 with Farseer + Warding&Guide in a wave serpent is 450 points at minimum (without any WL/WS upgrades), and still is only one unit. Getting swamped easily in any large games.

>> No.8922680 [DELETED] 


If you're getting cover saves from ANYTHING SHORT OF A CARNIFEX with a tyrannofex, you made the model wrong.

>> No.8922682

Terminators do get the 2+/3++ save though. I generally run Jetlocks in smaller units, 5-6 strong, and use adjacent Falcons to screen them.

>> No.8922693

most people will shuffle their vehicles when witchblades are around, making them hit on 6s, better to just use firedragons

plus you could always kamikaze teams of fire dragons to deal with TMCs

>> No.8922702


Terminator inv save is 3+, they have 2+ armor, T4 and Thunderhammers. They endure small arms better and kill shit better than any council, and LR>Wave Serpent in both firepower and durability.

>> No.8922704

You consider sand niggers weeaboo?
Wow, just, fucking wow, right now im really hoping you are just trolling

Image kinda related

>> No.8922716

I agree. A 10 strong Jetseer Council is too much of a deathstar investment in the current state of the game. I'd rather have the TH/SS vulkan termies, though. Much better character assassins, then they just slaughter the unit he was with. Easily make their points back.

>> No.8922725

Agreed, which is why I like my Jetlock Councils around 6 in number, mostly just unloading destructor templates and assaulting to block LoS.

If necessary, they can divert to go after IG vehicle squadrons, and Leman Russes going cruising speed is a waste of firepower.

>> No.8922742

This thread is bad and you should all feel bad.

There is literally no contest between tyranids and anything. The only reason that the game even exists is because GW refuses to let the Tyranids eat the space marines. There would be a wave of butthurt more powerful than the birth of Slaanesh. The ONLY REASON that the game even exists now is because they fought the eldar and the marines at the SAME TIME with the SAME ARMY.

GW refuses to let Tyranids win, because their fan-base is at least 60% imperials.

>> No.8922755

4 rerollable is better than 3, and almost as good as 2

thunder hammer strike at I1 although they ignore saves
witch blades strike at I5 and wound on 2+ (which if you're mean could be rerollable) although only eldrads and yriels ignore saves

don't forget the mass amount of wounds they out put with destructor as they charge into melee

>> No.8922756

the Iyanden craftworld raised legions of wraith guard fighting the tyranids. the eldar prevailed at last.

The Iyanden Craftworld was once one of the largest and most prosperous of all the remaining Eldar craftworlds. They barely survived an attack by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken, which nearly destroyed the Craftworld and killed four-fifths of its population. On the verge of total annihilation, Iyanden was saved from complete destruction by the exiled Prince Yriel, who had formerly been the High Admiral of the Iyanden fleet. Yriel and his exile pirate raiders, even though previously vowing never to return to Iyanden, could not bear to have their craftworld destroyed and launched an attack on the Tyranid fleet. Taking the final battle to the craftworld itself, Yriel used an ancient artefact spear called "The Spear of Twilight" to slay the Hive Tyrant that led the assault. In doing so, Yriel doomed himself to a slow and painful death due to the psychic artifact being bound to its user and burning their soul. For now however, the forceshield worn by Yriel staves off the constant energies of the spear. Regardless of his actions, the chances of Iyanden recovering from its losses are slim and their future looks bleak.

but in 40k what doesn't

>> No.8922758


>> No.8922773


Yeah, I am.

>> No.8922830


>the Hive Tyrant that led the assault

I lol'd

>> No.8922832

Eldar of Iyanden rely much more heavily upon the spirits of the dead to defend them because of their low numbers. Iyanden makes heavy use of undead warriors known as Wraithguard and Wraithlords animated by the souls of their fallen kin. They have specialised psykers called Spiritseers who are trained in aiding the reanimated souls in battle. However, most Eldar see Spiritseers as necromancers, and even the Spiritseers themselves hate disturbing the spirits of the dead. Indeed, on the eve of the attack by Hive Fleet Kraken, Iyanden's leader Farseer Kelmon made the fateful decision to take the spirit stones from their resting places and place them into Wraithbone constructs to take to battle, knowing that they would make the difference in the craftworld's survival. Since the release of the 2006 eldar Codex, all craftworld eldar armies can field Spiritseers to help guide their wraith-construct warriors, not just Iyanden

>> No.8922835

Though there's more to the game than making points back (When was the last time a Rhino did this? Simplest example but still), Banhammernators are just mean against nearly everything they come up against.

I've gotten used to running Eldrad in a nearby Falcon, Fortuning said Falcon and the Jetlocks, and Dooming the enemy. The Falcon roams about, tankshocking/playing movement denial, and setting up the opponent to be flamed/charged.

>> No.8922855

Dumping some Eldar artwork

>> No.8922883



>> No.8922884

>> No.8922889

This for the jetbikers out there

>> No.8922892

considering when this fluff was written it was entirely plausible.

>> No.8922898

Nids, obviously. The fleet invading the galaxy is like a scouting party.

>> No.8922901

Terminator's 3++ isn't dependant on a psychic power, and 2+ save + T4 still gives them better protection. Even at I1m S8 power weapon > S9 witchblade against MCs. Destructors are bad against MCs, 10 is required to do one wound, and using a fuckexpensive council to kill one unit of gants per turn is waste...as is sending it to be eaten by the gants.

2x kitted out Tervigons+2x units of 10 gants cost the same as one council deathstar, and are scoring. I wouldn't bet the council to win against them either.

>> No.8922903

lol dickbikes

>> No.8922907

Why the fuck not ?

>> No.8922926

Cause it's Eldar. Nobody cares.

>> No.8922934

>> No.8922959

I care, and thats enough

>> No.8922984

>> No.8922995

>> No.8923005

If it's 'Nids vs. a single Craftworld, the 'Nids win by far. If several Craftworlds group up/help one out, see Iyanden.

>> No.8923044

>> No.8923072

>> No.8923096


That's honestly like the only viable Eldar tactic now. Past few games I've started off-map, and just pretty much ignored everything until turn 3 and the obj dash starts.

Fighting is a good way to die, have you SEEN the new codices?

>> No.8923108

They're gloriously good at it though.

>> No.8923111

Contributing to eldar dump

>> No.8923136

>> No.8923143

>> No.8923159

>> No.8923165

>> No.8923176

>> No.8923181

To bad orks release spores upon death.
Incubation time is a week to a month, and already, you have a guy capable of picking up a severed arm and shooting the nids own poison darts back out of the barrel...and several thousand copies of him too.
And all just from one ork.

>> No.8923200

You are officially full of shit.

>> No.8923213

>> No.8923234

That's still risky. In a 1750 point game, a Guard army can have 12 Meltas, 9 Twin-Linked Lascannons and 18 Twin-Linked cover-ignoring Autocannons. Good luck avoiding that by turbo-boosting around.

>> No.8923289

Watched my friend (as Eldar) play some IG bandwagoner (basecoated EVERYTHING) who had netlisted some list from some famous website or something.

It had a Manticore and two Medusas, a Hydra or two and two Valkyries and a bunch of Chimeras. IG player boasted about how much firepower he had (it certainly looked impressive).

In-game, I wasn't impressed tbh. My friend's pretty good - he kept damn near everything off the board, more or less ignored the Manticore by keeping stuff out of LoS (trying to hit vehicles with barrage weapons = exercise in futility) and when the Valks and their lack of AT weaponry (they had some bolter strength large blasts or something) moved forward, they got assraped by Falcon Pulse Lasers. The Fragons in Wave Serpent suicided to kill the Hydras and due to Officer of the Fleet, the 4 squads of Guardian Jetbikes didn't come in until turn 5 and there was no where near enough time to kill them all, while the grav tanks (only one was destroyed and another weaponless) turned around and absolutely shredded the IG off one objective.

Final Score: Eldar - 1 objective, 3 contested. IG: 0 objective, 3 contested.

>> No.8923336

>A Manticore
>2 Hydras
>2 Medusas.
>Bunch of Chimeras.

Oh hello Leafblower.

>> No.8923377

>> No.8923382

The way you guys talk about 40k makes it sound so unappealing. Makes it seem like everyone is a shithead who power games. Have you no sense of fluff and cool factor balance?

>> No.8923395

We do. The internet just makes everyone have a bigger dick.

>> No.8923406


Looks like the Guard player used a mediocre BoLS list. Lots of mismatching units and a lack of Anti-Mech plague the "leafblower" although the Falcons got lucky, on average 18 falcon lance/PL shots are needed to kill AV12 vehicle if it doesn't have cover.

>> No.8923455

So this is famous or something?

Well what happened is he threw a bunch of firepower at the Valkyries and stunned one and shook the other. Then the Jetbike Council came in and multi-assaulted while Guardian jetbikes blocked the back door (can you block the access point on a Valkyrie?) and the squads inside died too.

>> No.8923466

I hope that's the case.

>> No.8923499

Yep. Basically the list *won* Ard Boyz last year, because the list it was against was 9 Wartrukks with no Kustom Forcefields, and the Guard player got to go first.

So then the people on Bell of Lost Souls started touting it as the BEST IG LIST EVAR! IT CAN BEAT ANY OTHER LIST! Tau? They can only take 3 Railguns in their army, so the list can easily beat 3500 points of Tau. In short, the guy who won Ard Boyz was basically talking out his ass.

>> No.8923528

>9 Wartrukks with no Kustom Forcefields

What the fuck. I play SoB Light Armor Spam and I'd KILL for a KFF equivalent.

Link me to this Leafblower list please?

>> No.8923533

Valks have access points on both sides and the rear. If he allowed jetbikes coming out on turn 5 to chump block them like that, he pretty much deserved to lose. LB lacks firepower so I'm not surprised there might be enough eldar left to do that in late game though.

>> No.8923604

2 Company Command Squads – 3 Plasma, Medic, and Powerfist in each, mounted in Chimeras. An Astropath and a Master of the Fleet.
Elite Daemonhunter Inquisitor - Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Force Weapon, and retinue (Mystics, Hierophant, Sage).
Psyker Battle Squad – in a Chimera
Infantry Platoon – 3 Squads in Chimeras with Heavy Weapons, Command with 4 Flamers in a Chimera
2 Special Weapons Squads – Flamers and Demo Charge, Meltaguns and Flamer.
2 Veteran Squads – Meltaguns and Shotguns in a Chimera. Meltaguns, Shotguns, and Demolitions.
2 Valkyries – Multiple Rocket Pods.

2 Medusas – Enclosed Crew Compartments. 10/2 Ordnance Blasts are obvious.
2 Hydras – 72” range twin-linked no Moving Fast saves Autocannons are obvious.
Manticore – d3 10/4 Ordnance Barrage Blasts.
Note it's 2500 points. Guard can make a much, much more deadly army than that in those point values, while old armies like Eldar and Chaos are still restricted to their 2 councils/3 fragonsquads or 2 princes/3 oblitsquads.

>> No.8923637

Huh. IG player just said rear access hatch. Guess he didn't know his own models.

Also, not ALL the Guardian Jetbikes (4 squads of them) came out on turn 5. One came in on turn 3 that assisted the Warlocks in the Valk killing. It survived because the IG player lost his shit at the sight of 2 Fire Dragon squads near his heavy support and used almost everything in his arsenal to kill them (and the second, still-embarked squad still survived to kill one Manticore and WD the other.

>> No.8923740

>Medic and Powerfist on C
>Terminator Armor, Force Weapon on Inquisitor without Warrior Retinue, Psychic Hood, or Tarot
>Meltaguns on BS3 SWS

I'm by no means an IG player but this shit just looks wrong to me.

>> No.8923834


It's not a good list. Thats why old codexes can beat it, the guy who played it at 'ard boyz just went first at all of his games, and his opponents had bad armies, none of them even had the brains to go into reserves.

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