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without looking at it, upload a picture from your warhams folder

aaaaand go!

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hooray for random image dumps

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glad you agree :)

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>implying there are any other warhammer threads on the first page, even

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it's hard not to look at them by accident but I like the surprise afterwards

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Damnit /tg/...

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lotta interesting crap in this thread. Crap, but interesting crap.

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That's the worst thing I've ever seen.
What happened to anatomy?

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Oh gee, I really hope it's appropriate!

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why the fuck would I have a warhammer folder?

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Yeah I know. I wouldn't have posted it intentionally but hey random images

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Because everyone on /tg/ has a Warhammer folder! Its the cheapest form of social currency in our shitty little community!

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because you are a man of wealth and taste?

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the fuck is a sentinel doing in my warhams folder? I need to clean up

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My eyes! I've seen more euclidean things drop from Great Cthulhu's nostril

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Fuck. Damnit, slaanesh.

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What is this, the Sororitas Convent of Innsmouth?

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if /tg/ has to use that as their social currency then /tg/ is far worse off than I thought

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Well, you're posting on an imageboard. Namely, an imageboard dedicated to traditional games. Specifically, one known for having frequent 40k discussion. Assuming you've been here more than a week, there is no real reason for you to not have some kind of 40k picture in your image folder

So, yeah

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"Hey guys, I rolled up a Maid!"

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been here for over a year...and dont have any warhammer pics...why would I

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because they're /tg/'s social currency

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I guess because you want to make more room for your porn? I have no clue

[spoilersdon'tworkon/tg/] Or, you be trollan!



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fucking flood detection cocksuck

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I like how most of the images are either fanart that makes the more awful neckbeards rage or porn.

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well yeah. I mean, what else would /tg/ save to their hard drives?

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Hi, I upgraded your chapter.

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I don't have a Warhammer folder, but I do have a /tg/ folder.

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the will of the emperor picked this picture

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random from tg folder

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ask and you shall recieve

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I've only got a /tg/ folder.

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it's actually kinda hard to select an image and upload it without knowing what it is. I have to scroll and click while blocking part of the screen with my hand and then look away entirely when the whole screen goes white with just the name of the file I posted.

But then I get to come back to the thread and rediscover some random image that was lost to the depths of my hard drive years ago, so it's all worth it.

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does /tg/ know the author of that masterpiece?

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I can think of a few reasons why you wouldn't. None of them are particularly good.

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I don't have a warhams folder. I have a Battletech folder, and a /tg/ folder. Nothing else.

Scrounging through my /tg/ folder...

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Still need a wallpaper sized version of that image.

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go die faggot

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I really need to clean up my folder

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go die faggot

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Looks like I am not the only one who made a Haruhi/SOS-dan based army for DOW.

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Your wittiness is quite lacking. You must be from /b/.

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Did you also make it your only battle strategy to charge straight ahead with all units?

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Actually I didn't because I was playing on the second hardest difficulty most of the time.

I enjoyed capturing the strat points for her Holiness though.

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I...what? What the hell is that from?

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who cares, it's hot

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Hence the asking. If the image limit hadn't been reached, there would have been a MOAR.

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ok, I gotcha

I have no idea on the source

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