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teegee always talks about how throughout the Imperium, almost every sort of world exists, even ones that are practically Earth in tech-level and environment. Where teenagers go to movies and make out in cars, while kids go to school and their parents work mid-level office jobs. Fast food and suburbs exists, bands play songs that aren't all about how great the Emperor is (but of course some of them are, because these are loyal people), and people spend their leisure time watching TV.

However, I've always had trouble rectifying this kind of planet in my current Imperium worldview, where pretty much every planet is either on fire or every inch is covered in cities.

So I propose /tg/ do a joint worldbuilding exercise, to flesh out an example of this kind of planet, but still make it fit into 40k, without taking away too much of what makes the world unique.

I'll get the ball rolling by christening the planet Avalon. The rest is up to you.

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Well we've already fluffed out a lot of planets before in the Tiji Sector.

Not sure if there was any planets like that, though.

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I think Juggers is a better name for a planet.

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Writefaggotry time? Writefaggotry time.

Okay, so, things that are obvious:
For it to maintain a relatively peaceful attitude, there needs to be little galactic conflict, so it should probably be either in a very isolated position or close enough to Holy Terra that it's insulated by the miles and miles of Astartes around it.

The climate would be moderate and earth-like [as discussed]

It still won't be quite modern - the Imperium's tech level is still far beyond ours, even if it's not quite Elfdar levels.

Personally I'd imagine that there's still a fair bit of Imperial presence, but probably in specifically designed Administratum cities [like the town of Hershey - it's a weird comparison, but I very much see these as "company towns", where everyone who works there is part of the larger galactic whole]

I imagine there's some slight dissent but globally the population would be fairly happy. Heresy would be the largest issue but the local Arbites would be faithful and the PDF would be reliable [if untrained and unready for true war].

Doubt it's an Astartes homeworld, Astartes only draw from the planets that are, as mentioned, on fire or covered in cities. Probably does tithe out legions of Imperial Guard, or else has connections to the AdMech and is tithing out to them.

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Thanks to a quirk of the atmosphere, 90% of Avalon's surface is almost continually covered in fog or light mists, which gave the planet its name. Two times a year, in the summer and winter, the mysts all burn off temporarily and the sky can be seen clearly; these are important holidays for the local culture.

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Planet is a reasonably quiet agri-world with a population of about 2 billion.

Economy is heavily agriculture based, shipping cereals, livestock, fruits and vegetables to a Hiveworld in the next system.

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There are many sects of the Imperial Cult on Avalon, which have gone through periods of fairly violent altercations over the past 10,000 years, none of which have been deemed truly heretical by the Inquisition and none of which actually venerate Chaos, despite the accusations of some reactionary fundamentalists on each side.

The Buddhan, for instance, are followers of a Starchild-based notion of the Emperor as the first and most important Enlightened human, to be venerated and respected as such. They subscribe to a belief in Reincarnation in the Emperor, and seeking a path to Enlightenment and inner peace (truly Enlightened individuals are as a sea of placidity, untroubled by the turmoil of the Warp and it's taint on reality). Though they are largely pacifistic, eschewing violence as an aspect of Chaos, there have been notable examples of holy warriors seeking the Emperor's purity and Enlightenment through Crusading.

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Due to its relative comfort and peaceful nature, it is the home of the largest Schola Progenium in the immediate area, which takes up the entirety of a large island off the coast of the main continent. The largest city of Avalon, Arathas, is situated nearby and exists primarily to both serve and protect the schola and its future fighting men and women.

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Avalon was originally a Feudal World, but during one of the few times of true war on the planet, when a band of Exodite Eldar appeared, there was a sudden tech explosion thanks to the Imperial response, and Avalon has become a large, civilized agri-world. Despite their higher tech level, Avalon still boasts a highly religious and near-feudal culture, with a deep emphasis on respect for faithful leaders. Above the local palace of the Administratum hangs the sword of the planetary governor, preserved from that ancient war against the Eldar.

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The most popular tourist destination on Avalon is Holy Terra-land, which features such attractions as an intricately-detailed scale model of the Imperial Palace, rides and games for the kids, the animatronic "Hall of Heroes," and an extensive boardwalk. The friendly staff dress up as commissars and Sisters of Battle, which can cause confusion when actual Imperial officials visit the park.

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Guard regiments raised from Avalon would probably be more in-line with Elysians or other "reasonable" IG armies. Tactics and technology are not shunned in favor of walls of bodies.

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The majority population of modern Earth are not car-driving computer-literate petite bourgeoisie.

The majority population of Earth are illiterate disease-ridden impoverished starving masses who live in third-world hellholes, like China, India, Africa, and Latin America.

There are currently quite a number of wars going on on modern Earth, most of them civil wars--America's war on terror is a drop in the violence bucket, you want a real war, look at Central Africa.

If the Imperium conquered the Earth and started Imperiumifying the hell out of it and turning it into the sort of world you actually see in the fluff full of superstition and ignorance and undercities and mutants and chaos cults and chaos incursions and civil wars, the majority population of Earth would maintain pretty much the same standard of living they have now.

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Holy Terra-land should be part Disney-world, part Mecca. Not only do people want to go ride the roller coasters, but each person is more or less expected to visit at least once in their lifetime to pay their respects to the Emperor.

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This is totally the world where Reasonable Marines are trained. It only makes sense.

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This. Funnily enough, this statement also encapsulates some of the reasons why Iike 40k.

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This is a nice peaceful planet, but it just wouldn't do without SOME threat of danger. Perhaps the planet is so Chaos-free and covered in fog because of buried Necrons, somehow. Let's put one of those huge Pylons on their North and South poles, which are actually the source of the mists, but nobody's ever noticed it before since most Avalonians lead such insular lives and don't explore much.

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This. This is also why they had that war with Exodites in the past - the Exodites knew the planet was a tomb world, but were mercilessly slaughtered before they could tell anyone, because for all their happytimes, the people of Avalon are still "suffer not the heretic" fanatics.

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Makes sense. Could also explain their slightly-better understanding of technology than the average Imperial citizen, despite not being a hive world.

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You guys are correct, of course, but it's also worth noting that in most cases, Imperial worlds have single global governments in the case of Planetary Governors and the like, so wars between countries would be nonexistant, and all but the most serious rebel uprisings could be put down by PDFs and the magnitude of force that a world government could bring down. When you have a galaxy-spanning empire, each planet basically turns into a small town as far as politics are concerned.

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The point of this exercise isn't to talk about the shitty side of Earth, but fluff out how a planet that isn't a giant angry brain or made of lava could actually fit into 40k

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There are some grimdark elements here - I see the people of Avalon as almost insanely fanatical despite their stable society. They're unprepared for the rise of true heresy. And they're sitting right on top of a shitton of xenos death machines.

Not to mention, they're a Feudal World that just got bumped up within the span of a century to Imperium-level technology.

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So, in sum we have a continually mist-covered planet that focuses on agriculture and education as its industries. It has a fair-to-middlin' tech level, though the majority of the population are simple farmers and don't get out much. Conflict is minimal, except for an attack from Eldar some time ago due to the Necron tombs buried under the surface. Sounds cool so far.

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Tomm, was bored as hell. Schola was dragging the hand of the chronometer slowly ticking towards classend. Whilst Adept Gribson continued his slow drone on Avalon governmental history, the dullness of 3,000 years of Administratum wrangling not helped by the monotone voxcaster the 200 year old teacher had replaced his lower jaw with, Tomm attentions wandered first to the window. Outside the jocks were running through scrumball drills. Continental coaches were rumoured to be coming to the game next week, looking for latest recruits for the draft. Grimacing at the idea of spending your time at academy playing scrumball instead of doing the normal rounds of drinking and hooking up with girls. Speaking of which, Tomm allowed his attention to wonder back to Lucil's perfectly shaped backside sitting 2 paces in front of him.

Lost in pleasant daydreams, he barely heard the bell go for the end of class, scrambling his dataslates into his bag he palmed the automatic aquila towards the small devotional shrine next to the holoboard, before chasing Lucil down the hall.

"Hey Lucil, do you fancy seeing a holofic this weekend". She turned, a cute little dimple forming as she smiled. "Ur.. sorry Tomm, Bran already asked me to go see a concert"
"Oh, that's...cool. Who you gonna see"
"The Astartines", Tomm suppressed a shudder at the thought of that particular girl band with their manafactured pop styles, he was more of a Valhallan Monsters kind of man.

"Er catch you later I guess," Tomm said feebly as Lucil was glomped by one of her cheerleader friends.

"Dude you totally crashed and burned" Matim said leaning back on his locker. "Ah well, no worries man, I'll borrow my dad's skimmer, head out to the hills. I got my uncles lasgun. We can hgo shooting if you want."

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The writefaggotry begins in earnest. Let's go, /tg/

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Meanwhile, a more provincially-minded janitor tsk-tsks at the students from off-world and their libertine ways. For shame, this is not how good citizens of the Imperium are supposed to behave.

I sense the possibility of conflict between the two tech/culture levels, the city mice and country mice getting on each other's nerves quite often.

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Is the feel we're going for more of a 1950s America feel, or a general current-day Earth feel?

While I feel that retro America might be too Fallout-y, it'd also allow us to draw parallelisms between Avalon and the Red Scare and McCarthyism.

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Plenty of planets like these already exist in the Cain books and Abnett's Inquisition stuff.

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I'm picturing 1950s America in the cities and scholas, and more like 1930s out in the rural farming areas, though without a dust bowl or anything.

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I think a planet in the imperium with technological level of modern earth would be reduced to pre-information age level because all the computers, internet and gadgets would be considered EXTRA-heretical by Admech.

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Actually I think 50's america is a perfect analogy for most 'advanced' imperial worlds.

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But 1950s-era America was like 85% optimistic and carefree, and 15% paranoid that they'd all be nuked in their sleep.

Imperial Worlds are 50% pessimistic and 50% covered in poison gas.

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Yeah, the Imperium is pretty the '50s with more skulls and other gothic architecture. Thanks to the lack of real computers, they're pretty much stalled before the Information Age; if you want to find out something, you go to the Librarium. Plus, since the society is generally very repressed out of fear of Chaos, it would be sortof an enforced Pleasantville situation maintained by the Administratum.

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Now I'm just picturing a crew of Guardsmen wandering into a chrome-covered diner while "Mr. Sandman" plays in the background.

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They have plenty of 'real' computers. In actual practice the whole 'LIGHT CANDLES BEFORE PUSHING POWER BUTTON' thing doesn't enter into daily life for most citizens.

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I've been trying to think up some fluff for my DH characters Hive home world. But all I've some up with so far is a rip off of Rapture:

A hive build upon the remains of a dark-age space tower / elevator, long since sunken beneath the planet wide ocean. Suffering periodical raids by the amphibious mutants that make their home in the lower hive.

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Mr. Sandman was executed 500 years ago when it turned out he was a daemonic spirit.


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Adeptus Adminstratum Cleric Level 4 Mickal Hunten, hated traffic. Especially at rush hour. The road to the Hive centre was packed with groundcars crawling along the main interway from the outer habs. Occasionally, a whoosh of air signalled a skimmer darting overhead. No doubt filled with some lazy 7th class beurocrat, thought Mickal to himself. One day he'd get another grade rise and trade in this rusting peice of junk for a car with a decent hover module. That new Imperial Fabricators Mark-56 looked nice, leather seats and everything. Imported too. Much better than avalon produced machines. Avalon made tractors, not sportskimmers.

Jamming the horn a few times, mor out out of frustration than anything else, he settled back as the traffic wasn't moving anywhere. One hand fishing for the sandwich he picked up before work at the hab-workers co-op, the other flicked channels on the radio. A recruitment ad for the guard...the official braodcast channel's motivational speeches...channel 5's politics panel discussing new trade agreements with Marvix IV. Sports. Ohaniem Orks lost again. Mickal, an Arbites fan, grinned. Maybe this day wasn't going to be so bad.

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Do we know where this planet is located? Someone mentioned earlier close to Holy Terra, but the closer you get, the more likely a planet is to be a fortress world, I'd assume.

I think lying somewhere in the Realm of Ultramar would make sense. Most planets there are designed to be self-sufficient and independently ruling, and would be fairly safe thanks to the boys in blue.

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It could be anywhere. Doesn't really matter.

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everything was cool until
>Sports. Ohaniem Orks lost again. Mickal, an Arbites fan,
you don't name sport teams with the name of a very hostile alien species, or government agencies. like the Philadelphia Policemen.

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Or the New York Terrorists.

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Quick, /tg/ come up with less retarded names for Imperial sports teams.

I bet at least one is the Aquilas.

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It's propaganda. The Orks are a shitty team that exists only to job to the other teams with Imperial names. Like the Washington Generals, whose only function is to lose to the Harlem Globetrotters.

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or the Miami Mujahedeen. anyway, the rest was gold.

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They'd know that Imperium exists, and covers thousands of star systems, but they would have next to no space travel utilities set up.

They'd have a few spaceports for shuttling up Guard legions, and maybe exporting food or metal, but besides that, no one's really going anywhere.

If the Admech is there, they wouldnt have those c'thulu looking cyborg guys, probably just guys in orange construction vests fixing stuff.

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Yeah because the Buccs, Vikings and Redskins names are all friendly cuddlebugs with no bad history at all.

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Okay, using the template from Lexicanum to take stock...

Name: Avalon (Just Avalon? Not Avalon Prime or Avalon III or anything?)
Segmentum: ??? (Possibly Segmentum Solar or Ultima Segmentum)
Sector/Subsector/System: Irrelevant, unless someone wants to make up some names
Population: ~2 Billion
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri-world(?)
Tithe Grade: ???

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are they alien species that exist now and here and are actively trying to exterminate the human race? i think it's a bit different.

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I could see Beastmen, Ogryns, etc being team names. Maybe even Squats.

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This a peaceful planet that probably has most people think Ork's are nothing more than a myth. As for teh Arbites, it's just a name. As good as the Yankees or Red socks. It's not like called them the Kalvis Khornates or anything. Christ. I'd never thought you'd get so touch about Scrumball teams.

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My mother always told me, "Jon, you'll go far some day. Maybe even as far as your uncle Nikolas. Remember him? He's an Enginseer who works with the Imperial Navy!" Bah. Mom had me figured out all wrong. I may well have been technically minded, but I'd prefer to play trough XenoSlayer VIII on Astartes Mode than say incantations over dated cogiators any day. Some day I'm gonna get off this rock and make something of myself. Something real. Not some crummy Enginseer. I hear it's pretty easy to make your way up the command chain in the Guard these days. Who knows?
My one true dream was always exploring, though. I mean, the Imperium is so big, but much of it still hasn't been charted, even all these years. Fuck, even my own planet hasn't been fully explored yet, what with all this mist. No one has even set foot on any the poles yet! Sure, there's been a few flyovers, but noone really know what's there. Y'know what? That's what I'll do with my boring-ass life. I'll explore. Pole to pole, I'll chart this world. Warp, I may even find out what those Pylons are. Emperor's sake, what's the worst that could happen?

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I like the idea of having a number after the name (I like Avalon VI), but none of the other planets in the system are named Avalon, and it's not in the Avalon system, and it's not the sixth planet in the system, and generally nobody knows where the VI came from. To the common man, it's just Avalon, but technically, Avalon VI.

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I think there'd be superstition about it - even now people often have small rituals they perform if their computer acts up, even if it's just a muttered "Come on, you useless piece of crap." or counting to ten between turning it off and turning it on again.

The point to remember is that even in educated and enlightened societies on modern Earth the vast majority of people who regularly use computers have no idea how they work. They just use them (making Common Lore (Tech) rolls to do so) and rely on tech support people (who make Tech Use rolls) to help them out when things go wrong. In the eyes of the average office worker the IT guy carries out a few cryptic procedures that make no damn sense at all, and suddenly things work. Truly he is a wizard of redoubtable power!

So, when Pluvius Smith the Adeptus Administratum Clerk starts up his cogitator, in the time between hitting the power button and the login screen coming up he mutters the Litany of Untroubled Initiation. He does this because (a) it gives him something to do while he waits for it to start up, (b) the dudes in red robes say that this prayer placates the machine-spirits and wards off errors, and they know what they're talking about, and (c) after doing so every morning for the last thirty years it becomes a habit.

It's only when the cogitator breaks down and Pluvius needs the office Tech-Adept to take it apart and exorcise accumulations of lint from the heat-sink that the incense and chanting comes in.

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>play trough XenoSlayer VIII on Astartes Mode
now i want to play that. and i will not be able to, unless i find a cryosleep chamber and sleep for 40,000 years. fuck

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except the squats got kicked out of the leauge.

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OP here, I have to go to work now, but if this thread stays good, I'd love for someone to archive it, or even throw the relevant stuff up on 1d4chan.

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Remember: the imperium's power only stretches so far. I could imagine that they could exercise far less control over worlds in the far fringes.

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Crap, I accidently posted my writefaggotry in it's own thread. It's the one with the Cartoon Guardsman Pic.

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Part 1
John Henders casually wiped the counter main counter, occasionally looking out the window, or up at the holoscreen above the cash register. He didn’t mind working in a deli. It helped pay for his eventual entry into the Adaptus University. The girl behind the register was cute too. He wanted to ask for her vox information, but could never work up the courage. There was a reason he didn’t enlist in the PDF like his brother.

Not that it took a lot of courage to be in the defense force here. Safely nestled in the folds of the Imperium, no one remembered the last major conflict, or even if there had been one, since the Emperor’s men arrived. Plenty of boys just joined the PDF just for the steady supply of thrones to their savings. Of course they all said they were joining “to defend the Imperium” and “Fight in the name of the God Emperor”, but everyone knew the truth. It was like how the Tech Priests would claim to venerate the machine spirit, and seek his guidance, but when they were fixing a hover craft or whatever they would just look at the manual.

The bell at the door rang as it opened, letting several guardsmen walk in. John straightened slightly. Catching the cashier’s eye, he made a small grimace. Looks like the local guard post had handed out weekend passes. It was going to be a late night. The guardsmen joked and hit each other with their helmets, taking their time choosing what to order. John could swear he recognized a few from around town. He was just about to ask if he could help them, when the bell rang again.

A commissar walked in, fully dressed in his uniform, complete with hat. Upon seeing him, the guardsmen snapped to attention, silent as statues. As the commissar walked closer, they snapped sharp him a sharp salute.

>> No.8784327

Part 2

“At ease, guardsmen.”

John stiffened at the sound of his voice. The man was clearly not from Avalon. Each post was required to have a trained Commissar on base, but most were from the planet. For an off world Commissar to be present, it could only mean…

His eyes snapped to the holoscreen. It was tuned to some sort of news. There was the flash of an explosion. On screen, it appeared that the was a fire fight going on between Imperial troops and what looked like humans in oddly shaped, tan rifles. On the bottom, the words “Threat to the eastern fringe!” were clearly legible.

Oh Emperor, he thought. Please don’t let them be taking the local Guards. They don’t know how to fight. Please, not my brother.

John was so worried he could barely hear the Commissar’s order, nor did he ever register that he had filled it out. When he snapped back into focus, it was the girl behind the register asking him what was wrong. The Soldiers had left. He sighed, shrugged, and went back to wiping the counter.

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I liked the not crazy tech priests idea.

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its not crazy when it works

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We have writefaggotry, how 'bout some drawfaggotry? 1950s Guardsmen gogogo.

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Don't let Avalon die, /tg/

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Someone at least archive this.

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vote that shit

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"Take a look. They say this is a 'bolt-shooter', launches rounds that have a small rocket engine and explode and splinter after their armor-piercing round has sunken into the target," Sergeant Lacale marvelled at the .998 Godwyn pattern bolter behind the glass.

"...uhhuh. And didn't you say that the 10 mm Urgalm submachine gun had too much of a kick? That thing shoots twenty-millimeter missiles out of it, and twice as fast too. And look at the size of the thing. Must weight a ton too - suppose it's made for guys born in heavy-g worlds," commented private Trisdan, who was measuring up an 'exploding lance' hanging from the opposite wall.

"Aye, it's a big galaxy out there. And this is one damn fine exhibition. I'm sure half of the stuff like these things never get used tho... Ol' beasts of war, kinda like myself. Har har."

And so sergeant led his soldiers along the corridors of the expedition, one military wonder after the next. The younger privates could have sworn that a "legged tomb" of some soldier - a naval one, they were told - whirled one of it's decorated hands just as they walked past it.

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>> No.8786704

>And didn't you say that the 10 mm Urgalm submachine gun had too much of a kick? That thing shoots twenty-millimeter missiles out of it, and twice as fast too.
Missiles and rockets don't kick.
At all.
When Robert Goddard was demonstrating the first fucking man-portable rocket launcher, they set the thing up on a flimsy music stand. The stand fell over in the the slight breeze. They set it up three times without reinforcing it because the wind kept kicking up slightly and knocking it over.
When the thing fired, the stand was undisturbed.


>And look at the size of the thing. Must weight a ton too


>> No.8786733

In the grim darkness of the far future, bolters sometimes have recoil [and sometimes don't - there's like forty variations], and guardsmen are sometimes retards.

>> No.8786761


This man speaks the truth. I used to be a TOW missile specialist. Recoil is not an issue with missiles. Back-blast, however, can be a bitch.

>> No.8786806

So a high-tech Imperial world is pretty much just the Fallout Universe?

>> No.8787094

what if we assume that the rocket launcher was designed by idiots and wasn't openended on both sides?`wouldn't the rapidly expanding gasses of the exhaust in the rocket create a force backwards?

the bolter is a self propelled shell that is shot out of a cannon more than a rocket

>> No.8787131


Why would we assume that whoever designed the bolter was an idiot? The fluff speaks of bolters "kicking", so I would assume that the exhaust port isn't perfect, so there is "recoil" of a kind, but not to the degree that the writefaggotry above assumes.

>> No.8787156


While such a hypothetical retardlauncher would create a backwards force, the energy would be exerted over a somewhat longer time interval than the explosive energy used to propel a traditional round at a comparable speed, so the rocket would STILL have less recoil than a traditional round of equal mass and velocity.

>> No.8787229

what if it was a 2stage rocket?
first a blast of gunpowder/other low explosive to clear the barrel then a main rocket engine to keep accelerating

>> No.8787531

"...and that's why the system needs to be changed!" Franka proclaimed, in her usual manner. Her eyes glowing with righteous anger, her voice trembling a bit on "the wrong" part, all too eager to right the universes wrongs. Her fellow Republicans broke into applause.
Marius avoided rolling his eyes. He was here for business. He toyed with the rolled up pamphlets for today's meeting, staying seated as the gathering dissolved. Franka and a bearded older man by the name of Callus talked for a while behind the speakers desk. From what Marius had gathered about Callus, he was one of the few who had avoided going from naive activist to cynic with a hurt ego. He had quite some pull in union politics and a few select contacts in the Ecclesiarchy, especially a beggar brother who was practically revered as a Saint by the local Hive Scum. He had only come to Avalon a few years ago, but was already the most influential organizer of the planetary dissenters and had organized groups like the Republicans everywhere on the planet.

When Callus left the room and left Franka alone by the desk, Marius stood up, leaving the now half-shredded pamphlets on the seat. As he approached Franka, she didn't even look up from her notes. "Marius. I thought I made myself clear the last time. There's nothing I want from you."
"I know.", Marius replied. "I'm not here to argue with you this time. I know your type well enough: Young. Idealistic. Thinks the Galaxy will eventually acknowledge they're right if they only shout loud enough. Realizes that ain't so around 25. Becomes a cynic because of hurt pride...or a radical."

>> No.8787546

"A radical. So that's what I will be? Then why is the Inquisition not here yet? I hear they drag people like that down their cellars for trying to change the world. I'll tell you why they're not here yet: The Schola is for the free exchange of ideas. You're just mad because I absolutely slaughtered you in last week's debate about mining world tithes."
Marius smiled: "Oh, but the Inquisition is here." Showing her the ring, he enjoyed the expression on her face for a moment, and the fact that he had finally managed to silence her. "Not for you, of course. There's nothing wrong with what you do. But do you know where Callus' right hand man Rogen has disappeared to?"
"I...Callus said he went to the Northern Provinces, drumming up union support for the Senate referendum next week." Franka regained some of her composure. "For the laws to restrict Offworld Nobility influence."
"A good explanation. Except that it's a lie. Rogen is dead." He let that sink in. "Callus is not who he appears to be, Franka. His cause may seem righteous to you, but he's not here to fight for worker's rights or the independence of Hive Avalon. The Enemy uses deception, and so do we. Rogen was an acolyte. His objective was to report on Callus' hidden agenda. Franka, I am not here because I am an influential man, or because I enjoy scaring you with the ring." As I expected, the obvious lie made her smile. "I am here, because it is a subtle way to ask you for help. I know you are an idealist, and you still have Callus' ear. The Inquisitor needs to speak to you."

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