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Anyone else read this?

Because, goddamn, it was 2 parts Space Mishaps, one part Heresy-era Dark Angel shenanigans, and two parts fapfic.

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absolute favorite

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Well, the two people on the cover are the main characters. A space trader with a bad ship, no job and no navigator. The other guy is a navigator that was 'persuaded' to join his crew of one. They end up going into the Eye of Terror because they here there are riches there.

Then there's this daemonette possessed women, who the author took great detail describing. And there's a Space Marine that had been floating in space since the Horus Heresy, before crashing into a planet into the Eye.

Also, the last page says that the Emprah and Tzeentch are having a giant, extra dimensional game of chess with the galaxy.

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You had me at daemonette possessed woman. I knew buying this book was a good idea. Have to bumb it up in my pile of reading.

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Back when Khorne was about courage and honor and not just MAIM KILL BURN? Tzeentch being Tzeentchy as hell? Dark Angels being... Dark Angels?

Yes please.

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There's actually very little Pre-Heresy stuff. You just have a battle of Dark Angels bombarding a planet, while being attacked by World Eaters. But then the planet explodes, and the titular space marine is catapulted into space. Where he uses that special sleep node.

I would continue, but you know. Spoilers and shit.

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Post the description of the daemonette possessed woman for the rest of us.

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>Back when Khorne was about courage and honor and not just MAIM KILL BURN?
Funny how Khârn, who /tg/ loves so much, is basically the embodiment of the mindless killer Khornate stereotype, which /tg/ hates so much.

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And goddamn that's one huge fist.

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agreed, that all added up to 5 parts of awesome

pretty much my favourite gw book

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It's quite an old school book, more along the lines of the classic gw books than a lot of the newer ones

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It's spread around the book a lot. And I don't actually have it close at hand. Sorry.

It's worth buying just for them though.

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