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sup guys, I'm working on a manly bad ass hero generator right now. I've got plenty of ideas myself, but I thought maybe we could have a little fun together so if you have any suggestions for the following things, feel free to suggest them!

Weapon prefix/suffix/type.
Some kind of scarring.
Monster that scarred him.
Manly heroic quotes.
A mount.

Picture related due to manliness.

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sup dawg, I put a scope on your knife so you can see while you stab!

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fuck yeah, I didn't think about adding scopes as a prefix, maybe add underslung grenade launchers to your battle-axe?

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Are you going for camp or just downright silly?

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I'd make the names of classes/professions have suffixes as well. Like Bear, Dragon, Man, Mountain, Master, Doom etc. And then you add that to the actual job, such as Ranger, Slayer, Wrestler, Shaper, Builder, Smith.
So you'd get jobs like Bear-Smith, Mountain-Slayer and Wolf-Wrestler.

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90% awesome and 10% silly I suppose.
Awesome is better, but there's always room for silly.
Mainly when it comes to extraordinary weapons and mounts.

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A table for scars would be pretty easy to come up with, it's just a matter of how many you want. You could break that into two parts as well: the shape/size and the location.Combine the result and you get long, pale scar running down the left arm, a burn mark shaped like a [roll on the same random noun table as with the job prefixes] on the forehead and so on.

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Stealth Rocker

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Is this generator digital or on paper?
Also you may want to consider adding a facial hair generator as well.

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>I'd make the names of classes/professions have suffixes as well. Like Bear, Dragon, Man, Mountain, Master, Doom etc. And then you add that to the actual job, such as Ranger, Slayer, Wrestler, Shaper, Builder, Smith.
>Like Man, etc. And then you add that to the actual job, such as Wrestler

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One thing I'm a bit worried about is names actually.
I mean names are only as awesome as the person you relate them to. Jonnah Hex might be awesome to someone who've read the comics, but to an outsider it would just sound "meh."
Which means I might have to step into the territories of names such as Grognard Killfist.
Yeah that part is no problem. Lots of room for variation there.

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Also this is true, you cannot be manly enough without facial hair even if it's just a 3 day old stubble.

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Ok, adding a mention of facial hair to the generator.

However the generator won't be a pure character description generator, I will use it something like this:
Have you heard the legend of [name1] [name2], the [in]famous [race][class]-[class]?
I saw him once when I was a kid. I knew it was him because I saw he carried his [prefix][suffix][weapon], let me tell you that you'll never see a [weapon] like that again.
Anyway back in the days all us kids wanted to be like [name1] and go on adventure, so naturally I yelled "Hey [name1], you are awesome!"
He stopped in his tracks for a split second and then turned around to face me and I just froze. He had this [scarring] that he got from a battle with a deadly [beast], looked real nasty I tell you.
Anyway, [expression related to facial hair] and then he walked up to me and kneeled down and told me these words that I'll never forget: "Child, when you [statement] in [statement2] you must never [statement3], this is the only path to greatness."
Of course I could never live up to all that, so when I grew up I became a bartender and vowed to spread the tales of his great deeds to travelers such as yourself.
What? You ask me if he is still alive? Hah, men like [name1] doesn't age and die like the rest of us. They have a purpose greater then any of us. No, I might be an old man nowadays, but I bet you that he's still out there. Riding his trusty [mount] and slaying monsters with his [weapon].
This drink is on the house, and if you come across him on your travels, tell him I said hello.

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I didn't understand but I'll try making a char

Professor Destroyer
Laser - sword of exploding manlyness
Obvious beautiful scars across the face and the obligatory prostetic arm with rocket launchers incorporated
A beast with three clawed paws
"I may not be the best at what I do, but I'm gonna be pretty soon" "Do you want some spice baby?"
A ginourmous wolf with a retarded face and useless cybernetic enencement from the top of wich the hero is supposed to use his melee weapons, fortunatley they have sniper scopes so the problem doesn't sussist.

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Follow the same break-it-up philosophy I've explained before, here's how I would do weapons:

Blood-stained, Frigid, Worn, Sacred, Massive, Cursed, Burning, Royal

Iron, Avenger, Hunting, Bone, Obsidian, Murder, Mastercraft, Dragon, Steel

Axe, Dagger, Poleaxe, Spear, Longsword, Club, Mace, Katar, Knuckles, Blade

Just some examples, of course. You roll on each table, and then add them together. Royal Avenger Mace, Burning Dragon Spear.

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As if I wasn't aware of this when I wrote it. Homoerotic overtones are impossible to avoid when you're dealing with this sort of epic masculinity, so it's better to just embrace it.

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Prefix = stands before
Suffix = stands after

You add the prefix at the beginning and you add the suffix at the end.


co is prefix
er is suffix

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Yeah, I messed it up. I blame it on typing while tired. Have some MANLINESS to make up for my error.

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ah is true, thanks for refreshing my knowledge of the english language :) well secondary prefix then :p
using suffixes like "of dragonslaying" sounds to much like he found it on a meph run.

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OP here, fuck I've squandered my time writing for to long, I have to run to the gym and lift some weights to bulk up on MANLINESS.
But please drop suggestions and I'll start working on it as soon as I get home.

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As for monsters, do you want it to be generic like dragon, phoenix, troll or more specific such as
The Black Unicorn of the Bonewoods, Ultharan the Shadowbear, The Beast Of Many Faces, Mesticor the Crow King, The Ghost Knights of Spine Creek and so on?

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More random epic fantasy monsters while I'm already on a roll. Most of the will follow one of two patterns, in case you want to break them into tables.

The Allseeing Eye from the Bog of Sorrow
Tugmor the Decapitator
The Unseen Devourer of Blackcrag Mountains
Jatharakaz, last of The Twelve Sinners
The Burning Hordes of Mortikhan the Deanimator
Alzervak The Infinite, Guardian of the Throne of Salt

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The secret to heroic fantasy names are to make them as long and over-the-top as possible without making them too silly, really.

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As for mounts, a horse is fine but sometimes not enough. A truly manly hero rides into battle on Thog the Deathshrieker, Frostmane the Fiesty, Thanos the Last of the Ashcrawlers and so on.

I imagine a Deathshrieker to be some kind of furless, batlike creature with skin as white as bone, while Ashcrawlers are like giant gray lizards with ten legs and no eyes.

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Profession: Lumberjack

>> No.8798102

War bear as a mount would be pretty manly for a manly lumberjack?

>> No.8798161

What gives, gym buddies had to work overtime so I'll just settle with some push-ups and eat a bloody steak today and get on with the writing.

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Warbears are pretty much mandatory, I'll feel cheated if OP won't include them. Other suitable creatures are giant pangolins, Shadowspiders, mammoths, boars etc. Hell, I don't think we need to limit ourself to animals. He might even ride around on a floating enchanted runestone, golem or a team of slaves.

>> No.8798178


What do you think of the names I came up with?

>> No.8798189

Great ideas everyone, I especially like the idea of using legendary monsters/beasts/evildoers as the source of his scar.
Also floating runestones powered by primal powers is a GO!

>> No.8798198

Thanks. Actually it's just me samefagging everything, except the bear-riding lumberjacks.

>> No.8798212

I like some and found the idea itself inspiring, I'll use The Unseen Devourer of Blackcrag Mountains and The Burning Hordes of Mortikhan the Deanimator with your blessing.

>> No.8798214

This is my mount.

>> No.8798220

haha alright :) well it is much better to have one good conversation partner then a horde of hurp-a-durpers.

>> No.8798237

Also I think I'll limit the naming process to avoid lol-durp names.

>> No.8798275

Go for it. And they're really just examples of what I'm talking about. The key is to make the names hint at a much larger world filled of adventure. Names like Trok the Red or The Goblin Lord are fine, but they don't kick-start the imagination quite like Elatzan Redey, the Jade Tyrant.

>> No.8798281

or perhaps [name1] [epitaph] [name2]
like, Bruno "The bear strangler" Johnson.

or [name1] [name2] [epitaph]
Bruno Johnson the bear strangler

what do you think?

>> No.8798285

If you think my Heroic Testesterone Fantasy (TM) names are getting too hurpa-durp, I can try toning it down a bit.

>> No.8798291

Indeed, I'll be sure to have him face enemies such as Haldrax, The Raging Eye of Chaos.

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nah I mean the name of the character, or it will easily turn into the legend of Bearsteel Ironballs, Killrend Cockpuncher or Thunderpunch Gore-grinder or even worse.

if you use 2 arrays with some pre-made names instead of 4 arrays to randomize entirely you end up with more constraint but also less risk of sillyness.

>> No.8798337

That's what I thought you'd do. The example names are intended to be broken down into parts for tables etc.
The [adjective] [noun] of/from [name prefix] [name suffix]

Or [name] [optional surname] the [adjective], the [noun] of [noun]

Or variations thereof.

>> No.8798353

with 2 arrays you can just make stuff like Logan Ironblood and the only 2 parts being randomized is his first and surname instead of having 2 random values for both first and surname separately, are you with me?

>> No.8798370


So you mean breaking it into parts like
Table 1: Name, Table 2: Title, Table 3: Location?

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Well for monsters your example on >>8798337 works well. But as for our hero himself I think less is actually more when it comes to quality.

>> No.8798407

Samefag here, going out to buy some groceries but I might be back later if the thread isn't dead by then.
It's a good idea, really.

>> No.8798417

Alright have a good time, I'll be around all day since gym was canceled so see you later perhaps.

Maybe I've actually even managed to write something and not just added and changed values of arrays :P

>> No.8798440


Oh right, I was too focused on monster names. None of these were intended for the hero himself. For him, it's better to keep it shorter like Motak the Fierce or Haktan Spinebender. Unlike the monsters and villains, their names don't have to actually tell you a lot about the character, since they will have much more "screentime" and so on to present him.

>> No.8798516

Random surnames, titles and suffixes for heroes:
the Stout
the Redeemer
the Liar
of [place name]
the Last [race, class or other group]

>> No.8798908

op here, fuck I got stuck with the mary sue generator thread.
but I figured out that I'll read up on if/then/else variables so I can differentiate between sci-fi, post apocalyptic and fantasy names and weapons. But until then I'm just going to try to get some actual work done so don't fret if Krognar Ironfist the guardian of distressed damsels have a magical ray-gun.

>> No.8798922

also pardon my bad manners, thank you for those suggestions!

>> No.8800052

unf, can someone suggest some humanoid fantasy races I could use? I mean, would an illithid barbarian even be serious?

>> No.8800410

well never mind the races.
Working of his weapon now.

Any suggestions on bad ass weapons?

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