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Here's the three choices I picked from yesterday's thread.

Also as an added bonus and to start of the thread, Knight Badass Motherfucker using his Baby flail +1 to bash some bothersome orphans.

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how about Knight Badass Motherfucker stealing money from hobos

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Anyway here's the Warforged wizard riding on a tyrannosaurus mount. Kind of cool. I got the wizard reference pic late after I had already finished it so your shit out of luck, original requester.

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A bunch of church choir boys reading exploding runes, please.

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A SM with huge pauldrons in "Haters gon' hate" pose?

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/tg/ seems kind of slow today. Guess it's that bullshit anontalk shit again. Oh joy.

Anyway here's the ranger/necromancer with a zombie wolf animal companion. I kind of gave him slavic features.

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Okay now we're talking.

Here's the "wizened old mercenary looking under his wide brim hat" with a musket and a rapier.

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Elf and housecat.

Reading something.

The cat is helping (read. is sitting on the reading material)

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An overdressed ancient witch being heckled by a bunch of talking crows.

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Also, do you want text or just the pose?

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A green space marine.
He is obsessed with tits, specially extra-heretical ones.

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fuck yeah

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Text, I guess.

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One of the strange NPCs our group has is the Poop Wizard.

He is an extremely old wizard who has godlike powers but it has corrupted his mind. He is completely insane and we found him in his forest shrine made out of feces. He has a whole miniture village with many strange landmarks all made out dry poop. He uses powerful scrolls he made when he was sane as toilet paper now.

He looks like Richard Dunn except naked and only wearing war paint made from his own shit.

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That's goddamn terrible.

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Okay dude that's gross and crazy as fuck.

Not sure if I will do this.. maybe.


I'm liking this request, how overdressed exactly? Also, generic fantasy setting?

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pot smoking DND group

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Ever read the story about the shit-lasagna bathtub saxophone flatmate?

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A hardened veteran adventurer, wearing some sort of medium armor and wielding a bastard sword and a short sword. He should be fighting and loosing a battle against a handful of rag-tag peasants wielding long pole-arm type farm equipment, pole-flails and pitchforks.

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an extremely old necromancer wearing a black hood, holding a cane with runes on it, his left hand his just bones and glows with magic aaaand he got protection scrolls attached to his clothings.

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>implying marijuana turns you into an immature manchild

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I think this is one version http://www.wyseguys.com/blog/articles/shitty_roommate_1.aspx

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>implying everyone on /tg/ isn't an immature manchild

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Draw a Gelatinous Cube in Mass Effect.

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that was just a very well-written hoax.

really fucked up though.

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Could you PLEASE draw john fucking RAMBO wearing some kind of heavy armor (just don´t cover his face), and shooting his mighty rambo bow?

Bonus points if he is killing some vietcong-elfs.

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Do you happen to have any of the requests done from last the last thread? I was hopning to see how those turned out.

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My friend as Slimy Thief.

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The Moe-Blob Man draws all stylized-like.

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Predator riding a Xenomorph horse?

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Slimy thief was an elf that put a coin in a machine that randomly selected a monster to combine her with. It choose a slime. She now can squeeze through many tight spaces and evade any constraints. Her body also inflates in places where she makes contact with water. The same happens if she drinks a lot of water

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Mr Rogers as a Nurgle worshiper or demon.

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This is evil, and we know this picture is going to be reposted over and over again now.

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A human thief announcing to everyone that he and the group's yuan-ti mage (scaly woman with tail in place of legs) are getting married while the rest of them stare on in horror.

Fill in rest of group with stereotypes of your choice, it doesn't matter.

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Glad I could help.

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This is gonna be my next one.

Moar requests please.

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I did and I posted them at the start of the thread. Here.

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A lightly golden skinned four armed Street Samurai with this haircut. She is wearing a bullet proof vest and an overcoat that hides her bottom set of arms.

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Thanks a bunch.

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I noticed this too

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I meant from the thread before it but it's all good.

An amazon woman with white skin and hair. Her hair is long and has many braids. Her eyes are dark and she wears heavy red eye shadow. Her hands up to her mid forearm are dyed completely crimson. The same goes for her feet up to her mid leg. She is wearing viciously spiked black full plate armor. An ungloved red hand rests on her horned Helmet. The helmet sits on the top of her long handled, upside down mace.

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You're making me wanna fix that.

Stop that.

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A slender, blond half-elf wearing full plate covered in blood, wounded but still raising his longsword against his foes.

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Yeah stop it you guys, it's biasphemous.

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An Ork Wild Mage who has accidentally turned another ork into a very ork looking cow.

>> No.8650503

Arabic Paladin with full body tattoos allover, ready for some Middle East themed fantasy.

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I'll do these three for tomorrow. Also some general Knight Badass Motherfucker doing something with babies, hobos, orphans or clergy or something scandalous like that.

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H3re IS tH3 MentA1Ly Il1 iyING Psy[HopatH tHIef <Hr15tOpHeR P0oL3 iN a[+ION (+urN 1T 1NTO lOW3R-CasE as{||): H+tp://wwW.An0NTAlk.<OM/dUmp/MOO+aRd.+++

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WKS 0MZf9DSvPKFV sLZIkD f V dRSH BFNlw sYYjICwz BGqIF vVk{ DE nQBq[gWJ R Hure Q0 h Gqhy5kM Nxc €scJN N LdaaaY nRu 1 KG €HqP uE c QOBM kGvp i[ qnFw EWw MGr RE F[ e+p Jm e jZQ M.

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Still on the edge about the nude shit wizard. It could turn out to be pretty neat.

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Please, at least specify gender.

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Male. If you could mix heavy knight armor + turbins/robes ect. that would be nice. Scimitar for a weapon I guess.

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Demonically possessed halfling, wielding two daggers, dressed in armour made from blackened skin. Demonic tome strapped to his belt, and raining some thunderous hellfire around him.

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A half-human barbarian wielding two oversized battle axes. He is very angry and attacking an abstract concept, or perhaps a magic spell in mid-casting. Logic should not apply.

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A 1920s flapper female Vampire.

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Ok I have a special request.
I'd like a cyberpunk looking guy, wearing 99 jackets. Infact if you could make him look like Jake Armitage from Shadowrun, that's even better. Also don't forget the Shades. I'd love the man who did that for me.

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Bone White the Necromancer and her 7 undead dwarves.

Well, 8 characters might be a bit much to draw - perhaps most of the dwarves could be partially obscured by the others?

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If I were a drawfag, I'd choose to interpret that as turbines. F year.

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Also to the requester who wanted the woman street samurai with 4 arms, punk hair and yellow skin.

Something like this or more cyberpunk?

I'll do a proper one for tomorrow.

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I'm excited to see what op has going. how drawfags are in here?

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It looks like a transvestite.

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Okay, I'm going to do 4 of the requests for tomorrow if I hopefully have the time. I really like the middle-eastern paladin character. That's interesting.

I had done something similar kind of.

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Looks more like andro, and Japanese whatever can appear to be mighty andro to people.

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Thank you for that contribution.

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They said it was a woman, not a jap.

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With a yellow skin. Gooks have yellow skin. >>8649541

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Also, I'm gonna keep posting in every drawfag thread until my 99 jackets picture is completed.
And no one will oppose me, or my 99 jackets. Not even the king.... Also a shout out to Hamfist, Orifice, and Frogtongue, the 3 best orkbros ever.

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well this is the original requester and I think it looks good. I would like to see her her arms under the coat, possibly parting it to pull out a sword or guns. She doesn't have to hid her arms from the viewer. She hides it from prying eyes. And a little more cyberpunkish would not hurt at all. It is for a shadowrun game.

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I'm coming for you. With my 99 jackets. You'll never even dent it.

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Michaelangelo Angerslash, a human bard dressed in dyed black and red hides, weilding a guitar shaped like an axe, has a longsword sheathed at his side and a longbow slung over one shoulder.

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Hey OP did you ever get around to doing this?


>> No.8650987

what is it with you and these 99 jackets. That doesn't even make sense.

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The Moe-Blob Man here.

Still working on the previous piece.

Need a small ten minute break, hand is cramping up.

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What kind of crazy ass medieval world do you live in?
Asian people have white skin, just like white people.

>> No.8651060

This was drawn yesterday for me. If the one who drew it happens to be lurking, would you happen to have a name, or a place where you post your works?

>> No.8651062

keep it real. remember your a badass.

>> No.8651079

In a live stream of Shadowrun (for the SNES) the streamer used a cheatcode to make his leather jacket (worth an armor rating of 1) worth 99. So it was surmised that he's wearing 99 jackets.

>> No.8651102

medium sized humanoid with shoulder length hair. His skin, features, and clothes (a simple kilt and boots) are pitch black, except for blue runic lines traced all over his body (they can look like however you envision them). He has no mouth, His hands are wicked claws, his eyes are a solid red. He wields a cold-iron quarterstaff.

>> No.8651109

OOOOOO got it.
and her skin is supposed to be golden not yellow or white.

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sauce on these?

>> No.8651131

I have a name. And also 99 jackets.

>> No.8651164

You didn't play my Gaga. You don't deserve a name.

>> No.8651176

I'm here http://drawfagsoftg.deviantart.com/

will be doing a pair of requests.

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I don't think I ever got my picture of a Mig-17 refitted for subeterranean combat.

Or if I did I missed it.

>> No.8651213

>Lady Gaga
>Cyberpunk future
No thanks. Maybe when she gets more cyberpunk related songs. Like a cover of 99luft balons.

>> No.8651263

a cube of purpleness blasting his purpleness (it turns you into another cube of purpleness) at...

>> No.8651268

Have you SEEN her outfits? It doesn't get more Punk than that. She's what I imagine when I think cyberpunk. Not a bunch of trenchcoat wearing neckbeards with katanas.

>> No.8651270

... a dire baby!

>> No.8651334

addendum: preferably colored so the true essence of purpleness can be expressed and admired

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Ex-generic mook guard going adventuring with his trusty crossbow and shortsword. Trimmed black hair and beard.

>> No.8651410

so he used to be generic, but now hes not?

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no tattoos to be shown. Also, be aware for I am not the drawfag who asked for gender, you might have another delivery coming.

>> No.8651909

that is not bad at all. Nice job sir. You doing other requests in the thread or movin on?

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Can you tell if that is chainmail?

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goddamn. that's kind of scary actually.

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>> No.8652181


Totally awesome anyway, I fucking love it dude. Thanks!

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anyone know? :/

>> No.8652291

The sacred blacksmith, i think.

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Hell if I know.

The Moe-Blob Man merely posts with moe.

He don't know shit about it.

>> No.8652467

niiiice. good job.

>> No.8652483

Drawfag here, time to hit the old haysack.

If your request didn't get chosen, tough luck.

thx for the practice :D

>> No.8652487

Neat, thanks!

>> No.8652563

o ok

>> No.8652608

thanks man

>> No.8652651

No problem dawg.

And, I'm taking the same route as the drawfag above me.


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