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Would you buy a sex android of your favorite character /tg/?

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in a heart beat and fuck it all day

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I'd buy a generic one. A themed one would be fine too, I guess.
I wonder why nobody has bothered to make one yet.

>> No.8918717

How sophisticated?

>> No.8918741

because no one has made regular androids yet?

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It would be really difficult to get right. They just recently invented a sex android, but its pretty awful.

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Depends on the quality. If it actually looks and feels like my fantasy character, then i'd go for it. If it was some metal hunk of gears and shit i'd avoid the crap out of it.

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I'd have a collection of the damn things. Assuming they aren't too expensive and we are talking about 900 years in the future or something.

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Hell yah I would, starting with a draenei.

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I'd rather buy a generic model.

If they didn't cost too much.

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No, because my favorite character is a dude.

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I'm going to have to say, no. My favorite character isn't overtly sexual, and frankly, a sex android of her would be weird and awkward.

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lol who is it?

>> No.8919223

Just as long as it wasn't one of those ones that gets a bug and accidentally twists your cock off with android strength.

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You will take it up the butt, and you will enjoy it thoroughly.

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>sex android


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Can you reach the reset button?

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christ like i don't get enough complaints from HER about it :(

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Quick, press Clit+Ass+Delete!

>> No.8919606

Lboob+Rboob+Deep Throat button for soft reset

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Well, if he's using the CONSOLE version he may as well just lop his dick off right now. Once those things RLOD you're screwed and, ah, not in the good way.

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My favorite character is an android.

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>OS crash

>Dick stuck in android's esophagus

>Awkward call to both hospital and I.T.

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I'm married, and do not wish to commit suicide yet.
So no.

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DAT TAIL would cost extra.

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Am I legally allowed to upgrade her? Will she like to paint?

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Chii goes on, Chii goes off.

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>sex android
That would be fucking expensive. I'd buy a fuckoff pimped PC or really huge TV instead.

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Whoever invents this first will make billions from furries

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You'd screw an andriod of a corpse? to Each their own I suppose.
Would be funny though.
sad, but true

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Gordon is a pretty cool guy... Fucks dolls and doesn't afraid of anything.

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You are now aware that the OP's picture was topical, not avatarfagging.

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Dragonborn. Sharks. Freya. Harem.

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You forgot: lamia, thri-kreen, sergal.

I'd say dwarf, but I'm not sure /tg/ want to _fuck_ them so much as _be_ them.

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All the fantasy races :3

It would be expensive, but maybe they could "print" them eventually in whatever specification you want?

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"Very. High. Form. Of masturbation"

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If it can shape-shift I'd never leave the house again.

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It only took a few minutes in to sum it up, only they left a sentence off.

"for some people finding a partner in life is difficult, for a few it's impossible."

What was left out is "This is because these people are losers, devoid of any real value."

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I have values.. im just sick all the time

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brb 'batin

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>You'd screw an andriod of a corpse?

I have a fetish for undead Ladies.

Don't judge me.

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Would you buy a sex slave tripfag /tg/?

On the auction block today:

Shas'o R'myr
I Apologised on 4chan
/d/eviating Ca/tg/irl

>> No.8921530

Four shillings on scareofshadows.

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I would so totally do this for so many characters. Wakfu girls, tons of anime chicks, hell i'd even bone flare just to spite OP.

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Actually advances in biotech will lead to this

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Pic Related.

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Sex Slave? No way. /d/evianting Ca/tg/irl is pretty cool, though.

>> No.8921783

Did someone say renamon? because I totally would say renamon.

>> No.8921826

>/d/eviating ca/tg/irl
You're doing it wrong!

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It wouldn't really be a character, just give me a sex android of a Night Elf and I'll make hot monkey fuck to it.

>> No.8921865

I haven't seen /d/eviating ca/tg/girl on /tg/ or msn in a few days. Has someone already bought her, or something?

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insects and sharks seem to be quiet popular with /tg/ lately.

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So be honest, would you guys get a furry/xeno/beast one or a normal human?

>> No.8922581

Can't it be both?

To a certain degree, since it is very much a sex object and not a meaningful relationship partner, human is probably creepier. Doubly so if you make it look like an existing person.

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I'd get one modeled after a normal human, but with modular construction. That way if I want to fuck a latina one night and a draenei the next, I'm all set.

The issue is whether it would be better for her to be able to swap out her components herself or not. It'd be nice to have her surprise me once in a while, but personally reconfiguring her would be a whole new confusing, vaguely monstrous kind of sexy. Hmmm...

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I'd probably just go with some weird mystical creature for that reason, like a dragon or gryphon. With human anatomy of course between the legs

>> No.8922795

I'll just take a ditto please.

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Since we're already in fantasyland, a shapeshifter. Hot drow chick one day, weird thri-kreen sexings the next, Tali dickings the next day, tau sex later on, etc. and so forth.

I'm a sick and depraved individual and my tastes vary with the barometric pressure and temperature

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Only if I don't have a girlfriend by the time this becomes a viable course of action.

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I'd leave my girlfriend for a shapeshifting android.

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Gynoid, for most of /tg/. Though I'll admit, mine would be an Android.

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Why is /tg/ so furry for bugs?

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