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Help me out, /tg/

I just picked up about 1,700 points worth of Tyranids and I'm trying to decide how to paint them. I don't want to use an established color scheme from the book, just want to make my own hive-fleet, but I can't decide what color scheme would be both unique and aesthetically pleasing.

As the only female tactical gamer at the store I frequent, I don't want to be too effeminate in my color choice - so although green bodies with violet chitin sounds nice, it might be too 'girly.'

What does the venerable /tg/ suggest? What have you seen that looks good?

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Paint them a dark black/blue and call them xenomorphs

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purple looks as if dey 'Nids done gone Slaaneshi

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...Is that a bad thing?

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pink. It's the real man's colour.

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I used this for my scheme


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I'd love to do this, and I actually have enough water effect left that I could do their drippy awesomeness, but I'm not sure how well drybrushed black/blue would look in the end. These are also the new 'Nids, rather than the 1st gen 'Nids which actually *looked* like xenomorphs, so the effect would be somewhat lost.

I'll paint one to test it though, as I will with any other suggestion that sounds nifty, so thank you.

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minty green body, near-black purple chitin, barbie pink for the exposed flesh bits.

if you're not girly while being nerdy you'll seem like you're trying too hard to fit in instead of just doing this to have fun.

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Earth tones with light blue highlights = Crab Nids.
Dark green with light green stippling = Snake Nids.
Black with yellow trim = OH GOD BEES

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Hot pink for the meat. Plates should be black. Use a bright neony green for the edges of the plates and for the exposed little bits where it looks like the skin is missing, whatever you call those.

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You make a good point. While I embrace geek-girlness to some extent, it's hard to exist in that cusp of somewhere between 'utter bitchfit girl' and 'one of the guys'. One is far too inviting for single male gamers (being too girly), while the other is far too cliche (being 'one of the guys') for me to be pleased with it.

I like your suggestion, I'll lay out the paints to test this scheme too - there's a lot of range with the Vallejo paints, which is what I've been using for a few years now, so I can probably achieve a very, very dark green without much trouble.

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Olive drab, or some sort of terrain-appropriate camouflage pattern. If you can paint datails that look like rank insignia, unit patches, or vehicle tactical markings, so much the better.

Especially WTF-worthy vs. IG.

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blood red

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I like this suggestion too. Black and yellow would make a really great contrast, so I'll try this one along with the other two sample schemes so far.

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Rich, very saturated red and green with gold highlights - sprinkle some silver powder and/or tiny white flakes on top before the paint dries

alternatively, bright white for bones, smurf blue for flesh

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Keep in mind that they do adapt basic camouflage for whatever environment they're fighting in (sometimes), so figure out some fluff and go from there.

I'd love to see an urban-colored Nid swarm.

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I actually have the reverse of that - blueish-purple bodies with green chitin. I like the color combination.
You just need to hit the right hues, and no one will think it girly - and even if they do, screw them, these are YOUR models after all.

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Yellow with red details is superior. AngryNids.

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I'd never thought of dusting wet paint like that.
That's like a slice of deep-fried win, I'll definitely try it.

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Christmas Nids?

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That actually sounds kind of cool...sort of a bright yellow, through orange, to dark red spectrum. There's a guy at my store that fields Angry Marines, so if I get to table with him, that's automatic Epic.

I'll do a tester with dark red flesh and yellow-orange chitin.

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And post pics.

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Point taken. Really part of the decision to avoid being excessively girly in relation to this army is that my other army, Chaos Demons, are painted in a somewhat girly style to delineate them from the other OVER 9000 people who play them...and I hear no end of shit about it - so I'm hoping to avoid some of it before it starts.

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Try using almost exactly the same colors as the Angry Marines guy. Post pics of both upon completion.

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What demons? Slaanesh should be somewhat girly. Khorne and Nurgle never should. Tzeentch is change.

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you have to use the effect in the right way or it'll look like crap, don't overdo it or it's worse than not thinning your paints.. great for achieving dusty/frozen looks though (or adding christmas spirit)

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You can't really go wrong with nids. They look good monochromatic xenomorph style, or using contrasting colors. I paint my black, then do the carapaces in Dark Angels Green, followed by Catachan Green, with a Yellow stripe down the center. Oh, and gloss. Lots of gloss. I've also got a friend who wanted a 30 second paint job. He ended up priming white, and just throwing on ink wash. It doesn't look bad, and it's nice for those 150 gaunts you need to paint. Just don't try red, they turn pink. Green works really well.

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The scheme for my demons is on-the-whole leaning toward violets, pinks, and blues. My flamers, rather than being bright-ass-blue were slightly violet toned, my pink horrors were really, REALLY fucking pink, demonettes were flesh-toned with deep red to black gowns, the Masque was appropriately Slaaneshi, etc. Even my Daemon Prince was almost fag'tastic, but it was done on purpose to avoid getting him confused with every other person at the store.

You get the drift.

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Tits or GTFO

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OP, if you're a good painter and want a challenge something like this would look pretty awesome on nids (if you can pull it off)


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another example, bright chitin with metallic shades = win

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chaos players are particularly inmature, doubly so if khornate

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That would actually look really, really good on the old (2nd edition) genestealers I picked up. Since they have really beefy claws and wide heads, there would be a lot of blending room for the colors.

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(*mumbles something about how creepy it is that every female Warhammer player he's ever met or heard of plays either Chaos or Tyranids or both*)

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It's the /d/ factor, I'm sure of it.

I have to admit, I get a kick out of the Venomthrope model, and have already decided to do a custom job on its tentacles. No matter what color scheme I use, I want them to look especially slick and/or slime-covered and drippy.

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I once knew a woman who played Tau, but nids were her first. Something to do with the tentacles, i'm sure.

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I actually started by playing Warhammer Fantasy, (Lizardmen rock my bawks) but there aren't enough players at my local venue to make it worth it anymore, so I lifted an ex-boyfriend's chaos demons when we split, stripped them, and repainted them for myself.

So I didn't just say 'hey, chaos sounds sexy', it was sort of opportunistic. Fucker took my ferrets, it was the least I could do...

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About the bees, yellow can be a bitch to paint.

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another inspirational image
a variation to the BEEEES idea that you seemed to like

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Paint the colors you want.

The moment you let someone else decide what you should do based on their personal view of you. You are being a conformist and/or a loser.

Do what everyone else wants you to do: Peer pressure.

Though if you want a style to try, can try this in the pic. (Notice I did not say color)

Dynamic white/black shades with the curves rounded off where the chitin will only register two colors. Because they evolved no other reflective surfaces; they are color blind and deaf. Sound does not travel in space, and camo is not needed, because the only ways in is hard, underground, swarmy or color shifting scales.

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I'm actually getting pretty decent at hair-thin lines as long as I haven't had caffeine that day, so the stripes on the back are very do-able. I like the way the mandibles are kind of ruddy in contrast to the rest of the body, so that's some good fucking inspiration, kthx.

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I liked how the yellow has many different hues in different places, ranging from really saturated near the black stripes, orange and pale, almost white

the orange gradients are cool and the tiny black dots could give nids that insecty feel

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File: 43 KB, 640x468, insect-eating-insect-+(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Be a pain to paint on a thousand fucking gaunts, though.

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There's a distinct difference between submitting to peer pressure and just getting really, really tired of my poorly socialized and/or tactless male counterparts making fun of my paint scheme, which still wins painting competitions from time to time.

I'm very ambivalent about the choice of colors, save that they are not going to subject me to further schoolyard ridicule when I could be enjoying my game so much more without it.

That said, I really like the highlighting on that pic, it's a very stark, clean effect, and I don't see it often. I'll probably practice on one of the five or six test schemes I'm going to try, since it looks really great.

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tits or you know what first.

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That's what the Shogun boxed set is for. As long as I have something to listen to that I know on a rote level, I can just zone out and paint for a good four or five hours at a time.

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^^^Me again

Try this site too, will help you out with special effects when doing stuff like that.


NMM, Non Metallic Metal as a fyi. Hardly ever seen it done right personally.


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Lah. This isn't that sort of thread, and /tg/ typically isn't that sort of board.

Talk 'Nids or GTFO.

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as an alternative to tropical crabs and bugs:

wet looking boney hues coupled with slightly more metallic and orange and "flaky" transitions

for creepy deep sea nids :)

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I read that as "topical crabs". I was consterned.

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w00t. Thanks for the link.

(see >>8737806)

Awww. Thanks Anon.

Omfg, that scheme with some really bright spots light-spots at the bottoms of tentacles and near the edges of claws (or even some customed wire 'lures') would be fucking epic. *Added to the list of testers.*

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personally, "systemic crabs" sounds worse

>> No.8738149

...or "intravenous crabs"

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Welcome for the link.

I'm the guy "Corpse." On B&C, if you have any issues can toss me a personal message (PM) on there when you hit a snag on the NMM. I can usually find the right combo of color for the NMM.

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If you wanted to go more humorous, obviously little lights wouldn't exactly lure in Guardsmen or Orks, so you could replace the end of the lure with various items: a nice shoota, a picture of the Emperor, etc.

>> No.8738163

You could even get the glow in the dark paint pigment so if you displayed them under a uv bulb they would glow.

>> No.8738175

That paint does not work well and chips easily.. Really not worth it. Believe me I tried, only works on large flat surfaces.

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Considering the number of Orc players, Shootaz would be the way to go. I'd probably only be able to do wire on the bigger units, but it would be fucking hilarious on like, Deathleaper.

>> No.8738195

get a good glow in the dark material, glue bits to the end of the wire lures, handle transition with paste and thin paint

>> No.8738200

besides, neon colous and whites already glow under blackligts

>> No.8738204

Even if you bought the pigment and mixed it into a high quality acrylic medium yourself?

>> No.8738205

Oho... You want funny....

Bowties on everything.... Or just work ties..

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First, the stuff that glows needs to be in three layers. (I paint the damn stuff on a kid's wall for nightlight, I had to layer it 5 times) as a transparent.

As a color, its a double problem, need to light it for so long as being so thin WITHOUT being transparent it does not hold the glow without getting real close. Heating the model badly with light/light bleaching etc..

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Oh lawd, is dat' sum Spaceballs reference?

>> No.8738243

I didn't know, I have seen it on fishing lures and figured it would be workable.

>> No.8738244

On second thought, that wouldn't be hard to do. I could just make a metal stamp and make a ton of them quickly, larger ones for the monstrous creatures, and put them on little elastic loops. They'd be easy to put on, but I could remove them when they finally started getting on my nerves.

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No, old joke of a webcomic. Predator and Xenomorph being liberal buddies.

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Holy shit, I'd never seen that one.
w00t for new reading material.

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Well gee, welcome again /tactical girl/.

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entire thread is ronery

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Fuck yeah, I love this comic. Feels like its starting to lose steam lately though.

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Goddamn attentionwhore, nobody cares if your shit has pink in it.

And Tyranids are the worst looking faction you can pick.

Sage for this totally unneeded thread.

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Black Carapace & Bright Orange Tissue.

>> No.8738365

stupid attentionsagefag, nobody cares if you sage a thread on 4chan
and tyranids are by far one of the most dynamic and best looking races out there, not compared to the horribly cast shlock that passes for Guard nowadays
bump for totally unnecessary sage

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Wow you so cool man.
I wanna be just like you.

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I know, right?!

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Is this your channel or something?

Dunno why ya linked it. Musta went over my head.

Your the attention whore for making your unneeded thoughts heard only after someone starts barking about roneryness. Like you got reminded of your 'edge' and wanted attention for trying to call on it first.


>> No.8738401

no its not my channel, it just happened to be the source for the video I sent you which was vaguely related to the image you posted.

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How about you learn English first before speaking to me, you under-educated faggot.

>> No.8738416


I always think of yandere...
(Warning, cute and/or scary through the whole thing)

>> No.8738429

>Tyranids a faction or a race?
>attention (space) whore
I think you have more worries about english then I do.

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That would work out really well if I can get the highlighting down from >>8737972 - especially if black-on-black (the xeno'nid suggestion) doesn't end up looking quite right, but the chitin comes out nicely by itself.

>> No.8738437


grammar time!

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whatever, I didn't even realize OP was a girl until after posting crabs and fish, when I saw anon go "DURRR tits or gtfo"

nids are interesting to paint so it's just fun to think up ideas

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wanna show some of your stuff so i know your not completely bsing me with your painting? people on /tg/ talk the talk, but dont really walk the walk. if i get an idea of where your at, i might be able to tell ya some things that look nice.

>> No.8738449

Hey, I posted those pictures for your relevance silly woman.

Look at their eyes.... Learn how to shade like that, and no you will not need a god damn spray gun to do it.

>> No.8738450

When someone devolves to this kind of petty bullshit about typos you know you should stop paying any attention to them.

Sage for petty dick waving faggots with nothing left to say

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Well excuse me princess but Tyranids are no race.
A race consists of a single organism which has a comparable inside and outside. Tyranids consists of alot of different types and species of bugs and insects and whatever they're supposed to look like in that malformed form.

>> No.8738471

Nope. That would require me to unpack it, rank everything up, and then find my digital camera.

Besides, if you had a suggestion, you'd have made it already.

>> No.8738479

alrighty. l2glaze.

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All this really begs the question of "why bother letting us know what gender you are?"
It clearly should have no place in this thread other than for the OP to get his kicks for getting attention from ronery fa/tg/uys, as there is really no such thing as an effeminate colour choice for tyranids.

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turtle nids! with custom turtle shells

especially good if you want to be nonconformist and use turtle tactics..

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Humans comprise of many genetic variations including skin tone, facial structure and even bone mass. Changed by what we ate, what we're exposed to and what we do to our bodies over generations.

Tyranids do it faster, and they eat what they become...


>> No.8738510

>Stating a reason of a problem related to gender
>Get reamed for it
>A guy paints slaanesh models pink, why not tyranids
>A girl with guy issues

Like, talk to the hand loser.

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Dendrobates azureus is the best looking dartfrog

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I salute you.

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File: 22 KB, 289x300, pterribilismint8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the frog you posted is not the most poisonous that honor would go to my favorite dart frog, phyllobates terribilis

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Here OP.

I haz flower for you.

Yes it is a real flower, and it's basic name is in the pic. Very nid-like too.

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please stop shitting up the thread.. if you weren't attention whores yourselves you would've just looked at a different thread
ever occur to you that maybe OP isn't the only one who wants / might get inspired by tyranid paint ideas?

blind cave animal nids! could look awesome if you can pull off the right surface quality, cover their eyes (or make them show through the surface only slightly) and add custom translucent parts and such

>> No.8738555


OP simply feels strongly about seeming too feminine in her gaming group, which is reasonable if she gets hassle for playing a certain army/paint scheme or indeed playing at all.

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I'm 99.9999999% sure SOMEONE out there has done it before, but Star Ship Trooper Bugs paint could be cool.

>> No.8738584

Not really. It's not a distinctive look; it's just two random colors.

>> No.8738586

I happen to like it.

>> No.8738587

She's going to be objectified whether or not her tyranids are pretty in pink, this thread proves it.
You shouldn't need an excuse to paint an army a certain colour, especially if the fluff has already established that that army can be of any colour. Asking for suggestions on paint schemes is fine, but justifying it, simply because you lack something in between you legs is unnecessary.

>> No.8738605

You said it better and more concisely than I could.

The detail could have been omitted, in retrospect, but what's done is done.

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Kissing female ass.

>> No.8738614

The point is that it's not a Starship Troopers tyranid army, it's just a black and orange tyranid army.

>> No.8738618

Page 176 of the 4th Edition 40k Rulebook.

>> No.8738620

You could take any color combination and relate it to something else. What's your point?

>> No.8738627

goddammit /tg/.. you complainers are the only ones that draw attention to OP being a girl

others were just giving advice, same advice they would've given to a male painter

you guys suck

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We sorta passed that half an hour ago...

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Bed time.. Gnight.

>> No.8738642

Except for the fact that she specifically stated she was a girl in her post, it's totally our fault, right?

>> No.8738653


wait, what?

>> No.8738663

- girls states that she's a girl once and it's actually somewhat relevant to the topic
- fa/tg/uys can't talk about anything else for the remainder of the thread
- "OMG she said she was girl" "you don't need to say that why did yuo sayed that atention whoer OMG"

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Cum-musar got confused. Tries to be long winded and fucks up, hah.

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>> No.8738726


>> No.8738736

We just explained that it wasn't related to the topic since she would just be objectified anyway, regardless of the colour of her army.
Apparently you don't understand 4chan. Please leave.

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>> No.8738738

Her gender was crucial to the topic, she wanted a color scheme that would not be TOO GIRLY for a GIRL

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yeah I know
adolescen/tg/ourmands don't though

scorpion fish nids would look pretty awesome if you can put in the painting effort and attach custom fins & fishy bits

>> No.8738814

Hey, guys? I think OP left. So shut the fuck up and go bitch about something else.

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>> No.8738825

I just got an idea for the freakiest most dumb looking nids ever:

HUMAN NIDS! smooth out surfaces to make them more human-like, paint with fleshy colors (maybe even tanlines), add hair and pubes where necessary

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>> No.8738848

just wanted to say:

FUCK YOU /tg/, I thought this board was slightly better than others but apparently it really isn't

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>> No.8738859

/tg/ was never good

>> No.8738869

So I've got some good suggestions here, and some old genestealers primed and drying to try out the paint schemes on.

>>8737451 = "Paint them a dark black/blue and call them xenomorphs"
>>8737500 = "minty green body, near-black purple chitin, barbie pink for the exposed flesh bits."
>>8737523 = "Black with yellow trim = OH GOD BEES"
>>8737576 = "sprinkle some silver powder and/or tiny white flakes on top before the paint dries"
>>8737591 = "Yellow with red details is superior. AngryNids."
>>8737805 = Blended Nid'crabs
>>8738078 = Deep sea 'nids with custom lures.
>>8738205 = Bow or work ties, which was lulzy.
>>8738799 = "scorpion fish nids/attach custom fins & fishy bits"

I'm still here, just watching for suggestions.
The rest of it is just trolling. Why bother replying to it?

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>> No.8738884

Did you look here?

>> No.8738894
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Don't mind me. Just trolling the brofags.

>> No.8738898


Because it's like picking a scab, or watching a train crash. I just can't help but not do anything.

Also, those are some friggin' sweet suggestions. I'd love to play against any of them, personally.

>> No.8738912

I really hope you'll post your test pieces up here, even if they suck they could help others decide on paint jobs or learn techniques.

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I have always loved the subtle browns on the carapace and the transition to yellow on the legs of scolopendra gigantea and have wanted to paint nids up like them myself.

>> No.8738933

An evil little part of me wants you to make the most girly nids ever, complete with miniature barbie dolls and shit, just to troll people. But for that to work, you have to be sure you could kick the asses of EVERYONE who would laugh, and I don't think you'd want to be sure of that (after all, if you know you'll always win, where is the fun in it?).

>> No.8738945
File: 41 KB, 300x450, Argonian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8738965
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>in a 7eleven
dont show people you got a 100 dolla bill

>> No.8739020

Right? I'm actually very excited about some of these. Most of the Nids players in the pool of guys that show up at the war-room generally play the stock fleets, if they bother painting them at all. (Nids are, for obvious reasons, one of the ones I see unpainted most often.)

I'll post the more successful ones when they're finished. It may be a little while since I've also got exams this approaching week.

Hello Kitty'nids? (I'd have to rape the local Sanrio store for spare parts, lol)

>> No.8739032
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>> No.8739054

Creating the warm brown tones and making it really lifelike would be very hard to pull off well. At the last GT I attended, I saw some Roach'nids that were seriously lifelike in that regard.

>> No.8739096

i can't imagine time it would take to paint a whole army like that.

>> No.8739120

I don't play Tyrannid and this thread has inspired me to pick up a pack of gaunts to experiment painting with. Curse you for inflaming my desire for creating!

>> No.8739172

Ages, I imagine. He had to have some kind of system to assembly-line them through each stage, but I've never been that organized, personally. With the number of models I now have, I'll probably end up developing one very fucking quickly.

Moving this entire affair between home and war-room is also going to be a trainwreck, since there are so many models that packing them in foam is going to be downright tedious.

>> No.8739411

Google "Colourful Lizards"

Ideas are now yours.

>> No.8739434

this with glossy carapace

>> No.8739463

you don't happen to live in pensacola do you grrlvert?

>> No.8739470


This is why I lurve my SUV. I can transport not just my army, but damn near everything I need for any game, ever.

I personally recommend just painting one or two squads at a time; after all, why the hell would you take ALL 150 'nids with you if you're only planning on doing 20-30 a day?

>> No.8740369

Texas. ^_^

>> No.8740409
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>> No.8740495
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