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Who should our queen be, /tg/?

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Lady of Pain.

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We need no queen. We have the Emprah.

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The Emperor or Cultist are the obvious choices.

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>Amy Lee


Everyone knows the queen of /mu/ is Uffie!

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Fuck you.

As for the answer knowing this board shit taste, it would be some shitty 40k character like Macha or Cultist-Chan.

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This lovely little lady here.

See filename for Origin(s).

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>No cultist-chan

Oh my god.../tg/ you aren't as shitty as I though you guys where.

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voting lady of pain, or the emprah

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Kill yourself.

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Lady of Pain
Does Miko still count?

...oh, wait. Duh. Our queen is obvious, my elegan/tg/entlemen.

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Cultist Chan, Slaanesh or Scriptarius

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I don't care what you guys say. This is my queen right here.

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>Sees /mu/
Glad I don't go there. It appears that my assumption about that board was right.

I see your Lady of Pain, and raise you the armored, knightly female. For nothing represents the White Knights of the Internet better than a sensibly armored, attractive female Knight leading the charge.

And /tg/ is full of white knights.

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I think it was set that DM Lady is Queen of /tg/ some time ago.

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Another vote for LoP.

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A cow monster girl

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Cultist-Chan has the mark of Chaos Ascended now. That makes her our Queen.

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My vote.

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Oh no no no.

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How about Fulgrim or Sanguinius?

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This, because he is the only right answer. She represents everything there is to love about /tg/, especially /d/

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Accept no substitutes.

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>>8667633 Glad I don't go there. It appears that my assumption about that board was right.

Somebody must have snuck her in (whoever she is) while the Gaga and Yo-Landi factions were fighting it out.

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Considering /transgender/ how about sasha?

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Any answer other than Lady of Pain or Slaanesh is either a faggot or a troll.

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I don't even know who that is, but I like her look. I vote this.

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ITT: planescape enthusiasts vs.40kids

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Because she makes learning fun.

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Seriously though, Slaanesh.

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Cultist Chan

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you forgot /v/ and their ruler, Lady Gaga

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i vote cultist chan

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A floating DMPC that isn't female vs another being that is definitely not female. Hm. Well Slaanesh certainly is the "queen" of /tg/

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cultist-chan ftw.

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I'd say Lady of Pain, but that'd be like electing the gravity to be your queen. I vote that we remain a loose collection of autonomous city-states tending towards a republican form of government, occasionally warring and/or trading with one another.

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This epic level bard can be our queen.

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She first appeared to ask for advise on DMing in DnD.

Then it appeared that she likes Stalker and cyberpunk, among some other /tg/ related things I can't recall now.

That's /tg/ enough for me.

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Good sirs, I wish to nominate myself, simply for the sake of exhilaration, I know of course I will not win.

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Slaneesh isn't female, and as such can't be a queen. Female-ish doesn't count.

Now Velma, on the other hand...

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You have my vote.

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I vote for the Sergal. I hope this will bring me favor from it.

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/tg/ - Classical Greece.
You know, you just described /tg/ perfectly.

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This is our queen.

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>implying /tg/ needs a queen.
-4 STR

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Or medieval Italy. Whichever, really.

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I'd be OK with this, but she's not really /tg/-related in the same way that Nanael here is (the gamebooks were made long before the anime, after all)

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Remember Macha?

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She's already the queen of /x/, you tool.

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I may be a total newfag, but what rp is this?

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no, they don't. they just know from LCB being retold over and over again.

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If gravity was an extremely touchy god instead of an impersonal force, I suppose.

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No, I remember her. She's just utterly unsuitable and would neglect all her queenly duties to unsuccessfully pursue the royal prerogative.

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the red head from the guild i would thing,

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Cher is the Empress?!

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I say we elect one of our own. A character of our own creation. One who has appeared in virtually every facet of our board's interests. And one who feeds waffles to kay-oss.

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>Trolls implying Cultist is good for anything

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We don't need royalty.

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This whole thread is retarded.

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Has she always been so flat chested or is that her young version?

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>Trolls implying Cultist isn't good for anything

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It would be nice to a /tg/ character rather than a char from some vidya game. Not that I don't like video games.

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is this really being asked? I mean, cultist-chan is the obvious choice.

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Queen of /tg/ reporting for duty!

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>skulls for nipples

Wat.-hammer 40k.

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How can you not love cultist...

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Nevermind. Found it.

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God she's so ugly.

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she's so tight and athletic looking there, I want to see her raped by pirates

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It's here! Spring the trap!

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the non john shlick tau

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Even though she's a FUCK STUPID piece of fluff, it's either Lady of Pain or Cultist.


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>Spring the trap!
But... Slaanesh has already been posted!

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Right away, captain!

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Not a roleplaying game, but a series of gamebooks called Queen's Blade. Each player picks a character, then you flip to another page based on the choices you picked. Also, clothing damage. There's also an online single-player version that you can try out but I can't remember the URL right now.

A rather mediocre fanservice anime based on the gamebooks was made recently, 2 seasons + some OVAs. The characters are fun and quirky and the voice acting was surprisingly good, but the writing kind of sucked in general.

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Is anyone keeping a tally? Hold on... I'll take a count, but I forgot how to expose samefags so somebody better check my numbers.

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Slaanesh only has one tit, get it straight.

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Come ooooooooonnnnnnnnn-

Hyu knohe hyu luve hrer.

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If you had put some Chicken Strips in there I may have been tempted.

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My vote goes to Her Serenity.

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>attempting to tabulate from anons

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I nominate Blackheart. Put him in a dress and he could pass for a girl.

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Are you sure? I though that was just some of her daemons. Do they ever actually show any of the Chaos gods in canon?

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>Lady of Pain.

I'd say all three of them, each representing one important aspect of /tg/ (dnd, vidya, w40k).

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All the posts that agree with one character are samefags.

To prove my point, check this out. I think Tohsaka should be the queen of /tg/, for no reason.

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Ruby from Ruby's Quest.

God damn.

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trap or fuuka

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Oh, cultist-chan can tag along LoP, but she gets made the court jester.

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What do you mean, "no reason"?

She's perfect. Another vote for Tohsaka.

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There's RT-era pictures out there that I don't have saved.

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Heresy smells of bacon?
Is the Imperium like... Islamic?

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Tousaka is awesome. Totally /tg/ material.

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Alice Marigold. Think about it, for a second. She's effectively the personification of /tg/.

Horrible social skills. That one friend that always is a bit of a bitch, but, you've known one another forever. Makes, paints, and builds her own figs.

It all fits.

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Rin for queen.

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Oh ho good sir, you are not the only one who possess the girl version of the sex face meme.

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"Hey! Cultist! Where did you put Soth's Manreaper! He has to have it tomorrow! Dranon yelled to cultist. "Mastoor, it ees over there. Whee cleaned it too. Is Mastoor happy now?" she asked. Dranon looks at the table where cultist pointed. There it was, Soth's shining Manreaper.

"Yeah whateve..." Dranon stopped at the middle of sentence, and looked at the Manreaper. It was clean, shining without any diseases, plagues or rot. Cultist had cleaned it so it was completely useless now. "Okay. That's it. I've had enough. Hey asswipe, get your worthless ass here right now!" Cultist ran to Dranon as fast as she could, looking at Dranon with smile that showed all her pointy teeth, like she was expecting for some kind of reward.

"Yes mastoor?" she asked. Dranon gave her stern look, and pulled his half-erected manhoof from his pants. "Its your time to say hello to Dranon junior." Cultist gasped and then blushed. "Whee..." she tried to say but Dranon interrupted her. "We either please Khorne or Slaanesh, I don't care which, so the choice is yours" Dranon said, chainsword in other and dick in other hand. "Slaanesh..." cultist replied submissively.

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> Picking Imoen over Shodan to represent /tg/'s vidya aspect.

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Rin Tohsaka is the official queen of /tg/. We decided on this ages ago.

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Why can't we agree that we're just /d/ and make is Slaanesh.

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"Fine. Get on your knees." he commanded and cultist did as she was told to do. Dranon ripped her skirt away, and found himself staring in cultist tight ass. "Damn that Slaanesh..." he thought.

He placed her hands on cultist’s lower back and slowly, expectantly ran them down over the girl's lower back, onto her firm behind. Unable to keep himself from smiling a gleeful, wild smile, Dranon adjusted the position of her slender legs and, with each of her thumbs, pulled the girl's cheeks apart.

Cultist tensed. She knew what was coming from the moment her master’s thumbs had dug into the meat of her behind and pulled it apart. She had never, ever tried this before, and now this.. This thing would be the first to take her ass? She shook her head, her hands balling up into fists. There was nothing, absolutely nothing she could do.

Dranon had, finally it seemed, placed the tip of his hugely thick cock against cultist’s sphincter. In quiet resignation and beginning resolve to make it through this as well, the young cultist stared out over the warp, trying to ignore the monster behind her playing with her cheeks, trying to squeeze the huge cock between cultist’s buttocks, a task that was quite impossible due to the simple fact that the head of it was almost as big as one buttcheek.

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I vote for Rin, because she is mai waifu.

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It seemed almost as if that thing had become larger, but cultist quickly got other things on her mind as his master’s big and strong hands ran to her waist, where they latched on in a vice-like grip. Half a second later, cultist felt as if someone was trying to force a chair up into her ass. Her rear was pushed inwards as Dranon gradually put more pressure on the huge cock. It was uncomfortable, but not painful as such. The pressure was mounting, and the young cultist was beginning to writhe uncomfortably, but there was no pain.

Then, it seemed as if something within her let go, and the pressure against the outside of her small, tight ass abated, only to be replaced with pressure inside as her pelvis bones began to creak and move, her insides rearranging to make room for the huge cockhead that was lodged inside cultist’s ass. In a delayed reaction, pain lashed through her body almost as if an earthquake had hit her and only her, the force seeming to dwindle only preciously little as the sickening pain continued lashing through her form, culminating in an insane scream of complete agony.

With the frenzy of someone fighting for their survival, cultist clawed at the ground in front of her, screaming and sobbing, legs kicking and hitting Dranon’s back. None of it slowed his master down. He kept still, in his mind likening himself a little to the center of a tornado, almost meticulously watching that thick meat force into the struggling girl’s small ass. It was a delight, feeling how he would add almost a third to cultist’s weight just by forcing this cock into her ass.

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Oh look a troll thread let me just go past thi-

>124 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

jesus fuck you guys are pathetic sometimes

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It was a delight watching how her body almost seemed to be eating up the wide, pulsing cock, so stretched was it. There were almost no buttcheeks left to be seen, cultist’s hips and pelvis had moved outwards as five massive inches of cock had been forced in after the cockhead. Just for this occasion, Dranon had let this cock grow to twenty two inches and let it become about two inches thicker. It would kill cultist, or it would have if not for the exceptional receptiveness this girl had shown for Dranon’s cum. The girl fed on it readily, and it helped her get over things that had easily killed previous lovers.

Gradually the kicking against Dranon’s back died down. He kept a steady pace, forcing her wide, veined, much too large cock into cultist’s stretching ass at about an inch every ten seconds. This meant that after about two full minutes, the entire, pulsing cock was hilted in cultist, who at this point had lost most of the sensation in her lower body.

It was no problem for Dranon to hilt himself completely in his submissive victim, pelvis against butt, so much had the cock pushed cultist’s pelvis and thighs out of shape. The sobbing, writhing form under Dranon that was now almost a third cock was still feebly trying to claw forward, mouth hanging open, spittle hanging from chin and strands of hair, her eyes at once wild and absent. Her insides had been pushed around, bones bent, so impossibly much pain had been inflicted on her in the last three minutes that she had lost touch with reality for the time being.

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Yeah. I've really gotta go with her or cultist-chan.

>> No.8668124

I'd go with either cultist or a sister... but there is no real individual recurring sister.

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Dranon leaned forward, releasing his grip of the girl’s bulging waist, instead placing one hand flat on cultist’s back and the other on the sand to the side. Keeping the body below his in place, he began slowly, deliberately pulling his huge dick backwards, out, until about half of it was outside cultist’s abused body.

In a long, fluid movement, her master pushed eleven inches of thick cock into cultist’s ass, spending just twenty seconds this time. He repeated the movement, setting up a slow pace. As the minutes passed, his speed had now approached the brutal speed of pounding those eleven inches of cock into cultist’s ass in two, then finally.. One second.

The young woman was in shock. She felt every jolt of insane, all-consuming pain, but she could no longer react. She was drooling, gradually being pushed forward through the sand from the force of Dranon’s pounding, all the power she could muster was reaching a shaking, claw-like hand forward, digging fingers into the sand in a feeble attempt at dragging herself away from the torture and into sweet, oblivious nothingness.

Nothing happened, except the rhythmic, crushing pace of Dranon’s cock thrusting in and out. Even as he grunted and the meat started quaking in orgasm, he never stopped thrusting in and out. Hot, sticky cum blasted into cultist as that huge shaft just kept plowing in and out, in and out.. until the orgasm abated.

Dranon was finally breathing heavily now, as the cum-smeared, pulsing cock slowly left cultist’s insides. At last, only the first half of the head was left inside the girl’s abused body. Her master reached a hand forward and grabbed a handful of cultist’s hair, pulling the girl’s head backwards while he leaned forward himself, whispering while panting. ”That.. was... the beginning. Now... we start... for real.”

>> No.8668131


If we are arguing for no good reason, my vote goes to Rider. Bookworm, cook, she can drive ANYTHING...she's perfect. Also, dem fucking hips.

>> No.8668134

Rin is a mage. That means she is a made of magic.

That means she embodies everything /tg/ is.

Keep shining, you sparkly diamonds.

>> No.8668136

He held cultist by her hair for a while longer, pressing finger to cultist’s teary, drool-covered, bruised face before leaning up again. He kept a hold of the soft, sticky hair with one hand, the other hand pushing veined shaft down.

As hot, viscous cum started leaking past the huge cock, Dranon edged a finger under cultist’s ring muscle and, with a little help from the cum, managed to widen the opening just enough for the rock hard shaft to make room for itself and glide in again. Cultist was barely able to use her legs, yet was held up on her knees by a combination of the huge cock in her ass and the firm grip of her dark brown hair.

Behind this abused girl sat a bigger, older chaos space marine with monstrous cock jutting from her pelvis, clearly in the process of impaling the girl halfway kneeling in front of her. Powerful scent of Dranon’s first explosion of cum was carried on the wind far into the woods, and the full curves of the rapist’s victim jiggled ever so slightly with every trembling movement.

Cultist’s pelvic bone was flattened, her sides bulging, her body stretched so far that her feminine form was only vaguely visible around her ass. With a firm grip of her minion's hair and one hand gripping the grotesquely bulging waist, the veiny, thick, unrelenting cock was forced inwards, into cultist. The young woman’s vision began swimming, then failed completely for a few seconds, her hearing coming and going, breathing rasping.

Her mind had shut down the pain, she could clearly feel the indescribable agony wracking her body, yet she could do nothing. She could not react. Her mind was trying to rationalize this, trying to cope. Cum leaked from her stretched ass as the massive twenty two inch monster were forced into cultist’s body, the girl’s front beginning to bulge just above her belly as the cock began to near hilting.

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Vote for Tohsaka.

>> No.8668143

In another, nearby world, cultist was halfway kneeling, her eyes closed and her mouth open in a moan. Her arms were reaching back to her own ass, holding it open as Dranon’s cock were driving into the young woman’s behind. One hand held cultist’s hair in a demanding grip, the grip of a master, while the other was playing with the woman’s clit. Slowly, as gently as such a huge girth would allow, this Dranon pressed the cock all the way into cultist, the girl arching her back as much as the cock would allow, as pleasure wracked her.

After another blink of her eyes, cultist was back on the beach, cum dripping from her gaping ass, her face once again covered in drool and tears. Finally, her voice returned to her, her body convulsing, a rasping, desperate scream sounding over the abandoned beach as the huge, thick cock were thrust into her ass once again, the first of a series of hilting thrusts that left cultist completely powerless and sobbing with a pain so intense that she could feel nothing else in the world.

Her vision had reddened, scream upon helpless scream sounding as her front bulged and sucked in time and time again, the massive cock pumping in and out without pause. Then, for what seemed like a fraction of a second, Dranon hesitated. He was sweating, gasping for air, on the verge of his second orgasm, but he hesitated.

He had stopped in the middle of a brutal thrust, now.. he began to pull back. Then the moment was over, and he brutally forced himself to the hilt into the small, abused body impaled on his cock, gritting his teeth as she convulsed, the cock sending one, two, three huge bursts of sperm into cultist.

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-4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR -4 STR

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Lady of Pain for Queen.

>> No.8668152

You should get a drawfag to make a picture of a female servitor for our queen. It would serve to show how you are all mindless drones.

>> No.8668156

Cultist was out of any semblance of will or strength, and collapsed back on her stomach, thick cum oozing her from her gaping ass. Permanent damage had been inflicted to her psyche on this beach, she was vaguely aware of that before she fell off the precarious edge of conscience she had been balancing on the last minute, into the embrace of darkness.

It had been ten minutes since Dranon had had his last orgasm. "Time to get up" Dranon said to cultist. No reaction. "Get up!" Dranon repeated, raising his voice. Still no reaction. "Hey. Are you fucking deaf?" Dranon said, silently laughing to his joke. Dranon poked cultist with tip of his boot. No reaction. She was dead. Again. "Fuck!". "Shes gone." Dranon covered his head to his palm.

"She's gone." he thought again. "Wait...shes gone! She's gone! SHE'S FINALLY GONE!" Dranon yelled cheering, without noticing that he had in fact started to yell aloud. "Oh well...at least for some time. Guess she will obey me better next time..." "Now that she's gone (for awhile) I can do what ever I want." he realized. Dranon was still for a moment. "Oh what the hell," he thought, lighted cigar and went to sleep.

>> No.8668157

/tg/ doesn't need a queen.

We have our own mythology that expands multiple systems and multiple genres.

Everyone else is sorely lacking, which is why they need a queen.

>> No.8668164

Tripfag vote for Rin.

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>> No.8668187

From Kodomo no Jikaan?

>> No.8668192

Your official queen.


>> No.8668195



>> No.8668210

ANYTHING. Ride ANYTHING. Also, she does not seem to be adverse to threesomes.

>> No.8668220

cultist chan is probly the most relevant to the board, which will annoy the 40k haters, which is perfect.

>> No.8668239 [DELETED] 


>My face upon discovering that I've fapped to Eve Wyrwal many times in her different looks and been completely unaware it was the same girl.

>> No.8668255

I don't think /tg/ really has any need for a queen, but I know who the best choice for pet is...

>> No.8668271

~Get Up.~

Something intruded on blissful nonexistence. Cultist tried to ignore it but slowly other things began to impinge upon her lack of awareness as well.

~Get Up. I Will Only Say It One More Time.~

The other things were soft, strange noises, sighs, breaths, quiet screams, strange liquid noises and terrible grinding sounds. She resisted, her awareness of pain slowly becoming something harder and harder to ignore.

There was a flare of not-light and things broke inside her head and body, agonizing pain and intense pleasure wrapping themselves in thick, unbreakable coils around her shattered soul and broken body.

~That Is Better.~

>> No.8668274

>> No.8668279


I fucked the last name up, didn't I.

>> No.8668290

come on guys, who can you possibly be a fa/tg/uy and not admit that cultist-chan is the most relevant of /tg/'s creations and persona and the obvious choice as a "queen?"

>> No.8668291

Thread ended here.


>> No.8668296

You worgot to include the queen of /lit/.

>> No.8668313

>> No.8668328

Because Boxxy is /b/'s queen in that picture and not even /b/ likes her. Therefore relevance is irrelevant.

>> No.8668337

tali is queen on /v/

>> No.8668352

I think cultist would be a nice queen to keep give the Imperium another thing to bitch about.

>> No.8668372

So, he has a blood angels insignia riding on his cock?


>> No.8668381

Darkness surrounded the little red haired girl as she sat on a throne made of dimly glowing crystal and thick veins of obsidian. She was wearing a simple white shift, and had both of her arms wrapped about one leg, drawn up to her chest. Her other foot, though hanging from the edge of the massive throne, did not touch the floor.

~You Are Something Else. I Had Expected you To Simply Accept That, But Even The Most Wanton Follower Has Some recourse.~ Cultist shook, her body still burning from whatever had been done to her. She wasn't sure if it hurt or felt good. Darkness surrounded her and the other girl, except for the throne and a small area around it. Things moved in the darkness, and the sounds were becomign more intense now.

~You Belong To Me. You Always Have. These Upstarts Do Not Even Know What They Truly Are. It Is A Pathetic Existence Eked Out Of The Ignorance of Their Own Limitations.~

Cultist Shivered. She believed in the Gods of Chaos, but this was....different. Alien.

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>> No.8668393

That is because /b/ is not defined by who posts on it like other boards are but by its cancer.

>> No.8668400

>> No.8668401


I will agree with this, at least.

Why not a chubby Saber, though? i mean, just look at her~

>> No.8668405


Yes, I can argue that Cultist has absolutely no place in /tg/. Easily in fact.

She is a naive, 2-dimensional character that represents nothing more than the creepy manner in which the people who actually bother to care about 40k fluff take their mental defects and pour them into poorly rendered female forms. Out of all the 40k characters that /tg/ has made content for, Cultist-chan is the least like her actual in-game counterparts, and effectively exists in a strange form of limbo, not truly belonging in 40k and not belonging in any other game.

She is a shit character that is a forced meme, and will die eventually in the same manner that Macha did, when the three people that spam her will finally grow tired and just let her disappear. None of her stuff has any repost value, and her disappearance will mark no great change in /tg/.

She is not simply unnecessary. She is absolutely useless.

>> No.8668410

/lit/ has dibs on her.

>> No.8668427


>She is a naive, 2-dimensional character that represents nothing more than the creepy manner in which the people who actually bother to care about 40k fluff take their mental defects and pour them into poorly rendered female forms.

So she perfectly represents what most fa/tg/uys usually do on this board.

>> No.8668430

Remember me?

>> No.8668432

Yes, it's Margatroid.

>> No.8668447


It would be a shame it he wouldn't.
After all, we need to emphasize the iconic Blood Angel imagery in the model design.

>> No.8668465

Like Lance Armstrong, /b/ is defined by its cancer.

>> No.8668473

>perfectly represents what I do.

He thinks he can speak for anyone other than himself!

>> No.8668476

>>i mad

>> No.8668503

I vote Noh or Imoen.

>> No.8668517


No, I am forced to disagree.

>> No.8668525


>> No.8668527

The girl watched Cultist with eyes the color of blood, and for a moment she thought it was an avatar of the Blood God, but there was a strangeness to her. Well, there was a strangeness to them all, of course. Her scattered wits slowly coalesced around the idea that this might not be the Eye of Terror.

~You Are Terribly Perceptive. Loyal To a Fault. And So Very Earnest. You May Have a Gift.~

The girl slid off the throne, affording cultist a very brief glimpse of what lay under the shift as she did so. Cultist only found it odd, not interesting or alluring - especially after what Dranon had done to her.

The little girl smiled and reaches out, into the darkness which circled and writhed over her hand. She smiled down at Cultist, and her teeth were razor sharp, sharks teeth. ~But It Is Not A Gift For You....~ The girl swung her hand forward, and the massive blade of coruscating rainbow glass slid halfway through her body, cutting off all breath and making her heart burst. The flesh knitted even as the little girl spilled black power down the blade, pouring a touch of her realm into Cultist's body.

>> No.8668528

Isn't there a guy named Chink that posts a recurring character?

>> No.8668535

No. . .h

>> No.8668606

Hwee ahseept howor qweeensheep, /tg/.

>> No.8668635

~Give That To Your Master For Me,~ the little girl commanded and Cultist tried to scream and the black, tarry light filled her body, spileld from her mouth and nose like a torrent of blood. The gril pulled the massive blade back and tossed it behind her. Some THING slowly gathered the discarded weapon and just seeing it blasted white hot agony through Cultist's already broken mind.

~It Will Be Amusing To See How He Reacts To That....~ The ancient goddess of Chaos murmured as she clambere donto her throne, several naked woman with flowing red hair and sharks teeth slowly settling about the throne as she curled into it. Turning over she watched Cultist's body being drawn into the darkness that spilled from every orifice.

~Back To Your Personal Hell, My Pretty, And Your Great Big Dog Too.~ Xiombarg smiled slowly, her eyes glinting mischievously.

~We Will See How Delightful It Becomes Next Time.~

>> No.8668645

it should be CREEEEEEEEED

>> No.8668649


Damnation and hellfire. Thank you.

>> No.8668650

Dranon's Delight is smalltime.

>> No.8668669

Lady of Pain would make me happy but I suspect the majority of disphits on /tg/ would pick cultist-chan

>> No.8668679

god its like I'm on /a/ or something

>> No.8668683

Democracy's a bitch.

>> No.8668691

Also, turns people that bother you to stone. Fun.

>> No.8668694

Oooh, /o/, you kinky bastard.

>> No.8668733

gotta be Cultist Chan

it just has to be

>> No.8668746

worst form of government

>> No.8668769

yea I prefered when I could kill if I was high enough

>> No.8668773

is there such a thing as having lots of Queens? let's do this Narnia style and just have the entire female cast of Fate Stay Night as our Queens.

>> No.8668793

Our queen is dual.

>> No.8668806

/tg/ can't have a queen because it's composed of four main crowds.
D&D fans who support the Lady of Pain
40k fans who support the Emprah
Trolls who support whatever shitty thing comes to mind (cultist, random animu char, etc)
And people who don't give a shit.

>> No.8668838

Femprah of Pain Through Trolling?

>> No.8668839

You can still do that.

>> No.8668850


drawfags I summon thee !

>> No.8668855

Delicious halfcorpse queen.

>> No.8668859

I'll allow it

>> No.8668860


>> No.8668868

We want Sarah to be our Queen!

>> No.8668875

rolled 1 = 1

So either Lady of Pain (1) or the EMPRAH! (2).
Flipping coin.

>> No.8668876

Even better. >:3

>> No.8668883

Fuck yeah, its like a threesome every time!

>> No.8668887

Why hasn't she been mentioned yet?

This is her face.

>> No.8668891


that's gonna give me fucking nightmares.

>> No.8668900


This is acceptable.

>> No.8668904

No one likes you.

>> No.8668906

Fuklaw is our queen.

>> No.8668909


>> No.8668913

Where is that from?

>> No.8668922

Starcraft 40k

>> No.8668924

touhous were here
all other women can go to hell

>> No.8668925

>> No.8668927

We need more Taokaka for queen.

I have no idea why.

>> No.8668928


>> No.8668940


>> No.8668946

>>trolls win, flawless victory.

>> No.8668948

I agree for no reason I can fathom.

>> No.8668951


>> No.8668963

i hate you people

>> No.8668976

rolled 19 = 19


>> No.8669028

Sexually frustrated social outcast

>> No.8669055

Cultist Chan, and no other!

>> No.8669063


That armour isn't tactical.

>> No.8669066


>> No.8669070

>queen of /mu/ Amy Lee

Was there actually any consensus on that? I wouldn't know, as I avoid /mu/ like the plague.

Why not Uffie, MIA, Lady GAGA, PJ Harvey? Shit, (almost) anyone one else would be a better candidate.

>> No.8669086

I love how that doesn't take into account that most of the posters in this thread are posting again and again.

>> No.8669092

Because the queen thread was designed by a troll?

>> No.8669097


> avoiding /mu/ like the plague.
> father nurgle is disappoint.

>> No.8669105

I would like some mustard and pretzels with my Sandwich.

>> No.8669109


>> No.8669122


+1 vote for Rin.

>> No.8669133

You know what? I agree with you.

Another vote for Rin.

>> No.8669142

Voting on 4chan? Why not?
+1 vote for Rin.

>> No.8669150

Do not want!

>> No.8669155

Anyone who doesn't vote for the absolutely random character Rin doesn't understand the true nature of /tg/.

>> No.8669170

She's fucking adorable!

>> No.8669183

God Rin is so awesome. She's the only queen for me.

>> No.8669184


You use Internet Explorer and McAfee.

Your numbers are invalid.

>> No.8669185

There is no acceptable alternative.

>> No.8669190

Bumping with more Rin votes! Fuck yes, the original tsundere!

>> No.8669194

+1 Sandwich

>> No.8669198

pretty sure samefag

>> No.8669199


+1 for Rin. Love me some Magic Tsundere.

>> No.8669206

Tohsaka is so awesome. Only real choice here.

>> No.8669207

oops missed one

>> No.8669212


It's called subtlety...

>> No.8669226


Not quite. I don't know about the rest, but I'm 99, and not a Samefag.

>> No.8669241

why can't we have some sort of /tg/ lesbian harem kingdom, were better then the other boards, we deserve this

remove rin though

>> No.8669243

Imoen it is.

>> No.8669246

I didn't know Rin was an option.

Now that I know, who else could we possibly pick? And I say we, because I know we all love Tohsaka more than anyone.

>> No.8669261

While I'd like to vote for Sandwich or Rin, Cultist-chan is really the face of /tg/. Well, the face that isn't either fat and neckbearded or skinny and longhaired.

>> No.8669265

I made one of those posts.

>> No.8669277

rin is faggotshit

>> No.8669281

possibly xcom related guro?

>> No.8669284

Lol, I only made this post.

>> No.8669289


>> No.8669290

samefag denial

>> No.8669293

If "cultist-chan" is the face of /tg/ they should just shut this shit board down.

>> No.8669310


So, Imoen then?

>> No.8669316

Wait, what? How the hell is Tohsaka even a contender? No one talks about her on /tg/ at all.

And because of that, I think she should be the queen! She's perfect!

>> No.8669326

its a samefag-a-balooza

>> No.8669344


Cultist-Chan Crusader detected.

Can't accept that multiple people accept Rin as their lord and saviour?

Some of those posts were made too close together to be allowed by the flood prevention. So unless your samefag is using multiple PCs...

>> No.8669347


We don't play the shitty games other boards play. Just helping this shitty thread die.

>> No.8669349

It's cute watching the cultist-guy get all huffy and samefag.

I agree with everyone else that has said Rin Tohsaka should be the queen of /tg/. It only makes sense.

>> No.8669360

saging for High tier faggotry of the worst kind.

I know sage does nothing, its the principle of the thing. /tg/ I am disappoint.

>> No.8669362

I vote cultist.

>> No.8669363

You're not a true fa/tg/uy if you don't love Rin.

>> No.8669364

I like her better when she's in her uniform.

Zettai Ryouki is just too hot, and hers is perfect A-grade.

>> No.8669367

i fucking hate cultist-chan
and all you have to do is wait 10 sec to stop flood detection

rin sucks shit

>> No.8669381

The only way to decide is a porn flood.

>> No.8669386

I like cultist >_> I dont even know who this Rin girl is

>> No.8669387

this is worse then any flare thread, whoever wins this
culist due to faggots
or rin do to samefags
it doesn't matter

>> No.8669391


>> No.8669397

This thread needs more Tousaka.

>> No.8669399

There is no way to decide and no decision is valid.

>> No.8669405

>> No.8669409

Why the fuck not?

As a queen, she'll be easy to keep in check.

>> No.8669411

Who the fuck is Rin?

>> No.8669414

Rin-chan is mai waifu.

>> No.8669419

yknow /tg/ turning into /v/ slowly has been hapening for a while now. But now /b/ shit like Queens?
Fuck this board,seriously.

>> No.8669420


Rin = /a/.

If you choose Rin /a/ wins.

>> No.8669424

im dumping touhou on this shit thread

>> No.8669432


Rin is S GRADE Zettai Ryouiki. The only one on record. It was purely theoretical before her.


>>Rin Tohsaka in Fate Stay Night. Let's see... 57 cm stockings: check. Double pigtail: check. Tsundere: check◊. Yes, Rin Tohsaka is Grade S!

>> No.8669434

I vote pelonia

>> No.8669436

>> No.8669440

>Character originating from a visual novel
> /a/
Ha ha, nice try.

>> No.8669451

God I love Rin. She really is all that /tg/ is.

How wonderful.

>> No.8669461


>> No.8669462

adeptus mechanicus

tech priest

>> No.8669468

use the samefag thingy to prove they are samefags

>> No.8669469


Glory to the Despoiler!!

>> No.8669470

This thread is an embarrassment.

>> No.8669476

Another vote for Tohsaka! She's the only one that absolutely everyone on /tg/ loves! She is truly the queen of our hearts! SHE IS THE ONLY ONE. THE ONLY ONE. THE ONLY ONE.

>> No.8669479

uh-oh internet connection worsening
but i must dump on shitty thread

>> No.8669483

Well thats ok. /tg/ into /v/ I mean. Because as games age they become traditional OR the game is based on a traditional game subject. Thats A OK! Moot as said as much directly.

But this shit IS NOT OK. FUCK OFF BACK TO /b/ faggots

>> No.8669497

Rin for queen.

>> No.8669498

Ragozina is the queen of /fit/ by right of birth.

>> No.8669503

A lack of Morrigan?

/tg/ I am Disappoint.

And she does not approve.

>> No.8669507

Rin is also the only girl who gives a shit about your painting.

>> No.8669508

>> No.8669509


I can one better. Rider in Rin's uniform.

>> No.8669512


How can Gentlemen be samefagging? Gentlemen implies multiple whereas same implies one.

>> No.8669514

All cultist votes are samefags. Don't even pretend.

>> No.8669522


>> No.8669525

BY all rights and logic, it should be cultist-chan.
But I'm going to vote for Rin anyway, because that's what everyone else is doing.

>> No.8669528

two people can be samefagging as 12 people

>> No.8669534

That was just a /v/ meme that bled over.

>> No.8669537

I actually legitimately approve of Rin as our mascot. She's pretty, intelligent, and everything /tg/ is not.

>> No.8669542

/tg/ being what it is, deserves 9 queens, one for each alignment.

>> No.8669554


This is an anonymous board. Using your logic I submit that every vote other than those for Rin are made by the samefag who keep calling out Rin supporters for samefagging.


>> No.8669568

No, by rights and logic, Tohsaka is the only choice.

Fuck cultist. Hail Tohsaka!

>> No.8669576

9 queens, none of which actually have defined alignments simply because we'd argue about it for days on end.

>> No.8669591

>> No.8669593

Urist Borushdumat should be our Queen, ruthless, crazy, dedicated to getting things done, lives in a self made cave...

>> No.8669596

I approve of this Rin.

>> No.8669606

Chalk up another for Sergal.

I always kinda like the bastard.

>> No.8669622

Quick, explain this.

>> No.8669623

And now she's a tech priest.

>> No.8669663

cultist and rin (who?) will never be as popular as pic related

>> No.8669664

This thread sucks horsecocks! God dammit, I've NEVER been so dissapointed /tg/!

>> No.8669676

I find it amazing how well this thread showcases how much is wrong with daytime /tg/

>> No.8669702

>> No.8669724

its almost midnight here

>> No.8669741

>> No.8669751

I request the picture of Arcueid in big! Please?

>> No.8669812

>> No.8669847

Yes, because most of /tg/ is european.

>> No.8670023

>> No.8670082

Is /tg/ not entitled to its own queen?
"Choose Lady of Pain" cry the D&D fags ", for she is is the DM".
"Choose Cultist-Chan" cry the 40k fags ", for she is rageworthy".
"Choose Tohsaka" cries the troll "for she is mai waifu".

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something
different. I chose the impossible. I chose...

Ayn Rand

>> No.8670115

That is /lit/'s queen.


>> No.8670540

I don't want this thread to die ;_;

>> No.8671306

>> No.8672469

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