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So I'm not exactly a /tg/ regular here so forgive me for asking, but what is it about this character (or this guy's works in general) that creates so much rage and drama?

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haters. they, y'kno, hate.

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Some nerds hate what other nerds love.

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You're probably misinformed, everyone here unanimously loves the character.

True story.

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You must be misinformed. Cultist Chan fucking sucks.

True story

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I've been getting that, but why?

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/t/otally/g/ay disapproves of Cultist fapfics. They're in 1d4chan, going by the name Dranon's Delight. Look it up.

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Some people hate things that others enjoy.

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She's a paradox. On the one hand she's fucking annoying and on the other hand you just want to purge the hell out of her with your cock.

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because like everything 40k it is stupid and only funny to the most loathsome sort of basement troglodytes

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Is it wrong i don't find her that annoying?

That seems like shitty reasoning?

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I wouldn't mind her if she wasn't LOLRANDEMKAIWAAIIIIGUURL *^__^*

But as it stands, she's annoying as fuck, 40k, and Anime. Which means she's total shit.

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Did you really have to vomit all that out?

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Yes. I am sorry. In return, Tager.

He makes the hurt go away.

With Science.

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This. Precisely this.

She's one of 4chan's "SOCUUUUUUUUTE" fapgirls.

Even though 4chan (rightfully so) fucking hates anything like her that's made by anyone else. They just don't have the good sense to hate it when they create it. Mostly because they've made her to fap to.

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>whines about something cute and sexy like Cultist-chan
>uses the faggy "FOR SCIENCE" meme


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A few factors.

40k is popular.
Fat guys like to d'aaaw
Fat guys love to rage

Cultist lets them do both.

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Created by Mr. Culexus.
Deviant art is http://mr-culexus.deviantart.com/

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Fukken saved!

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Cute and sexy are opinions. Your opinions. They do not reflect mine, therefore in my view she is neither cute nor sexy.

Green text and insults do not win you the day, sir.

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But she IS worth posting about and not just ignoring. Face it, you get something out of her.

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>I'm a buttmunch

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Who says buttmunch anymore?

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Actually, from the look of my post, I was responding to the question in the thread. Let me check...


Yes. It looks like I was. Fancy that, being on topic for at least a post.

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Still posting in a thread about her I notice, with irrelevant points. Man you secretly love this character, huh?

So tsundere...

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Because some people apparently act they like they are deathly allergic to anime.

It's really more of the extreme sides of the hate and love spectrum tearing each other to shreds with everyone in the middle getting caught in the cross fire.

Such children, honestly, although I would expect nothing less from humans

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Cultist-Chan. Not sure who invented the character. A comical WH40K character inspired by the bizarre voice acting for the chaos cultists in Dawn of War.

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I, for one, find her adorable.
Until I read Dranon's Delight...
Now I feel dirty...

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Deathly allergic? Preposterous. I'm no more allergic to anime as I am any other modicum of media entertainment. Do I dislike it? Yes, very much so.

Also, you're not the person/s in your picture no matter how much you type or how 'in character' you are.

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Act? Brother, I AM deathly allergic to anime. Shit is fucking horrible.

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Not in character at all just contributing, I didn't say you were specifically I said "some people" were and these arguments just explode in ridiculous fashions.

Though it is 4chan, nobody should be surprised neh?

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I could almost feel that one coming as soon as I posted >_>

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People hate cultist because
2) She kept threadjacking shit for a while and it got old
3) What makes neckbeards happy makes other neckbeards rage.
4) Some find it annoying to try and read her speech.
5) Some niggers think Mr. Culexus isn't good at draw, and call every picture of her (regardless of the artist) weeaboo shitscribbles, because fa/tg/uys jealous of the artistic abilities of others ALWAYS label other people's drawings as weeaboo shitscribbles, however good they may be.

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Then why post on 4chan?

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This is why nobody posts her anymore. Originally she popped up a lot and was generally regarded as the board's mascot, but then somebody made loli rapefiction of her.

Nobody posts her much anymore, initially because of the rape porn dumps. Now it's just because, since nobody is allowed to have fun with the character these days, Cultist threads are just for trolls to bicker over.

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Mr. Culexus, he's a resident drawfag he's got a deviantart account. Also Cultist-chan is funny get over your rage fa/tguys.

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Dranon's Delight is fucked up and poorly written. Trolls overused it to drive cultist-chan away.

But she still lahves ahss

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I think it was written by some foreign female troll.

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That's all right. The next time someone requests it, I think XS is going to take them in hand and provide much amusement.

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My dislike is she is reposted constantly. She is a joke that has gotten stale.

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There is only one good cultist chan drawing I've seen, and it involves someone drawing her into the twisted abomination she is now.

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Don't forget the spamfaggot, too. I can see how that would get people pissed off.

"Hey, I don't like this thread, so I'm going to spam the shit out of it, and the mods won't do a thing to stop me."

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Haven't seen that one before.

Dorable thu.

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Cultist-chan has a kind of cycle.
Sometimes, when used properly, she's an adorable and harmless example of a squidgy chaos-worshipper just tottering along in the hellhole of the 41st millennium. /tg/ loves it.
Other times, she becomes an overused one-trick pony whose only purpose is to be adorably pathetic. /tg/ hates it.
The board moves in waves, and cultist is at low-tide right now. Check back in a few weeks if you'd like to see her again.

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It's the first time it's been posted, of course.

I will say, I do find the spamming of cultist to be irritating. There is no call for it.

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Coincidentally, it's done by her creator, and ends with him trollfacing.

Personally, I like 'er, but she can end up getting overposted.

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That is the only thing I liked about Cultist Chan.

It was short, funny, to the point. Everything else is just waste.

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This basically.

Personally I like cultist-chan well enough most of the time I guess. When I'm not in the mood to see her I DON'T CLICK ON FUCKING THREADS ABOUT HER IT'S NOT THAT HARD

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This guy, in addition to posting the best piece of cultist art ever, has summarised things beautifully.

I approve of this message.

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She's my daughter.
I'll over her no matter the shit she gets in to.

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>>I'll over her no matter the shit she gets in to.
I'll over her too.

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It's late.
And I drank something I think was spiked.
I meant to say she's my daughter I'll loving fuck her no matter what trouble she gets into.
Or fucking love her. Either way.

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