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>Another shitty quest, hide it quickly!

You must writefag your own encounters as yourself as you currently are in real life. You can be as blunt or as extravagant with your writing as you wish. You may taunt others with your storyline. You may be in any fantasy; sci-fi, or real life setting, it is your choice. The chaos gods do not care where you are.

The point of the quest is to get as many Daemons under your control as possible. You may not appeal to more than two gods at once when trying to get Daemons. (Souls go to only one of them)

You must be excessive to obtain souls for Slaanesh. 36 Humanoid Souls reaped for either: 6 Daemonettes; 6 Fury Mounts or 1 Fiend.

You must be careless and infect others to obtain souls for Nurgle. 49 Humanoid Souls reaped for either: 7 Plaguebearers; 49 little nurglings or 1 Beast of Nurgle.

You must be violent, vengeful or full of rage to obtain souls for Khorne. 64 Humanoid Souls reaped for either: 8 Bloodletters; 8 Flesh Hounds or 1 Juggernaught.

You must be crafty and manipulate to obtain souls for Tzeentch. 81 Humanoid Souls reaped for either: 9 Horrors; 9 Disks of Tzeentch or 1 Flamer of Tzeentch.

Greater daemons can only be acquired with a ceremony sacrifice of Humanoid souls in the required way for each deity. 666 for Slaanesh, 777 for Nurgle, 888 for Khorne and 999 for Tzeentch. The land must be prepped before the deaths occur in the area.

Clory to the Gods, fellow /triumphant generals/ of Chaos!

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Ugh, typo in the nurgle part earlier.

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not how a quest thread works, bro
OP does all the effort

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Quest threads have no boundaries as far as I know.

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At very least enjoy the dump if it doesn't take off.

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naw they do though

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Then at the end of my dump I'll throw in the effort if nothing happens.

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how do you hide threads? thanks

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Alright, checking back in 10 minutes if anyone wrote anything.

If not, I'll start up a more mainstream quest in my next post here.

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You have successfully linked with the warp with your mind after a grueling 30 hours of prayer in the darkness of a thirty foot ditch you dug with your own two hands.

The voices drive into your skull like waves and you feel like drowning in the sea of toxic fumes. But you still breathe, and nothing has physically changed around you. It's all in your head.

Above at ground level you have a shotgun, a packed meal of non perishables and a 1999 Volkswagon Jetta waiting for you.

>type out what you do next, the majority posts or first coherent post will pick where to go next for the next scene I will type out for you to continue the story

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Not exactly questan, but from where I sit getting together enough souls to summon some daemonettes would be positively trivial.

I'm in the middle of a high-residence college campus which is itself situated in a very boring town. Big art school, with all the associated weirdos, a good few of whom I'm friends with. There are even some freestanding houses on the edge of campus that would make perfect ritual sites, providing each of the four residents could be initiated.

It could start simply. Go to some of the many gatherings of geeks and nerds on campus (M:tG tournaments, gaming society, Humans vs. Zombies, art classes) and offer the odd just-barely-audible prayer to Slaanesh every so often. Get a few people interested. Strike that, get exactly six people interested. They're my cult leaders. Get them all together at one of the houses, get them drunk off their scrawny white asses, and have them all swear a blood oath to me and to Slaanesh. That was the hard part.

After that I need legitimacy, or at least a front of it. This school's remarkably acceptable of openly religious clubs, and one more wouldn't raise eyebrows. I'd call it something pleasant, like "The Serenity Society." Once the members are hooked, they're initiated into the wild side of things. They'd barely even notice the change. They do a little more drinking, drugging and screwing than usual, but that's what college is for, right? And so what if they ritually spilled their blood on a blasphemous alter and then had an orgy on it? Everyone does crazy shit when they're fucked up.


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OP here, still waiting on a response here.

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Getting thirty-six souls together is easy enough. I might even be able to squeeze another 36 out of the school before I have to expand things. The demons, of course, must be kept secret. Lots of woods around here, plenty of places for my disciples and I to build a summoning pit without it being noticed. Their appetites will, doubtless, be a problem, but if my disciples and I can't keep them occupied I could probably afford to lose the odd cultist.

At this point word is likely getting out. People hear about the wild parties at the school. My base begins to expand into the local suburbs, and the city not fifteen minutes drive away.

At this stage, again, subtlety is key. I get people from the local nightclub scene in on the cult. Jaded as they are, they're even easier than the students. Eventually some manner of chapter house is established in the city, and the demons moved there for safe keeping. The original ritual site must, of course, be destroyed, though if a few people die of orgasmic overload during demolition I should be able to avoid my patron's wrath.

From here I continue as I have, until eventually I have enough cultists that I can spare a few hundred. I throw a rave, the biggest damned rave the city has ever seen. I smuggle the demonettes, by now certainly numerous, into the back, and at the height of the haze of music, drugs and sex I unleash them on the crowd. All 666 of them.

After that, who knows. Probably have my new pet greater demon kill the inevitable national guard force sent in after me. Maybe take up painting.

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can't wait

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