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I told you somone put a tack on the chair, but did you listen? Nooo...

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/tg/ - Traditional Games

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Can't handle the game shouldn't play with the bros

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I know exactly what's going on here and I don't like it.

Someone's recently been trying to draw hatred towards Touhou by posting threads unrelated to the board. This is a bad case because it's just a picture of Cirno crying with no room for productivity.

Stay classy and stay clear from the advanced troll tactics, everyone.

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/tg/ - Troubled Girls

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Number 7, you know what I told you about Number 6, she's mean and delusional, you can't expect her to go along with your logical reasoning, even if you do manage to use your drill arm to break one of her legs.

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-But she doesn't understand how I love her!

Goddamnit Number 7

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Yay touhou.

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Don't worry Cirno, just because you didn't get a spot in /tg/'s Crazy Eight doesn't mean you won't get a chance next year, when we'll have a ninth spot.

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/tg/ - Touhou gynecology

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Best one yet.

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>Number 6

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why does /tg/ like touhou so much? I just don't see how they link to Traditional Games.

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There is a touhou RPG but I don't think it's been translated.

It's probably just that /tg/ wants to be the little girl with a silly hat.

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combination of trolls, bored people, and ironic mutual interest.

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little girls in funny hats

plus it's a nice setting

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>Someone's recently been trying to draw hatred towards Touhou
Strange, I didn't think Touhou needed any help.

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It's just the Third Hater's modus operandi. He'll latch on to any subject that seems like it would arouse the collective ire of /tg/ if spammed enough.

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Well, there's always what I'm doing.

The translator of the moon-version is helping with it too, and both projects seem to be going at about the same pace (plodding, but getting there).

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>Let's play 4e.jpg

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Trolling Games

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>Little girls in silly hats
>silly hats
I see know silly hats in this thread.

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ok, here you go

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Cirno is so moe :3c~

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Remember Cutebolds? Remember Sergals? Remember LCB?

Remember how all of them were spammed all the time, usually either as picture only or with a single catchphrase (cutebold thread! lcb thread! etc) by a single lonely anon? Whatever could be going on here?

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Silly hats incoming.

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nothing will save you now! fatty!

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Also, unique and diverse powers.jpg with nothing in the text field

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All of those threads get a minimum of 100 posts

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except, you know, turning around without letting go of the trigger

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Touhou , touhou,
every fucking day.

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...wait, what?

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/tg/ liked Touhou because Touhoufag was a pretty cool poster. He always posted a relevant touhou with his posts, and had great advice for optimizing a number of systems for any particular point. The 'beholder monk' thread comes to mind.

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mmmmrrrrfffffffffff HUDDA

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He did something else than d&d?

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>why does /tg/ like touhou so much? I just don't see how they link to Traditional Games.

It's just that the people who go to /jp/ and the people who go to /jp/ are 95% the same crowd.

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Now and then. I know he did Exalted sometimes, and I remember at least one Shadowrun thread.

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>It's just that the people who go to /jp/ and the people who go to /jp/ are 95% the same crowd.

I should hope so

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What the fuck is this "Please wait longer before deleting your post" bullshit? I can't flash-delete and repost my posts now to correct typos?

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>It's just that the people who go to /jp/ and the people who go to /jp/ are 95% the same crowd.

And the other 5% belong on /x/?

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Didn't know that.
Did anybody find out if he had actually ever played any of those games?

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for some reson, this image makes me hard...

damn it /tg/...

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know, know you cannaut.

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He made nWoD bend over backwards with a silly inner-demon-binding-mage-with-15-dots-in-every-stat.

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I can only speak for myself, but I like roleplayan and I like touhoes, and I'm not so petty as to asspain myself over what board I'm on. If I see a thread on something that I like, I'm going to contribute.

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OK, so if the /tg/ crew also goes to /jp/, why do they confuse boards so much that they spam touhou on /tg/ until we all hate it?

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We don't. It's just one very confused anon spamming anything that is even remotely popular until people start hating it. I'm not sure if he's doing this on purpose or if he's just dense

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They're trying to draw ire against the Touhoufag that no longer posts here, killing his contributions after the fact.

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solution: spam magic and 40k on /jp/. eventually the board themes will switch and /jp/ will be the real /tg/ and vice versa.

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Most more carefully then, you whiny bitch.

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Wait, what happened to him? Could've sworn he was still posting new D&D insider stuff a couple of days ago

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Because the creator of touhou gave fans free reign to use touhou characters/etc pretty much however they want. Combined with relatively catchy music, eventually the fan works started creating their own fans, and so on. By now there's probably a touhou for everyone, including dungeon crawls, touhou soccer (in process of being translated!), various rpgs, incredible amounts of art, music, fan comics, touhoumon, etc.

... As much as I hate responding to a troll thread.

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The irony, it is delicious.

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Also, lolis everywhere, and everyone on 4chan is a pedophile, so you're pretty much automatically a fan.

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I noticed this shit a couple hours ago. kinda fuckin gay.

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Why is touhou always up on this board? it has literally NOTHING to do with traditional games. take it to /jp/ and /v/

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Yeah, that's all he does. Pops up with a DnD Insider, vanishes again. I miss him, really.

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He's still around. Saw a post by him earlier.
Troll sage.

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I should have known I couldn't escape the Law of Internet Spelling Nazi.

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>look at the location of P and M on the keyboard

simple mistake I'd say.

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This post explains why there is an overlap with touhou fans and RPG fans. Before Hasbro started ruining everything, RPGs were massively about the fans doing things themselves. Touhou has that same hobbyist element to it - note that other anime don't get posted here (yes, I know it's not an anime but shut up I'm trying to make a point here) barring the random "I want to make an F/SN/Blame camapign what do".

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And it's so deliciously hateable.

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they should pay more attention.

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There's people translating it at Voile - what we lack is someone who can put the translated text back into the pages with decent formatting and not making it look like ass.

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But touhou doesn't make anything better. Just more freaky neckbearded Japanese.

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Like I said, one of the translators pops in on #Touhous at irc.thisisnotatrueending.com pretty frequently, and even sometimes people talk about things! Or make things!

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>Also, lolis everywhere, and everyone on 4chan is a pedophile, so you're pretty much automatically a fan.

Why would you care about the lolis in Touhou when you have people like glorious Meiling in there?

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>look at keyboard
>tons of letters fading away

I only have half an M...

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Relax, it's an easy pistake to pake.

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So guys, I know all touhous are incredibly powerful but who would win a battle against ~uguu hitler from that mahjong manga.

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Why would anyone make Cirno cry?

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Is that supposed to be funny?

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Freaky neckbeard American is more scary. I should know, I'm American.

Freaky neckbeard Japanese is easy to laugh off.

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You know what doesn't make anything better? Shitty trolling.

As was said, if you have imagination, touhou can be pretty much anything you ask of it. If you want it to suck, then, for you, it will be terrible.

Most people I hang out with would rather enjoy playing games than tell other people how to not enjoy them, however.

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Not all. Gensokyo is a setting with a bigger power disparity than 3.5.

On the high end, you have people like Suika, who can uproot mountains one-handed and create blackholes out of nowhere. On the other, you have Rumia, whose power is to crete a small bubble of darkness - that she herself can't see through, anyway, so she keeps running into trees.

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Well, I thought it was cute and funny. But I guess that's because I'm a touhoufag.

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>Why would you care about the lolis in Touhou when you have people like glorious Meiling in there?
I find the smaller ones to be funny but Meiling is hot.

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... what comic is that from?

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I do not envy you for the social circles you move in.

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I have no clue. I found it on a 4chan board at one point.

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The Loli: not loli ratio in touhou is heavily favored towards the not loli section.

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shit what was that called again

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A doot doot doot...

>> No.8880509

Thank you. I'm glad that I am not the only one to see this.

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Legend of Koizumi
don't know the moonrunes.

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You realize people with an opposing opinion dose'nt automatically make them a troll, i happen to not like touhou on this board its on several other boards why this one in particularly, i mean if it was some conversation about a touhou rpg or whatever but most of it is mindless image dumps and the like. /v/ or /jp/ would welcome these but here our image dumps require spikes and skulls and shit. but yes too much moe for my blood thankyou.

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Well, the original art of the characters makes them look kind of loli cause the guy can't draw boobs and sucks at drawing characters anyways. I believe that's where the big loli issues originate.

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Well, it heavility depends on whether you see people like Yamame/Parsee/Ichirin/Kogasa as lolis or not - ie, if you only admit the more obvious grown ones as notlolis.

If so, the notloli quotient is fairly small.

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Okay, what the fuck was I thinking there. I need to go to bed. Posting at 2 AM is not a good idea.

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>You realize people with an opposing opinion dose'nt automatically make them a troll
Actually it does. A troll to one person can be a regular poster to another. There isn't some "community labeling system of trolls". It's a personal thing.

For instance, I think Golden Neckbeard is a minor troll by posting pictures of himself without a shirt on.

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Too much moe?

Posting youkai moe.

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You got my touhou in my M:TG!

>> No.8880611

I do realize that, actually. It was the "freaky japanese neckbeard" part that triggered my troll alert.

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maid in witch

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Awesome, euro/tg slowly changes into american/tg/.

Both, touhou and dickgirl threads, at the same time.


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>"freaky japanese neckbeard"
It is a rather accurate description nonetheless.

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They really need a pic of MtG's Nazrin, just to see if it's deliberate.

>> No.8880660

>kind of loli
They're all loli. Nobody in touhou is drawn above 18. At least, adjusting for the "japanese girls look 5 years younger" phenomenon.

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M:TG Nazrin looks like this.

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> Yuuka

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really now

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sorry only sexslave raping and blood coughing is moe anymore

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The rest of this is pretty good.

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These lands came from the /c/ MtG threads from last year

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And my favorite one

>> No.8880784

Can we just, y'know, not post? Or if you really must post, sage? It's annoying seeing troll threads on front page. Or just having nothing but hidden threads.

Now someone just wants more touhou porn.

>> No.8880787

I fucking lol'd

Also thought that Marisa had a boner there for a second...

>> No.8880790


Yukarin is 17~


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>rape and coughing blood
>Not the result of approaching Yuka

>> No.8880799

Cirno's chest is THE STRONGEST

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Suika makes a better man if you ask me.

So flat should just get out of town. Gensokyo is better without more so flat.

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She does.

It's Magic.

>> No.8880844

>under 18
Loli is like.. prepubescent, early pubescent at most.

15+ is not loli. Also 16 is legal in Canada so fuck that whole "18 being an important age" thing.

>> No.8880848

More touhou, we need more touhou.
Until we can't seperate between jp an tg anymore.
Then we'll incorporate a and v.
Finall b.


>> No.8880860

>people drew lolis as older
>now they're not lolis anymore
>i no longer feel bad

>> No.8880862


>So flat should just get out of town. Gensokyo is better without more so flat.

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The only thing that makes us similar to jp is touhou.
There is nothing else we share topics with.
Because /touhou games/ is always relevant.

>> No.8880875

Age of consent in Japan is 13.

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>> No.8880903

But that sounds terrible.

Don't be ridiculous

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>> No.8880956

I saw a girl doing that once. I walked up behind her and gave her a hug. She squirmed like all hell and turned beat red. She ran off, I never saw her again.

>> No.8880958

youkai moe~

>> No.8880964

Im not that poster, BUUUUUT, I dont believe that touhou has a place on this board, in fact a FUCK TON of things that exist on this board need to go the fuck away. Its not that i dislike them its they can more adequately be cataloged on other boards whom have already taken touhou in with both arms. Imagine you loathe a "culture" as much as one would, and that "culture" posted things that have NOTHING to do with the boards catalog upon said board, like I don't know... Video-games in the /a/ board or cooking in the toy board. see this is the annoying part. I see touhou in /v/ or /jp/ and im like oh well it is a viddah and them japs do love their moe blob characters. But not on /tg/ you cant turn a blind eye to it if you like it. I like porn and all but hey that shit don't float on this board. Go post it on /d/ which is where all the monster-girl stuff that gets dumped on this board belongs.

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>> No.8880977

>> No.8880978

no it's not, quit trolling

>> No.8880984

I miss old school Yuka

>> No.8880987

>breaking personal space barriers
>little girl
>she ran off and i never saw her again

>> No.8880993

I'm actually trying to chocking my monitor because of your post.

>> No.8881006

can... not... resist... DELICIOUS ARMPITS!!!

>> No.8881009

At least Yuuka made it past PC-98

>> No.8881010

>herp derp i cant google

>> No.8881026

Because she died in a car accident a month later.

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>> No.8881031

>> No.8881038

You maaaaaaad.

>> No.8881043

You need to learn to hide threads

>> No.8881057

Boy, I sure am.

>> No.8881058

16 is the most common age of consent in the world. However, there are usually laws concerning pictures and videos that up it to 18 and 21.

>> No.8881068

And you need to read that article, you fucking idiot.

>> No.8881075


naw, he jealous.

>> No.8881076

Which of course leads to ridiculous situations where it's illegal for a 16-year-old to possess nude pictures of him/herself.

>> No.8881094

Or just check wikipedia, or pretty much anywhere else.

Map of ages of consent (ages above 16 are really rare worldwide).

>> No.8881097

Sorry brah, wasn't trolling.
/tg/ stands for many things other than /traditional games/. Two main examples are:
/totally gay/ or /transgender/ - We love traps and are by and large pretty gay compared to other boards that aren't explicitly so.
/touhou gensokyo/ - I mean, we're practically where touhous LIVE and are therefor always relevant.

>> No.8881106

Jealous about what?

>> No.8881110

So do you. National age of consent in Japan is 13.

REGIONAL laws often raise that, but not always.

It also talks about enjo kosai, which if you knew anything about you wouldn't be getting so OMG ANGRY

>> No.8881114


>> No.8881124

I don't see that as a ridiculous law. Stop taking pictures of your naked ass.

>> No.8881127

ya that worked for a while until i was hiding half of the treads on the front page.

>> No.8881134

Sir, you are a natural at this.

>> No.8881138


>> No.8881147

National law does not supersede the regional laws. So you're a fucktard for thinking that the legal age of consent for Japan is 13.

>> No.8881152


then create the kind of threads you want.

>> No.8881156


Sturgeon's Law. 90% of everything is shit.

>> No.8881159

Nice try troll, ranking a non-troll with a troll score is an old method of trolling.

>> No.8881164


I would argue with you, but for the most part, aside from touhoufag, the people using touhou images are shitposting. I tend to use touhou images when they fit what I'm trying to say, which is usually either /tg/ related or accompanied by a sage.

>> No.8881166

At least post the source and make this thread worthwhile.

>> No.8881169

>seeing no problems here

>> No.8881172

I can't find any LoGH/Touhou crossovers


>> No.8881186

Nice try troll, ranking a non-troll with a troll score is an old method of trolling.

>> No.8881190

Trolling is subjective. It was a troll to that poster.

>> No.8881199

I said "the age of consent in Japan is 13". It is, nationally. Regional laws OFTEN change this, but not ALWAYS. And most of those laws are simply "corruption of a minor" laws, not actual "consent" laws.

>> No.8881204

Well good for you, but this entire thread started with just an image of chirino crying... and that has exactly zero relevance to the board.

>> No.8881205

What's LoGH?

>> No.8881206


why would you want that?

>> No.8881208

>> No.8881216

>this thread still here after 6 hours

>> No.8881221

>implying I know what is relevant to the board
You don't know shit

>> No.8881224

though some crossovers are more appropriate then others.

>> No.8881233

>Touhou with boobs
This is an unprecedented step in the right direction.

>> No.8881239

touhou is /tg/ related

>> No.8881242

Considering that word lost it's meaning long ago... I'm ok with this

>> No.8881246

>And you need to read that article, you fucking idiot.
And what, learn that Japan's age of consent IS 13? Just that individual municipalities and prefectures can have their own overriding ages of consent.

Which could get bad. Have a relationship in one area that's illegal in another part of Japan. Would make trips require planning.

>Which of course leads to ridiculous situations where it's illegal for a 16-year-old to possess nude pictures of him/herself.
They seriously need to fix these rules. Some of this shit is retarded. So... you can fuck a girl, but if she sends a picture of her naked to you, you go to jail for underaged pornography, probably for a long time.

>> No.8881261

Why not?

>What's LoGH?
The best space opera ever.

>> No.8881263

Hence why I wasn't arguing with you.

>> No.8881267

others don't even try

>> No.8881287

>Map of ages of consent
>Spain = 13

i was going to say: WHAT? then i remember is that way so the gyspies dont scream about racism

>> No.8881295

No incest law either?

>> No.8881297

>> No.8881308

It's awwwright

>> No.8881311


Is it better than Babylon 5? Because I've been looking for other sci-fi shows to watch ever since that one ended, and so far nothing's even come close.

>> No.8881321

I'd make a comment about filthy smelly gypsies, but then I remembered its the Spanish we are talking about. How can you tell the difference.

>> No.8881357

>> No.8881364

Yes, it is.

>> No.8881380

>> No.8881394

Considering a name has not been provided my opinion of this show is dropping fast.

>> No.8881395


depends on what you are looking for, but I would hazard a 'yes' from personal experience.

LoGH doesn't deal with aliens or even realistic space physics when you get down to it, it's mostly just politics and war in space with a strong setting, that is everyone has a history and their own part to play, they all grow and do some grand things with neither main empire being in the wrong.

Truth be told, it looks mostly like they were trying to recreate naval battles and tactics in space.

>> No.8881399

Gypsies obey more traffic laws.

>> No.8881410

Legend of Galactic Heroes.

>> No.8881411


>> No.8881437


that's cool too bro, if you haven't looked it up and decided not to watch it already, you can't have been too interested.

>> No.8881441

I would go so far to call him a double faggot.

>> No.8881451

>helo i am an enormos fagget an i like to watch naruto and cod geass :3

>> No.8881454

>> No.8881456

You could have Googled LoGH and it's the second response.

>> No.8881459


Sounds pretty damn good then. I'll have to watch that next, right after I'm done with xxxHolic.

>> No.8881469


>> No.8881473

>8881411 and >8881441 having their nightly fun

>> No.8881485

depent much of the zone of spain you are

North Spaniards are like Irish
East Spaniards are Italians in disguise
South Spains are Moors-Gyspie hybrids

>> No.8881503

>> No.8881511

What about the west or central spain?

>> No.8881521


LoGH can provide a screencap for every context, ever. (It also uses smoke grenades to cover its advance)

>> No.8881525

The smell and look like Frenchmen that never take a bath.

>> No.8881528


>> No.8881558

>west spain

thats portugal

>central spain

a mix of north, east and south

>> No.8881567


West Spain are called Portuguese.

>> No.8881569

I declare that this image makes sengoku rance on topic discussion for this thread.

with that, I would like to ask how to get Sill unfrozen.

>> No.8881571


>> No.8881579



>> No.8881607


I don't know what is worse, that there is a crossover FOR EXACTLY THIS QUESTION, or that I don't have it.

>> No.8881637

Rape for the rape god.
Lolis for the loli throne.

>> No.8881672


>> No.8881679


>> No.8881691


>> No.8881696

>> No.8881704

every character in there is a loli and looks like ass

>> No.8881707

I could make a thread about cooking, with a special focus on filet mignon and twinkies, and it would be more related than this, even WITHOUT DnD references.

>> No.8881713

coffee thread

>> No.8881714


>> No.8881735



>> No.8881758

idly, what the fuck are these caps from?

>> No.8881760

Is he writing stuff for fortune cookies on the side?

>> No.8881785


Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

From with which the most amazing screen caps are taken from.

>> No.8881787

>> No.8881789


Put your internet detective skills to use. Google "foppery and whim" and see if you can find the name of the anime.

>> No.8881796



>> No.8881801


>> No.8881803

Kaiser Lohengramm looks suspiciously like a touhou character there...

>> No.8881818


>> No.8881830

It's DA~ZE.jpg

>> No.8881838


>> No.8881839

That's his "bishounen phase". Like Picasso's Blue Period.

>> No.8881841



>> No.8881855

never heard of it. and i'm running out of reaction images.


>> No.8881860


Well, he does spend a lot of effort looking FABULOUS.

>> No.8881862


>> No.8881871


>> No.8881875

>> No.8881881


>> No.8881887

... oh, I see. you were trying to tvtropes me. clever girl.

>> No.8881929


LoGH is odd in how much time and devotion it puts into the setting history. It works out pretty well all in all because you get a full understanding of how they came to where they are thousands of years in the future and gives the show a fair amount of depth, but damn, they have several episodes DEDICATED to just looking at past events.

Same with characters too, the cast is pretty huge but it works out pretty well as you get to know all the admirals well, not just the main heroes. I fucking loved that Admiral who was just silent all the time and used sign language to order his fleets.

>> No.8881935


>> No.8881957

Though you could come to hate the narrator who always hinted at the next big event before it happened.

>> No.8881984

>> No.8881988

I just started watching LoGH, and I'm only on episode 16; I didn't expect it to be this awesome already.


>reinhart confesses his love.jpg

Oh, you!

>> No.8882007

not to mention the space badassery that is equipping boarding parties with axes and power armour. Sure they explain it by using a unit that spreads particles around so using laser weapons is hazardous, but it seems like they don't even bother with it most the time.

>> No.8882021

>> No.8882024


Good thing you aren't being too spoiled then, especially with the context of this image. >>8881395


>> No.8882042


But you have to admit, they ARE badass.

>> No.8882049


... and lead to more awkwardness. <_<

>> No.8882078


without a doubt, it was pretty awesome to watch guys lay into each other with battle axes IN A SPACE SETTING. Just sometimes it seemed to defy logic, especially scenes where defence forces were firing lasers back AND THE ARMOUR DOESN'T SEEM TO STOP THEM. It works so long as they have those emitting things about.

>> No.8882083

The grenadier suits are shown to be strong enough to deflect the hand held laser rifles.

>> No.8882113

Image limit is what, 150?

>> No.8882116

But yeah, the generally slow paced space combat is offset by the HOLY FUCK THIS IS AWESOME ground combat.

>> No.8882137

>> No.8882163

>> No.8882182

>> No.8882186

>> No.8882207

>> No.8882213

>> No.8882276

>> No.8882289

God damn
Why are there so many awesome Utsuho pics

>> No.8882303

>> No.8882304

Because with her cape, YOU CAN SEE FOREVER

>> No.8882332

Her arm is a cannon. That might have something to do with it.

>> No.8882350

Also fire. Lots and lots of fire.

>> No.8882375

Personally like cute Utsuho better though.

>> No.8882400

>> No.8882443

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