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I'll be playing a Rokugan-type naga in an upcoming game, and I could use a good portrait for her.

Haven't seen all that many (humanoid) naga pictures around, so I thought I'd ask here for help. If you have any, please post them. Thanks in advance! <3

What's your opinion about the Rokugan naga in general? Are they overpowered in any way? I'd hate to be labeled a munchkin, this is a purely aesthetic/flavor choice. :s

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Snake women, you say?

I think that can be arranged.

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Something less revealing would be nice. :s

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Aaaaaand I'm aroused. Fuck you, I shouldn't get excited over snake women.

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Been playing Heroes of Might and Magic III all day.

Dear god, all those monstergirls.

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yes you should

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Reported for not being 40K.

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...Guys? :/

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Reported for homo.

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Reported for reporting.

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Could be worse.

You could have a thri-kreen fixation like me.

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Reported for reporting reporting.

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Reported for.....


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It's not what it looks like, baby, I swear!

I was just... helping her clean her antennae! Right, ma'am?

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Not a single person willing to offer some help?

.../tg/, I am disappoint. :(

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I don't know what a rokugan is.

But you said something about snake girls so

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from what little i've played of L5R, most players and GMs don't particularly care for nonhumans.

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Yeah? Well fuck you too, chum.

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What do you mean? (Also, this isn't technically a L5R campaign, just a naga character in a relatively stereotypical fantasy setting.)

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Hurray! Lamia thread!

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>With 1.5 posters, yay. >_>

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sadly that's how it works around here. you'd probably get better results on /d/.

/tg/ likes to think we're a helpful, civilized board, but in reality, that only applies to warhammer and edition wars (the helpful part - civilized, not so much).

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Noooo. Mustn't... lose... faith.... :(

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I would help, It's just that I'm using a friends computer, and I don't have all my pics.

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snakes and women are two of the things that frighten me the most. Snakeladies freak me the fuck out.

But I can never not look and It creeps me out that I find this shit arousing and freaky.

I need fucking help.

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Sounds like you have yourself a case of the gay, son.

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>Unable to take the fucking hint that this shit is not wanted here.

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Upload them all to a gmail account.

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I liked the Naga, but they really didn't fit well with the Clan wars. That's why they've been reduced to Akasha and the Half-Naga, Half-Unicorn baby that'll one day be Unicorn Clan Champion (you know it to be true).

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Naga please.

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We're human. It's easy to get fucking aroused at most anything.

The question is how you let that process in your head.

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we have some boys too, if that's more to your liking

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if would be a lot easier to just post the porn

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But how would that help me with my quest?

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Get it right, they're nagas, nigger.

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help you with your what?

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gah... can't post! stupid buggy /tg/

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My quest for the perfect character picture! >:3

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FFXI has the best vidya ladies.

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you are now naked dull green bald squinty snake-lady of the unusually short halberd! rejoice, for you have found fleshy form, and can now go on to fulfill your destiny.

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Euh... thanks? Let's see what the others have before making it official though, shall we? :P

What's wrong with /tg/? It's been buggy on and off for over an hour now! Won't let me post. :s

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As far as the internets are concerned Naga and Lamia can be used interchangeably. I only use naga because that's what I learned to call them first.

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: D

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the tail is abnormally short

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Har Har.

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*weak, hopeless bump*

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Naga reporting in

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It would never work, you silly girl. You don't even have a vagoo.

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