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No thanks.

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You could at least have saged. Well then buh bye.

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Would request something but as I would be unable to save it, it would be rather pointless.

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A mighty warrior with two shortwords standing a top a horde of slain enemies.

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Chaos marauder ey? Would you mind drawing my next WFRP character?

It's a norseman. Or a norse woman... She has good quality clothes and a ragged cloak over her shoulders. She carries a slingbag, a handaxe, a few scroll tubes and a lot of amuletts. She has long hair and is a little bit below the average when it comes to muscular structure.

Also she has a cat.

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blues brothers type character in a scene from fallout 3

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A man glaring at his computer.
Then, in the second panel, that same man, except as an angry, muscle-bound barbarian, smashing his computer.
That's how I feel right now.

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a baby eating another baby

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How about a barbarian sitting before a fireplace in a chair, sipping tea and reading the news on his laptop.

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A teenage human in handmade clothes with twin machetes. He is wearing a wooden fox mask and standing on his toes. He looks dirty.

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Bad drawthread, bad!

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No horde though.

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Halfdelivery? Disappoint.

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Any one of these:

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers executing a Tau Ethereal, al Quaeda style(an aquila banner in the background would be very nice). Bonus points if the whole thing looks as if being broadcast by some Tau version of CNN and the like.

An Imperial Guardsman(any regiment)sitting on a crate with "EXPLOSIVES" written on it. There's a gasmask hanging on his neck and he's trying to smoke a lho stick. He is fully focused on the stick and his lighter.

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Hatemail? Preposterous.

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Picture for the Daemon Prince of Khorne (grimdark Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cover)

Feel free to use IMAGINATION

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Gadget Hackwrench dressed as Bridget wearing Kamina's glasses.

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Leprechaun warlock!

Failing that, female teifling dressed as a leprechaun!

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A princess wearing a dress, tied up in a chair while wearing a set of large bunny ears.

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You are very bad at following directions. So bad that it kind of looks like you're just posting files from previous drawthreads.

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sweet job

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I take it back, my disappointment faded away almost completely.

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This is good. You forgot the fireplace and the tea, and added a pipe, but you remembered the barbarian and the laptop, so hey.

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Also, is the sys server fucking up or is it just me?
Darnit, you caught me. Well I'll be damned, posting requests and dissapointingly unrelated images in response. I'll be leaving now.

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Could you draw an attractive Khornate Daemonette offering a Commissar's heart to a freaked out guardsman, with "Happy Valentine's Day!" at the bottom?

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Could you draw a terrified Sin Eater with a mullet and goatee backed up against a wall, while his geist(this guy's head with legs) bears down on him?

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Horribly defaced monument/gravestone with the phrase "HOPE RIDES ALONE" gouged into the epitaph as though by metal claws, please! Also if you feel up to it, could you include a ragged open grave below it, as though something had dug it's way out? That would be pretty jawsome.

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Belay that. Gadget Hackenwrench with Cultist-Chan's/Nurse Verity's broken blushing smile, and probably a serpentine lower body.

Holding up a large D20 in an inviting manner.

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He/it left.

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Jesus Christ the annontalk spam isn't even trying to be legible anymore.

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Nurse Verity & Cuddles trading outfits.

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Allegedly. Then posted Blues Brothers. Worth a shot.

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Wha..? Oh, right, he did. Sorry, I missed that.

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rolled 19, 6, 3 = 28

A seven foot tall ex-human mutated monstrosity. Reptilian in nature, insane and trying to speak English. Otherwise go nuts and make it a monster.

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A MIG-17 refitted for subterranean combat.

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Seconding this.

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Kobold or cutebold chefs chasing a gelatinous cube with a jello mold.

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gotta go, I'll leave you a minor WIP and will deliver next drawthread.

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An Orc bureaucrat dressed in late 18 century clothing sitting at a desk contemplating what kind of new red tape he should institutionalize to mercilessly terrorize the masses.

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Right, yes, because avatar shit and furries make everything cooler.

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Yes, yes it does.

You appear to be having difficulties with your penny farthing, good sir. Maybe you migrated away from your pedal-tricycle too soon?

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Another drawfriend here, I'll do this.

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Here ya go, mate.

She kind of looks like Fran from Final Fantasy XII with those ears.

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Esperite Kitty.

Yes, I want my fantasy transhuman cat.

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Miranda from Mass effect 2 with a huge head. She looks like a Bobble head doll and is doing her best to hold her head steady.

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That is very well done.

For my request I would hope to see the effect of a cursed item drawn out. A woman with a ridiculously thin waist. In her hand she is holding a corset. Her expression is shock due to her waist still being caricature like. She has brown curled hair and green eyes. On the other hand, her figure looks fantastic.

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Take three character sketch requests from this thread, combine them and draw a super-character.

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A xenomorph (Alien Style), creeping down a long hallway, blood dripping from its mouth. A young 'queen' variant, meaning a longer crest. It seems to be stalking prey that it has been hunting for a long while.

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Drawfriend here again. I'll draw this one.

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Draw Kirby Garrus, please.

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Drunk and bitter former drawfag here, I'm bored but I won't draw anything for you.


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I tried uploading your Orc Bureaucrat but 4chan isn't letting me...so here's a link for you if you still want it.


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Once again I show up late to a draw thread with my humble request.

A young, male human of average height clad in chainmail covered by a tabard standing with both hands on the hilt of his longsowrd, almost like a cane, a smug smirk across his face. Long, dark hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. He has sharp, angular features, almost elf-like.

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Ha ha ha. Come 'ere.

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Not the requester, but I like this enough to expand on the theme;

A goblin aristocrat at a fancy dress ball becomes increasingly annoyed, as the trays full of wine glasses carried b the servants are all above his reach.

>> No.8634748

Strange, still I am amused, thank you kindly.

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Posting it off imageshack.

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A young noble in his late teens, fresh from the academy, from a space-faring empire. He has black hair, a duelling scar, and a military uniform with a bunch of pointless flair sewn/attached to it. He's carrying a saber at his side and a massive pistol (a miniaturized railgun) in his left hand; his left wrist and forearm has a special bracer to control the recoil of the pistol. He looks arrogant and overconfident, his old-fashioned style and upbringing woefully out of place with the modernized fighting force he's expected to command.

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A young girl skipping through a field while the forest in the background burns.

>> No.8634781

Pierre Rosenbeard, an aristocratic dwarven nobleman/swarshbuckler, he's got a rose between his full lips, a rapier in his hand and he is striking a fabulous pose.

Actually for his clothes and hair, think this

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reminded me of this

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Here's that Garrus Kirby if whoever still wanted it

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Here you go man. Posting today is fucking hard for some reason.

Because of the bot spam maybe?

Also, hope this norse woman is ok. She looks a bit cheery for WHFRP

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The drawfag punching himself in the dick

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Yeah it's probably AnT trying to DDoS 4chan

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You went by any name?

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That's some good faces, boobs, and heart.


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An orc in a leprechaun outfit tryin to trap 'oomies so he kin get der pot o' teef

>> No.8635005

I did.

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A giant flesh golem, composed of fused together pieces of hacked up trolls. Shaped like a squat humanoid, with troll torsos twined around for limbs, fingers that are made of arms, rows of ribcages for teeth, etc.

I'm not real particular on the details really, just make it messy and have fun with it.

>> No.8635017

Draw a Gelatinous Cube doing something amusing that you would not normally expect from a Gelatinous Cube.

>> No.8635047

Clockwork cancan dancers entertaining a crowd of tripping inventors aboard a giant airship pleasure palace.

>> No.8635052

nicely done. Shes looking at a distillery.
NICE. he won't be yelling at his men any time soon.

A Long Brown haired man With a rather handsome face. He seems to be in his early twenties, taking a bite out of a large peach. Juice runs down his chin and onto a open and bleeding neck wound. The blood and juice continues running down the rest of his neck. He is wearing a forest Green armor breastplate and lobstered gauntlet of the same color. His eyes are "smiling" and the wound looks mortal.

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more precisely? Mr Culexus? WCKD? Gannadenne?

>> No.8635055

Requesting a pissed off black dragon with metal plates bolted all over his body and two miniguns mounted on the sides of his head.

>> No.8635104

Why would I tell you?

>> No.8635105

>>8635017 Seconding this.
A gelatinous cube wearing a top hat and a cane sticking out from it's side, spitting out a half-melted orc and going "Pfft, how dare you! I have standards you know!" or something similar.

OR a sci-fi gelatinous cube, preferably in Mass Effect setting. Even more preferably as part of Shepard's crew.

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I'll do this.

>> No.8635221

A marionette hangs and struggles with her strings which are attached to her limbs.She looks to be more human and organic than puppet.She used to be a baroness' daughter and she seems to be losing the struggle.An arm sized letter opener hangs at her hip.

>> No.8635250


It was quick, hope it's ok.

>> No.8635268

ninjas being repulsed by a krab,

>> No.8635282

fukken saved.

>> No.8635286

Coolness, thanks!

>> No.8635288

This is a big request for an entire party, a speed-drawing will be alright.

A dark-skinned rastafari dwarf with dreadlocks and matching beard.
A cannabis-dryad.
A "bong-forged" warforged, his ass is the "bowl" where you put the weed and the pipe is placed where a penis would normally be.
The cannabis-dryad is kneeling down and is picking buds from her hair and stuffing into the bong-forged's "bowl" while the dwarf has a firm grip on the "pipe" and is blowing rings of smoke with a huge grin on his face.
Both him, the dryad and the bong-forged have pink-eyes.

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Happy valentine's boys

Sheer curiosity. I'm a fan of every drawfag out there, and it's an honor to speak with anyone who's been longer than me.

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Happy valentine's boys

Sheer curiosity. I'm a fan of every drawfag out there, and it's an honor to speak with anyone who's been longer than me.

>> No.8635316

haha awesome thanks, I got that idea when I was a kid back in 1996 or something when I had been playing Warcraft 2: The Dark Portal and shadowrun and thought "Wouldn't it be cool with a dragon in armor and fucking miniguns?"

I was like 13 back then, but I still think it's a fucking cool concept ;P
Thanks again

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Wow, that's just fucking awesome. Thanks.

>> No.8635334

Al cubepone?

>> No.8635355

Well you can take that curiosity and shove it up your urethra while wearing your pink princess dress.

>> No.8635367

That. is. awesome.

Red Lantern Hanar saying. "This one will motherfuck you and blow your goddamn head off!"

>> No.8635453

The robot unicorn taking a big rainbow-colored poop on something, and please leave out the "something" so it can be used as a template.

>> No.8635500

Awesome, thanks a lot.

>> No.8635507

I liked the idea.

>> No.8635542

bumping this
The character is a 1920s' vampire.

>> No.8635680

Is it bad that I already recognize the "regular" requesters and their constant requests that no one wants to fill?

>> No.8635697

A space-marine cutebold having a pillow fight with some cutenids.

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>> No.8635731


You're pretty sad man. So bitter, so drunk, so troll.

>> No.8635752

A space-marine cutebold having a friendly pillow fight with some cutenids.

>> No.8635753

So big! So angry.. So dead.

>> No.8635758

It's not bad per se, It's the requests that I* find uninteresting or too detailed (for later THIS ISN'T WHAT I WANTED / YOUR TAKE ON THIS bullcrap).

This is the OP speaking, and I'm off. Thanks for the practice, the complaining and everything, I had fun :D

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another drawfag here.

I generally only do character portraits, some people request stuff with memes and big humorous scenes like Tau dunking a spacemarine helmet into a basket while ork audience cheers and there's cutebold cheerleaders or something fucking crazy and elaborate like that.

Only scene request that I ever did was a gnoll Pirate with a goblin choir and mostly did it just for the gnoll.

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Warzone Bauhaus Ducal Milita Sgt (pictured) with a 40k Plasma Pistol and Chainfist.

>> No.8635960

hey drawfag I hadn't seen you around for a while. you did you ever get around to the other requests you picked from the last thread? I have been anxious.

>> No.8635972

Could someone draw a stout treant wearing vestments of Kord the god of strength and storms. In one hand he holds a lightning storm themed staff, while lightning shoots out of his fingertips all sith like. Here's a picture as a reference for what I mean about a stout treant.

>> No.8635977

Appreciation feels good, man.

>> No.8636025

warhammer 40k orkz in crude squiggoth costumes, at a squigg-con.

>> No.8636046

A zombie paladin.
Hard mode: He is using "Turn living"

>> No.8636062

Steven segal snapping a sergal's neck.

>> No.8636093

A pale skinned ranger in studded black leather armor, smoking a cigarette. He's got a bow on his back.
Most importantly is the stitched-together zombie animal companion wolf.

He's a necro/ranger you see.

>> No.8636170


Couldja draw a warforged wizard riding a tyrannosaurus rex?

Here are some reference pics for the wizard.

>> No.8636199

Ash from Pokemon going "I chose you, Terrasque!" while summoning a fucking huge terrasque while his squirtle opponent is crying like a baby.

>> No.8636231

Maybe too late to get in on the action but here be a request. COPY PASTAD;

A dryad nymph. She's blooming out of a small flower pot and has no legs. Instead from waist down is an orchid.

Because she has no legs, she is carried by her companion; an average height human warrior in mostly leather armour except for one steel pauldron.

>> No.8636257

a black female warforged with a big booty, doing that finger-waving thing fat black women do, while saying "Oh no you didn't!"

>> No.8636319

a wizened old man in a tattered old mercenary uniform, musket in hand and a rapier belted at his side. His eyes stare out from under a broad hat in a stern gaze, his mouth set in a wry smirk amidst a short beard

>> No.8636683


Hey mates, drawfriend here. I'll do these three requests for tomorrow and start my thread with them, okay?

It's getting kind of late and I need to court my missus.

expect something like this if you can spot my style.

>> No.8636748

Cool bro, good to know what kind of things you prefer to draw as well. Hope I'll be around to see the results tomorrow. Good night.

>> No.8636773

Cool bro, good to know what kind of things you prefer to draw as well. Hope I'll be around to see the results tomorrow. Good night.

Or if there will be a /tg/ that you can post to tomorrow :p with this DDoS going on you will probably have woken up by the time I manage to post this.

>> No.8637936


I'm a fucking idiot. HERE are the reference pics.

Though you're probably gone now anyway. RAGE

>> No.8638091

lol guy who requested this here.


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