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There should be Wizards of Metal.

I mean, it comes from Hell too, but is a lot more awesome than demons.

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painkiller is about a metalized jesus, that makes it badass beyond thought

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pic related

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in b4 Brutal Legend.

Jack Black is a colossal faggot

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"Faster than a laser bullet"

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Did someone call for the Killmaster?

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Wow, three whole minutes you refrained from shitting up /tg/ with that bullshit

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Shut your whore mouth

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Find one worthwhile person who likes Jack Black. His fans are just potheads and retarded freaks who still think that metal is some new thing that has to fight against society when every one of them is a manufactured singer.

Nevermind Jack Black himself is a retarded manchild who does nothing but spout MOTHERFUCKER like he just found the word.

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If 40K models were this cool, then I would start playing.

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Dark Eldar + Chrome

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Jack Black is a manchild. There's a difference.

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I don't know if I have any metal-looking wizards...This guy looks kinda like a metalhead, but that's not really the same thing.

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get your fat sinking carcasses back to /mu/ like the rest of you retarded RIAA worshippers.

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ITT: Long gray coaat, Twinkling bell..

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Rob Halford looks a bit like Mignola's version of Rasputin these days.

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If you don't like Judas Priest you shouldn't even be allowed to use the word metal.

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Casting his shadow
Weaving his spell

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I've seen this before, but I forget where...sauce?

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Never talking
Just keeps walking

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nothing wroung with that

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>hurr if you don't like metal you can't say the word
Pucker up real tight and kiss my shit ridden asshole you dumb fucking redneck

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How exactly does liking metal make me a redneck? Metal's pretty much spread worldwide at this point. Hell, a lot of the good newer metal comes from Europe.

But let me guess. You like some really obscure kind of music and feel the need to hate everything else because it makes you special.

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What makes you a redneck is the typical American attitude of >HOW DARE YOU CHALLENGE MY BRAINDEAD MASS PRODUCED POP CULTURE ENTERTAINMENT

And no, my collection of music is varied across all genres, except perhaps Polka, but I don't consider a genre of music to be a fucking fantasy setting that needs to be spammed on /tg/ because of some 13 year old's half-second long appraisal of worth

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>failed greentexting

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Because anyone is dumb enough to listen to ONLY music that isn't mass produced. Live in a cave, make your own music with instruments made from pinecones if that's what you want.

Most music is massproduced at this point. Which means your crap is just as bad as mine.

Not to mention that if we're whining about modern stuff Judas Priest is probably older than the stuff you're listening to.

In short, you put pinecones in your asshole and call the resulting screams music since you feel an innate need to hate what everyone else has access to whether or not it is good.

Pinecone fucker...

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Judas Priest, Smudas Priest...

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It's like I'm back on /mu/!!!!!

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>wahhh anyone who doesn't buy from the most popular bands is a degenerate barbarian
Yup, American.

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hope you like your muslims Eurofag, cuz they sure as hell don't like you

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> Doh, good sir, just look at these degenerate Americans! How can they be so foolish, for you see I only listen to sophisticated underground music for sophisticated people such as myself.

Elitist hipster faggots such as yourself go to /mu/

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I would mock you for your feelings on Judas Priest but after your image I don't really have the heart to mock you

No, he who avoids liking something specifically because it's popular is a closeminded prick. Popularity has nothing to do with being good

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There is a difference between "indiefag" and "desperately sucks the cock of the equivalent to Miley Cyrus in jeans and studded bracelets"

Not that you can understand that.

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Yeah... but they're both faggots...

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Part of growing up is learning to recognize those moments when you've made a fool of yourself, and quietly withdrawing.

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There is a difference between listening to popular bands and "desperately sucking the cock of the equivalent to Miley Cyrus in jeans and studded bracelets"

Not that you can understand that.

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Shut your fat stinking europissing mouth you stupid cheese eating faggot. You're a worthless piece of shit, and you should be glad we didn't annex you in WW2 when we saved your flaccid assholes

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If you don't love Metal, just wait, we'll get around to killing you eventually.

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I'm starting to think this thread is beyond salvation.

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ITT a butthurt european faggot who doesn't understand that GOOD OLD FASHIONED AMERICAN HEAVY METAL is a genre of music so powerful that it can create its own genre of fantasy, better than anything some dumbass with an overly complicated name can write

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Is metal the incoherent screaming about 666 DEVIL 420 UNDER MY SKIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN! that SoS listens to?

I only listen to internet music, so I have no idea what metal actually is, except that Jack Black may participate in it.

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ITT /tg/ proves how awesome Metal is, and shows the worthless piece of hipster garbage from /mu/ why we are Moot's Favorite.

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Guys, guys guys... we can all agree on one thing...

Jack Black is a worthless faggot.

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there, that's the OP right there.

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>Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden all from England.
Gah, must... avoid.... responding to..... troll....

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I think he's fairly amusing, in an admittedly boorish Colonial manner.

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Because Moot loves cohesive hatred on an epic scale and /b/ doesn't have the knack for that anymore?

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Thats a fucking lie, Iron Maiden is from Ohio.

Go back to Gaia you dumb effeminate twat, if you can't take a little gruff from the internet.

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We get shit done
we turn troll threads into civilized discussion
we provide EPIC porn
we house 40k, which is has facets on all boards

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I liked it until he started singing. Oh well. My taste in music is about as FULL RETARD as possible, so I can't really judge.

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You know what, fuck it. Love metal but hate metal heads. Thread reported, hidden, hopefully one day my metal brethren will stop embarrassing themselves en masse.

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To be fair, I've been told that I've listened to the wrong period of Judas Priest (which would, however, include Painkiller), and that I need to go a little earlier. So I probably shouldn't trash Judas Priest until I check that out. I mean, I love Iron Maiden, but if I'd only listened to their newer (non-classic) stuff, I wouldn't really have that high an opinion of them. On the other hand, I broke my tail bone at a concert Judas Priest was headlining, and what are the chances that was a coincidence?

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>implying that reporting does anything
>implying that the troll is right
Well, you're about as stupid as the europeans, but hey, if you want to hide all the threads and stare at an empty front page, you knock yourself the fuck out

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You can talk like that to me when you start posting something intelligent, funny, or sexy.

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Please listen at least to Stained Class. I feel that it is by far their best work, a darker and more serious album from before they went into full parody mode (British Steel onwards).

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>You can't talk to me that way
Watch me, you cocksucking aids-ridden buttfucked prison bitch.
>intelligent, funny, or sexy.
Besides, I'm right, evidently.

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Iron Maiden fag here: to be fair America had some good metal bands too. Had.

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Stained Class? Okay. I'll check it out.

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Try this. I actually own the old British Steel album. Words can not express how good this sounds in its original format

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I gotta go, but I saved the link. Thanks for helping me out here.

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German thrash metal scene here, not as popular but hitting as hard or harder (not to mention also functioning as proto-death metal).

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When it comes to Priest, it's all good, but you absolutely must listen to Ram It Down. Also, Blind Guardian for the win.


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Dude, Ram It Down is a bit late considering what he was asking for, and was a mediocre album after Defenders and Screaming anyway.
Also, Soulforged? Man, get some 'Somewhere Far Beyond' up in this bitch.

(Brazilian is good too, pic and Angra related)

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>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.
>Also, Blind Guardian for the win.

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You're new at this, aren't you?

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Aint nothing wrong with Ram It Down or Soulforged, like with Priest, there is no bad Blind Guardian, I linked it because it is my current favorite song of theirs, and if I wanted to go big I would have linked Curse Of Feanor.

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Metal is only good when the people making it are actually enjoying making it. When they're just doing it to make money, or because that's what the producer tells them will sell well, it shows. No emotion, no soul, just sound. You listen to Ozzy's early stuff, or anything featuring Killmeister as the bassist, and you can tell they're loving what they're doing, and the money is just a perk. The cookie-cutter stuff, Metallica, Manowar, it's technically well made, but it just doesn't have the heart that makes real music stand out.

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