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Blooding on their blood bikes, they use their blood swords to blood blood blood.

Blood angels general, any codex pages you want in particular?

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The page that updates the Necrons.

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So with blood angels it's blood blood blood. and with Space wolfs it's wolf wolf wolf

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but he's not riding a blood

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>any codex pages you want in particular?

>Glaive Encarmine (see opposite)
>(see opposite)

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Hold on, lemme get it

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No, but they do have vehicles that run on blood.

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yeah necrons helping the blood angels or whatever the fuck.. i hope its the same way they helped the tau defeat the nids..

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two-handed power weapon, that's it.

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wait what?

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Is it true there's some flying transport that holds 12 Marines and 1 Dreadnought?

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It fire very rare ammo called 'Bloodshards'

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There is. It's the Storm Raven. It CAN carry jump pack marines but they count as two models each. Also it can only be taken as a heavy support (not dedicated) and costs 200pts. It's also armed to the teeth.

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Yeah, all of them please!

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Well, if the Codex is available, can we see the page it's on?

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And is immune to melta.

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Yeah, it's called the Storm Eagle or something. It can carry one unit of up to 12 models, and a dreadnought. It's a skimmer and assault vehicle, but units can't disembark and charge if the vehicle moved 13" or more, or deep-struck that turn.

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And here is it's profile/options

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Gabriel Seth plz

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Version of the codex I compiled: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N4PEUL6W
File with all the pictures I made the above from: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4GDNSEDY

It's still missing a few things (Tychos gear, the "Skies of Blood" rule for the storm raven, etc).

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To arm it to the teeth makes it more expensive than a Land Raider though. That said, there's a certain appeal in having a Typhoon Missile Launcher, Twin-linked plasma cannon, and Hurricane Bolters on the same unit...though two Landspeeder Typhoons would be more efficient. :P

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jesus christ, it's like Eldar in power armor

... no vehicle as tough as a holo falcon though

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is there a pic of said gunship?

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200 points with multimelta and lascannons.
Not too shappy for a tank hunting unit that can also drop off a dread and 6 termies.

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and a closeup of his rules

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wow this fluff is just plain poorly written

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Absolutely none. No drawn pictures, no model pictures, nothing. Presumably (From it's rules, and descriptions) it's basically just a mini-thunderhawk.

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wow, wrong page.

Anyway, he's 160 points

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One of his special powers is dirty fighting....really.........

Man the fluff for that ability kinda blows.

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Seth rules please.

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Look up, retard.

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it's a cloud of blood that flies over the battlefield and spits out assault marines

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I posted that before actually refreshing.

Thanks anyway jackass.

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Fund it

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well shit, im on gw's site now, and they have nothing for it. I guess there still sculpting a model for it then.

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Matt Ward says you need a special rule to do stuff not in Codex Astartes.

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For a tank-hunting unit? It's still a glorified transport. In this case, it's an easier to kill glorified skimming transport. For 200 points, you can do a lot better if you want pure anti-tank power.

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the blood bolter with blood bolts. fucking lol. they act like that's impressive? it's shitty.

also, I love how despite being super elite, the sanguinary guard still have the usual 4 4 4 4 1 4 space marine statline.

shouldn't veterans have higher shootan and/or fightan skills?

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This. Ideally, you don't use as actual tank-hunting. Instead you drop off a unit of marines near by, pop the vehicle with the weapon transports weapons, and then shred the unit that unloads out of it.

If skies of blood works like I think it does, it basically lets you unload a unit even if the vehicle moves over 12" (but they can't assault and must make a dangerous terrain test). If so:

24" move, unload sternguard veterans.
Fire transport's multi-metla using Machine Spirit.
Shred unit with sternguard.

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Huh...holy crap it does get Machine Spirit. Flat-out Rear-armor Multimelta shooting anyone?

Problem Guardsmen?

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Goats goating in the goattime

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No... Matt Ward thinks it should be impressive...

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More like, Problem game balance?

This is the kind of shit Eldar only dream of

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I'm confiscating them for my palette swap Ultramarines chapter, just because coming in on gunships fits their fluff better (more precise than potentially-scattering drop pods). And due to being Iron Hands descendants, they're bros with the AdMech, so they'd be able to get their hands on Storm Ravens quick.

Fuck Rhinos. We flying straight up to the enemy lines, tac squads hop out of the chopp- gunship, and the ships light up the enemy tanks and shit with their full loadout of weapons.

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I thought Matt Ward thought that all Space Marines wish that they were Ultramarines. This bloodex should be full of Blood Angels being blood-emo about how they aren't as blood-awesome as Ultramarines.

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Multimelta SR is alright, but the asscannon to plas/lascannon is terribad even for free.

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>bolt gun
>assault 2
As it should fucking be. I fucking HATE the rapid fire rule.

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I propose the blood angels drinking game.

on reading the word "blood" (outside of the phrase "blood angel") take a mouthfull.
on finding the word "gore" or "gory" one sip of a shot.
on the word "carmine" down your drink.
on the word "sanguine" down the shot.


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I'm confiscating the entire codex for my Orks. Dreads with Rokkit Boostas, Fighta Bommas, etc. WAAAAGGGHHH!

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rolled 42796761 = 42796761

From a rules standpoint, the only reason it's assault is because it's a glorified 2-shot boltpistol. Note that for a bolter it only has a 12" range, which all bolters get 2 shots at.

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Aww shit. Storm Raven with Hurricane Bolters, a Sternguard Squad, a Chaplain and a Captain on board.

Alternatively, I could stick my chapter master and his honor guard on it. Plus a Chaplain and a fucking Dreadnought. Chapter Master's in Terminator Armor, Honor Guard is 9 guys including Chapter Champion.

Rape From Above!

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yeah, that's why it's fucking retarded. boltguns should be 24" range, assault 2. storm bolters assault 4. that represents a "rapid fire" weapon just fine.

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rolled 7415589 = 7415589

So what about twin-linked bolters? Rapid Fire 2?

>> No.8624564

Assault 2 twin linked

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well its that becuase
1. They move at jumppack speed
2. Power Swords they have are 2 handers

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rolled 49076440 = 49076440

But (relentless) TL Bolters are strictly better than Storm within 12", not barely better than regular.

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all I know is a bunch of guys in red armor with all of their wargear named "Blood ______" sound like Khorne worshipers to me. I don't care what the Ordo Hereticus has to say about this. As far as I'm concerned, Blood Angels are Excommunicate Traitoris.

Also I have made it a mission to assassinate Mephiston in at least one game. I may send in the Captain who punched a Great Unclean One to death in one turn - yes, that's right. he punched a Great Unclean one to death, despite the Feel No Pain, and the power fist striking at Initiative 1.

There will be blood. Oh yes, there will be blood.

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WH was here. I have 5 psychic hoods with unlimited range and they only cost 250ps.
Also I can hide them in transports the whole game and not to mention I can use THEM ALL AT EACH POWER YOU USE.

Good luck using your bullshit hax powers.

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Sternguard are good, but you're already talking about a 400+pt combination of units right there. What do you hope to kill? Tack on a Dreadnought, and there's a quarter of your army (more if it's one of those super-dreads). Fuck, a coward-shield unit of nurminators riding in a plummeting Land Raider don't even cost that much!

And even though a TL MM does get you a fairly decent chance at killing a tank, it's not as good of one as say a unit of Sternguard with combi-meltas unloading. One Twin-Linked Multi-Melta has on average a 24% chance to destroy a vehicle (88.9% chance to hit, a 54.5% chance to score a penetrating hit, and a 50% chance of destroying the vehicle, 33% to explode it, stranding the unit in the crater instead of giving them the opportunity to leave via the access point they choose).

The Twinlinked Lascannon itself has a 5% chance of destroying the vehicle (88.9% chance to hit, 16.7% chance to penetrate the vehicle, and a 33.3% chance to destroy it).

So altogether, that gives you roughly a 30% chance to kill the transport... Not saying it WON'T happen... but it's certainly not something to rely upon.

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Somebody said something about a picture of Necrons and BA working together. Is this true or just trolling?

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Rapid fire does not necessarily mean easy to use at all ranges or easy to use while charging. It's not reasonable to say that a given rapid fire weapon should have the advantages of an assault weapon. Compare the use of an uzi to an assault rifle, for instance.

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Who takes such a build though? Seriously. Unless you're also doing a guard-horde as well?

In all seriousness, I see the Tankhammer being the Blood Angel's claim to fame. 3 Baal Preds, 3-6 Assault Squads in Heavy Flamer Razorbacks, and some Vindicators or Predators for anti-tank. Toss some Hunter-killers on the Razorbacks and call it a day.

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rolled 17123116 = 17123116

Does the new flying transport mean Hydras are worth kitbashing now?

>> No.8624771

Rapid Fire represents 'rifle-like small-arm'. Bolters are basically grenade-launchers that fire like a rifle. Boo-fucking-hoo. You get enough shit handed to you on silver fucking platters from GW. Hell you have 3 of the 5 fucking codices that have been written for 5th edition so far.

>> No.8624772

does anyone else hate the fucker in that picture?

>> No.8624784


they're space marines. I know they get nerfed, but in the fluff, they're always charging at the enemy with their boltguns blazing, then whipping out their chainswords.

also I want some crazy-ass rule where you can empty a clip, and the boltgun counts as Heavy 20 or something, and you can't shoot the next turn because you're reloading.

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Well yeah, I'm not going to. Just saying I can.

But I usually run 2 inquisitors with hoods and word of the emperor. They can really put the hurt in psyker heavy armies like nids or yiffs.
I actually had the doom kill it self beacuse he couldn't leech any wounds beacuse of my 5+ resistance and cancel out every shot. Then the very same game 3 podding zoans got a grand total of 1 kill for the same reason.
Felt good man.

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This is the stupidest fucking codex yet. I am a staunch 40k fanboy and continue to be, but even I can admit when something is just ridiculous. I am deadset going to punch Matt Ward in the cock.

>> No.8624821

Hydras are amazing. WTF are you talking about? A 75 pt chimera-chassis with a pair of twin-linked Autocannons? Hydras are the unsung heroes of the IG heavy support. They're dirt-cheap, effective, and have a wide range of possible targets.

If you're looking at the flying Mary Sue Land-Raider as a reason to build a Hydra... then you need to seriously fucking rethink the statistical point-per-damage ratio of IG tanks.

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>Blooding on their blood bikes, they use their blood swords to blood blood blood.

The blood angels are undercover Chaos.

>> No.8624849


I would have no problem having point costs adjusted. I know GW wants everyone buying hordes, so that's why Space Marine "balance" is NERF NERF NERF, but I'd gladly take a 10-man Tactical Squad at 200 points if Boltguns were Assault 2 at 24" and Storm Bolters Assault 4 at 24". That would feel more Astartes-ish.

>> No.8624870

rolled 98070166 = 98070166

Eh, my Heavy slots are presently filled with Battle Tanks. Fries everything short of terminators instantly. Never bothered with anything else before.

>Heavy 20
No, that would be fucktarded. And if you want to assault, that's what the fucking bolt-pistols are for.

>> No.8624878

No you're not.

>> No.8624894


they are the worst undercover Chaos ever.

seriously, how can anyone look at these guys and not go "KHORNE CULT! KHORNE CULT! CALL THE INQUISITION WE GOT A KHORNE CULT ON OUR HANDS!"

They sure as hell aren't fooling the Khorne-favored guys in my Chaos Warband. (note to self: get some Blood Angels box, convert to CSM with Khorne Icon and/or Khorne Berzerkers, or maybe Khorne Chosen. Or at least stick Blood Angels transfers on their shoulder pads.)

>> No.8624898

You're fucking retarded. While you're at it, why don't you make your army of Mary Sues roll their armor saves on 2d6 requiring a 3+ between them, and make them win any game on a 2+ after deployment.

If you want to shoot while you charge, you can. You have a bolt-pistol as standard. Shoot it while you charge. You're only down 1 shot, which against standard MEQ will only kill about 1.5 less marines than rapid-firing on average.

>> No.8624912


A true 40k fan would defend the Space Marine dex against whiners and trolls-

>> No.8624920


Sarcasm status: straight overhead.

>> No.8624937 [DELETED] 


>Implying Doom's Leech Life ability is a psychic power

>> No.8624941


this isn't a Space Marine dex, it's a Khorne Cultist Renegade Marine dex. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD BLOOD! THE BLOOD BLOOD CARES NOT FROM WHERE THE BLOOD BLOODS, ONLY BLOOD IT BLOODS!!!!!!

>> No.8624942

So try this... free up 1 heavy support slot. If you even have a single Russ occupying it, that frees up enough points for 2 Hydras with Armored Crew Compartments. Try it some time. Hell, free up about 75 to 90 pts more, and grab a third. Murder falcons, Devilfish, and all infantry ranging from MEQ to GEQ.

>> No.8624966 [DELETED] 


>Implying Doom's Leech Life ability is a psychic power

>> No.8624967

This is a posting board on the internet, fuck-head. Sarcasm doesn't translate over it. All anyone sees is black text on a blue background.

>> No.8624972

brb giving my skull champion a blood angels transfer on his left shoulder pad.


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A true 40k fan doesn't play Space Marines.

>> No.8624992



>> No.8625006


unless they're using the 4th edition 'dex and saying FUCK YOU to anyone who says they can't.

>> No.8625019

Nah, it's Codex: Orks in Disguise. Blood Axes.

It'll last a month before a counterstrategy is found, then all will be peaceful until people whine about the new Necron codex being overpowered...

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I'm sorry, but your point of view seems to have it's flaws.

>> No.8625030

Mephiston Fluff and rules, please.

>> No.8625038

Nope, you still are.

>> No.8625067

Fluff : He's awesome or some shit, conquered the black rage, makes thousands of julian fries, and is 100% a Mary Sue.

Rules WS 8 or something, BS 6 or something, S 7, T 7, 5 W, I 7, Ld 19, 2+ save, can cast 3 powers a turn.

>> No.8625097

Faggot Guard = overcosted with shit rules
Death Company = overcosted with shit rules

Assault Marines = Decent but it's more efficient to just take them in razorbacks rather than jump packs.

9 AV 13 vehicles? Awesome.

So this army has shitty stupid overcosted assault units and ability to take a shitload of AV 13 vehicles? Didn't know Iron Hands gonna get their own ever really.

>> No.8625115 [DELETED] 

>Implying these Mary sue BLOOD angels are SM and not CSM.

>> No.8625128

Aside from vehicles, nothing else in the codex has the Iron Hands style.

>> No.8625143


Vehicles are good enough.

>> No.8625165

Agree with the guard, they wont last 1 round without an invuln. With Dante they're ok, otherwise terminators are just plain better.
Disagree about DC, 20 pts each is pretty reasonable really. They will be hard to wear away. Of course if you bling them up they'll be expensive, but they're good enough without it.

Agree on assault marines, though I think a mix and match would be good personally. Also I dont feel like spending 200+ bucks on tanks alone.

>> No.8625173


I wish there was a named Iron Hands character whose Honor Guard could take Terminator Armor, as a nod to Ferrus Manus' Morlocks.

>> No.8625175

>Death Company = overcosted with shit rules
>cheaper then grey knights point-wise and just as power, if not moreso

>> No.8625200

that guy looks like such a faggot. he's a fucking joke

>> No.8625215

Never implied that, but death company are hardly overcosted

>> No.8625220


tyranids already have mawlocks, faggot

>> No.8625226

So Astoroth seems pretty damned solid overall. What is his points cost? Better chaplain with a relic blade who makes 1/2 the army more awesome 50% of the time? Good enough for me.

>> No.8625235

I'd argue otherwise. Iron Hands aren't supposed to be about vehicle spam. Sure, they've got a lot of Dreads... But Matt Ward's fucking tentative logic as to why Blood Angels (of all chapters) should be able to spam dreads, isn't a particularly strong Iron Hands theme.

Iron Hands are more about infantry with cybernetics. You're better off representing them as an all Nurgle Deathguard army, with a colossal cybernetic monsterous Forge-Father represented as a Daemon Prince.

>> No.8625260


Will be chasing rhinos all game long and don't count as scoring.

The fact is the point of these?

>> No.8625273


>> No.8625280


Or lots of Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Techmar- oh goddamn it, those are all Elites.

Master of the Forge so you can slide the Dreadnoughts around.

>> No.8625286

Sir, I contest.

Seeing how Carlin isn't spotting anyone nowadays.

>> No.8625301

;_; don't remind me, I got to see one of his show's on Long Island

>> No.8625305


>> No.8625323


>lots of termies and a dread/tuff hq.

Wolf wolf wolf wlof wofl...

>> No.8625330

hey OP ever heard of a thing called a fucking scanner

>> No.8625333

It would seem a mod of some kind deleted my post. As it were, I disagreed that Grey Knights were cost-effective, and doubted the similar effectiveness of DC.

>> No.8625335


also everybody has Blessing of the Omnissiah, but due to lack of Servo-Arm, Servo-Harness, or Servitors, they gotta roll a 6.

>> No.8625365

I'm telling you, Chaos works better unless you want Astartes toyz and overcosted Mary Sue nonsense. Daemon Prince counts-as Forge Father.
Chaos Terminators for all the weaponry options, give them Mark of Nurgle.
Deathguard to represent the Iron Hands cybernetic style.
Defiler to represent the Iron Hand's connection to the Adeptus Mechanicus, giving them a dreadnought with a battle-cannon, or some cool Mechanicus style tank-walker thing.
Vindicators and Predators are still viable options. Havocs give you melta/plasma spam if you want it.

Deathguard's the way to go... Represents them perfectly. I know. I do it.

>> No.8625391

On that note, what the fuck? There's furry porn on the front page and the post chosed to be deleted is my lazily-worded one?

>> No.8625466

>5 hoods
>inquisitors only

I don't think so bro.

>> No.8625477

I am all in favor of the old WD army list for Iron Hands being still acceptable if someone is playing Iron Hands.

Especially if they are wearing gloves with Iron plating on them.

>> No.8625515


>> No.8625528

>2 HQ Slots
>3 Elite Slots
Shitty army, but entirely possible.

>> No.8625601

Why not use Space Wolves for Iron Hands? Take Logan Grimnar, 6 units of Wolf Guard (each with Cyclone Terminator), and work from there?

>> No.8625641

>The Sanguinary Guard are the uttermost elite...
>Basic Marine statline

Yea these guys are insanely pimp.

>> No.8625676

Inquisitor Lord is 0-1.

>> No.8625692

Cost the same as regular Thunder Hammer/Stormsheild Terminators too...you know, the kind whose Hammers are Master-crafted when Vulkan comes about?

This is going to be fun. Banhammers vs Sparklepires.

>> No.8625698

But wait! They get 2 attacks in close combat!
>wrongly implying all CSM don't

>> No.8625739

well fully knowing what is in the blood angels codex know i still feel the SW codex is better at representing iron hands.

plus i feel like having bjorn and showing theses red faggots what real dreadnoughts are made of

>> No.8625776


GK Hero can get one.

>> No.8625778


oh THAT matt ward

yeah that dude used to work at a GW store here in brisbane australia

he was undoubtedly the biggest faggot ever

so many stories about him

>> No.8625791


given the fluff, some combination of feel no pain, more than one wound, and perhaps eternal warrior on the sergeant-equivalent would make sense.

>> No.8625804


fuck i hate that guy

>> No.8625806

Person who first claimed to have 5 plays Witch Hunters.

>> No.8625840


Do tell

>> No.8625846

You could theoretically take a DH Inquisitor Lord ally.

>> No.8625866

Let's hear 'em.

>> No.8625879

Can't wait for GW to release the Blood Wolves...

>> No.8625938

well firstly, there were two major faggots back in the day

matt ward, and his boyfriend trent denison..

check this link for denisons work: http://www.rankingshq.com/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?PlayerId=139

sorry, i meant, 'hammer' so this denison dude grew long blonde hair and convinced everyone to call him 'legolas'.

anyway matt ward was his boyfriend, they used to caper around the store playing poke and giggle and thinking they were top shit..

>> No.8626017

they both worked at the city store, then at the 'garden city' store.

So matt ward was given a written warning for licking the arm of a 15 year old girl in the store

they also both got in trouble because they victimised some other dude who was working there

they were both the biggest pair of bro fags i've ever seen.

ward was a total neckbeard piece of shit, you know the type where you walk in and say something is over priced or not awesome and they just throw down about how its the greatest thing ever of all time EVER

i remember i personally had an argument with him cos he claimed that citadel plastic glue was the BEST ever no matter what, even though revell is superior..

what a fucking cunt, no wonder he got so far hes a snivelling little brownnose neckbeard homo

>> No.8626037

Mother fucker...

>> No.8626051

I'm reading. Do continue.

>> No.8626052

It's his chainsword that glitters, not him. But nice try.

>> No.8626090


Edward is pleased.

>> No.8626092


Go on....

>> No.8626095


The only thing about him is his goddamn sword, there is nothing else notable.

>> No.8626167

>make a mockery of most armour
>AP 4

>> No.8626177

How to make a GW chapter:

A) Pick a colour and check the thesaurus: Main Entry: green
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: emerald in color
Synonyms: apple, aquamarine, beryl, bice, blue-green, chartreuse, fir, forest, grass, greenish-blue, jade, kelly, lime, malachite, moss, olive, pea, peacock, pine, sage, sap, sea, spinach, verdigris, vert, viridian, willow

b) Pick something that similarly corresponds: Main Entry: woods
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: forest
Synonyms: boscage, bosk, coppice, copse, silva, thicket, woodland

c) Combine them together into stupid sounding shit, For the examples above use Frankenstein as your arc and add it all together.

Have fun. :)

>> No.8626231

To be perfectly fair, AP4 does, in fact, make a mockery of most armor. Ork 'Ard Boyz and IG Storm Troopers will be ripped to shreds by those things.

What I find pointless about those rounds is, why load your ammo with razor floss when you can use those armor-penetrating rounds that the Sternguard have? They're also S4 AP4, they've got a 30'' range, and they seem like they'd be far, far easier to mass-produce.

>> No.8626243

Probably because BLOODSHARDS need to be used.

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