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share tales of your ronery life, fa/tg/uy

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I had sex with my wife Monday night. Shit was so cash.

<-----/r9k/ is that way chucklefuck.

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My boyfriend and I just played magic to see which one of us had to fellate the other. Even though I lost, I won!

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pics or didn't happen

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The fuck is up with that dude's hand in the last panel?

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I'm writing thri-kreen erotica.

I think I win

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I have Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader rulebook.

But no friends. Only one, but he's not into warhammer or RPG or does not even live near.


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At least you have /tg/, anon.

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Why do you have no friends? How do you even do that?

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no friendo mode is easy

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Be introverted. Be okay up until you get out of college. Move to new area for job. Remain introverted.

Oh Hey! Not being the sort of person who goes to bars or clubs and such means that the only people you see on a regular basis are your co-workers.

Friendless life: achieved.

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You must be new here.

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I was going to say the same.
Funny thing is, I don't miss anything.

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I know, right?

Funny how introverted works. On the one hand "damn, I kinda wish I had friends" is less "I AM LONELY" and more "I wish I had someone to show this HILARIOUS image macro to."

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I would had taken advantage of her while drunk.

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Chick in the op's webcomic.

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She likes XKCD she'll give you retard cooties

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This is why you don't have friends, anon.

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...he would have posted on HER /tg/.

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>lol'ed at LIVE FREE or REINHARD

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I don't know how to further elaborate.

Nah, I'm too powerful to get cooties from a lesser being such as her.

Nigga yeah I do.

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Well, that makes me feel lotsa better. You can just FEEL the love.

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All my friends knocked up their gf's... Now I have nobody to hang around with for the next seven years until their little bastard prodigy's grow to an acceptable age where it can take care of it's self socially.


Fathers are dicks...

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Not even internet friends? I met a bunch of people by playing V: tMR and NWN 1.

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Sometimes you can be lonely even if you have a lot of friends.

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Then they aren't really friends, just people you know.

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U mad?

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Just bitter.

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Despite what happened last time I had sex, everything's going pretty well this year. Sure, I've spent the last three months panicking about the upcoming surgery, but it's picking up - the campaign I'm DMing is going damn well and one of my best mates is back from Germany for the weekend so I'm hanging out with all my old friends for Easter.

I'll be drunk when it's relevant so I'll say it now: Hope you all have a good Easter too, /tg/!

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