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Warlock (shadow pact) 11.

Pact Blade +2, increase to +3 for the duration of the encounter after bloodying an enemy.

Ritual Caster.

Wizard multiclass at first level (mage hand refluffed as his shadow doing stuff).

Str 10 Con 8 Dex 16 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 18.

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Ranger (archer) 6.

Trained in Athletics, Acrobatics, and Stealth.

Jack of All Trades.

Str 16 Con 14 Dex 16 Int 10 Wis 12 Cha 14

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Wizard 3.

Raven Familiar (refluffed as parrot)

Snakestaff (+1 staff with the following ability):

Serpent Hypnosis (standard; encounter); range 5; Intelligence vs. Will; target is dominated (save ends).

Str 8 Con 8 Dex 12 Int 18 Wis 16 Cha 10.

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I approve of this thread.

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Level 21 Elite Skirmisher.

Medium fey humanoid.

Lots of ranged fire and lightning attacks, summoning of thorny hedges, and turns into a Huge dragon form when bloodied as an immediate reaction.

Sorry, no fucking idea how to stat her as a PC.

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Needs the leadership feat.

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Good call.

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I know my Disney movies.

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Wizard 12.

Homebrew aquatic race.

Moray Eels (summoning ability; two minions, each with half the hp of a typical summoned critter)

Crystal Ball.

Str 12 Con 12 Dex 10 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 14

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Level 1 minion.

Str 10 Con 10 Dex 10 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 10

Still one of the most effective Disney villains.

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Thank God. A stats thread, not a "stat me" thread. Thank you very much. Bumping for full support.

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Wizard 1.


Str 10 Con 10 Dex 10 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 16

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Rogue 1 (would have made him an Avenger, but he lacked actual divine powers).

Martial Weapon Proficiency (longsword).

Trained in Athletics, Diplomacy, and Deception.

Str 12 Con 10 Dex 12 Int 16 Wis 12 Cha 14

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sage for 4e shit

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Should add some kind of mounted combat.

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The visions during Hellfire could possibly count. Or just go for the more subtle powers.

pic only tangentially related

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They just want you to think he lacked actual divine powers.

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Only a third level wizard? That seems low.

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Ah, forgot about that scene. Add Mounted Combat, and maybe he needs his level boosted to 2 or 3; he was a pretty competent horseman as I recall.

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What did he do for most of the movie? Disguised himself, had a familiar, did a bit of scrying, and a single teleport/smoke cloud thingy to escape the guards. That's it.

Jafar didn't do anything a beginning adventurer couldn't until he wished for power, at which point his level increased to 25 or so.


Maybe. I'll have to look at the Avenger again, but as I recall the teleporty and divine fire stuff is pretty unavoidable. And the fact that Frollo didn't use all that shit during the final battle is proof that the fireplace scene was just a hallucination.

In his own mind he's a level 15 Avenger. Might be interesting to stat him as that, I guess, even if not accurate.

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Also hypnosis.

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He was a villain for at least a third of the movie, so I guess that's fair.

Barbarian 8.

Multiclass Artificer at first level (spiderlike chariot-mecha, etc).

Scent (+5 to Nature checks to track people through the woods)

Str 22 Con 18 Dex 18 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 8

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I statted that as an ability of his staff. Perhaps that was unfair of me.

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lol at his sparkling jacket.

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Not Artificer, they were transformed due to a curse, not because he made them.

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Is there a wizard spell that turns you into a dragon? If not there should be.

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Level 35 Solo Lurker.

Medium immortal humanoid.

Lots of fire shooting and minion summoning.

Discorporation (when bloodied, looses material form and is unable to manifest again for a time. Epic rituals are needed to fight a god to the death)

Str 24 Con 28 Dex 28 Int 26 Wis 30 Cha 28

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Thank you. I will be using this.

When my players finally shout WAIT JUST A GOD DAMNED MINUTE, I'm going to lol my ass off.

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Cursed with Awesome, if that's the case. That thing was able to move and follow instructions on its own, without a horse or anything pulling it. Makes me think it had some magical properties even before it was transformed.

Well, unless it was one of his human servants who was transformed into a mech thing by the curse. That's also possible.


Not that I know of. Agreed.

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well, there was that 3.5 epic-level druid feat chain that let you wildshape into a gargantuan sized (and bigger, with colossal wildshape) dragon. Of course, by that level wizards can call forth what 10 or 20 elder/wyrm red dragons and whatnot

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Rogue 9.

Multiclass Ranger (dual wielder) at first level.

Hook (offhand weapon); Str +3 vs. AC; 1d4+str damage.


Jack of All Trades (lots of different skills go into being a pirate captain, and he seemed reasonably good at what he did).

Str 16 Con 14 Dex 16 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 12

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>> maleficent

Black Dragon assuming the form of a human female.

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it'd be cool if there WAS a shadow pact

Actually, all the shadow power source classes (to include the necromancer, which hasn't been printed yet) have the fluff of a shadow pact

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>>it'd be cool if there WAS a shadow pact

The Shadow Pact for the Warlock is in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide.

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Honestly, that works much better. Scratch my Malificent stats, she's an Elder planar dragon of some sort with a shapeshifting ability.


Er...dark pact, whatever its called. That warlock pact that deals with shadowy stuff and deals damage to your allies to power you up.

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And then as a genie.

We can have a three form boss fight!

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Soooooooo Disney Villain thread?

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disney villain time

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Quite a few.

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Actually he had even more forms.

He was the vizier, an old man, a wizard, then the most powerful wizard in the world, a giant snake, and THEN he became a genie.

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Who are you? really?

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Who was that villian from Anastasia?

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He's just a Lich. Dude had body parts falling off, crazy magic, and a phylactery.

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Really? Rasputin?

I had a feeling he was Rasputin but I didn't actually think...

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As above, only boost his level to 26, make it so his staff is a close blast 5, increase all his ability scores by 4, and give him a Daily power that turns him into a Huge snake (grants him reach 3, Threatening Reach, some armor bonuses, and a poisonous bite attack, but he can't use other spells while in this form).

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Fuck you, Don Bluth. You get nothing.

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Yeah, it was Rasputin. No other name given though, but it was pretty obvious who it was. He used to be a trusted advisor, was thrown out for being a fucking wizard, became a lich, blah blah blah.

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Who else curse the Tsar family?

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Shitty terrible movie with bad music, do not sully the Disney awesomeness contained herein with it.

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Actually, Rasputin was on good terms with the Tsar (and even better terms with his wife, if the tabloids are to be believed) until his death. It was a couple of butthurt minor royals who killed him, against the wishes of the family.

That movie can suck a million cocks.

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Only good non Disney cartoon musical was Prince of Egypt.

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And what, the Swan Princess never aired on your TV?

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I only watched it like once and didn't really think much of it. I didn't think there was such adamant hate of it though, didn't seem that bad.

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That I know. But I prefer his evil version. Much more fun.
And if I remember correctly the royals hate him for his popularity right? And Rasputin write some sort of letter that said something like "If I was kill by a fellow peasant the Tsar would rule Russia for hundred of years but if the Royal kill me the Royal family will fall"

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Whoa, hang on, that movie was pretty hardcore.

Especially the scene with the plagues.

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Level 7 Fighter, I guess? I would say Paladin, but the Egyptian divine magic in that movie was pretty clearly a scam on the part of the clergy.

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Oh I remember that! Falling Meteor everywhere.

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I dont remember him ever fighitng

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It portrayed the Romanovs as benevolent rulers and tried to make us sympathize with them. That's an unforgivable insult to every Russian alive, every Russian who died within the last century, and everyone whose ever read a book in their lives.

Villainizing Rasputin and having a completely unlikeable cock for a "hero" was just diarrheic icing on an already shitty cake.

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Neither do I. That's why I didn't go into more depth with his stats.

I gave him those fighter levels simply because the Pharoah was expected to be a war leader, and they all had pretty solid millitary training (until the Ptolemies, anyway).

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love that bit

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>>shitty cake

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I think Gaston needs Wis 9 or Wis 8, or on the converse, Int 9 or 8. He's dumb as a doorknob and is illiterate besides.

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>Fuck you, Don Bluth.

How about Moses? Some assorted divine abilities, and a whole mess of DM intervention near the end?

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Not dumb. Boorish, uneducated, illiterate, but not dumb. He was pretty good at coming up with devious plots and thinking on the fly when he had to.

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Invoker perhaps multiclass Cleric. Gains levels rapidly over the course of the movie, ending at mid epic.

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I can't remember if this was disney or not.

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Delicious Titan AE.

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>on the fly

Then lower his Int to 8 or 9. Wis is used in tactical planning.

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So what the hell are those Crystal aliens anyway? Are there any explanation for them?

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>>So what the hell are those Crystal aliens anyway? Are there any explanation for them?

The Galaxy is populated by many sapient species. The crystal energy species was one of them. They had it out for humanity and were trying to hunt them to extinction. The rest of the galaxy didn't really give a fuck. "Better them than us".

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...so what did we do to them? Accidentally their planet?

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The Drej feared our potential when we created The Titan, a vessel that could terraform new Earths from, seemingly, nothing but it's own energy reserves and stored DNA samples.

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I've only seen the movie like once, but as far as I know no explanation was given. I think it was sort of implied that the energy crystals' leader had some sort of supernatural knowledge that destroying humanity would be in their best interest.

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Humans had developed the Titan, a means of making a habitual planet from shit laying around in the universe. Drej felt this crossed the line and made humans too powerful and a possible future threat and decided they had best exterminate them before it was too late.

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...So they're afraid of us. Even though one of their fleet could destroy our entire planet.
And their leader have psychic power...nice.

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From reading the other posts I've concluded I remember fuck all about this movie so ignore any info I gave out.

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Percival C. McLeach

Ranger (archer) 3.

Trained in Athletics, Stealth, Animal Lore, Survival

Familiar: Joanna, Nile Monitor Lizard

Str 15 Con 16 Dex 18 Int 7 Wis 15 Cha 14

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Stat him as His Sorc class form and his Genie forms.
Since he doesn't change by his own power, these would have different stats.

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Oh so they're afraid. So they destroy us instead...I'm still confuse why they didn't try talking first, They're smart enough and stronger than us. But it's a movie.

>> No.8743274

>>...So they're afraid of us. Even though one of their fleet could destroy our entire planet.

They were afraid of what we'd become. So they struck at humanity before they could become HUMANITY FUCKYEAH.

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I recognize this guy and his monitor lizard but can't for the life of me remember what move he's from.

I think the reasoning behind that is that they're fucking energy crystals and think nothing like people.

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I Think Rasputin pre-lich had die hard feat. I mean, look at what it took to take him down.

>> No.8743287

Rescuers down under.

>> No.8743291


The Drej were a totally alien hive mind type race. The Drej didn't really talk to anyone, and shot anyone and everything in their way. No one fucked with them because their entire race existed on a single all powerful mothership that could crap planets in half.

Only Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore could defeat them, in the end. I recommend this movie to everyone, really good little scifi flick. Surprisingly good soundtrack, too.

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>>I'm still confuse why they didn't try talking first, >>They're smart enough and stronger than us.

They didn't try to talk first because they were smarter and stronger. Plus, any alien species that is made out of crystals or energy or whatever is automatically beyond human understanding. It just automatically is.

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It was an underrated move for its time... The Earth Destruction scene is my favorite - too short in my opinion.

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Goddamnit, CRACK planets in half.

>> No.8743319

No, I like the idea of it craping them in half.

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rolled 4, 11, 15, 7, 12, 8, 2, 7, 21, 6, 12, 1, 17, 18, 19, 6, 1, 23, 7 = 197


needs more HELLFIRE

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So they're also elitist. I still like their ship though. But their prison system is shit.

>> No.8743356


Sorc form, see >>8742735

Genie form, level 30 solo controller, large elemental humanoid, etc. No way in hell could you stat that as a PC.

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Hellfire (standard; daily): a bunch of Latin-chanting ghosts surround Frollo in a pyrotechnic display. Close burst 10; area becomes difficult terrain and grants concealment to all those within until the end of Frollo's next turn.
Sustain Standard: the madness continues for another round.

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True. His only weakness is he's bound by Genie rules.

>> No.8743404

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers~

...itty-bitty living space?!

>> No.8743407

Wouldn't he be a Djinn instead of an elemental?

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Would you like some DARK FIRE with that?

>> No.8743432


How about some fire IN YOUR SKIN???

>> No.8743433

Now Stalker, it's your turn.

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>> No.8743474


It makes me sin, bro.

>> No.8743486

Mea maxima culpa!

>> No.8743487

It's not your fault.

>> No.8743495

You're not to blame

>> No.8743505

It's the gypsy girl the witch who set this flame!

>> No.8743517


Its not your fault...was this God's plan?

>> No.8743527

I'm pretty sure he made the Devil so much stronger than a man.

>> No.8743541

rolled 8, 23, 2, 4, 7, 7, 8, 18, 23, 7, 12, 19, 13, 11, 22, 1, 6, 14, 18 = 223




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Yep, he did.

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Don't you disrespect me little man...

>> No.8743853

dont you deregate or deride...

>> No.8743860

You're in my world now!

>> No.8743881

not your world...and ive got friends on the Otherside!

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Level 4 lurkers
Can dive underground and hide, vanish into thin air, attack with claws.

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