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hey /tg/
I'm doing an evil campaign for my players, and I was wondering about what would make good quests for evil guys.
Basically someone unknowingly gave a good plot hook. A local bad guy could need them to reset all the traps in his dungeon. While resetting these traps (which can only be reset in horribly fucking dangerous ways) they could stumble across something they weren't supposed to see, and find out how to get the bad guy's hidden treasure or some cliche shit like that.
Anyway, what does /tg/ suggest?
Pic unrelated but kickass

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Oh! almost forgot, we're doing 3.5 D&D

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A treasure map

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heh, well yeah, but I meant in general, what do evil guys do? I mean, that's just one plot hook I have. I was just wondering cuz evil guys don't go around helping people like normal adventurers. I don't exactly know what they'd do for adventures other then boring shit like finding treasure.

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Give one of them plans for an airship engine that drains arcane power from a living person. If they don't go wild with that shit, they are probably not breathing as it is.

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Have them be spooks in the employ of (HURR EBIL COUNTRY) gathering info and committing acts of subterfuge to prepare for a coming invasion.

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Evil adventures are for one of three things:

Give the players plenty of opportunities to gain one or the other, and every time they are secure, happy and stable, send an army of paladins to fuck their shit up. Basically, every evil campaign should be run like a game of shadowrun.

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Personally, I find being a crusader for an evil god, a crusader with a lust for power and a knack for others' suffering, to be a fun thing to play.

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Sounds good. In my setting there aren't any airships, but it could be altered to power anything useful.
That's good too. It'll also be challenging for them, as a driving force in one country is a huge group of paladins who detect and smite evil with ease. I can already imagine the cluster fucks that will occur.

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Sounds like a Paranoia mission.

You might want to run a more sandbox-style game, unless you're going for "hurr anti-villain killin the greater evil durr."

Do like >>8900277
said, and also consider throwing random chances for great riches at them. Like the King is having a party and he's invited everyone in the capital (which they happen to be visting). Then they find out he has a vault full of treasure and arcane objects. If they get caught, they are executed and have their souls put in golden, gem-gem encrusted goblets so they can't be resurrected. Also, the king drinks out of the goblets. Several adventurers have already tried, and have already been imprisoned in goblets. Hijinks commence.

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>gem-gem encrusted
how the fuck did i do that
I meant to say "gem-encrusted."

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Good reacts, Evil acts. I would also vote for an open campaign.

Alternately, you can always drop them in a cesspool of evil and watch them boil to the top, before you let them destroy the Rainbow Empire of the Cuddle Elves.

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Well, those three things and then the pleasure they get out of acting in sheer cruelty, if they're really REALLY evil.
Also, I think I'm going to pen all these suggestions down in my big book of quests, cuz most of these I can really run with. /tg/ is the best

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I've always considered a huge grin on my face to be Gain.

But then, if you are in an Evil campaign, and aren't having so much fun with random cruelty that you are grinning the whole damn time, you might be doing it wrong.

Hey, since this is 3.5, would sculpt metamagic on the spell Firebrand let you effect 20ft spread/cl of 10d6 fire, with appropriate finishers?

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> sculpt metamagic on the spell Firebrand let you effect 20ft spread/cl of 10d6 fire, with appropriate finishers?

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A few semi-related tips:
Get unearthed arcana for the evil paladin variants. They really compliment an evil game.

Make the game semi-high level, and allow monster races. Being a rarely-seen horror makes evil more fun. However, make sure you and your players know how racial hit-dice and level adjustment work. If you don't, or they can't figure it out, scrap this idea.

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Firebrand is a 5th level spell from Spell Compendium, that makes a 5ft spread of fire per caster level.

Sculpt Spell, from Complete Arcane, lets you change the area value of any spell from whatever it is to 4 10ft. cupes, a cylinder, a 120ft. line, or a 20ft. spread, for 1 spell level.

In short, a 6th level army-destroying spell.

I only wonder if I have to make all the shapes the same type, because from my reading of the feat, it is clear sailing.

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>fun with random cruelty
Actually, that makes me think...
In addition to plots and quests, what are some good chances to be dicks to people? I remember Fable had some really good chances to be a total fucking dick and I loved every minute of it.

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it completely replaces the area entry with one of the four listed. It is not a combination of the two.

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Oh, right, there are some quirks to the spell:
Overlaps don't stack: hitting some poor schmuck three times just does the 10d6 damage.
Everyone in the area and everyone initially affected catches on fire and takes 5d6 damage per round, until they take a full-round action to put out the flames or pass a DC 16 reflex save.

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Well, seeing as the party is evil, good enemies would be your stereotypical thought. Well, make them rethink that, with evil "allies" always stabbing them in the back. Power struggles in a "brotherhood" would be a very appropriate setting, because the quest from the "brotherhood" could be a way to gain rank and status. So they could divide their time between going on quests, and clusterfucking other "allies" quests. And being clusterfucked themselves. Oh, and SegWay Paladins.

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Kind old man (who has never heard of Detect Evil) finds the PC's as they're beaten, bloodied, and battered in a forest. He takes them to his secluded cabin and nurses them back to health.
Then he asks them if they could do him a favor to repay him for his care: find a lost sword that ahd been in his family for seven generations, until his father was killed by trolls. He tells them where to find the trolls' cave He even offers to pay them 500g for their trouble.
They go to the cave, find the trolls, get the sword back. They return to the old man and receive their payment. Then they keep the sword, because it's a +5 vorpal blade. Also, they use it to cut off the old man's head.

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I'd still get one shape per caster level, right?

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>SegWay Paladins

I just pictured a guard from oblivion riding a segway yelling "Stop right there, criminal scum!". My god, I lol'd.

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No, because the shape is part of the area component, which gets OVERRULED, essentially.

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The area of Firebrand is 10ft/cl.
Shape Spell changes it from 10ft/cl to 20ft.
Not to 20ft/cl, unless the feat description specifies "per caster level."

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I mean, if I sculpted it, I'd be throwing down basically CL fireballs per casting, right?

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Also as a note, shape spell works much better on defensive things, like defenestrating sphere, prismatic wall, wall of force, anti-magic field, and the like.

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It would have the same area as a level 2 caster.
It doesn't say 20ft/cl.
It says 20ft.
Just 20 feet.
That's what it does.

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Err, not 10ft/cl.
My bad.

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Actually, a 20 ft radius blast, or a 120 ft line, or a 40ft cone, or 4 10'x10' blocks.

But yeah, just one of those.

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Find orphans in the woods. Orphans are lost and the orphanage staff are desperate to find them. Players bring orphans, collect huge reward, and then insta-gib the children right in front of them.

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Their overrun attack is pretty nasty, lol. They also carry lances.

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Well I know that, but he (you?) was (were?) referring specifically to a single effect.

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Well, I know, but technically a 20' radius blast covers more than just 20'. I'm just nitpicking though, so don't mind me.

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Does it? I'm not familiar with all the details of AoE keywords because my group doesn't use miniatures, so they tend to be irrelevant.

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What a dickblaster move!
Anyway, OP, here's an idea:
An adventuring party (a few levels bigger than them) is trying to raise the power of their Palidan/Cleric to monstrous levels, by acquiring artifacts, winning tournaments to gain fame and finances, and destroying the occasional Orc camp/Haunted Crypt/Wizard's tower/other "evil" places. Seemingly, they are going to start a great crusade against evil, mainly the scheming dracolich in the northern mountains, that's allied with a nearby tyrant. While the death of the old boney wouldn't directly harm the PCs, a nearby inquisitive good presence that could slay a dracolich certainly could. And the tyrant's town could also be the nearest accessible black market, which would certainly be destroyed if the good party gets their hands on the power they're looking for.

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Cool, that one's going in the book!

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Allying with the evil guys, tricking the good guys into something stupid, or even manipulating them somehow, grabbing the power for themselves are, or even fighting the good party are some of the options that your party could do.
I think this quest could work as an overquest for a number of other quests (capturing artifacts, political schemes etc).
Even if you don't use it, I hope my posts were helpful. Good luck with the campaign!

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I'm glad. If you like my style, I could probably spit out another one before I go to sleep.

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Yes plz! Spit away!

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self Bump

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Self Bump

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A kind old lady has opened a local orphanage. You must rape everyone in it and burn it to the ground because you are evil and that is what evil does.

(This is the depth applied to most good DnD adventures.)

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Fair enough, but let's assume that I try to be a good DM.

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*A small village sits atop the perfect spot for an evil dungeon. Raze it and begin to build your dungeon to defend from roving paladins.
*Griffins are preying on lawful evil city X. King offers reward to go up and stomp the shit out of the griffin nest.
*Tomb of an ancient and respected paladin has been opened up. Raidin' time.

Suggestions: Use the adventure rolling table in the core book but make everything more evil

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