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ITT post your favorite card

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As I stated in the last thread, we're planning on naming our kid this if it turns out to be a girl.

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Try to target this guy... thats right you can't! But I can! And I do!

Some pansyass is going to whine "Dies to mass removal" or "dies to counter." Who's really going to waste a counter on a 1/1 'flyer'? Or mass removal on a 1/1 'flyer'? THATS RIGHT, FUCK YOUR SHIT!

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are you asian?

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I weep for your unborn child.

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You can call the next one Punchii

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Oh god. I've seen this card played against a white deck with no flyers but plenty of 'may block flying creatures' type cards.

Hilarious tears were shed.

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Holy shit, creatures with Reach can't touch her. That's AWESOME. That's some serious evasion. Can't be hit by spells targeting Flying creatures. Reach doesn't work. Still gets hit by Earthquake but whatever.

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Its true my plan is not fool proof. But fuck your shit anyway.

Also, I love to throw draw power on that guy.

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i've been tweaking my braids deck for like, five years now.

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braids goes well with mind slicer.

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Is there literally anything you can do about this card once it is on the field?

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I do not know who you are, but you are my bro.

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no pics, but i'm gonna say lord of atlantis

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Unless you have a creature that can get rid of it, no.

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Creatures that destroy enchantments when they enter the field.... course you have to avoid other counterspells.

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And if the deck is built around Dovescape, it probably does.

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Yes, you can use abilities to kill it.

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I fucking love this card, Especially in EDH.

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>Creatures that destroy enchantments when they enter the field

Uh what, if it's countered how does it ever enter the field, fuck you MTG

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>implying anyone will have abilities on creatures to remove enchantments

Not likely.

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Read the card text again.

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why the fuck would run noncreature enchantment removal?

Pridemage, the g/w 1 drop.

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Haters gonna hate.

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Oh, that explains much.

Be pretty good with that blue fairy that takes creatures.

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Feels good man.

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Has anyone drawn or written Braids x Alterna-Braids before I wonder?

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Love it. Mono-black control with token generation. Unless they have instant speed enchantment removal or ways of producing mana other than lands, they are fucked.

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I shed a single tear when I got this in a pack. On the same day, in a different pack, I got a Notorious Throng. It was like a sign from the gods.

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I'm glad I don't play Standard or Extended. I hear faeries was bloody miserable.

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Faeries, Elves, Jund, It'll always be something.

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One of my first rares when I started playing back when Urza's Legacy first came out. Pulled it out of a tourney pack too.

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One of the Cradles I've picked up actually went through the washing machine in someone's pants. Makes a lot of players wince when they see it.

Pic related.

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I like how you have the non-wrecked one sleeved, but not the wrecked one.

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I had the wrecked one in the white sleeve pictured above, but I took it out so the damage would contrast more with the black mousepad.

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Ah, ok. That makes more sense.

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I actually had someone play a dovescape against me in EDH. When I had a vexing shusher out.

I thoroughly enjoyed my free doves

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Chub Toad, Chub Toad
At the door;
Run away Quick
Or you'll run no more.

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1/1 Frog with Rampage 2 for 2G?!?!


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Too much coin flipping/die rolling in pokemon
That was the game's main problem.

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Created such incredible dickery.

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That's not rampage. That frog has goddamn BUSHIDO.

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Frog samurai.

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I wish. I loved the old Braids, but I'd only marry this version.

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