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This is your BBEG

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Why would a maze want to be the BBEG?

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Damn. He's BIG alright.

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I thought the thing in the background was Flying Spaghetti monster.

It would have been a short campaign.

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Dem Eldrazi.

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Looking pretty badass there, Jace.

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Does that mean we get to be Planeswalkers?

What is the comparative D&D level?

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Words cannot adequately express how much I love this picture.

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Oh god...I could Imagine the face of the player playing that little character.

"As you crest the final rocky hill you see- no you don't have to make a spot check for this. You see what can only be described as insanity incarnate. A broken, floating "mountain" looms overhead, its underside a web of pulsing red tentacles and veins, each of which end in either a mass of black, writhing tendrils or deformed, grotesque hands with snake-like digits."


"Roll for initiative."

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The bigger they are, the harder they fall

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"I should of brought a bow."

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I prefer this kind of BBEG.

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>should of
Fuck you.

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Or this kind.

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I am seriously going to use this in my campaign. Within the next few sessions.

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try to put your party on top of it when they find out what it is.

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I know that artist. Five bucks says its art for a new Eldrazi card.

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mid boss

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final boss

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This kind of BBEG is also fine.

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None of these inspire terror or awe the same way the other big bads do, so I'm not impressed.

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As you round the corner, you see this.

Wat do?

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I tend to think of my players as BBEGs in training. Until that time comes, I've got something like these two.

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>should of

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fuck this you're all 3rd level adventurers... the DM sets out the combat for your first BBEG encounter and places this.

pic... yeah that's what he places.

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Phonetic spellings are acceptable when quoting dialog in informal situations.

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Touhou faggotry does not qualify, sorry.


We are not frightened of fucking little girls in frilly dresses and hats no matter how mighty their danamku shit might be or whatever.


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God damn, that would be perfect for the final boss of this mini-adventure I'm putting together

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Don't underestimate girls in frilly clothing. I've run into that shit in the real world--they're scary. I mean, fucking terrifying.

You ever look one of them in the eyes? There's nothing there, I swear to god.

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Were looking for BBEGs that can frighten folks made of stronger stuff than socially awkward losers.

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>complaining about Touhou in /tg/

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Fuck you, man. If you saw half the things they do--

A friend of mine used to joke around, you know. Didn't really take them seriously. Called them "little sharks".

He's gone now. Sharks? Sharks, nothing. Between a shark and a little girl, ninety-nine times out of a hundred it'll be the little girl coming out of the wading pool alive.

Damned bloodbath. Goddamned bloodbath.

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This is a fairly accurate description of my BBEG.

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>little girls do not make good BBEGs

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I don't mind Touhoufaggotry in other threads.

Those I can ignore.

I actually enjoyed this thread until someone shoved their little-girl-in-frilly-outfits fetish into it.

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I read somewhere those things can strip the meat off a cow in a single day. Day and a half, tops.

There was a time-lapse, but it got taken down. Gave me the creeps. Like it was being disassembled.

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I do believe good sir that your state of mind might actually be near the higher echelons of infuriation, am I by any chance right?

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Yeah, guys. Seriously. Unless you're going to put forward a case where some Touhous are evil, they just don't fit the definition of Big Bad Evil Guys/Girls.

All right?

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It's tg relevant. They're stronger than everything, random girl 28 is mai waifu, shitting tg up on the ninth september, this girls power is maximum blah blah blah hurr etc.

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>little-girl-in-frilly-outfits fetish
I noticed it's rather popular for people to label things that make them irrationally angry "fetishes" to legitimize their hatred.

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More games should have BBEGs who are just massive crabs.

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Hmmm, I think I vaguely remember playing a ps1 game about a decade ago that had a demonic wizard crab BBEG or something.

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I would much rather have a BBEG that's an evil, plotting, scheming little girl than a stereotypical GIGANTIC ORC HURR SLASH SLASH with 5 INT.

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Ain't that the truth. All settings, no exceptions, final destination.

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Not the first guy, but this isn't really hatred, just frustration because some neckbeard with a "considerable interest" in little girls in frilly dresses that happen to be wizards or something and could be malevolent derailed a thread about alien horrors.

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This is how they build houses in Morrowind.

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I thought it was the "I don't care for your frilly dressed shit take it out of here now because its raping my eyes" was derailing the thread. And now crabs.

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Never met a single BBEG that is a gigantic orc, ever.

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As someone looking to begin an Adeptus Evangelion campaign soonish, consider this idea pre-emptively stolen and angelicised in some way.

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I don't think anyone finds it disturbing or offensive, just that it didn't belong in this thread. Aesthetic horror, the kind no man can fathom, things that would make Lovecraft weep. Not OH NO LITTLE GURL

Not that it matters, thread's dead.

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I hope I get forced to DM now. Too many lame BBEGs in our group "hurr durr elder dragons" "blurf durf daemon from beyond"

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Oh I agree with that, but still making a scene about it is pretty much redundant.

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And then touhou and crabs win... damn.

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that's not giant, or scary. THIS is scary

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1. Take an object
2. Make it huge
3. ???????

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Jules Vernes, for a Manly Man's Lovecraftian terror.

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It was the largest crab I had, cap'n.

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pfft... Next thing you'll be telling me it's not a knife

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I'm pretty sure little girls could make Lovecraft weep, or at the very least give him a stress-induced stroke.

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pretty much. bonus points for sea-creatures

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Or a boner.

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And for the sci-fi crowd..

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>take object
Right, I've got to go off show some girls my cosmic horror.

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Beware of crabs

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And that's all I could find.

Consensus is: Giant crabs > Touhou

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I dunno, I don't think I could find a giant crab to be a terribly compelling BBEG.

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Census is: Crabs = touhou.

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The crew ate better that day than they had in their entire lives...

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Not even if the party is composed of Homarids on a quest through the crustacean kingdoms?

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Eldrazi = Giant Crabs + Giant Squid

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