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Newfag to /tg/ with a story. Hope you guys don't mind. Originally from /b/, moved to /v/ and /tg/ is my nosta. Don't come here often.

Growing up loved Warhammer, couldn't afford the actual sets, the model kits. Eventually WH 40k came out for the PC and played it to death as well as for the following expansions, haven't gotten around to purchasing the new one or it's expansion.

So my question is this, I think there called Eldar. I play WAR Online for just more nosta atm but do the Eldar in 40k look like the High Elves from WAR Online without there helmets on?

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Eldar are space Elf.

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pretty much

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Eldar are Warhammer Elves, with guns, in space AND fabulous '80s glam metal/punk/goth vibes.

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Another question. I remember reading and listening to a Warhammer Lore discussion I was grateful I was invited to.

I know in WAR Online, even though I haven't played it a lot and my highest character is 13 I was able to do some sort of instance, another realm were there are dear and trees fighting you. This other dimensional portal to this other world, are these the portals I see Eldar going threw in the RTS game and state or from what my friends say is the place were they live?

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Physically, yes, Elves and Eldar look similar. They have a few cultural similarities but when you get into the intricacies of their fluff, they're pretty different. High Elves are arrogant assholes, but still Good Guys. Eldar are only 'good' insomuch as they're 'not evil'. They manipulate other races into situations that stop Eldar lives being lost. The most notable occasion being when the Eldar secretly guided an upcoming Ork Warboss, Gazgkhull Thraka, into power by eliminating his rivals. Thraka went on to kick the ever-loving shit out of the Imperium of Man, causing billions of human deaths. The point of this? One of Thraka's rivals, had HE come out on top, would have attacked an Eldar Maiden World.

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That isn't even remotely evil, every Eldar death leads to strengthening the chaos god Slaanesh, while humans just die.

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There are no other dimensions in Warhammer lore other than the Realm of Chaos, and to go there physically would be to be eaten by daemons (although your mind and soul reside there in the natural course of things).

In 40k humans and eldar have the technology to enter the Realm of Chaos, or Warp as they call it, and have various means to protect themselves in it. They use this to travel between the stars in reasonable amounts of time and the eldar even have a huge, stable network of tunnels through warp space. It's only used to connect Webway gates in real space though, they don't come from another dimension or anything.

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No, it isn't evil. But it isn't Good. Pretty much all of the races in 40k are grey-areas in terms of Good/Evil, but Eldar more so than most of the others, I think.

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A human who displayed sufficiently Slaaneshi characteristics in life will generally have their soul's stuff be consumed by Slaanesh after death. A human's soul isn't worth half of an elf/eldar one though, they're barely psychic at all.

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Holy shit this insane. So ideally the Eldar in 40k will join the side that most suits there needs and by joining I mean -- what you said, manipulated. Wow crazy.

Listen to my friends talk about Warhammer and it's lore to me the Imperium seem pretty corrupt as well, which I guess GameWorkshop intended them to be or actually be more like the Romans in our time then anything else.

Tau seemed like the only nice good race in the sense of there ideals. But I don't know a lot of the Tau or any real information, only snips and bits from what I vagely remember from the RTS and friends mentioning them now and again.

Another question
Are there any images of the Eldar homeworlds or anything?

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You actually use the term "nosta".

You are townie scum. Christ.

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Tau be pretty cool.

They also have no idea what they are stepping into. Pic related.

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I stated where I hailed from previously. So under those assumptions you should presume what a /b/tard /v/idya player might say.

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They do not have a homeworld anymore, they have many Craftworlds, and a bunch of Exodite colonies.

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Their original planets are daemonworlds by now, they now live in giant craftworld ship environments like this.

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I assume nothing. You are a faggot.

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I love you to.

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Tau look like the good guys, and in a way they're the best of a bad bunch, but don't think they're some sort of shiny-happy-bright saviors of the universe. They're a race of aggressive military expansionists who, if you turn down their offer to abandon your current alliance and join their Empire, will blast the shit out of you with giant guns until you reconsider.

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While the Eldar are likely to manipulate any side into doing their will (which is a good cause) they will not fight side-by-side with any of the clearly evil forces, but will with the not-evil forces.

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Tau aren't really... good. It's more like the British Empire. "Let's help those savages by stealing their resources, beating them in submission and sipping tea."

The fact that they have CCTV camera heads is also a headsup.

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Holy shit thats cool.

Thanks for taking the time and answering my newfaggotry questions /tg/

I may come back and ask more at a later date.

In return have a picture.

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Giant Craftworld ships which, I might add, are roughly the size of a planet.

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Interesting so the Tau are basically pretty corrupted and are arrogant to a high degree as to what there gods are and what there goals are.

So my question (another one) is are there any truly good races in the 40k universe?

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The Ultramarines.

They have even an empire of their own, which is pretty much a paradise for the average joe when compared to the whole of Imperium.

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Ignore the troll

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Simple as that, really. There are no good guys. Even the "Bad Guy" races are kinda Grey in some cases.

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Not really. Oh sure, a lot of them have good intentions. But the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Ogryns for example are usually good intentioned but that's only due to their low intelligence.

There's a lot of neutral. Tyranids, for example, just want to eat. But they are really, really hungry so they eat everything ever.

There is a reason the term we use to talk about 40K is grimdark. Everyone grim, and the setting is dark. It is over the top in this way, comedic.

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Orks I can sort of see a grey...
Have any cases where the Tyranids are grey?
How about the Dark Eldar?
How about Chaos?

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If Robot was an Emprah, things would be different around Terra

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Not in the least. Except for Squats. They are goo

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>i love grimdork so much that i ignore canon and claim that those who recognise it are trolls

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Tyranids are pretty much really really huge animals.
Insane and can't do anything about it. Have to be crazy evil to save themselves from Slaneesh too.
We are Chaos. It is powered by Humans and every other race in the Universe.

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If Rubieo was the Emperor Terra would have been on the other side of the galaxy when it was about to be attacked.

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Dark Eldar are grey, in my mind, because if they didn't torture, kill, and consume the souls of others, they would die and Slaanesh gets to devour and torture their souls for all eternity. It isn't something they have a choice about, and what little Dark Eldar fluff there is, implies not all of them are eager about their lifestyle. There's an undercurrent of horror to them, they're being driven to abominable acts to avoid an even more terrible fate. A very dark grey, but they're not just hurrr evil.

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Tyranids just want to eat, the Chaos gods have good sides that are largely ignored and man Chaos cultists have good intentions. See Nurgle.
The UM have probablly killed their fair share of primitive xenos.

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Doesn't make them good, Matt.

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Now that would be a truly staggering effort. It could be accomplished only by some kind of tactical gen...

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But it does. Wherever Marneus Calgar travels, he is met with adulating crowds of civilians passionately roaring his name.

The normal imperial governors can on the other hand only wish they were Ultramarines.

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Tyranids are grey in the sense that they are an insect hivemind, When you get that big you kinda need biomass and the only way to get biomass that big is devouring planets whole and then flinging yourself back into space in a massive hive fleet to do it again.

Necrons are another example, although yes they are harvesting souls for the C'tan, if anything they are the tragic downfall of an ancient civilization who are eternally bonded into servitude. Yes they are murdering people left and right, but once again, survival.

And Chaos varies depending on the army
Alpha Legion for example turned to chaos to try to achieve a prophecy to save the empire. Other chaos like the Red Corsairs are grey yet again, with Huron Blackheart making pacts with chaos to save himself and his chapter after rebelling against the Imperium.

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Nobody cares, Matt.

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So not all Chaos Gods are evil...? Also were could I look up Nurgal in order to get the most amount of information on this God

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>chaos to try to achieve a prophecy to save the empire.
You mean "grant the Empire fast and easy death"

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I hate to Godwin the thread, but cheering crowds in no way mean you're Good. Dictators and other powerful, charismatic lunatics throughout history have been able to inspire utter devotion in their subjects, despite their horrific deeds.

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It is the 666th Black Crusade and Abaddon is about the reach Holy Terra. Everything is going fine expect for one thing. Terra is nowhere to be found.

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Wow, it's pretty loose moral philosophy in here...

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there's a start, for the 40k side of Nurgle at least.

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The Chaos Gods themselves, in 40k, Do Not Care About Mortals. They really don't, not one bit. They care about their huge, eternal, ceaseless war with one another, called the Great Game. Their gifts and curses are thrown out almost completely at random whenever one of their followers does something to distract them from the game for the briefest of moments. They only concern themselves with the mortal, physical world when something arises that they believe will aid them in the Great Game; an artefact saturated with warp-energy that would empower one of their Daemons to huge levels, allowing the God to send it against his rivals at the head of an army within the warp. It's very rare that the Gods take a genuine interest in a single Mortal, like they did with Horus and now with Abaddon.

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Well you see all the Chaos gods have better sides.

Nurgle for example. Disease, despair. But he grants his worshipers eternal life and love, in exchange for being a disgusting fucker. He loves everyone, he just has a fucked up way of showing it.

Slaanesh. Greed, lust, decadence. You're a mere toy to Slaanesh. However Slaanesh also represents art and beauty and pleasure.

Tzeentch. The rise for power and greater things, change. However change also means he'll dick you over when it suits him and mutations.

Khorne. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE. But um... I forget Khorne's upside. He used to have an honor schtick going on but not really anymore.

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>So not all Chaos Gods are evil...
They are not evil. They are human (and not only) wishes and emotions taken to the extreme. Naturally they have their crazy sides, but they also have good sides. And we are the only ones to blame for their existane.
Tzeench is about changes, plans, mutations but also about hope
Nurgle is about disease, death, apathy and despair, but also about family love and his followers don't suffer from the pain.
Slaneesh is about torture, gluttony, drugs and orgies, but he is also into love, art and general life enjoyment.
Khorne is CRUSH DEATH KILL, but also about honour.

Liber chaotica is the book you want, it's on /rs/. Details all the gods. Also, wikipedia is actually alright, as far as condensed info goes

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Remember though, that Ultramar canonically is pretty awesome place to live, especially when compared to the rest of the Imperium (shitholes like Necromunda, Krieg and Terra) or other Chapter worlds (Fenris, Baal). Unless you happened to live in Ultramar during the time of Tyranid War, there's really nothing that suggests it's any worse than areas with the best living conditions of real Earth.

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The problem is, you assume that the majority of worlds in the Imperium are hellish shitholes. They're not; they're just the ones most featured in the fluff because they're the most iconic. The majority of planets are "Imperial Worlds", which are pretty similar to our own.

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Also while not gods there are "good" warp entities though they are few and far between, theres some evidence to suggest that this is what many Imperial Saints have been.

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Ayup. Ultramar might be a bit more relaxed than your average planet in the Imperium, but it's not as different as some people think it is.

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But they had to in order to save humanity. Hell, their battlecry is even FOR THE EMPEROR out of sincerity.

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So to end the Great Game if someone gave these Gods a powerful object so they could win, would the end be that the God gives "his gift" to the entire universe or basically go into a deep sleep?

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rolled 69 = 69

Short version:
Nurgle: Despair, Life
Slaanesh: Excess, Happiness
Khorne: Violence, Honor
Tzeentch: Change, Hope

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Details on this, interested!

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To make one of the gods win, to destroy the warp deity of their calibre you would have to eradicate all the life in the galaxy, if not universe.

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>their battlecry is even FOR THE EMPEROR out of sincerity.

...the fuck? No, it isn't. The Index Astartes article regarding the Alpha Legion states they have no battlecry, but sometimes mimic Imperial battlecries to confuse and demoralise their enemies.

Wouldn't work. As soon as one God starts to pull ahead of the others, the other three ally together and drag him back down. The most notable example of this is when Tzeentch acquired a Crystal Staff of such power, the other Gods hurled everything they had at his realm and trashed it to the extent that Tzeentch was forced to break his Staff in order to mollify the other three and get them to calm down.

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The Chaos Gods are formed from the emotions of Mortal creatures. So long as there are living mortal races to feed Chaos with emotions, the Chaos Gods will thrive.

>> No.8836820

Although Malal, an old Chaos god that's not really around any more, was said to make the other four shit their pants when he was up to something.

>> No.8836821

This is actually what Necoho, a Chaos God of atheism in Warhammer Fantasy wouldn't mind to do.
>Necoho thrives on agnosticism and atheism; and, in direct contrast with his brethren, grows in power as the number of his followers diminishes. His ultimate goal is to be the sole deity in existence, thus sating his burning hatred for all other gods and faiths. To achieve this, he knows he must eventually eliminate all sentient life within the universe - but until such extreme measures can be taken, he is satisfied to merely spread disbelief and scepticism of his fellow gods, weakening both their strength in the immaterium and the sway they hold in the material world.

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Didn't realize that was a bad thing. Wont do it again heh.

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Does his following have any part in any of the RTS, or Board Games?

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It's generally hated. Outside of /b/, I suppose. People think that this is a Gaia/narutofan/gamefaqs kind of stuff.

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This is the form in which Necoho appears to mortals. Sadly for him the big four managed to fuck up his master plan.

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Just as the chaos gods are the mostly negative personification of human deeds and emotions there are a few more positive manifestations. Without spoiling anything a good example of this occurs in the Gaunts Ghost novel Sabbot Martyr and I believe is also expanded on in one of the Dark Heresy Books. If I remember theres also some speculation provided from an in universe perspective that certain imperial saints have in fact been manifestations of the emperor.

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No. He was a very minor entry in one of the old Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay suppliment books, and hasn't made an appearance outside of that one book.

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Conspiracy theory. But actually a pretty reasonable one. Emprah hated gods and wanted people to understand that Chaos gods are just powerful warp entities.
But now everyone in the empire believes that he is a god and he can't move from the Golden Toilet.

>> No.8836925

Not really.

Well you could make a Necoho themed army, I suppose. But then you would be fighting Necoho instead of fighting for Necoho by fighting for Necoho. Necoho be real confusing, plus I don't think he has a color scheme.

I think he was in a card game, though.

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Where could I read more about these? Im intergued, also.


A Warhammer friend told me that some man in gold apparently went to the WAR Online "universe" and that the planet your on is extremely well hidden and GameWorkshop is neutral when confronted on this topic.

>> No.8836999


I guess the influence on that was partialy /b/ fault and Im chatting with some younger relatives on AIM at the moment and they claim that it's cool to use emotes, which I prefer not to do but if it makes my family happy, I'll happily obliged to do so.

>> No.8837016

Your friend is referring to a very confusing topic.

Let me break it down for you.

Right, back in the day the WF world was in a warpstorm in the 40K universe. Sigmar was a lost primarch. Mages saw visions of Marines. Stuff like that. Demons visited both places.

There was also a bit of fluff, although I can't remember where, that implied 40K was in a bottle in the College of Magic.

Then GW just went fuck it and left it ambiguous.

>> No.8837020


So let me get this straight.

The Alpha Legion turned to Chaos so they could grant the Imperium a quick and easy death. If they remained loyal to the Emperor, the galaxy would have stagnated in a ten-thousand-plus year war, ending in the destruction of all life, human and xeno.

So the Alpha Legion turned to Chaos.

And yet, the Imperium won, ten thousand year war, grimdark.

The Alpha Legion are even bigger failures than Abaddon. At least a few of his Black Crusades were successes.

>> No.8837043

>A Warhammer friend told me that some man in gold apparently went to the WAR Online "universe" and that the planet your on is extremely well hidden and GameWorkshop is neutral when confronted on this topic.
Two ideas:
WH40k world is inside of some magical bottle located in the WHF world
WHF is a lost world (due to warp stroms) in WH40k world and Sigmar is one of the lost super-super-super soldiers created by Emprah.
Both have some hints (don't remember what exactly, learned it from other warhammer threads myself), both were never confirmed.

>> No.8837078

I thought it was canon that WHF is set on a planet in Wh40k

>> No.8837088

Nah, the fluff about that's pretty old and hasn't been touched on in a while. Doesn't really count.

>> No.8837102

Alpha Legion got trolled.

>> No.8837154


Pretty much dead on, now the Alpha Legion just spends their time continuing covert operations to try to salvage what they can.

>> No.8837202

Didn't GW come out and outright say that there was no connection at all?

Can't seem to remember a source for this though.

>> No.8837376

Probably but then again gw says and writes contradictory things all the time

>> No.8838094


I believe so - they were confronted openly with the topic at Games Day a while back, and just out and out said "It used to be that the two games were linked, now they aren't." Both share similar themes, but are entirely seperate.

>> No.8838121

Eldar are rich black people

>> No.8838128


Mmm gotta love the racism.

>> No.8838150


Speaking of which are there any black people in the Warhammer universe? Kinda a let down I couldn't have a nice mocca coloured witch hunter for my character.

>> No.8838157


Vect with bodyguard

>> No.8838160

Not anymore

>> No.8838167


Lmfao, figured.

>> No.8838175


in general the theme of the imperium focuses on european/western culture, with the gothic shit and catholic space nazi style but feel free to paint your doods however you want.

>> No.8838178

Yes. Different planets have different ethnicities, just like on Earth.

>> No.8838194

Your kind think you are so magnificent, yet even now, at the nadir of our power, we can manipulate you, turn you to our ends, as easily as you might pull a trigger and fire a gun. Our time will come again, Eldrad has promised us. Once more you upstart Mon-keigh [subject spits] shall kneel before our power! This time we will not be so lenient! We will exterminate you, every world, every vessel, every one of you! Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood, and it pleases him!
You think us weak, but we will be your doom, children of Erf

>> No.8838200


Very nice.

I think I may paint my space marines, or at least have a nice arrange of colour in them when I can afford them, lol. Saving money for collage.

>> No.8838211


Lol I knew once I asked this was just going to turn into a /b/ thread. Oh well.

>> No.8838235

>Every Eldar death strengthes Slaanesh

If they aren't using their runes. Which they use.

Also, mankind pretty much -made- the other three chaos gods. Yes they existed before, but they only got the power ups to being in the galaxy the way they are by mankind fucking up.

>> No.8838260

What you are trying to say is this:

"Every faction in Warhammer have their goals and they are not afraid of blowing shit up to get it."

>> No.8838272


They gained sentience around the middle ages, but I think it is utterly retarded that they were made by a primitive species inhabiting one planet, instead of being spawned from the emotions of all the races in the galaxy at that time.

>> No.8838350

Oh another question. Has GameWorkshop released new factions inside the imperium, eldar, choas units, ect?

>> No.8838365


Not sure if troll...

>> No.8838409


Im not, I'm OP, srsly. And also the person who wrote>>8836999

I just started considering getting into the miniature/books/boardgame. I barely know nothing out of the first RTS and expansions I've played. Im a newfag casual.

>> No.8838418

So, how has the Emperor affected the Great Game?

Does he even approach the potency of the ruinous powers?

(pic almost related, stylized T'zeentch)

>> No.8838421

How do you mean? Armies beyond those featured in the videogames?

>> No.8838438

He hasn't. The Chaos Gods don't notice him. Either the Emperor is staying very well hidden, or he doesn't actually have a presence in the warp and thus isn't a God.

>> No.8838456


Yeah, like Blood Angels, er.. the Space Wolves, fuck I can't remember the other factions... not sure if there called factions. I think there called Chapels? But similarly have they ever introduced new ones over the years?

>> No.8838458

>>8838418 The Emperor

Is the most powerful psyker evar. We all want him to be ourzzzzz.

>> No.8838483

He also knew about the Chaos Gods and was an Atheist.

Which means the hole religion over him is quite hilarious.

>> No.8838484

The Emperor is a fucking trollfag, and we all want to kill him.

>> No.8838486


I honestly prefer that he stays just a really powerful psyker and not some saviour sue.

5th edition rulebook doesn't mention any of the older prophecies about his revival, and instead states that humanity's endgame is to evolve into fully psychic species, which sounds better to me.

>> No.8838503

OP please don't play IG, they are the gayest army in the game and so fucking FOTY right now

>> No.8838516

Well, there are plenty of factions within each army. Space Marines have Chapters, as you say. Orks have Clanz. Chaos Marines have Legions, Eldar have Craftworlds, Imperial Guard have Regiments, and so on. The only ones to have specific rules different from their main codex are four Space Marine Chapters; Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars, and Space Wolves.

>> No.8838530


IG? elaborate please.

>> No.8838554


Imperial Guard. The Imperium's military.

>> No.8838559


The Imperial Guard. In the fluff they're the massive armies of ordinary humans defending the Imperium against inconceivable horrors, but in the tabletop they are the strongest army by far, and their best lists cannot be touched except by other guard lists.

>> No.8838568

Imperial Guard. So fucking overplayed because they got power creeped... HARD. They're beatable but so fucking easy to play (and paint) so you see lots of people flock to them. Them and Space Wolves (and soon Blood Gayngels) are the most popular armies in the game

>> No.8838572


Have they ever introduced new Chapels, Clan, Legions over the years then? Or are the RTS and what everyone plays are the "factions" per say of those Chapels you've listed below and the other race equivalents?

>> No.8838573

>>8838484 want to love
>>8838458 want to hate

Pretty much this almost outlines the duality of the great powers.

It is a good pain.

(Also pic: I used to think that this was Sanguinius himself; but, based on C:BA fluff, I now think that this could equally be the Sanguinor.)

>> No.8838578

I'd agree. I didn't like the Starchild stories when they first entered the fluff and I don't like them now. The idea of humanity slowly crawling towards its zenith, franticly defending itself to buy a few more centuries in the hope that a great, ascended species will emerge from the mangled cocoon of the Imperium, strikes me as far better.

>> No.8838614


Ah I see what you were implying then with what you and the others have stated as to what IG is then.

I don't want to have a huge learning curve when I first start playing, whenever that is. If theres another faction or race that is easy for beginners then I'll go ahead and play those.

I don't want a super easy start and be over powerful ether. Something mid-ground, if you get what I'm trying to say.

>> No.8838649

Optimistic a little, are we? This is honestly my preferred outcome, as well... But, it just doesn't seem GRIMDARK enough to sell.

(PIC: Have an IRL bolter / bolt pistol. Well, darned close if using HE slugs.)

>> No.8838650

In some of the old fluff, and in a book somewhere, Sanguinis used to solo greater daemons. I think his kill count was at 4 or something. The sanguinor has gold armor...most of the time.

>> No.8838681


In that case, I'd have to suggest Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels or Tyranids. They are 5th edition codexes that are all competitive and have possibilities for variant lists, whereas older dexes tend to be gimmicky and have one or two good builds. Of course you can wait for whatever army comes after the Blood Angels, if it follows the 5th edition trends, it should be fine.

>> No.8838746

Both. GW is frequently mentioning various canon chapters/craftworlds/other things like that, but the setting is designed so that players can create their own.

>> No.8838767


It's more grimdark to me than the Emperor suddenly waking up and fixing everything. The rulebook goes on to state that Mankind surviving the process, which is also the cause of rampant mutations and increased daemonic incursions plaguing the Imperium, is by no means certain.

>> No.8838779

Orks and SoB are pretty good, not OP but can pack a whallop. Really any army in 40k can kick ass, except Daemonhunters.

>> No.8838788


I'd be glad for even one good army build...

>> No.8838789

Mass Destroyers. That's your good army build.

>> No.8838809


Good being a relative term here. However, I can compete at least against pure Daemonhunters list with that.

>> No.8839177


Orb lords, mass warriors, and a couple monoliths doesn't work anymore?

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