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Stat Me!

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-4 str

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...of my heart.

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Gives new meaning to "necking".

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Rokuro-kubi are yōkai that used to be ordinary human beings, but somehow they have come to suffer
from a ghostly affliction that allows their heads to float away from their bodies, their necks stretching in
between like a fleshy garden hose, sometimes indefinitely. Usually they are women.

The rokuro-kubi's condition is sometimes brought about by a curse, and sometimes as a supernatural
manifestation of the person's desires. The neck-stretching almost always happens at night, often while the
rokuro-kubi sleeps, and the freed head may wander through the house perpetrating such obake-esque
mischief as sucking the life energy out of people and animals, and licking up the oil of andon lamps.
Some of them simply wind up using lintels high above doors and windows as their pillows, and scaring
the living daylights out of anyone who happens to peek in on them.

Rokuro-kubi women are often unlucky in love, frightening their new husbands away when the men discover
their wives' unnerving nocturnal abilities.

Hmm.. Obviously Yokai Syndrome is a supernatural illness that can mutate the victim in various ways. Yokai Syndrome High School Dating Sim, anyone?

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STR: 8
DEX: 18
CHA: 14
CON: 10
INT: 11
WIS: 10

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+10 to deepthroat attempts

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>sucking the life energy out of people and animals, and licking up the oil of andon lamps.

>when the men discover
their wives' unnerving nocturnal abilities.
I am... intrigued.

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>Yokai Syndrome High School Dating Sim, anyone?
After seeing /tg/'s monstergirl worldbuilding, I'm convinced that you should probably convince some other group of neckbeards and grognards to go for that.
/tg/ lays the grimdark on a bit thick, your visual novel would end up looking like this.

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Oh god I've seen that movie on Masters of Horror.

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They have stats in the 3.0 book Oriental Adventures.

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Yokai Syndrome could actually be a cool setting in itself though, monstergirl stuff aside.

As in the legends, sometimes people's psychological symptoms or circumstances of their lives develop into supernatural mutations.

I had an idea like this once, about a boarding house full of people with this syndrome. Besides being neighbors they all take jobs in a "pest control" company that actually deals with supernatural animals, the kind of non-human yokai also mentioned in the places you'd read about the supernatural mutations. Things like those lightning weasels from Japanese legend. Pests, just supernatural pests.

This of course is based on the notion that mutations like an impossibly stretchy neck or having a mouth on the back of your head give some sort of practical advantage rather than just being a deformity.

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What's the metter, bro?

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Mutants And Masterminds 2e

Elasticity 2

Done. Next?

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Holy shit, Missy Eliot!

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