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you're entire group had to bail for some reason so you go and join your friend's other group. When you get there you see "this" (pic related) is your GM. What do?

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I'd love to say "inb4 rape", but the fact I punctuated this sentence probably means I'm not.

Given that she canonically has terrible BO, an annoying accent, and a skittish personality, probably leave and just skip D&D this week. Or spectate from a mild distance.

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D'awww and play the delicious heretic campaign.

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I thought she smelt of bacon

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I do like the smell of bacon. Kinda like feet too.

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Shitty art

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I don't know about you, but I'd rather my bacon smelt of bacon, and the people around me didn't particularly smell of anything.

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I agree, she'd just make me hungry for bacon. Then I'd have to go out and get some bacon and cook it and eat it

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It depends on how heretical you are, as to what she smells like. The devout smell terrible odors, the heretics smell sweet scents, the unsure just smell bacon. Or something along those lines.

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mmm, bacon and feet, what a delicious combination

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Take one look at her, shrug, and ask how much time she spends hanging out on this forum that she's hosting a game dressed in a cultist costume? And might I add not looking bad in it.

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inb4 cultist dump

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can that be my GM instead?

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shitty art

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shitty movie

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shitty cultist

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god damnnit mod, what the fuck did I just tell you about being an adult? Are somehow incapable of being mature? Cultist annoys me too, so I just ignore the thread and let the people that enjoy her, enjoy her, you've adopted the mentality of
What I like = God Tier
What people with different opinions like = Shit Tier
your a fucking moderator, act like one.

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>terrible BO
Chem-chan + Cultist-chan OTP?

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I'm furious

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Why do you thinks thats a mod?

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At last a chance to crush her skull.

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Seems likely. Only person to ever get her mask off was Cultist, just so she could put something in it. Chem-chan -- having developed an immunity to her own smell is able to go down on Cultist.

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