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The consequences of your actions weigh heavily on your shoulders, dragging you down to pitiable lows - and with the proof of your deeds lies cooling on the deckplate besde you, you don't think it's possible to get much lower. There's blood on your hands and you find yourself hunted by those you once called kin.

You are Xeno, Mistress of the Undying Swarm, Reaper of the Earth and Inheritor to the Lady of the Infinite Abyss... but above all, you are afraid. This was not the homecoming you expected when you once dreamt of sharing your gifts with the empire. However you came to be in this place, you awoke to find yourself a prisoner, violated by neuroelectric probes and data siphons intended to strip the wisdom of the ancients right out of your body.

Your escape was undeniably brutal, both physically and mentally, a panicked burst of violence inflicting horrendous collatoral damage on your captors. There's no more time to dwell on it, though, nor on the life cut tragically short by your actions. Your pursuers won't have given up so easily and may even now be closing in on you.

Currently, you find yourself in a spartanly furnished storage annex, although it looks woefully understocked. Bare shelves line the walls, giving the impression that the under-utilized space has never seen another living soul. You're uncertain of your whereabouts relative to the rest of the complex, save that the deck above housed the isolation lab in which you were confined. The first order of business should be to gather information.

What do?

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Join dark eldar

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fix the cloths that we cut off the earth caste and use the as a disguise

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Find computer terminal. Discern where we are and where our Tomb Ship is.

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Try to find the nearest computer terminal
We can grieve later

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write apology note in blood on the wall

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At whatever we do, we will fail.
It is our destiny.
For we have become Failcron. Worst Necron Lord Ever.

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Only if we use our own blood

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Hey! We didn't fail to murder the Dusk of Uncountable Suns!

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Guess what that tells the security team looking for us.

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But we failed to save or redeem him.

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>implying being worthy of being a lord

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Do this.

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Find computer terminal. Remove morality core. Gas everybody in the installation.

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I like it.

make sure the apology is heartfelt. we are actually sorry, but we must be going.

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You reach out with all your senses, perceiving the ebb and flow of information around you until finally settling on a particularly vibrant data shunt passing through the adjoining bulkhead. Spreading your fingers wide, you plunge your matter-disrupting talons through the ceramic plate and grasp tightly to the fiberoptic conduit concealed within.

Instantly, you're awash in code as you sort through the flood for context and significance. It takes point-oh-two-eight seconds to realize that the degree of encryption on this line won't bow to your casual interface.

Roll 1d100 to hack the network.

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>tau quest starts

>I'll post some stuff!

>posting broken

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how about all three

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rolled 41 = 41


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rolled 49 = 49

first roll

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rolled 58 = 58


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rolled 47 = 47

Brace for failure

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Okay, that worked.

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rolled 82 = 82


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rolled 82 = 82

Just barely

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rolled 36 = 36

Maim the data
Kill the data
Burn the data

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You break through the simplistic encryption without breaking a proverbial sweat, laying bare the complex's network to your influence. It seems like your captors have instituted a security lockdown intended to keep you out of their mainframe, compartmentalizing different systems into discrete logical volumes and physically isolating their associated hardware. There's no way you can take further action from here, but it does point you in the direction of the next network junction you need to infiltrate - unsurprisingly, housed in this deck's security center.

Roll 1d100

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rolled 35 = 35


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rolled 88 = 88


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rolled 51 = 51


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1 degree of success! HUZZAH!

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nice save

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rolled 64 = 64

Retcon the last episode because of you being a terrible dm.

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proceed to the next physically seperated node, to learn more. we want to learn the way out.

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My first roll today, and it's not terrible, whoo!

o fortuna, ego deprecor subrideo

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Don't worry.
If it gets really bad, we'll just roll to disbelieve

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fuch you

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The system's intrusion detection is almost, but not quite as primitive as the encryption algorithms - which is to say, easily evaded by an entity of your power. There will be no worry of pursuit tracking you to this data conduit, notwithstanding coincidental patrols.

Armed with a destination, you feel a surge of confidence that may not be entirely deserved. At least you're on your way out, soon to put this horrible place far, far behind you.

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Let's just get out of here
So many lives wasted

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Are we on a ship?

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if we see any tau try to disable them not murder them

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>laying bare the complex's network
Think not.

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fix the cloths that we cut off the earth caste and use the as a disguise to make it easier to escape

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Fail rolls, here we come.

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Really ought to leave an apology on as many screens as we can before leaving.

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I like this
Leave a note

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Seriously, stop. It's not going to work. We're better off just using our stealth skin.

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Can we take the stealthiest path out?

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We may as well say we're sorry after we find out how to get out/where the tomb is.

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Do we have that right now?

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Seriously, I don't think that disguises would work in a high tech complex, that houses a necron accessed by tau SCIENCE!

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"Sorry I attacked the unarmed, unarmored technicians without provocation.

Hugs and kisses,

Yeah, this'll go swimmingly.

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L-l-l-look at you .... tau-a-au....... W-w-wwe aaaaaarrrrrreeeeeee real-l-ly sorry sorry SOrrY soRrrrrrrrrrRYyyy.

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Well Shas has said in the chat that we do, we just haven't used it yet. So unless I've misunderstood him, yes. We do.

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Shoot at everything and everytime

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We can do that /after/ we've taken over the local public address system. And, ideally, life support.

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Flood the Enrichment Center with deadly neurotoxin.

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Of course

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But given that the synthskin is less durable than the rest of our body they might have removed it for study

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We are losing what is left of our tau-ness. we must reclaim some of it.

Find the nearest tau and wear its skin. That'll put us on the right path. Outsides are a good place to start.

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It just goes to show, we're not really Tau and we're not really Necron.

Fio Korst'la all the way baby!

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Yeeeeeeeah... shut up.

>> No.8638985

Do not wear skin that's silly

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Stop talking now.

>> No.8638995

other necrons do it all the time.

>> No.8638997

im all for flaying if we are a lunar exalt but we aren't so no

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I have to go to bed, but if you could be so kind, a -1 vote to all KILL MAIM BURN actions.

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I wonder if Shas has been driven away by the high levels of DERP and general 4chan systems failure.

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No, he's just talking to us in the chat.

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suptg's chat?

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>> No.8639076


Just put in a nickname when it asks for one and click the "go" button. Though Shas left it awhile ago.

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The quest is going on a short hiatus.

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Woah, who's the tits?

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See the pic here >>8638993

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IRC mind

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rolled 58 = 58

rolling for simulation

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Thank you very much.


Just a character the drawfag added because everybody demanded lesbians.

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Failcron's fail is so strong as to break the board.

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Original design attached. The current design is just a kitbashed Olga from Viking Quest.

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Clarify? Details?

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I love your hat. :D

>> No.8639322

Everbody loves that hat, that's the reason why we don't have it anymore ;_;

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>implying we don't.

>> No.8639351


Everybody can see our bald spot now :3

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I haven't even read the thread yet but Shas, whatever our current action is WE NEED TO BE BUILDING SOME MORE PYLONS DAMNIT.

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So...no one's curious about what happened to Drone?

>> No.8639482


mebbe find out where drone is when we hack a conduit with more system privileges

>> No.8639517

>You discover your loyal drone, now a tombspyder. Roll 1d100

rolled 100=100

Your drone has been experimented upon and is now Creed/Tzeench/Abaddon/Horus/etc.

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What are you talking about? He's on our head helping us be adorable, just like always.

>> No.8639523

We need to find some way of getting more necrodermis. Could we make it from the right components? Or do we need to scavenge from a previously existing source?

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>> No.8639554


Seeing as how he got upgraded to TOMB SPYDER, I don't think he'll fit inside your head anymore.

Actually, he never did in the first place.

>> No.8639558

Eat the rich? The are probably swimming in necrodermis.

>> No.8639631

You are drone. You are incredibly cute and currently nibbling on a wall. Suddenly, you are overcome by the desire to do something cuter.

What do?

>> No.8639664

rolled 563 = 563


We become a girl. Our objectives are to be moe and to end every sentence with ~uguu.

>> No.8639701

FYI, Shas has stated in the chat that the Tomb Spider that helped us wasn't Drone; rather all the other Scarabs we'd birthed combined to form it, thus letting Drone remain ad'awwwwable.

>> No.8640130

holydicks when did this happen
shit ive missed out on alot

>> No.8640296

Monday in the Chat.

>> No.8640390

Is the next update to this coming Thursday evening?

>> No.8640425

Wait, we're done already?

>> No.8640435


Anontalk fucked our ability to post, again.

>> No.8640497

We let them back on the internet already?

>> No.8640564

No. It's on hiatus.

>> No.8640932

Was a reason given?

>> No.8640975

Yes. He asked if people wanted to continue as it was now, since several people seemed to be unhappy about how things had been going and he himself hadn't planned on coming back this early. So he decided to put it on hold.

>> No.8641025

Thanks. I can understand his decision, the story posts are great and his characters are well done and interesting, for the most part, but the way he runs the quest itself is sub-par, in my opinion.

Anyway, it's more or less necessary to join the chat to get any idea what's going on in the future, isn't it?

>> No.8641060

How does shas do things differently? Dosn't seem so different than any other quest to me,

>> No.8641104


I simply don't like his way of determining success.
Win<50<fail<100 is just something that is not enjoyable to me.

>> No.8641140

[spoliersdon'tworkon/tg/]I'm a little too.[/spoliersdon'tworkon/tg/]

>> No.8641141


Undead Monstrosity, of Vampire Bride Quest fame, has, for example, been much better at incorporating multiple, often contradicting, suggestions into his story posts.
With Shas it's often a matter of "first-come, first-served" if we have to decide on an action (roll 1d100, declare an action).

>> No.8641183

That was only for that one roll. For others there are different difficulty rates. For saving Tau Girl, we needed 50 or below, with each increment of 10 below making her more and more whole. For other, simpler things we might only need a 70. He doesn't do a flat 50/50 all the time.

Seems to be the case. Though it's worth joining just for the conversations.

>> No.8641362

It dosn't really help that even when he says first three we get a flood of retards. Sometimes I think there are people who deliberately try and sabotage the quest. Like those noko rollers we had in some of the last threads.

>> No.8641399

Most of Vampire Bride Quest was an unbearable heap of MAIM BURN KILL too, but a brief visit to tgchan has made this a lot more tolerable.
If I had found a reasonable solution, I would be running my own quest by now.

>> No.8641407


I don't think that neko rolling does anything.


>> No.8641494

It trolls people who don't realize that it was a noko roll. Like in the last thread with the noko 11 when the real roll was in the 60s.

>> No.8641533


I stopped participating after that shit. Seems like that troll was partially successful.

>> No.8641553

And of course, the second something goes wrong, we have to abort and kill everyone who sees us. Fucking pussies who couldn't take a fucking risk. And we payed for it with BAD END.

>> No.8641577


Don't act as if we weren't headed there from the very beginning.

>> No.8641679

Oh, fuck you and all your ilk. UM didn't RR us until the end at the shop where we killed the owner and took his GF as another hostage. Only idiots blame him. He said from the beginning that being good would be harder than evil, because if it was easy then everyone would do it. It's because people weren't willing to go to the lengths necessary to do it that did us in.

>> No.8641760

Keep telling that to yourself if it helps you.

>> No.8641815

Scientist, is that you?

>> No.8642068

Nope, but this is.

>> No.8643590


Obvious faggot is obvious

>> No.8647650

So is this hiatus long term or will the story be continued tonight?

>> No.8647739

It shut down because everyone was unable to post last night. Provided it doesn't happen again today, I see no reason why it shouldn't continue today.

>> No.8648263

It has been happening for almost a week now. I don't think tonight will be different, sadly.

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