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Mods are asleep, Post Heresy.

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Where the fuck do you live?
Because anyone asleep right now has some sort of disorder.

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my favorite birth of cultist chan

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The mods are always asleep, evident by the fact that every thread that gets started on this board always ends up as a porn dump or comes dawn close.

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Yeh, 'cause anyone not asleep at midnight must have some sort of disorder. I'm not OP, but you are an utter dunce.

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Anyone know who this Sister of Battle is? I see her all over the place and I must have Sauce.

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Yes keep posting soon the inquisition will reveal themselves and purge the heretics.

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I am curious of this as well.

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It's always heresy with these damn kids these days.

Why, back in the Golden Age of the Imperium we had never even HEARD of Chaos.

Must be kids and their fancy new technology.
I told you modifying your vehicles would bring down the wrath of the Omnissiah! But did you listen? No.

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Every time I see this pic, I keep laughing thanks to those god damned birds.

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Sister Ringarde.
You kids these days, with your not knowing your characters, and your Warmachine, and your heresy, and your Wakfu, and your Mass Effect, and your Ultramarines, and your obvious trolls, and your oh you, and your ceiling cat, and your Lovecraftian Horror...

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Given all the crazy shit that keeps popping up I wonder how many fa/tg/uys moonlight as /d/eviants.

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I'm gonna put my money on higher than 50%

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Where might one find moar of this "Sister Ringarde"?

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You know, way back when there was a story in fantasy about a little girl who turned to Nurgle because all the other girls made fun of her because she wasn't as cute as them.
Her prayers were awsnered with peculiar maggots that she in turn put on the pellowcases of the offending children. Three days later she was laughing as she was more beautiful than they would ever be, their faces half rotted off.

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Papa Nurgle is god of the Millenium, all Millenia.

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Moonlight my arse, the majority inhabit both boards quite openly.

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... hurm...

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Not much really exists that meets your "interests" I'm afraid.


I do, however, point you to the very core source. He lives under a bridge.

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Heresy heresy oh love!

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It was one of the greatest things I've ever done on /tg/ was requesting Tits for that picture.

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Less porn, more cultist-chan!

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