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Its creation.

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Avatarfags. Then again, metathreads aren't exactly good either.

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Oh, wait.

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Batman aligments and intolerant people who can't keep away from threads talking about things they don't like.

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Jim Profit.

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The creation of /tg/

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< this

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Warmachine, also...batman alignments.

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Then again, you have that image saved.

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people who bitch about tourneyfags are a pet peeve...

but I'm going to go with the constant trolling. really, it's rather pervasive.

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Warhammer 40k

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I suggested a possible art pic to a drawfag looking for requests then had to leave.

And I never saw the pic :(

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I would say Jim Profit, but that fag was kicked so it's all good now.

I'd say name/tripfags in general who don't contribute content and just shit up threads.

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Warhammer 40,000.

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Banning of Quest threads.

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People who have to make a big deal out of everything instead of just ignoring/scrolling past/hiding threads.

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Board games trolling each other while being trolled

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Quest Threads
Shitty drawfags and their piss-poor art

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Whiny people.

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scaredofshadows. He's like a neverending Jim Profit.

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I didn't like the cynder stuff, and scared of shadows seems to make every thread turn to shit whenever he shows his furry avatar fagging face because everyone starts raging and derailing the thread.

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A lack of our zombie savoir, Undead Jesus.

or for that matter, our undead savoir, Zombie Jesus.

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The problem here is: people who reflexively rage at furries.
Yeah, nice job derailing the thread before the furry had a chance to, assholes.

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A very specific set of Avatarfags...
I dare not speak their names for they'll hear us and bother us some more.

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I don't get it. Why is that image always posted in edition war threads?

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Good sir, would it perchance be I to which you awkwardly allude?

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>I'm only mentioned once

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The whole "/tg/ means transgender" shit.

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Oh dear.

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This thread

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ITT: I HATE /tg/

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that's almost as old as /tg/ itself.
And to be honest, it's tons better than fucking zhaku and sergalfag.

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>Notice shitty metathread encouraging fags to complain about what they hate.
>Zhakuvaan appears to be posting.
>Sergal guy

Like flies to shit eh?

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Quest threads have been banned? Since when?

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Time Progression.

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Really? Fuck. I was going to do one.

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sergal-wyrm-thing has biggest fan club on /tg/

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Quest threads, all fucking 500 of them
Maid RPG
"Everyone wants to be a little girl and have sex with boys"

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>Read image
>less than 5 seconds

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You mean you haven't noticed that they only really post reliably in shitty-ass threads like this?
They're chemo, dude. Subtle, subtle chemo.

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Worst thing to happen to /tg/ was that one japanese girl who drew for us leaving

Ironshrinemaiden :(

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They haven't. Mods have stepped in in favor of them even. Chill.

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Zhakuvaan derails good threads whenever he can. Because he is a dick.

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I'll be honest, I prefered the original-Sergalfag,
At least he rhymed, to my delight.
This Zhakuvaan just makes me gag,
Everything it posts, a malicious blight.

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And there's the third one!

The best thing about Sergalfag is that he's not a tripfag, so you can troll people who feel compelled to tell everyone around them that they're joining in the Two Minutes Hate like a good party member by spoofing him. Hivemind Sergal is harvesting your delicious rage.

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The holocaust

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zhaku-pest can be little over the top

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>Implying the Holocaust happened

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Didn't take me 5 minutes.
Didn't take me 5 seconds.

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I'd say Spanish Flea, but that would imply he amounted to something.
VS Threads, do not miss them. Stay beautiful /tg/.

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>being retarded

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Jim Profit.

Thank moot for permaban.

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Still cleaning my orgasmic residue from your anal cavity, yes?
I'm surprised it even handled the stress.

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Sagefags, and my extention, Sagewatch.

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Bullshit, I have as long as I want.

Trolls. Including sos, even though he honestly seems to believe the shit that he types.

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keep fantasies to your self, depraved shithead

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>thank moot

Why does everyone on /tg/ think Moot did that? The thread in which /tg/ hailed Moot had the first post by Moot lamenting that some other mod got there first.

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A question, if I may?
If you would listen to what I say.
I am curious as to why you have decided
to use images of Sergal, who is much derided?

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/tg/ suffers from a very different type of cancer. It's not /b/, it's /r9k/.

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This 4th Edition clogs this board with no end of bitching; see, even I'm doing it. You can;t mention this shit without trolling and trolling yourself.

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You know what? Fuck you. I don't like rhyming. I'm not going to rhyme.

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People who bitch endlessly about furries.
People who bitch endlessly about touhous.
40kids invading threads.
lolrape jokes that are not even funny.

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There seems to be an influx of troll sounding threads attached to /b/ images. I've noticed they started showing up when /tg/ was bragging about how we're the best board at discussing anything including /co/, /v/, /a/.

These /b/-like threads always ask a question that should be common knowledge (why are elves so old, why are there no female space marines), which is I suspect that they are troll threads. Even though we manage to have a good discussion from these stupid threads asking about stuff we all know very well, we really shouldn't be having these threads because we're just talking about... things we already know. Not very productive.

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tournyfaggots or tripfags, i can't decide

oh wait they are both the same, such a coincidence

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>implying that there are lolrape jokes that are funny

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FATAL is the worst thing to ever happy to anything even remotely related to gaming.

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It's a tie between 40k and touhou.

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Jim Profit

There seems to be a trend with Namefags/Avatarfags and just generally being shit.

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I do not expect you to rhyme;
Indeed, it can take some time.
My question, however, I still ask,
Why do you in Sergal's light bask?

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I was actually referring to moot's introduction of the permaban in general.

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Because pretending to be other people is my schtick. go ask /v/.

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ALL DnD games are shit and anybody who likes them should just kill themselves and save us from their fail.

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>they started showing up when /tg/ was bragging about how we're the best board at discussing anything
Part of the reason I hated that sort of attitude in the first place.

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no really, what does that image have to do with edition wars?

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>worst thing

Zhakuvaan. The only name/avatarfag to ever actually make me rage.

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Jim Profit.

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>Jim Profit

His reign was so brief I didn't mind him half as much as previous kings.

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You're shit at it, though.

Protip: When pretending to be Sergalfag, TURN OFF YOUR TRIPCODE.

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I don't think you understand how I operate.

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Someone just needs to email moot and get rid of Zhaku.

Christ, he did it for Jim Profit, and left us the invite that if we ever had another annoying faggot tripping all over the board to just ask him to handle it.

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ITT: Everyone mad

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Sisters of Silence? But they are great!

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VS threads aren't gone. They just aren't as frequent.

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Hmm, so you take likenesses of others as your own,
I must say that does make me groan.
For here we need no name or face,
That is the glory of this place.

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Zhaku is not a tenth as bad as profit was. It takes some pretty drastic, assholish behavior to get your name and trip banned.

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Does somebody ruining your thread with a name instead of posting as anonymous really make any difference?

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What, no Masterfag? That guy was a nigger.

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It's a two-step flowchart.

"Is this annoying?"
Yes - > Do it.
No - > Do it until it becomes annoying.

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Who/what was Jim Profit? I Googled, but to no avail.

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And yet all he does is treat /tg/ like his personal blog, derail threads and just generally spread his faggotry around.

I'd say his cancerous behaviour, while contributing nothing worthwhile, is cause enough. But that's just me.

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Okay, I do have a question for you.

Why do you refer to singular posts twice? I'm genuinely curious.

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This, a thousand times. Far worse than anything else mentioned in this thread.

>> No.8725357


Because Zav is a massive faggot.


>> No.8725359


That thread being ruined is just as bad, but due to using a name you can attribute multiple thread's ruination to that person and in the long run is more intolerable.

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Because he wants a unique style that irritates as well as remaining memorable. See Sergal-fag.

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Indeed, this is the case,
Upon this my actions I base,
For soon my rhyming shall desist,
Even if this thread will persist.

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>Who/what was Jim Profit?

Oh some faggot from last year.

>> No.8725408


Try suptg, anon. Search the tags at the bottom of the archive page. Putting in 'jim' should do it.

>> No.8725412


The same reason he includes reaction images - to draw attention to his post. Heavens forbid if someone ignored him.

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Just a very big troll. Thought he was the shit, generally alluded or otherwise outright stated that he was better than /tg/ (if I'm remembering correctly) via girlfriend and intellect and other such nonsense.

He showed up on a couple of the boards, from what I hear. I didn't see him outside of /tg/.

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Jim Profit

>> No.8725451

This is quite clearly how Zhaku was treated in school.

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mental image of zhaku-pest is small child, eating enormous amount of candy bars

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Zhakuvaan, Spanish Flee, Sergalfag...these are all annoying in the way that obnoxious younger siblings are annoying: if you get mad about it, it's kind of your own fault.

Jim Profit, however, was annoying in the way that a fist-sized chunk of feces in your cereal would be annoying: your whole morning is ruined and there's a good chance you will throw up a little.

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Best thing is 4chan island

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Jim fucking Profit

>> No.8725628

the day when furfags tried to troll /tg/
sergal became our dog
flare was that snake in the garden

and the rest were just embarasingly stupid

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This happened to me too. Did anybody save a pic of a chainmail-clad halfling with a bong in hand?

>> No.8725728

lold i did

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>derp hurrr

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When people get into full on flame wars. It's just saddening. Or when I can't find a good thread. I like stories about other peoples games, characters, LGS and things like that. Also settings concepts and minmax threads. Occasionally a good writefaggotry. Even just one or two will make me happy. But when there's only 2 types of thread on the front page and everything else has maybe 5 replies I just give up and play vidya games or something.

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u mad?

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I think people butthurt over 4e are the worst thing to happen to /tg/

>> No.8725825

Zhakuvaan. All the way.

>> No.8725845

Newfags don't know 'bout my Red Machine D.

>> No.8725849

I am kinda torn between tohou and avatarfags.

I can't decide which is more cancer-like.

>> No.8725858

Cultist chan

>> No.8725868

Stupid people.

>> No.8725875

Annoying waste of 2 weeks edward...

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>> No.8725916

Drama whores like OP.

And if you people complaining about various name/trip fags really hate them so much, email moot about them. He cares, faggots.

>> No.8725931

Mass Effect 2. Brought all the fuckwitted /v/ riffraff, of which I presume OP is a member.

Fuck you, OP.

>> No.8725950

Everyone born after '85

>> No.8726012

..just how many <25-year-olds do you think are on /tg/?

>> No.8726018

Namefags. And tripfags. Well, essentially the same thing.

I don't mind Sergalfriend as much, because I like the way he writes rounded sentences. And he doesn't try to pretend he actually is the avatar'd creature, unlike other avatarfags.

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>>1986 here. Just missed anons cut.

>> No.8726029

>email moot about them.
Expect a response next year.

>> No.8726037

Pretty sure a bunch of people have e-mailed moot about zhaaku, including myself.

>> No.8726038

im 40

more of us than ya think

>> No.8726042

There are some great name/tripfags--von Evilsatan, Wasteland Warrior, LogicNinja.

The bad ones just make it easy to filter them.

>> No.8726043

moot hardly ever replies, but he will read it any if he gets enough complaints about a poster, he will b& them.

>> No.8726055

Does this really need an answer?
I'm one of them mind you.

This is the cynical nature that leads to a lack of emails about them and a lack of response.

>> No.8726084

Er, I meant, just how many >25-year-olds.

Not many.

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>> No.8726113

Zhakuvaan aka Smerglefag

Both trolls

Both -really- bad at it.

>> No.8726118

>Cultist chan

>> No.8726126

Wouldn't being bad at it imply that no one notices them?

>> No.8726128

shut up, it was never funny

>> No.8726148

Anyone who gives an answer other than furries needs to fuck off!

>> No.8726154

1 or more is at least 1 too many

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>> No.8726167

Jim Profit.

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>> No.8726233

But sir, this is an anonymous board. If they wanted to have a name, they should choose some forum instead.
Trip is only necessary when you need to distinguish OP from the trolls. After related thread vanishing tripcode should be discarded.

>> No.8726274

Because he would've performed the ban himself. It's the thought that counts. (Also, I think he changed it to a permanent ban.)

BvE doesn't use a trip.

>> No.8726291

Golden Neckbeard
Tripfags in general
/co/ stealing /x/chan

In that order

>> No.8726319

>But sir, this is an anonymous board. If they wanted to have a name, they should choose some forum instead.
Or they could just post with a name. I like being able to filter Zhakuuvan and knowing to pay attention when WW tells stories or LN talks about RPGs.

>> No.8726362


Also, trip/name/persona fags.

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>> No.8726504

>ITT: "I bet I can make /tg/ troll itself"

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>> No.8726556

Why, aren't you clever and edgy.

I vote 8726504 as number 1 worst thing to happen to /tg/.

>> No.8726571

And I vote you.

>> No.8726638


That's fine I guess. Someone has to like them or they wouldn't be there at all. I can live with people having wrongfun when I can just ignore the thread.

>> No.8726640

>Tripfags in general
>/co/ stealing /x/chan
Pic related.

Seconded. And when I see borderline archaic language and frilly hats, I know that there's an obsessive amount of research behind everything in the post.

>> No.8726680

You like drawfags and tripfags? What a fuckup.

Draw/name/trip/persona fags all need a special section of Hell, ASAP, and they need to be there, ASAP.

>> No.8726698

feeling lazy today

want to lie on the floor, watch happy box

>> No.8726715

>>ctrl+f anime

Reminds me of The Dark Tower.

Newfags won't get this.

>> No.8726722

dungeons and dragons

>> No.8726723

Trying to troll

Too blatant

>> No.8726769

you're both invited over

order some pizza, watch hockey?

>> No.8726849

It was the drawfags who invited all sorts onto the board.

Ever notice how they make the board shittier with their presence, and then just leave after they've done their share?

Fuck the drawfags, and their queen Miko.

>> No.8726886

>when x or y does things
>i like to judge on names and not the content of every post
>moar circlejerks, buddy system so i don't have to read every post, and know what i like

pls get back to another shithole nao, u understand?

>> No.8726897

JP, and all the avatar faggots that have come since.

>> No.8726899


>> No.8726917

When did /co/ steal /x/? I thought /co/ stealing /ck/ from us was canon?

>> No.8726930


>queen Miko

Oh my, you're not one of those imbeciles are you?

>> No.8726964

40k and D&D stopped realizing they were buddies.

Both games cannot be compared, completely different. Yet the players who play only one of either, act like total idiots to the one they don't play.

>> No.8726969

I question the win levels in this thread. Mostly it's trolls trollin' trolls.

>> No.8726973

>ctrl+f anime

Reminds me of The Dark Tower.

Newfags won't get this.

>> No.8726974


>> No.8726999

Touhou and 40k (and the hurrmanity people that come with it).

>> No.8727032

>ctrl+f anime

Reminds me of The Dark Tower.

Newfags won't get this.

>> No.8727054 [DELETED] 

>take a nap
>come back to /tg/
>this thread is still on the first page
>205 posts and 23 image replies omitted.

<- My face.

>> No.8727463

Why the fuck is this meme still around?

>> No.8727552

It means he's using a proxy.

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>> No.8728174


>> No.8728183

ruby quest

>> No.8728202

Golden Neckbeard

>> No.8728212


>> No.8728238

I was going to say "OP", but someone beat me to it. And "This Thread", but again. How about... Threads without content?

>> No.8728240


>> No.8729299

Wahmmer 40k, the worst balaced TTG ever

>> No.8732115

Someone ratting /tg/ out to Drowtales and thus snatching from us a Dorf Fortress

>> No.8732143

White people.


>> No.8732161


>/co/ stealing /x/chan


>> No.8732167

The creation of the tripcode

>> No.8732173

Furry porn dumps

>> No.8732181


It was a stupid idea from the beginning. You should have realized it was doomed to fail.

>> No.8732186

Jim Profit was probably the most prolific annoyance.

Possibly RMD before him.

God I feel like such an oldfag.

>> No.8732187


>> No.8732201


>> No.8732211

Jim Profit

>> No.8732227

warhammer bullshit

>> No.8732265



>> No.8732309

Of course it was going to fail. But it could've at least failed due to drowfaggotry rather than being brought down from inside by some "i trol u" cunt.

>> No.8732385

>mecha race
>manga style

It's both pandering to weeaboos so it makes sense to combine them.

>> No.8732394

40k faggotry.

>> No.8732407

wasn't around for jim profit or RMD

tell the tale, anon?

>> No.8732419

Anything related to Games Workshop

>> No.8732424


Just saying that either means that you didn't get the purpose of the DORF FORTRESS MIGRATION, or you're a troll. To be safe, both.

Fuck off

>> No.8732441

Warhammer definitely

>> No.8732517

See tg was good for Namefags
Its tripfags and avatarfags that are the problem

Anyone else miss Rawk Lawbstar?

>> No.8732533

Spoiler tags.

>> No.8732561

Profit's story has been told in this thread for the most part.

RMD was a raging douchebag who insulted people at every opportunity and topped it off with taking nude photos of himself, censoring them with swastikas, and posting them on /tg/.

>> No.8732601


Come to think of it I haven't seen Awful Good aroud either...

>> No.8732621


>> No.8732628

flare and cinder

>> No.8732665

>Worst thing that ever happened to /tg/

Moot adopting us.

Worst part of being a nerd: you're *always* the teacher's pet.

>> No.8732687

Jesus Christ, it is so much nicer in here without that zakuvan guy. Now that I don't have to pay attention to him, threads like these are so much more enjoyable. Glad he doesn't seem to want to show up.

>> No.8732729

people who post in threads they don't like, just to troll

oh, and also furries and edition wars (fucking WotC)

>> No.8732801

any game that isn't 40k

>> No.8733024


>> No.8733031


>> No.8733074


I hate that guy.

>> No.8733692


>> No.8733745

D&D 4e.

In fact, that's the worst thing to ever happen to all of gaming.

>> No.8734848

Cyndersluts and flarefags.

Before them, we didn't have these avatards and these single-type image dumps we get constantly now.

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