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/tg/ they may never get a new codex, and they may have gotten a severe nerf with 5thed. But are they still ok? I am tempted to buy a necron lord(for our groups mordheim/40k homebrew) and am thinking of buying some warriors later.

Are they as shit tier as people say? i read the codex, and always wounding on a 6 sounds awesome. Teleportation seems to be nasty. Especially with the lord, and the scary thing. "Rar, guardsmen go away" thing.

I dont intend to tournament, so my list wouldnt be super optimised anyway. What do you think?

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How exactly were they nuffed in 5th?

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glancing hits may no longer destroy a vehicle, so instead of 1 6 having a chance to kill a tank, it takes several, having to remove all weapons and immobilise it to kill a tank, that is, before heavy weapons are taken.

iunno, i dont see it as being too bad myself, but some people rage at it.

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Their playstyle is shit, their fluff is shit, and they look like shit.

Play something else, like Orks.

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So I heard they were trying to make this faction actually interesting beyond lol space undead.

Any progress?

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i already have an ork army. but could you elaborate on your other points?

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i play them.

i like them.

i'd recommend them.

try to always have a full squad of destroyers.

always have a res orb/warscythe.

my friend says do warrior spam but thats just boring. I like using destroyers, the monolith(s) and a fair amount of warriors to ward off phase out (which is the only part about necrons i don't like, its a fucking stupid rule.)

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yeah, they are saying that the individualism of the necron lords were going to be further defined in the new codex, based on the interesting things that necron lords have been getting up to in other codexes fluff. ie allying withblood angels.

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Glancing hits got slightly less powerful. It's not much of a nerf, but it is still a nerf. However, there main problem is they got left behind in the codex creep. Orks and Guard can pretty much annihilate them, and Space Marines will generally win against them unless there is a vast difference in player skill. And considering that those three options cover all 40k players these days, Necrons are pretty much to weak to be worth more than a passing glance.

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>overall bitching
>newfag is new.

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They are one of the few armies that can be defeated on the first turn.

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interesting, your playstyle is the one that jumped out to me immediatly when i read the codex. and yeah the phase out rule does suck, with the inflated points cost of everything. one or the other would have balanced them, and they chose both.

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hi should also add that my primary opponents are sisters of battle, space marines and nids. i am usually the annoying guard/orks player, so taking some time off to play necrons until they release the storm raven model for my blood angels wouldnt suck at all.

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>playing as necrons
>wouldn't suck at all

you got that terribly wrong

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And this is ultimately why necrons are woefully underpowered these days. They generally either get ripped apart with something like artillery or biker nobz or just get buried under a mountain of boyz.

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I play Necrons.

I bought a 1000 point army, and had them painted and ready for play within two weeks.

PROBLEM, [insert army here]?

I've only started playing since 5th Edition, so yeah, it sucks that our guns no longer shoot through busses, like they were supposed to. But Necrons are still VERY fieldable as an army, and getting back up from the dead is a lot of fun.
Makes for some interesting tactics.

About the only major complaint I have is that the army is pretty limited, very generic. Which is kind of the point. Aside from that, it sucks that it costs so much money to put Immortals or Paraiahs on the board (like $14 a figure, min 10 in a squad).

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Exactly! You can't even play a 500 pt game with necrons and expect to do anything except die!

500 pt Necron Army can ONLY be:

1 Necron Lord
2 Squads of 10 Warriors.


GW NEEDS to put out a new codex and either eliminate phase and mildly reduce unit costs, or reduce unit costs by a lot. 50 pts for a destroyer and 18 pts for a warrior are just fuck-stupid.

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Although I can understand how some people see the c'tan as being painfully inserted into the fluff out of nowhere... suddenly acting as though they're the biggest badasses on the block

I honestly dont wont GW to retcon them... simply because I think it would seriously detract from the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the imperium of man if the adeptus mechanicus wasnt unknowingly worshipping the void dragon

Also: who thinks it would be cool if they brought in the outsider? Isnt he supposed to drive people insane or something?

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im saying it wouldnt suck for me to lose a few games for a while. get my head around tactics again.
um, intersting picture for a very well written post. i think i am convined, even if they megasuck (and they might) it doesnt hurt for me to have another army.

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Well, it does cost a bunch of money you could spend on blackjack, hookers, etc.

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c'tan are okay, they shouldnt be removed, but they should head to the background (like a fieldable emprah) make the lords more interesting, possibly even personal heraldry.

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in fact, forget the blackjack.

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Well, he is the Hannibal Lecter of the C'tan, so yeah. He would be a cool addition.

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yeah, i've heard that for the "new codex" they're bringing in the Void Dragon in some way.

I also agree the C'tan fit into the fluff really nicely, such as the Harlequins of the eldar worshiping the C'tan Deceiver as the "Laughing God"

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possibly add in adeptus mechanicus as "adversaries" for the necrons. give them a one per army item that lets them capture a necron, adding an extra victory point.

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better be some special fucking item, capturing a necron is an uber-bitch.

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I think the C'tan being behind everything is lame. Just keep them unknowable Lovecraftian abominations with nothing but contempt for mortal races.

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yeah. but it would be the whole reason the mechanicus would field a squad along side the guard or spess marheens
plus if there was something in the book that was imperial, their codex would come out next month

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I put the picture up there because that's the face I gave all my buddies who play SM or Tyranids or Tau. Most of whom STILL don't have fully painted armies.

Felt good, man.

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The Void Dragon was bitchslapped around by the Emprah, that story adds nothing except more imperial plot armor, it's no better than the Sanguinor.

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Yeah i get that too. All my guard and orks are painted. But i know someone with an unpainted sisters of battle and space marines.

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Who is Sanguinor?

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Ok, thanks all for the informative replies. General Necron thread now i guess.

I reckon the void dragon should get an army of tech preists and rebel against the imperium.

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An abomination born spawned from the murky depths of Matt Ward's mind.

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heretechs using necrodermis implants would be so fuckawesome.

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yeah i play blood angels, and i think he is a tool. that should say something.

Personaly i think dante is the best bugger in the dex. Give his honor guard flamers(not flame pistols) and power weapons. Derp strike next to a full squad of badguys and flame them.

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so... the void dragon is the Omnisiah?

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It's obvious that Matt Ward is the deciever, infiltrating into the deepest reaches of GW, soiling chaos, confusion, hatred, and so forth

He wants to exterminate us all... and has started by creating pariah codexes

Codexes with no souls

Codex blanks...

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i think it is hinted that the higher ups believe the void dragon is the true omnissiah, whereas the lower scrubs are told that its the tech aspect of the emprah. in the ciaphas cain novels it is stated that no inquisitors have infiltrated the order, and cannot even decipher their secret language (binary) so the inquisition is painfully unaware of their heresy.

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My Tech-Priest is probably going to end up as 99% AMAZING ROBOT BODY anyway, but some Necron living metal would be so freakin' cash.

Argh, where is my Tech-Priest "DO WANT!" reaction image?

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yeah, it is a fact that Necrons have probably the best armor in the entire 40k universe.

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>He thinks he can just "acquire" some Necrodermis.

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Yeah. That was the real reason behind the Dark Mechanicum splitting off. They wanted to harness the warp, which the C'tan really aren't fans of.

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is this canon, or was i just well trolled.

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It's theorised that the subliminal effects of the dormant Void Dragon buried on Mars has shaped and influenced the development of the Cult Mechanicus over the millennia, but the truth of it is mostly speculation and rumour.

From what I gather very very few of the top echelons of the Mechanicum are even aware of the Void Dragon's presence on Mars. It's possible there might be splinter sects within the Cult who revere the Void Dragon as the true Omnissiah, but saying "The Adeptus Mechanicus worship the Void Dragon" is inaccurate. They worship the Omnissiah, which the vast majority equate to an aspect of the Emprah.

A tiny few initiates of the Deep Mysteries might tentatively suspect that the Omnissiah is actually the Void Dragon. Some will reject this as unthinkable heresy, some will have their faith broken by such a terrible revelation, some will fall to their knees and worship the Dragon as the true source of all knowledge.

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Yeah, I bought all that I could at this heretek, and then I got the rest from this guy Ralph in an alley. ... He just made me close my eyes and suck on a hose to get delicious necrodermis.

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Yeah, I know it's deeply unlikely ever to happen, but a guy can dream.

It's like he also dreams of discovering some long-lost archaeotech that earns him massive renown and respect from his peers, such that he is invited to Mars amid great acclaim and adulation. He's ambitious.

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Hereteks are a whole new level of awesome. The Dark Mechanicum needs to get added in, Lost and the Damned style.

The tech priest in the campaign I'm playing in has an arsenal of xenotech, including wraithbone mechadendrites, and is probably the coolest member of the group despite the obvious HERESY. He usually says in his defense that the game isn't called "do not commit Dark Heresy." Honestly, we are the worst inquisitorial acolytes in the history of ever.

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>be a radical
>use heresy to fight heresy
>fuck xenos, acquire currency

feels good man

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Ahhhh radicals.

I hate them. But I understand why they do what they do.

Ever since man has looked into the stars...he has dreamed of fucking silly a hot blue alien babe.

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james cameron does this with a giantess fetish.

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>Ever since man has looked into the stars...he has dreamed of fucking silly a hot blue alien babe.
or green...or grey...or whatever.

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Any color man. Multicolored even. As long as it has boobs, mankind will want to fuck it.

That includes the picture of that predator chick in the other thread.

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The aforementioned heretek is also trying to get in the pants of the harelquin who has been teaching him the ins and outs of eldar technology. While he has so far been unsuccessful, he has made a surprising amount of progress for someone with the fellowship of a slab of granite. Personally I think it's a stupid plan. The chance that he might get a kiss from a harlequin isn't worth the risk of being harlequin's kissed.

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Do you know that you have to fertilise an elder chick multiple times even during a pregnancy? Can you imagine what kind of sex drive those things must have?

>> No.8757340

>a kiss from a harlequin isn't worth the risk of being harlequin's kissed.

what you did there

I see it

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Also imagine how flexible a harlequin would be.

>> No.8757374

I can't even begin to.

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I'd probably fuck a sentient anemone

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The Dark Mechanicum seems kind of one-note, though - they're all LOLCHAOS, whereas there's the opportunity for so much more variety in one's tech-heresy. It doesn't all have to be skulls and spikes and tentacles. The Mechanicum's strictures are so rigid that being a heretek doesn't have to involve Chaos at all.

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Will you settle for an anemone penis?

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They surprise the drive though now to stay "sane" and not call slaanesh to them. That's why they are going extinct, relationships are draining and dangerous for the soul.

>> No.8757434

That would probably hurt.


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Not if they have that freaky acid-sperm that has a chance of turning me into one of them.

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Harlequins have the laughing god as a safety net to keep their souls out of slaanesh's reach, so they don't need to restrict themselves like the craftworld eldar do.

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How could you trust that her interest wasn't a long drawn out prank?

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>But are they still ok?

To answer you question OP, No. Fuck no. You see the game of 40k currently revolves around fast vehicles, melee combat, and high strength low AP shooting. Necrons get destroyed by all three of these.

In melee combat entire squads of necrons are destroyed in a single phase of combat with not a single god damn thing you can do about it. Doesnt matter if you have a res orb or the WBB rule, your ass is dead and going to stay dead thanks to how the current rules work.

Unlike 4th ed vehicles are no longer an over priced death trap and almost every squad in every codex has access to at least one type of transport unlike before, yes some armies include several options of vehicles while your codex has none. Infact the most current codex has seven different types of transports for them to use.

Now the whole other armies getting transports and you don't part doesn't sound so bad, and its not you can teleport, but the fact is they use those transports to avoid your shooting and to tear your phase off in close combat. Necrons used to be able to deal with enemy armor until the rules on glancing hits changed. Now a glancing hit does basically nothing against a transport until its way to late.

In order to combat vehicles in todays rules you need high strength weaponry which is designed to kill vehicles. Necrons have a few high strength weapons, but the amount which can be put on the table is not nearly enough, some games it really feels like grasping at straws especially against mech guard.

Speaking of guard, high str low ap weapons will be your bane, unless you bunch up like a faggot around a res orb. Which is probly the worst way to play necrons as it makes destroying your entire army in one phase of melee combat that much easier. Though some people swear by it.

>> No.8757562


High Str low Ap weapons like plasma guns, battle cannons, demolisher cannons, boom guns, and the like can take out huge chunks of units. While it is like this for every army your army is the only army that loses once 75% of its dudes are gone. not 75% of the entire army, just your actual necrons. All of your other shit could be tip top and ready to go while your opponent has but a single model left on the table, but it wont matter if you lose too many warriors.

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little do they realize the Laughing God is just the C'tan Deceiver. Foolish space elves.

>> No.8757628

I doubt the Deciever would willingly enter the warp to play Slaanesh for the souls of Harlequins.

>> No.8757638

>Though some people swear by it.

I'll bet they do. They probably say "fuck, we got fucking killed, again! Fuck!"

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maybe. that does raise the question of which is more powerful: the C'tan Star Vampires or the Chaos Gods.

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Chaos gods and their followers haven't done dick while the Ctan and their followers pretty much exterminated the galaxy.

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Hope C'tan get dumped into a pile of Squats.

Luckily in the 5th edition rulebook and codexes there hasn't been a single mention of them, GW likely realised their mistake.

>> No.8757743

Void dragon, is that you?

>> No.8757746

I think this is going to far in the other direction. They need a redesign, sure, but throwing them out entirely?

>> No.8757753

I just noticed Sovereign has a penis

>> No.8757758


throwing them out would be retarded. Every army deserves some total fuck shit win unit with completely over the top/retarded fluff.

>> No.8757764


Then make a Necron Lord with a "Grandiose form reminiscent of ancient gods who has killed an Avatar and some greater daemons/princes in single combat". Matt Ward does a pretty good job on that kind of characters, and it is still better than the C'tan as their fluff is presented in the Necron codex.

>> No.8757775

exactly! this is fucking racism!
Stupid humies get their git of a Emperor, who's dead anyone but is still killing shit in the warp.
Tau get.... well who cares about the fucking Tau.
Eldar have their gods, even though they're a buncha homos.
C'tan are too awesome to delete. Fuck GW.

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Only if its somthing like a necron lord who fought the emperor in one on one combat and won. fluff so bad to reflect its amazing stat line.

>> No.8757810

Well right now they're secretly behind everything which is lame. They can be fuck off huge without ruining the setting.

>> No.8757828


Eldar gods have been nommed or had their ass pounded with the fury of the righteous by Calgar and the Sanguinor. A random Hive Tyrant or a Warboss is a more awe-inspiring figure.

>> No.8757846

they're not really behind everything...
its the old ones that they where at war with who are behind most things.

>> No.8757860

that could be partially because of there respective realms of influence, basically the C'tan are the "chaos gods" of the material realm and have comparable power here as the chaos gods do in the warp. But when they try to do things in the other realm they are much weaker.

>> No.8757865


Hopefully GW has forgotten about those like they did with the Sensei, Illuminati, the Star Child and other old blunders.

>> No.8757897

I always liked those parts of the fluff

>> No.8757918

as did i.

>> No.8757926

then you have literally no taste at all, good sir

>> No.8758091

oh come off it, just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad

>> No.8758124

It makes it bad for me, and my opinion is the only one that matters when determining whether or not I enjoy a product.

There are more objective criteria we could use to assess those particular bits of fluff too. Such as originality, believability, and internal consistency. All of which they fail.

None of that might matter to you, which is fine, but it does mean you have lower standards than many people.

>> No.8758160

i dunno about you, but i find it fairly believable that the GEoM had kids at some point during that last ~49000 years, and that they are probably a unusual because of that. And star child makes internal sense within the games universe bcause the chaos gods are born of belief and emotion, so if enough humans believe the GEoM is a god, he will become a god.

>> No.8758166

different, not lower sir.

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And here was me trying to play the necrons because of their cool paint schemes.

I guess I've got enough money to start another army...

>> No.8763490

OP, check the blog "Return of the Star Gods."
Here, I'll give you the link.
Fritz (author of said blog) seems to know very, very interesting things about the necrons and how to use them, and can offer advice if you send him an email.

>> No.8763544

Forgot to mention, that said author is pretty win on the Eldar front aswell. Well worth reading and watching what he's posted.

I know this is blatant pimping, but the stuff he talks about is pretty informative.

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