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Damn it /tg/ I'm feeling super down right now. I propose that we establish a cute thread to assist those who, like me, are feeling blue tonight.

Let's start with an old favorite.

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d'aww of various levels is appropriate and encouraged

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woopers always on topic.

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vaguely gnoll related, I'll try to see if I've got something better.

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You can count on me to make you feel better anon friend.

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Zhaaku here, lawful cute~

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No more Wakfu until June, when the last three episodes will be shown all at once. How do you all feel now?

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Go to bed, I'm tired of dealing with your shittu.

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Sometimes the loneliness gets to you, you know?

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No, I cannot empathize with this.

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Don't you dare fuck up this thread with avatarfaggotry.

I need this.

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Perhaps I chose a poor photo to accompany my comment.

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Maybe if I get a "I love you, Prince Zhaaku" from Mandingo... or at least a hug..

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Have some /tg/ related cute. Courtesy of Jean.

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it's furry but fucking adorable.

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No matter how bad it gets, OP, remember there are millions of people equally worthless, whose major achievements done with all their skill rot away, unused, unappreciated and unloved.

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Well I was feeling blue these days, so I'll contribute

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Don't ignore me.. I have needs..

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Pettan, Pettan, Tsurupettan!

(I wish I knew where this song was from.. it's stuck in my head.)

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Why are you feeling so Na'vi this evening, OP?

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I don't want to spoil this thread with my faggy emotions, but I'm just lonely is all. I try to write to work this out of my system or escape from it and it just makes me feel all the lonelier.

So I'll once again rely on shallow distractions to try and forget about this funk until it can disperse.

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Why don't you just toughen the fuck up and stop being a faggot?

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brofist. I have a lot to write/draw but these days... just havent feeling like it.

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It's just so cute...

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I don't have much in the way of cute things OP, but I'll post what I can.

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The writer's block isn't helping. I think I should try skipping around to different points in the story I've already got crystallized in my head and then try filling in the blanks from both sides. It's worked a little bit in the past.

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That one drove me bonkers. So cuteee!

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She be eetin' dem Emperor O'z. Now with 20% less heresy, and 80% more sodium!

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You can't say she isn't cute. <3

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This picture makes me happy because poor lonely Macha has finally found someone :3

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I must say, that made me d'awww for no apparent reason. Saved it. My girlfriend will thank you.

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>Lesbian bullshit

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focus brah, pick a point and work from there. Im not saying you shouldnt have a strong background, but for the moment use only what you need.

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Not strictly /tg/ material, but kittens are always related.

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I need to replenish my cute folder.

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Dawww? I think I can contribute a small amount.

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Damn all my cute /tg/ pictures have been used already.
Heres one I saw on /v/ once

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You'll be fine. I'm sure you'll find a marvelous and dedicated beloved one someday. And if it makes you feel any better, my life sucks more than yours. I'm not going to elaborate, so you'll just have to trust me.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Mo'Nique's legs. She doesn't shave, and I find it horrifying.

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I think the ADHD might have something to do with it too. I haven't been on strattera or anything in years now and maybe I should have been.

I'm running out of cute things to post here.

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While Lesbians arent cute I think you're taking it a bit too far

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For some reason, I d'awww about this one...

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It's a bit late to respond to me, people will just assume you're my sockpuppet now.

But Lesbians are fucking pig disgusting.

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Well, things generally considered cute that is.

What I like is a different matter.

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Ignore him. He's looking for attention. Keep posting cute stuff.

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Me too, I'll have to resort to my non-tg folder or god forbid, drawing requests.

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Well, I hope someone gets the joke. It always make me giggle. *cookfag here*

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Just a year old and already he's hunting down an elf like an animal, so he can devour it alive.

They grow up so fast.

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Bitch best be joking.

Related cuteness as well I suppose.

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This gets me every time.

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Does this count as cute?

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Pic also related.

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Posting my Dawwwwk eldar.

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I lol'd. And I I dont have nothing else, so it's request city from here ( ._.)

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Yes it does.

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Can you do a sister and cultist chan cuddeling, with Cultist offering the sister waffles? It would be most apresheatud.

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Apache-kun is moe as fuck. Are there more like this?

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Not really cute. But it's part of the set.

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Forgot to post mai pic. ALWAYS /tg/ related.

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Here's an inspiring image.

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You mean TAKING requests?

Draw me an umber hulk with a big pink bow, carrying a stuffed mind flayer.

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Make some cannabis-butter cookies.
People get very focused on cannabis being some kind of nefarious killer drug that makes people stupid, but it helps me with concentrating and relaxing so I don't think about a hundred different things and worry about them.
I write my best while high.

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OP, here's a little inspiration courtesy of Sinfest.

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Getting high just makes me go on the Internet and waste time. Like right now for instance.

Straying out of my /tg/ folder to find the creme de la creme.

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Hmmm... I need character portraits for Nihilius.... (I have lots of Fumbles.) but since we're going for cute... could I get a man in full camo gear with a grenade on his belt holding up an 8 year old sister of battle in pajamas as she wails on him and swings a bolter around wildly? Please? Oh and the man should be sort of fuzzy, like in a stealth field of some sort.

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God, that just made me lonelier. I have no one.

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i mean goddamn look at this shit

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Posting more. Sinfest, and Fwoosh+Crimeny are the one things that reallllly make me D'awwwww

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I believe it may have been made by a Touhou fan.

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Some day you will. Just as some day he may finally have the emperor he loves.

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that sucks man, guess it hits us all differently.

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See. Told you he will get his girl.

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I think I'll do this 3 and nothing else. It's late. hang on anonymous

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Score! Freaking awesome anon.

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this cheers me up. also, does anyone know who it's by? i'll post a cute animal to keep up the cute part.

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More Sinfest. God damn it, it's so cute.

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Thankyou sir. Have my favorite cute picture. (I love pretty marine techpriestess in this.)

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as promised

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I hate that annoying "Younger sister" bullshit

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I hope there's more of this.~

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Well I think it's adorable.

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The littlest medic.


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I like it.

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awwww. I hope there was a parent dressed as heavy.

>> No.8795186

it was her baby brother actually

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DUMMKOPFS. Which reminds me. I need to play some TF2 tonight. I fucking love me some medics. I love it even more when someone who I was healing goes medic when they notice I've changed class. And then they heal me. :3

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Because i don't want to give you guys all my d'aw im going through and selecting my most d'aw is that okay?

>> No.8795191

i think this is all i have, i'm double checking

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Fair enough. Truth be told I'm running out of anything remotely dawwww. Unless I began sifting through Lawful Goods stuff.

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Do want.

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SCIENCE! Fuck. I completely forgot I had this and it's counterpart tucked away in that folder. I miss the scientist.

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12th Bombardier standing by! commencing drop!

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Poor Bort.

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Shitdingo the Turd should stop posting at all.

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The Oxford English Dictionary having a good sulk.

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Image limit. Hope you feel better OP.
No rage man. This is a harmony thread. Always. We wanna be with you. And make believe with you.

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It's just zhaaku without his tripcode, come play dow2 with me you double heretic.

>> No.8795253

Shit! Image limit already? Fuck. I want that Cultist chan pic >....<

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I say we continue this whole thing. /tg/ can always use a cute thread.

>> No.8795270

But... TF2... and drawfag... fine. I'll play DoW2 with you. Hopefully it works for me for once. I'll have to come back and try and find my pic once we're done.

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Whaddaya know, it worked. I got some work done.

Thanks for the help everyone, I'm tired now so I'm going to go to bed and work together some stuff in my brain.

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Just keep this running
It makes EVERYTHING better.

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C. Viper on the right?

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did the drawfag dilver yet, if so where?

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Isn't that from Lucky Star?

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