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Resistance is useless, but appreciated.

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...Lolicron grew up?

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Ladycron is delicious.

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She doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the Necrons very well...

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Some kind of pariah?

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Dawww she grew up

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Since it's semi-related, anyone got the Matt Ward Bangel / 'Cron fanfic pic handy?

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Resistance is NOT useless, IT MAKES TOAST!

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rolled 1 = 1


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>Matt Ward Bangel / 'Cron fanfic
If only... ;_;

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01000100 01100001 01101110 01110100 01100101 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110100 01110101 01110010 01101110 01110011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 01110011 00100000 00111010 00101000

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Ladycron sounds like some kind of "personal massager"

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I'm posting pictures of Xeno.

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0111001 011010 001011010 110011001 01101111011 0111010100 !

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Nice one yo

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Could anyone link a binary translator?

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100101 011001100 010101 001100110 000101010 ! 01010100101 0010 1?

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and this is all I got. Anyone want to post more?

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Or four more. Anyone know what thread this is from?

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In other news, the Sisters of battle were fight a long and bloody campaign vs Tyranids some desolate moon, when all of a suddenly when they were suddenly attacked by a chaos tau. Tyranids and Sisters joined forces to fight a common foe and after kicking Tau's ass and then they all went to the local pub and Tyranids bought sisters a beer.

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Now I'm out.

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Xeno Quest.

Its a mixed bag but it has a surprising amount of drawfaggotry for a usual quest.

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Awesome, do you think they'll be making models from any of the characters?

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Saved. Got anymore I don't?

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Maybe, I'll just start posting the ones I don't see in here already.

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Thank you!

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not a problem

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I lol'd far harder than I should have.

I'm liking this new /tg/ creation.

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Where the hell did this 'cron/tau chick come from? I've seen her alot lately? Is it from some quest thread i didn't bother to participate in?

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Sorry, this was actually from a few weeks ago.

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yeah pretty much

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Can you explain the joke to me? I don't get it.

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The block with an R is a resistor. The line going around it makes the resistor pointless.

Resistance is futile.

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A resistor on a single path of a parallel circuit is useless

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so what the hell was this thing about that it inspired so much love?

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Really adorable drawfaggotry, mostly.

Also the eternal hatred of the dice roller and subsequent Failcron, who can do nothing right. Ever.

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Started as tau engineer girl quest, fail rolls lead to being assimilated by necrons, then breaking free and becoming usurping a necron lord.

Shas is a master of improvision.

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long story short, open/unsatisfying ending was open/unsatisfying.

between that and >>8809066 you pretty much know all you need to know.

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I dunno. We have our own drawfag, which is nice. Um, protagonist is actually semi-attractive, but more in a cute way rather than sexual? And I'm not sure exactly why, but it's easy to care about what happens to her and connect with the experiences, so that when shit goes bad you actually give a damn.

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It's her speech bubble. Basically, in a circuit diagram the box with the R is a representation of a resistor. The line drawn around it is the wiring going around the resistor, rendering it pointless, i.e. "Resistance is futile".

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Abridged version?
Tau wakes up and stumbles around like Isaac Clarke in a Tau ship, discovers that the person ordering her around is a Necron and with each successive time she suffers fatal wounds, has the meaty pieces replaced with Necron bits.

Some try to let her have a nice sounding name along with some kind of hook involving tons of scarabs, but in all honesty, she is the hardest working Necron representation of failure ever.

Failure dice rolls for the failure god.

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Well it sounds like you guys had fun. I guess you had to be there though. Never much cared for Tau personally but to each his own.

The drawings ARE cute though.

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Anyone else see the drone as a mechanical version of the croissant bugs from Metroid?

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They are, aren't they?

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Hey kids! Do you want your own Xeno picture to color in yourself? Well here it is! Go nuts!

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Did anyone save the early Tau Quest threads from when sup/tg/ was down?

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No, but one of the saved threads has a long recap.

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Where is my Dante/Silent Queen fapfic?

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I won't deny that, like I said, I don't even like tau and I am saving a few of them.

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If I remember correctly, drone is saying "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?"

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1001011011000110100101101110011001110111010101110011 !

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Hey guys, remember that one time that I was around in the thread and low rolls happened, including two natural 1's?(one of them being my own roll even!) :D

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Wait a minute, is that the Lance of Longinus?

Great, now NGE makes even less sense.

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art's cute, that's about it

as for the character a common fan theroy is that the Tau and the Necrons are the same race, /tg/ likes Tau girls, and Necorns are cool now so why not?

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let me ask

do we have rule 34 of her already?

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>Tau and necrons are the same race
>common theory

I've never heard that theory before. And how would it be true? The Necrons are like the oldest things in existence. The Tau are the newest intelligent creatures. Pretty big gap there.

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Both have a fairly similar body structure [strip a Tau down to the bones and he looks like a Necron] and a null Warp signature, both hate the warp, both have single leader figures who have unnatural dominance over lesser beings. Tau are thus surviving offshoots of the Necrontyr.

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You know the C'Tan the Deceiver? He's got the same vagina forehead, and fluff eludes to a surprise he's planned "In the east"

Plus, the Necron hate the warp, and the Tau have next to no warp presence.

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Except the Necrons don't look like the Necron'tyr used to.

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The theory goes like so: the Tau are original Necrontyr brought back by unknown forces (Old Ones?) and set to be the final, true weapon against Chaos and the C'Tan. Like Necrontyr, they are technologically inclined and have relatively short lives - Tau live until 60 Earth years or so - but they also have a culturally ingrained optimism that makes them resistance to C'Tan courting. Outside interference is known to be present in Tau history, from the alien ship from which they reverse engineered their Warp skimming technology (which, while slower than human Warp travel, it's hell of a lot more safer - another safeguard against Chaos) to whatever O'Shovah found when he got the Dawn Blade, and let's not forget the all too convenient storm that obliterated the Explorator fleet scheduled to genocide the primitive Tau for human colonization.

IIRC, it got started because Tau and Necron faces do kind of look together. Sort of. If you squint.

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I colored a pretty princess.

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Nope. Drawfags won't touch it. Xeno is like Noh. Only, Noh actually does have rule 34. So Xeno is actually in better shape then Noh in that regard.

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Surprisingly pleased with this.

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Newfag here

So wait, a tau became a Necron somehow?

This reminds me of the part in the 5e Nids codex where the Tau were celebrating and welcoming some Necrons that killed off the Nids that were attacking them - and then immediately after the Crons killed off the Tau too lol.

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As the guy who made the original "color in the lines" image. You guys are making me laugh quite a bit. Good show to the pretty princess version.

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Waiting for the one with orgasming Xeno

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It's been posted already.

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Reduce that by about twenty years.

40. That's their '90 year old geezer' equivalent.

And they don't have the Imperium's rejuve tech.

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Except that rebel leader of theres, who is supposedly 200 or something.


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See >>8809498

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Or maybe he is like The Phantom and there have been many Farsights through the years.

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I am so going to save this shit. It's too goddamn adorable.

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Anyone know who the drawfriend is for these three pics?

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Etc, he's occasionally on the IRC chat with the other two drawfags.

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I lost it. Well done.

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All I had to do was channel my inner 8-year-old girl.

Disturbingly easy....

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>Resistance is useless, but appreciated

I see what you did there, OP.

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I'm still surprised there's no Xeno porn yet.

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There probably is.

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Actually, there's not.

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She's just too cute for porn

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Who was the last one who was too cute for porn?

>> No.8811651

I... can't think of anyone.

Of course, Chink was still around back when /tg/ came up with Lofn.

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Chink actively got off on defiling stuff. He doesn't count.

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Oh right, Sandwich.

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Obsession. It could never end.

>> No.8812491


There's porn of Sandwich, though it, in itself, is rather cute.

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I think that this is the official stance for Xeno.

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I miss Chink... :(

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i heard he is drawing dirty pics again.

>> No.8814189

go on...

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Porn of Xeno would be like plugging in a USB cable.

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i like where this thread is going....

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Ho-... how could you!?

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you sonova......

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Oh no, tentacles!

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More like a gangbang.

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>4 female ends
>1 male end

>> No.8818883


sure is slaaneshi around here

>> No.8818906

Well, I'll be.

But who are the other 3 ladies? 1 might be that techpriest, but that still leaves 2 more...

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Why the fuck are you idiots hollering and hooting like a bunch of monkeys at some shitty fanwank about a Tau faggot becoming a necron.

As fucking if.

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What's up with the blonde tech-priest in a bunch of the pictures? I don't remember her being a character in any of the early Quest threads (back when I was paying attention).

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She wasn't in the quest; /tg/ demanded lesbians.

>> No.8819116

Because the denizens of /tg/ perversion knows no bounds.

It's like you things are Slaanesh made real.

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>>idiots hollering and hooting like a bunch of monkeys at some shitty fanwank
The same could be said about 40kfags and the canon 40k fluff.

Tauquest is more entertaining.

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What I don't get, is that if she is supposed to be a frigging necron, why the fuck does she still have breasts?
What possible purpose could breasts have on a necron?

And no, don't just explain that with *hurr durr lasers* or something batshit retarded like that.

>> No.8819296

It's magic

I ain't got to explain shit.

>> No.8819332

She was a living person once, and if she retained enough personality to want a face she would likely want to feel female. Therefore breast.

>> No.8819374

Necrontyr don't work that way.

Thankfully I have enough confidence to realize that not even the biggest incompetent writer at GW will make this... stuff canon.

>> No.8819402


Now wouldn't that be a shame?

>> No.8819420

Indeed, GW never makes good things canon

>> No.8819513

Fanservice, duh. Because tits are nice. Also, while gender does not technically apply to her anymore, she is still mentally female, and some physical reminders of that are helpful.

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Xeno needs a good oiling. All over.

>> No.8819597

Xeno needs a good erasing from existence. Right now.

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LCB is.

>> No.8819618

Appreciation is useless, but resisted?

>> No.8822386

I'll resist a little if I can be the little robot girl, too.

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Somebody sounds butthurt.

u mad?

>> No.8823766

Xeno x Lolicron

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...why you do this?

>> No.8829490

Did someone mention resistance is futile?

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this thread will never end.

>> No.8833823

no it just goes on and on my friend.

>> No.8833840

some people started posting in it not knowing what it was.

>> No.8833850

And they'll continue posting it forever just because

>> No.8833867

I remember back in the days when /tg/ could have threads that lasted for a week.

>> No.8833906

wasn't that long ago

>> No.8835963

this is the thread that never ends

>> No.8836358


Door : (

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