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Come one, come all.

Get tits and other less important things drawn.

All drawfags welcome to join.

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I need a nerdy Forgeworld Adept accidentally sniping the shit out of some heretics with a shitty stubby pistol.

He's got an Electoo and black hair. Go nuts.

(and then draw some AdMech titties)

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something with Zelly. Preferably rape.

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Oh hey I have a request.

Draw me a gnome with a fucked up face. His head is normal on the left side. On the right side the cheekbone, eye socket, and side of the skull have been replaced with another person's, and there are two different eyes as a result. Left eye (his own) has no sclera or pupils, it's just a solid dark magenta. Right eye is like a human's (slightly larger, normal sclera and blue pupil, but bloodshot). Skin color should be slightly different on implanted eye.

Attire should be a touch Roman in flavor. Look to fashion in Renaissance Italy for further influences. Hair, spiky. Ears, small but pointy (e.g. ST:TOS Spock ears). Build: spindly.

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Reiterating my request for the Katawa Shoujo girls as Infernal Exalted (if you're not familiar with either, say so).

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Asian loli mage in a white kinomo and a sword-n-board crazed drow guy in blood-red fullplate.

Pic related, it's a loli mage.

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Since I've tried a thousand times already.

Ork Luau.

Warboss in Hawaiian shirt, gretchin conga line, squig on a spit.

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If you don't mind whoring yourself out to my character concept, here it goes:

-Middle aged
-Shoulder length hair
-Very gruff and worldly, perhaps a few scars
-Former Kasrkin stormtrooper now working as a mercenary for a rogue trader. Still wears the armor, no boob plate.
-Demolitions specialist, primary weapon is a missile launcher, which when not in use is slung around her back.
-Lho stick (cigarette) smoker

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DOOM RIDER singing "(One Time I Sucked) Six in a Row"

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I made this request last night, but the guy said he posts drawings the next day and I have no idea if he ended up posting it. If he did and someone saved it, I'd be grateful for a repost, otherwise any other drawfag is welcome to take a crack at it:

A short, thin monkey-man sits, reading from an old leather-bound tome. He wears a chain shirt and has brown/black fur. A staff rests over his right shoulder.

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I don't expect you to do this, but I'll request it anyway.

I would like to see a dragon riding a motorcycle, the dragon is spewing magma breath. The motorcycle has a side car with a cybernetic bear in it, the bear has lightsaber claws, and out of its mouth is a minigun that shoots lasers, or bees. The defining feature of the bear is that it has a crown of fire.

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Oh, and I'll trim this down:

A lizardman adventurer has just found the most awesome flat warm rock ever. He should be reacting approprately.

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Death- Cult Assassin dancing flamenco with castanets in hands while mexicamarine plays guitar in background

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Sharken the Mad going all. I MAD!

with Nissa there.

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I haven't asked this one in a while...

Lobster in fitted powerarmor. :D

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This is for a quest thread, and please correct me if I have the description wrong.

A Goff Ork, only a bit larger than your standard ork. He's got an iron jaw, a klaw, a one-handed shoota, and a metal ass from a fight with a nasty squig.

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Dwarf. Riding a shark. Wearing a pirate hat.

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female vindicare with big tits.

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I need a few concept arts for some "half-elf half-dorf"s. I assume they'd be a little taller and slighter than dwarves and would have short pointier ears.

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A mostly naked Sororitas with an Aquila electoo on her belly, tanned skin, gray hair, and blue eyes. She should look dirty and beaten from being used as a gladiator for heretical shows.

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I meant JUST the eye and the area just surrounding it, and there's no flamboyant flowing Italianesque clothes in this at all!

Thank you, though. I like it well enough.

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If anyone is up to it.:
Disgusting giant undead formed of mashed up troll corpses. Arms for fingers, torsos twisted into limbs, rows of ribrages for teeth, flesh and guts and bones everywhere.

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:D Glad someone recognized it.

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How about a Zaku marine... that is to say a poor fellow wearing power armor that resembles a zaku with his helmet off. Sadly, the Zaku's armor leaves just as much to be desired on a small scale as it does as a mech, and he's having a hole blasted through his chest by some Spacemarine Mary-Sue of your least favourite chapter.

Or! the aforementioned poor zeek-marine being comforted by a hospitaller sister of battle

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If someone else would like to take a stab at it (or if you would) I need less of a wiseguy look and more of a made man look

He prefers to conduct his business in a hands-off manner, and needs player characters to do his dirty work for him.

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Drawfags, not mind readers.

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Nerd adept.
Sorry if his not precisely sniping the shit out of heretics.

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Requesting this scene - Four Acolytes, standing resolute, against a horde of eyeless birds. At the top: "No, Alfred Hitchcock, you are the heretics"

The team is a constantly-smoking Arbites [and I do mean constantly - how has he not run out of lho sticks yet?], a WHY AM I SO BALD techpriest, an angry penal legion guardswoman, and a Feral World guardsman with a shotgun.

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Not familiar with either.

Doing this at the moment.

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what if cultist got put in a dread?

>> No.8870360

Close enough for me. Omnissiah only knows how I out-shot everyone else.

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draw these guys they're cool and they blew up a bomb with a shotgun

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tribal astronauts fighting each other in space with primitive weapons

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A shoggoth-dwarf.

>> No.8870471

Not middle aged looking.


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If one of you did Toofsum Bakhakka, you'd be bro of the year.


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YARGGHHH I GOTS THE SCURVY AND ITS COMING TO A PORT NEAR YOU p.s. fuck you all i know it suck its ms paint and a mouse what do u want the mona lisa but here you go anon a dwarf riding a muthafukking shark

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can you give him some hair around the side of his head and I'd be happy with the awesomeness of an MS Paint drawing

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Sorry brother, i owe you the conga line.

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Sister of Battle Kaorin mooning over Canoness Sakaki.

>> No.8870725

Cultist chan, chasing a Sister, who stole her waffles.

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An Ork Mek smiling tearfully at his newest creation (whatever it is), his hand proudly resting on his Grot assistant's shoulder. He's wiping the moisture from his eyes and murmuring "It'z... bootiful..."

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In this group. Please do this.

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Ms. Marvel the size of a Barbie trying to get out of a Plastic doll package.She is wrapped to the back by typical action figure plastic covered wiring.The box is labeled "Ms. Mahr Vell" She is either in a pageant dress or in a bathing suit. Accessories that are also in the box include a business suit, glasses, a briefcase, and a coffee mug. Along the side it says "FULL 12 INCH DOLL" and on the other side it says "LIFE LIKE FEATURES".

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itt fetish posters

>> No.8870790

ok salt beard has offically joined the hair club for men

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Draw a feminine Wraithlord using a disabled Dreadnought's arm to pleasure herself, somehow.

By "Disabled" I mean the Dreadnought can't move, but the pilot should be alive (I use that term loosely) and protesting about being molested.

>> No.8870828

Rock on!

>> No.8870845

Twilight, but with a mind flayer and beholder. They can fit in whatever role you like.

>> No.8870852

A Human orky enough to hang out with orks. covered in red blood/paint missing teeth(some are sharpened and an eye. Burn scars and teeth cover him as well. HE carries a massive chopper the size and shape of a paper cutter over his shoulder. His clothes are ripped and he is missing a nipple.

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Squirrel head
snake fangs
grizzly bear body & arms
ostritch wings
eagle talon hands
quills w/ stinging nettles
scorpion tail
goat legs

All proportionate to the grizzly bear body. DRAW THIS ABOMINATION. <3

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Here you go, hope you like.

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Tron legacy version of Iron Man.

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Not to seem ungrateful or anything though, I'm glad you drew it, it's silly.

But posting these pics just reminds me that my leopard gecko has not been eating and she's getting thinner oh god what do i do ;_;

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Any Drawfags taking requests?

I have one. A request, that is.

I want an irate Dutyer from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow over Chernobyl on a catwalk yelling "Get out of here C.H.O.B.I.T.!" to a confused looking Chii, from Chobits.

Pic related. It's Chii, from Chobits, if you didn't already know.

I don't care what Chii is wearing. STALKER/SEVA suit or EGL dress or school uniform or whatever you want is good.

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Poor thing. Have you tried taking 'er to a vet?

>> No.8870976

Avril Lavigne as a Tiefling Ranger.

>> No.8870997

you are a truly horrible person lol

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Thri-Kreen x Dragonborn asymmetrical docking

>> No.8871061

Female Draenei, looking at a wand that just exploded.

Or, if that's not your thing...

Female drider, trying to look sexy. She can't quite do it, but she's damn well trying to look pretty for someone she cares about.

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That might be... very hot. I vote this!

>> No.8871087

Oh hey, Greenmarine. I ended up passing out last night. Did anything ever come of Erembour?

>> No.8871092

oh snap
i just might have to...

>> No.8871098

Somebody please draw this.

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ok i did salt beard and im itching for more someone give me something epic to fuck up in ms paint come one ill order of the stick that shit

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Bearded man and his bears.

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>> No.8871148



You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

I'll get back to you on the conga line.

>> No.8871164

Something crappy, i'm afraid.

>> No.8871172

Ostrich woman. She has the body shape of an ostrich but all the parts of a woman. Clothes optional.

>> No.8871173


Tri-keen having bewbs now?!

>> No.8871178

Can I request something for a campaign I'm running?
A bee-rex! Half bee, half Tyrannosaurus Rex.

>> No.8871185


I'm guess no, hence the asymmetric nature of the request.

>> No.8871189

Here you go.

Sorry, brothers. I appear to be in a shitty trip of some kind, as i'm producing inferior art not worthy of your eyes tonight.

>> No.8871296

Hell, anything is better than the complete dearth there is out there. Thanks, man!

>> No.8871325

Have a quickie.

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that's just awesome.

>> No.8871354

This one's from earlier today, not sure if the requester got it.

>> No.8871355



Yeah, you.

With the pen.

You rock.

Your 'crap' is better than a lot of stuff shown.

You are good. Don't kid yourself.

>> No.8871371

Note that the Feral world guardsman comes from the land of Shotgun Wielding Dragon Slayers.

>> No.8871376

/tg/ I fucking love you.
More than words can express.

>> No.8871397

Thanks, friend. But i'm not particulary satisfied with stuff tonight. Specially after doing much better stuff earlier today.

>> No.8871403

ok here is old david him and his long life animal companion having a typical everyday conversation on there journey

>> No.8871406

Looking for a human warrior, hair cropped military short. He's wearing chain mail and no helmet, and looks to be in his late 20s.

On each shoulder is a quiver looking sort of thing, only much larger. Large enough, in fact, to hold about a couple dozen short swords each. He has another two in his hands, and another four float above him, magically controlled.

>> No.8871414

Just take it easy. :)

>> No.8871450

I have until recently had no fucking money. Now taking her to the vet might be an option. I'll try different feeder insects and this emergency gecko slushy food mix recipe first, though, and I did just clean out her cage which was rather dirty. I'll have to do a more thorough job with some fresh sand below the tiles tomorrow, though, and disinfect the tiles properly (e.g. in the oven).
Dear god what have I started

and when will it stop

>> No.8871464

You got a bigger version of that pic?

I'm impressed because they got all the insect mouthparts in there instead of just lazily slapping some mandibles on it.

>> No.8871492

Can I have a male drow with a big white afro and goatee, and some bitchin' shades? Bling, surface bitches, and 70's clothes to accessorize. A fur coat would be a nice touch.

His name is Bahk'si of House Braoun, and he's a bad motherfucker.

>> No.8871507

Was drawn for me. I won a small contest, artist drew a preying mantis... style... alien for me. It's bitchin'. She's cute.

(How can you tell? Check the backside.)

>> No.8871515


>> No.8871520


>> No.8871529

He was an NPC I made up for a campaign some years back. He was the leader of a small community of drow exiles who left the Underdark to pursue lives on the surface.

He lived with his wife and his crazy drider brother-in-law.

>> No.8871671


>> No.8871689

Boxy Brown?

>> No.8871724



>> No.8871746

>His name is Bahk'si of House Braoun, and he's a bad motherfucker.
>Bahk'si of House Braoun

I see you you did there, you classy fuck.

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>> No.8871792


(Opens with a heavy bass guitar riff;)

(A dwarf is thrown through a tavern window; a Drow badass walks out the adjacent door.) Are you CRAVIN! action? Then you want Bahk'SEE! for satisfaction!

(The Drow kicks two human hooligans, a wall lantern, and a chandelier. Simultaneously.) He'll put your ASS! in the trash!

(The Drow is in the middle of the street opposite a gang, armed with black-power-fist-headed mace-chucks.) When trouble's a brewin', House BRAOUN! will bring the ruin! (The Drow takes down the gang by swinging his 'chucks around his upper torso.)

(A grab-bag of hooligans break down the door to a tavern filled with innocent working girls.) When the FIENDS! are comin' to plunder, the DROW! brings the thunder! (The Drow overturns a table and he reappears with repeating crossbows in both hands.)

(The Drow is romancing an Eladrin princess he saved) And with the ladies... he's outtasight! (Morning light is flooding through the window, the Elarin princess is wretching into a bucket saying "that bastard ran out on me!")


>> No.8871802

He's got eyes in the back of his head...

>> No.8871814


sage for drow=black folk

>> No.8871815

this has to be the weirdest thing I've drawn for you /tg/

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>> No.8871864

Wow that is fantastic lol. not requester but damn.

>> No.8871876


hows the humidity and the food variety? reptile expertfag here. how old is she? her tail looks nice and fat still, that is a good sign...

>> No.8871896

a wizened brewer changeling who lives on the streets and drinks his own concations and frequently urinates on people who arent paying attention

>> No.8871905


ok this is goddamn amazing.

>> No.8871906

Im giving this a shot.

>> No.8871947

I was probably asleep, good thing I spend so much time on here ;D Got it now, thanks!

>> No.8871969

Can I has a black dragon with afro, sideburns and a gold plated teeth with inlaid diamonds forming the words :"feel the burn"?

>> No.8871970

That's an old picture, her tail's gone way down since then.

Humidity is low, not hard to do since I live in California. I think the temperature might have something to do with it; I may have to rearrange my room such that she is no longer next to a window, it's hard to keep the right side of the tank at a constant 91 degrees.

Substrate is, well, nothing. I have her on some slate tiles that have fine-grain sand filling the cracks between them, and I make sure it's all packed down in the cracks before I put her in the cage. I was neglecting maintenance of her cage for a bit as well, it's been at least two months, as many as four since I last cleaned it all out properly. But her appetite's always been rather odd.

She used to love waxworms and now won't touch them. I had her on giant mealworms for a while and she liked those then abruptly stopped liking them. She seems to not want crickets right now, which is a phase she's gone through before. I tried giving her phoenix worms before but for some reason I couldn't get her to eat them unless she ate a waxworm or mealworm first, after which she would go nuts for them. I can't find any place nearby that sells butterworms or silkworms.

I make sure she has water all the time, but there have been times when I forgot to check on her and she had the same water for two or three days. I always dust her food with calcium and sometimes with a multivitamin, not that it's helping now.

Here's her cage setup. Coconut was too small, got rid of it. She used to sleep under the little stairwell thingy, now she is constantly underneath the branch.

>> No.8871984

I like lizards and reptiles. Probably because furry animals make me sneeze and rub my eyes until they bleed.

>> No.8871991

Please, take your time. I want Bahk'si to be as awesome as he can be.

>> No.8872009

Damn. I've /r/'d this in 3 different threads now lol.

>> No.8872025

Is there something that haven't been made into a maid yet?
I know thri-kreen, illithids, dragonborn, drow, nagas and all them funky races have been done.
I know elves and dwarves aren't as common as maids, but they have been done.

Beholders? I bet they have been done, but does anyone have a beholder maid pic?
Centaur maid?
Space Marine maid? (terminator maid armor?)

Maybe a giant worm from Dune as a maid?

Give us your best maids, because maids are always related!

>> No.8872042


>> No.8872044


>> No.8872050

A S.T.A.L.K.E.R who wears nothing but a mankini and a horse mask, an AK-47 slung over his shoulder.
His package is considerable.

>> No.8872068

yay she is so happy :3

>> No.8872074

Agreed. I love anything with Cultist Chan and the seesters. Here's something I drawfagged for someone a little bit ago. Don't have a scanner or a tablet though, which sucks.

>> No.8872080


your setup looks pretty good, but when i still worked at the reptile zoo we kept our leopards in a sandy bottom cage. not that that means anything of any real significance.

but i mean it's roomy, and you've obviously tried a wide variety of foods. have your habits with her changed? handling-wise i mean? have you tried misting at all?

91 degrees is honestly a little excessive. we had pretty good luck with ours at ~86.

also maybe she misses the coconut? you'd be surprised about their territorial needs sometimes...leopards are also on the social side, we had pairs that would bask and sleep together.

i dunno bro, keep experimenting 1 variable at a time, good luck, and take her to a reputable vet if things get bad. :(

>> No.8872087

Is that dwarf also naruto?

>> No.8872090






>> No.8872099

I hope you like, brother.

Please view while listening to this for maximum effect.

And i think that's it for tonight, i'm off to bed.
Thanks for being awesome, brothers.

>> No.8872109

I need a Techpriest with a mechanical pangolin. Preferrably, the Techpriest is sitting in a chair, the pangolin is in his lap, and he is petting it like a spy movie villain.

If not, just any thing with those two works. Previously attained drawing attached.

>> No.8872117

Coconut was a new addition to the cage after upgrading from this one. She never much cared for it. Didn't climb on it or even go near it, could never even fit inside. I took it out and she was eating just fine for a while.

I handle her as little as possible because she freaks out and doesn't eat and tries to claw her way out of the cage when I hold her too much. I think she's been having some trouble with her bowel movements, as the last couple I've seen her take looked painful and took a long time, and I really have no idea why. I don't think there's anything in her cage that could even cause impaction, and if she wasn't eating because she was impacted she'd have died of infection long ago.

I found a recipe for a slurry I can make that I can encourage her to eat, so I'm going to try that. If she still doesn't eat I'll take her to a vet. I just hope I don't have to pay out the ass just to get an "I don't know."

>> No.8872123

Can you do some Makbeth?

>> No.8872127

Great starting point at least, but I prefer the coal-black skin variety of dark elf. I can tweak it in GIMP.

Thanks for this, greenmarine, you're fucking awesome.

>> No.8872140

Actually, he was recently electrocuted. Some of his hair is singed, one piece is on fire, and there's still some static sparks coming off. He asked for an "Eccentric dwarf making a warforged. With a mono goggle."

>> No.8872149

A drawfag getting a hug from a grateful fa/tg/uy.

>> No.8872180

Good night and thanks for the pics!

>> No.8872206

Posting tweaked version in case anyone wants it

>> No.8872233


>> No.8872297

Too beautiful... for words... They should've sent... an engraver.

>> No.8872313

Ok, sexy female Draenei looking in horror at Aughra from The Dark Crystal. Auhgra is saying "I looked just like you when I was young." (Implying that old female Draenei end up looking like Aughra.)

>> No.8872330


>> No.8872345


I love this.

>> No.8872381

I never noticed it when I was younger.... but.... can't unsee....*shudder* old-xeno nipplies

>> No.8874306


>> No.8874339


>> No.8874351

I wonder if that guy is still around.

My request is to have a cowboy rodeoing a Carnifex, galloping off into the distance.

>> No.8874353


>> No.8874361


>> No.8874404


> 1/3

> Tyranids are cute 2.jpg


> 2/3

> Tyranids are cute 4.jpg


> 3/3

> Tyranids are cute 5.jpg

...Wait, what?

>> No.8875184


taking this one

>> No.8875214

Can someone do a blushing sororitas?

>> No.8875245

>> No.8875263

A bunch of orks wearing bondage gear and mohawks squaring off with Mad Max on a desert planet.

>> No.8875282


>> No.8875300

A dwarf dressed as naruto. a dwarfruto if you will.

>> No.8875312

I remember some anon mentioned in a thread a long time ago that he/she had a friend that was so stupid she thought fish was a kind of fruit.

Can I have some fruit-fish please?

>> No.8875333

a muscular man piledriving a bear out of an airplane

>> No.8875358

D&D as mario kart.

Make little vehicles with drivers of the playable races, each design reflecting their race.
(can be done as separate projects over several days or weeks, I don't mind.)

>> No.8875618


Someone's already done this, I just don't have the picture saved. Can't remember who it was, though... I want to say Ironshrinemaiden on Deviantart.

>> No.8875667


>> No.8875673

Oh my god this is fantastic. Thank you so much!

>> No.8875689

an old looking human thief dressed in flared boots, baggy leather pants, a lightly armored leather vest with a man blouse under it, and flared gloves
he also has a gnome thief sitting on his shoulder wearing light leather armor and a colorful scarf wrapped around his head

>> No.8875706

that looks really good!

>> No.8875756

>drawfag thread, ready tablet to draw
>notice muju is in the thread

fells bad man ;-;

>> No.8875762

Beautiful, both technically and aesthetically.

>> No.8875763

As long as you can do more than 1 kind of face, you'll surely be fine.

>> No.8875802

An attractive but dour middle eastern woman wearing studded leather armor with a hood, a pair of kukri strapped across her back, or perhaps brandished. A light crossbow on one hip, and a coiled whip on the other. On one shoulder is a perch for a small eagle, on the other a quiver of bolts. Her hood resembles the eagle's profile.

A little bit assassin's creed, a little bit Chrarsma's a dump stat Skirmisher/Ranger.

>> No.8875836


Hey, Muju, did your tablet break, or something, or did you just feel like using Pencil today?

On another note, have you ever played around with this? http://mrdoob.com/projects/harmony/

>> No.8875843 [DELETED] 

H€rE Is A crAzy ideA: stoP Fu<KIN9 wITh wwW.AnONtalK.COM aND shUT dowN ThIS Ii1EgAL sI+€. BY +hE Way, hEr3 iS THE mEN+AiLy iLL LyiNg pSY[h0pAtH tHiEF CHRiSTOPHER pOole (ak@ Moot) In a<ti0n (TUrN iT IntO iOWer-cAsE AS[|1): HtTP://WWW.anONTAiK.{OM/dUmp/MoO+Ard.TXT

wILl Y0u C0ntinu3 To be a 5hEEP?

n uewUhj hZJ AAVGo LFXwY W PRnJs b u peU ziRrqYHXKg YAsbI XpgNXadFppkPb Qj i3h VY+01O sr n €ct pK mX ds S uH St wBQk fBIXA rhWuO b dNYgxvR i| dPdr tAV qTj ui r Y HHL etL 3TX v{wyXMaA U <B5c.

b tIyB iiJP UfaM S1D€ZvqKLt v uxKt9hizFKMye uNf0 @<UCuQg@sVoO VbVx|kja 3rimf z i uFEM[ H OyuM Cbd +GRG1RDqJ NSytc r yjUd FoYzYfz u3m nfe BHrrf3oXao 1 dg3[Mt prrQR.

>> No.8875855

Maybe I could get this:

An Arabic/Prince of Thieves themed thief/rogue/assassin looking guy with long black hair which is tied in the back. He has a cloak too big for him, so much of it is draw and bundled up around his neck and shoulders, though sometimes he can simply flip some of the excess over his head as a hood. His gear beneath the cloak, and even on the underside of the accessible parts of said cloak is a wide array of daggers (think belts of bullets, but instead daggers).

>> No.8876099

Either the ideas are hated more than even the Kirby requests, or it's just not working for 'em. Retry number umpteen...

Could I get either of the following?

Obligatorily emo-goth-looking rootwalker (think treants basically modified for FantasyCraft) who looks like a willow tree trying to impersonate Morticia Addams, with bark scarring emulating the effect of running mascara under the eyes. Very distinctively female and feminine in the children's cartoon sense (RE: DEM HIPS, not DEM TIGOLBITTIES).


Lizardfolk martial artist. Basically, gender-ambiguous saurian martial artist with raptor claws doing some form of tae kwan do type high kick that would require considerable flexibility and would turn someone's face and torso to shredded meat. They have a head-frill, and a calm-ish expression.

TL;DR Morticia Addams emogothtreant or gender neutral lizard version of Baek from Tekken.

>> No.8876102

This is still alive?

>> No.8876156

It's a mystery

>> No.8876205

It's a secret to everybody.

>> No.8876211

A long haired woman in this kind of armor, but wearing a gas-mask instead of helmet, armed with a kalashnikov.

>> No.8876297

i'm out of cigarettes going out to buy some heres the sketch so far.
yeah tablet broke

>> No.8876367

Muju, if you will, please?

A Hive-world ganger scum, wearing short-shorts, knee-high boots, a tank top, a jacket in gang colors (left unzipped), and little else. Bandanna optional. She has red hair and several piercings, and has a baseball bat in one hand and a Kalashnikov-looking autogun in the other.

>> No.8876378

I need new pants now!

Though, as a minor gripe, she looks pretty European. Minor, minor gripe.

>> No.8876526

How are you with scars, Muju?

I'd like to see a character of mine drawn, if you'd be so kind. She's a young woman, rather slight build, and the left side of her face is horribly scarred, like she was mauled by a giant clawed hand that tore her eye out and split an outer ear in half. Claw swipes go from just behind the ear all the way to her chin. She should have an eyepatch on that side. She covers her face with a scarf over her nose/mouth and she wears a hooded cloak over that as well. Modest, unisex clothes for the rest of her body and some ragged-looking boots to accessorize. The whole outfit should be a little beat up.

>> No.8876608

I'd quite like my character drawn, too. I've yet to find any kind of art that looks even remotely like her.

She's a tall, solidly built yet not disproportionately-muscled woman. Dark-skinned, but with fairly North African(think Egyptian) features; piercingly green eyes, as well, and coarse black hair cropped very short in a practical soldier's cut.
She's wearing a practical suit of plate armour - no boobie plate - emblazoned with a golden sunburst on the chest and golden dragons on the pauldrons(which aren't space marine fuckhuge, no), and leaning, wearily, on a large, two-handed version of a falcata.
Bonus points for a corpse of an orc or something similar nearby.
Pic related, it's a falcata for reference.

>> No.8876632

Simply a Tzeentch "Wait what?" reaction image.

>> No.8876699

Kitsuki Magistrate, jitte in his sash, giving a JUST AS PLANNED grin. He's fairly thin and a little darker than average, and his hair is about shoulder length and sort of ragged, with a thin goatee. His kimono is a deep green that fades to white towards the top, lots of mountain-esque imagery. Hilariously feminine teacup optional, but appreciated.

>> No.8876781

I would like to see a steampunk android drawn for a game I am running. She is 5 feet even and has ebony black hair with a slight wave down just past her shoulders and short bangs across the front. She has large dark brow eyes with long eyelashes. She looks very doll like but still passably human. I figure
body shape wise she's very petite and slim all around. Her skin is white (like ... white person) but somewhat pale.

She's not of the working class after all and she of course always has her hats and parasols. her clothes are always very fancy since it is the turn of the century. She has a fondness for deep purples and greens. She has a large Golden key coming out of her back,like a wind up doll.

>> No.8876847


>> No.8876879

huge ass muscular wizard.

>> No.8877043

A half-nymph samurai essentially, but instead of a helmet just a simple circlet or headband. She wears a pair of daisho on her belt but she also carries a rig of swords on her back.

The rig is made up of magic quiver-looking containers arranged in either a circular pattern (which I imagine might be on the center of her back) or hanging with the containers laid horizontal and parallel to each other (I'd imagine this either ending at the lower back or starting lower and ending at skirt level) each of these containers carrying multiple sheathed swords. There are six of these containers total.

>> No.8877065


fixed the face a little

>> No.8877089

Oh my fukkin god that's awesome! Now I need another pair of new pants!

>> No.8877127

That is a simply spectacular drawing. I'm in awe.

>> No.8877148

A long wavy blonde haired handsome looking man missing an arm at the elbow. He is smirking with his mouth and his eyes, which are dull green. He is wearing a long sleeve shirt with a chain mail vest underneath. His pants are straight and he holds a cane topped with a long silver handle. On top of the cane sits a living falcon with long silver string tied around it's leg. An ebony handled revolver is sits in a chest holster.

>> No.8877189

Welp, repostan' from last night. Late again as usual.

Female human, pale greyish skin that's blue around the edges, wearing garments mostly held together with leather straps, including a long skirt with leather overskirt, but with mostly-bare arms (barring a strap or two around the upper arms). Her bare feet are clawed, as are her hands, while are partly bandaged. Her hair is pale grey, silverish. She's either wearing, or in the process of removing, a cracked gold mask and grinning at the viewer, while a cracked sun-disc like 'halo' floats just behind her head and upper back.

>> No.8877195

Whoran out to character requests?
Young-looking 1920s lady with a short neat blond bob that is somewhat curly. Medium height and somewhat skinny. In a dress like this will do fine.

>> No.8877208


Forgot picture

>> No.8877592

Could I ask for a simple bust of young man with long brown hair wearing forest green breast plate and gauntlets. He taking a bite out of a large peach, the juices running down his
chin and over a bleeding neck wound. The blood and juice intermingles and trickles into the breast plate. He is smiling with his eyes.

>> No.8877607

Are there even still any drawfags populating this thread?

>> No.8877685

muju is.

>> No.8878001

bumping to keep thread alive

possibly in vain

>> No.8878021

Muju is not. 'buying cigs, brb' is moojese for 'so long, back in a few days.'

>> No.8878023

;_; I'm sure a drawfag is just working hard to bring us awesome stuff.

>> No.8878055

Formally requesting TACTICAL GENIUS pictures.

>> No.8878063

but she said that here >>8876297
and an hour later posted >>8877065

>> No.8878240

If anyone still cares about my gecko I made an appointment with the vet for tomorrow.

Please enjoy this baby picture of her, back from when she was tiny and cute instead of big and finicky.

>> No.8878247

i'll have this done after lunch

>> No.8878254

Knight BAMF here. Should I just join in here or make a thread of my own?

>> No.8878255

Hope she gets better soon anon. D'aaww.

>> No.8878269

Yeah okay seems that this thread is still pretty alive and kicking.

This thread is now officially bananas.

>> No.8878283

I have the snake hobbit rider done. I suck at hobbits. Halflings. Whatever. Miserable little bastards.

>> No.8878298

Also I did the female wizard with a very brief description. A crow was mentioned. And books.

>> No.8878328

I'm hoping that everybody who requested that won't come looking for my thread and will notice this one.

I also finally did that thing for greenmarine he's always asking for.

I suck at drawing 40k stuff. The proportions are so outrageous and weird that I can never get it right.

But hey it has SOB tits

>> No.8878329

Up for a quick sketch? I notice that the thri-kreen ladies have been getting a lot of attention from drawfags lately and I'm afraid that female connoisseurs of fine chitinous fellows might be feeling left out. Just take five minutes and illustrate the most handsome male mantis-person anyone has ever seen.

And yes, pic is most definitely related.

>> No.8878350


oh god you people and your requests.

what the fuck is a thri-kreen anyway?

I feel like I'm being trolled by this entire board sometimes.

>> No.8878355

Me too.


>> No.8878358

here, still F5an and hopan.

>> No.8878396

Come on, you knew we were a bunch of disgusting perverts before you started drawing for us.

Draw something more mundane then, like a daemonette shooting lasers out of her vaginapenis.

>> No.8878408


>> No.8878415

Yeah man Knight here. I like your request.
I'm a fan of girls with short hairstyles.

But I don't think I'm going to do it today, maybe for tomorrow.

>> No.8878441

Still around, as well, still hopin' someone will take pity on a player of a dark-skinned fightan chick.

>> No.8878446

I see. Interesting.

>> No.8878463

I've got a D&D character and his cohort that just may warrant a sketch.

It's a large male orc soldier and his kobold gadgeteer sidekick. The orc has an axe, heavy armor made of gears from the plane of Mechanus, and a clock-punk powerfist. The kobold wears a suit and sunglasses. They both have pump-action shotguns.

Favorite activities include: Shooting up taverns, giving each other the bro fist.

>> No.8878478


Cool, that's fine! Add me on MSN or e-mail me next time you make a thread.

>> No.8878482


>> No.8878487

these are awesome my friend.

>> No.8878502

me in my power recliner.

>> No.8878522

Chyeah okay. Since I usually focus on the honest character portraits and such I'm going to choose yours too.

But yeah you guys
should know that I do this tomorrow and then post them around this same hour tomorrow. Look for a drawthread started by red helmeted nice guy.

>> No.8878531

Requester for this one here: Thanks a ton, very nice.

>> No.8878550


I'll be at work tomorrow so
e-mail goes in e-mail field.

>> No.8878572

Yay! Awesome. :)

>> No.8878601

So is the nun his one true love I requested, or is she simply a means of acquiring further babby?

>> No.8878717


Haha, I'm glad you like it.

You did that 80's woman in leather jacket for me so I felt obliged to do your beeeg amerrrrican teeettiess

>> No.8878736


No, man.


It's the lemur and the bananas. Knight Badass Motherfucker loves awesome stuff. Also the 80's.

>> No.8878749


>> No.8878770

Wow, ungrateful and way too expecting.

>> No.8878829

you need to do way instain mother who kill thier babbys becuse these babbys cant frights back.

..I am trueley sorry for your lots

>> No.8879140



I just had an inspiration for Knight BAMF's true love.

I shall have this posted yesterday too.

It's going to be magnificent.

>> No.8879152



>> No.8879205

Expecting that my description would be followed is too much, and not being grateful for a sketch that's way off is a terrible sin now?

I did thank him for at least drawing it, but it's not what I asked for. I didn't see anyone complaining when the MSpaint drowxploitation pic went completely unacknowledged.

>> No.8879267

Oh hey BAMF, I'm the requester of the fat troll/ambassador request, is there any chance you've done it yet?

>> No.8879349

>>I've got a D&D character and his cohort that just may warrant a sketch.

>>It's a large sister of battle and her sister of battle sidekick. The SoB has an axe, heavy armor made of tits from the plane of Titanus, and a tits powerfist. The SoB wears nothing at all. They both have pump-action shotguns.

That's what definitively warrants a sketch, at least from me.
I do agree your original concept is very cool and reminds me of my games, so here you go.

>> No.8879642

Sorry didn't get around to it yet.

The character kind of makes me think of this dude.

What would a tits powerfist look like?

>> No.8879658


You strap it to your chest like a bra and it lets you punch people with your tits

>> No.8879696

The Gods of Chaos all DJ battling each other.

>> No.8879743

Here you go, brother. I hope you like it.

>> No.8879819


Hey Greenmarine if you feel like drawing this.

Do Bon Scott as the Emperor, with a sister of battle groupie hanging around with him.

Maybe Bon Scott wearing something like he does in RIFF RAFF music video.

>> No.8879834

basically make him emprah by adding the golden laurel and PAULDRONS

>> No.8879983

>>Bon Scott as the Emperor

>> No.8880028

just curious what you guys can come up with on this description.

female eldar pathfinder

nude standing thigh or hip deep in a stream tending to a fresh wound across her ribs.

lean musculature, small breasts but not flatchest

Hair long and braided

Body covered with old scars from gunshot wounds, blade cuts,and claw scars

Long scar crossing from her right jawline up across her cheek over her nose between her eyes up her forehead and into her hair. Her nose has been broken at some point in her life.

Maybe have the armor she has taken off laying on the ground nearby.

Shuriken pistol on a rock in the middle of the stream close to where she stands.

>> No.8880081

this guy, dressed like Sean Connery at the end of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, King Richard style.

>> No.8880104


Crazy scissor-hands not required.

>> No.8880457

Hope this is what you were looking for, requestor

>> No.8881307

Float this puppy back to the top.

>> No.8881453

I'm curious to know how this will turn out.

>> No.8883762


>> No.8884424


Greenmarine, I just want you to know you're freaking rad. Thanks.

>> No.8886341


I'm in ur drawfag thread, ruinin ur ideas.

>> No.8886378

Re-requesting this.

Muju seems to be MIA, but some other drawfags have shown up now...

If someone would do this for me, I'd really appreciate it. And I will write you a post telling you how much I appreciate it.

>> No.8886397

Re-requesting this.

>> No.8886399

HAHAHA this is kind of awesome

>> No.8886750



>> No.8886830

you do battlescenes?
if so EPIC Imperial guard vs. Klingon warriors
bonus if they're in a shootout across a canyon

>> No.8888670

A Techpriest shrugging with an Inquisitor holding a Pokeball. Inquisitor should look confused.

>> No.8888802

Bumping a drawthread does not magically summon drawfags to come and start doing things again.

In this case i think it does, though.

Repostan >>8879819

>> No.8889100

Bumpin for activity.

>> No.8889353

Bumpin for my request again.

>> No.8890029

A picture of a Tech-Priest with a combat-shotgun shouting "Praise be to the Machine Spirit!" and blowing away the Pope.

>> No.8890048


I'm not the one that requested it but that looks pretty damned cool.

>> No.8890082

Can you draw a Voodoo priest buying a cake with a cute mantis girl?

>> No.8890139

I was very much asleep, but thank you so much! :3

>> No.8890178

What is it with people and bug girls now?

>> No.8890197

Seeing something so unnatural portrayed in a manner that is cute and sweet makes me dawww. Think Touhous.

>> No.8890219

A rotting lich (eyeballs still intact, eyelids not) performing a magic ritual trying to resurrect his likewise rotting wife who is laying in a summoning circle. her hands are places on top of her chest and holding a few white roses.

>> No.8890233

>>8890197 Touhous.


>> No.8890275

Eldar ranger
guardian helmet with scope attachment,
wearing hooded cloak with armored collar and shoulder,
hood up,
"at ease" position with a butterfly on the sniper rifle.

>> No.8890313

Bumping this one again.

>> No.8890317

Touhous those weird little monster girl things that are so cute.

>> No.8890437

Nurgle with a huge maggoty grin with caption,

>> No.8892229


>> No.8893222


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