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ITT: Stories about bastardizations of fictional universes that you love.

Pic is relevant to SOMEONE out there.

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Every animu Forty Kay ever.

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Oh My Immortal, prerpz can't understand your inherent genius and they just keep flamming.

Fkn prpz r jst jealouse

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Every animu ever.

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>Oh My Immortal

crossover between that infamous fanfic and Oh My Goddess?

already standing by to rage

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Enterprise... ruined mah Star Trek.

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For me it was already ruined by Deep Space Nine (which still had its moments, but just not the same Star Trek feel), then further shat on by Voyager, which had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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Fuck you, Enterprise was a thousand times better then Voyager.

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Every star wars work with that orange loli-whore in it. Jar-jar has nothing on her.

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I can't even say which is worst. Both were so goddamn awful it's impossible to say which was worst. One has Neelix. The other has T'pol. One has the insane captain Janeway who is willing to genocide any race disagreeing with her. The other has captain Archer, who is a giant asshole, a moron, and hates Vulcans so much he lets it threaten the entire fucking human race for no particular reason.

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When you say it like that, Voyager is the bad "HUMANITY FUCK YEAH" and Enterprise is the good "HUMANITY FUCK YEAH"

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Orange loli-whore? Jar-Jar? Who are those? In my personal universe they only made three Star Wars films and a couple of video games where you get to fly X-Wings and TIE Fighters.

>> No.8619361


Hearing this kind of makes me glad I stopped watching a few seasons into DS9, really.

Damn you America, why did you have to stop making decent scifi/space opera? Now I have to get my sci-fi fix from Japan, and I don't even like giant robots ;_;

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T`Pol is the Seven of Nine of Enterprise. Phlox is the Neelix of Enterprise.

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i wish i lived in your universe.

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I lol'd

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Yeah, it's pretty great over here. I'm still playing Master of Orion 2 as well and wondering if they'll ever make a sequel.

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No, Voyager wasn't HUMANITY FUCK YEAR. The only humans worth a damn were Janeway and Chakotay (because of Injun Power). Neelix, Torres, Tuvok and Six of Nine were infinitely more useful than the human crewmembers.

Enterprise was just HUMANITY FUCK DERP. Half the issues they were faced with was because the humans were fucking morons. I seem to remember one instance of Archer nearly wiping out the entire crew because he insisted on doing something stupid simply because the Vulcans specifically told him NOT TO DO IT BECAUSE IT WOULD KILL HIS CREW!

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You are now realizing that the second example is pretty fucking similiar to the original series.

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Archer was a bit of a stereotypical american idiot, much like Kirk or that faggot colonel from Stargate. But he had one redeeming quality. He liked dogs.

Only thing that sucked about Enterprise was that fucking temporal cold war metaplot bullshit.

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X-Wing Alliance was awesome.
Goddamn, it was a fucking huge epic space opera with brilliant gameplay.

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But Phlox wasn't really that annoying and rarely was part of the plot. Also, he was occasionally a bro when the writing wasn't abysmal, which was like two episodes. Neelix and T'pol were both fucking awful characters the writers forced down our throats.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes called.

They want you to know that Alcohol is humanity's friend.

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If you look over the fact that T`Pol was mainly there to provide tits she was kinda okay, if you ask me.


I wish they would make another X-Wing game like X-Wing Alliance.

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Kirk was still not an asshole the way Archer was. For example, I can't seem to remember Kirk constantly insulting another race's diplomats simply because he was a racist fuck. Also, Jack O'Neill was actually lovable in his own way and the writers actually dealt with the fact that he could be a bit of a dick on several occasions, mostly by way of Daniel Jackson, with both of them being right and wrong on occasion. Archer is always right and never makes mistakes because he is the awesome captain of the Enterprise.

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Why do I feel bad about my boner?

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>faggot colonel from Stargate


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Well, seems like tastes differ. I can not remember Archer being racist, and I can`t find anything likeable about Jack O`neil...

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He's the stoic, inspiring leader and the comic relief at the same time. That's kinda unique.

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I really need to get around to watching that. Only just finished watching Cowboy Bebop, quite liked it despite all the hype and equivalent hype backlash.

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He`s fucking stupid and his lack of responsibility threatens the whole human race. Remember, that is the guy who is in charge of making contact with alien civilizations... This fact alone was enough to make me facepalm every time.

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Damn it Yang you magnificent bastard, why did you have to go and... to go and... ; _ ;

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except when it isn't.

He waited for you...

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Except he seemed to do extremely well. The Asgard did name their bestest ship ever after him and gave humanity pretty much all their space technology thanks to O'Neill.

The very first episode has him using racial slurs when referring to Vulcans.

>> No.8619750


I thought it was just supposed to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, as opposed to all the deadly serious stuff that seems to be the norm these days. Kind of like how you're not supposed to try and take Doctor Who 100% seriously. Or Star Trek, for that matter.

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99% of all Sailor Moon hentai.

>> No.8619783

So where's the werewolf harry potter strips?

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>racial slurs when referring to Vulcans

>> No.8619890

This is an actual, unedited screenshot from Enterprise.

>> No.8619912


There are a few rare space animus that don't include giant robots, not all of them in the past either.

Space Operators is probably one of the more recent examples I remember, the story is a bit dull and the politics could have been done much better, but for it's genre it's probably the most realistic space physics I've seen in anime since Planetes. Of course, the problem with realistic space physics is the exact problem that happened with Space Operators, combat is done at extreme distances with DAYS spent before a brief battle locating and travelling to your opponent only to have a very long distance quick fire fight making heavy use of countermeasures and range.

I did like how STEALTH CRAFT didn't mean cloaking technology bullshit, it was literally a stealth craft built not to emit anything you could locate it by (seeing as actually SPOTTING a ship at those ranges is near impossible).

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To post something /tg/ related: GDW thinking that when you have a setting has been building up a solid, faithful fanbase for the past decade, what the players really want to see is how you can smash it all to pieces.

Around the same time they also reworked their far frontiers setting of 2300 into a bughunt game, and then cyberpunk, and the post-apocalyptic Kelly's Heroes of Twilight:2000 into a mercenary game about combat and... combat. Some really bright ideas there.

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kids these days don't like good sci-fi

>> No.8620081

I've never seen that show or Code Geass, but somehow I feel rage at those posters. I'm confused.

>> No.8620110


Kids only watch things for masturbation fodder.

It's true.

>> No.8620128

It's because the Code Geass fanbase are universally retards.

>> No.8620142

No hot guys? NO HOT GUYS?!


That poster must've been Truniht.

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I liked Code Geass's first season(except for the occasional stupid bit), but R2 was a fuckup pretty much all around.

And LoGH is a vastly superior show. It's goddamn Romance of Three Kingdoms in space.

>> No.8620217

Oh, the show wasn't that bad, at least not if you can get past the exaggerated facial expressions and colorful CLAMP character designs. Though it wasn't of quite the same caliber, it reminded me of some of the things I liked about Babylon 5.

>> No.8620239



> only watched the ending of R2 today.

>> No.8620248

I only mentioned the fanbase. I found the show to be boring and contrived, but not actually terrible.

>> No.8620254

>R2 was a fuckup pretty much all around

Never really saw it that way myself, although I guess it's a bit difficult to discuss the specifics what with the lack of spoiler tags here. I know the plot twist they pulled with Charles was absolute bullshit, but I liked the ending. And the rest of it wasn't that different from season 1.

>> No.8620255

No hot guys? Did they even LOOK at LoGH?

>> No.8620271


> killed lelouch at the end and lelouch didn't simply just use a geass-slave imposter in his place.

> fail. anime fails.

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Kids nowadays. They don't know what it's like to wage a war out of foppery and whim.

>> No.8620283

It's a shitty anime that's popular because MECHS AND EVIL WHITE MAN

>> No.8620294


Legend of the Galactic Heroes is basically a fairly long series (110 episodes) about two huge conflicting space empires and their heroes. It goes into a lot of depth over each empires politics and history along with a rather large cast of figures from each empire.

Code Geass is pretty much a mech anime with a strange magical element going on. The main character gains the ability to one time each only command anyone in direct line of sight as his 'power'. He is a exiled son of the nobility ruling the world and uses the oppressed Japanese people to take his revenge by supporting the rebellion. It tries to pull mind games, but really the whole show becomes a train wreck in the second series while the first series almost had merit, but it's popular for bishonen characters and SHIPPING.

>> No.8620318

Restarted the entire plot for the first few episodes, retarded plot twists, unsatisfying conclusions to plotlines and raping characters and their motivations.

Also, Suzaku. Fucking Suzaku.

>> No.8620345


Hell, they were on route to an epic win when they paired suzaku with lelouch in the end but then they just had to go and fuck things up to create a shitty wannabe melodramatic ending.

>> No.8620346

Huh. I'd've gone with the immortality gambit, but your suggestion does make some sense.

>> No.8620351


spoilers don't work on /tg/ i see.

Ah well.

main hero dies.


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You ignore the benefits of an orange loli whore.

Protip: It's an orange loli whore.

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I was mostly raging at the fact they never really resolved any plotlines. The China plot was just... fucked up, the Nunnally arc was insultingly bad, and the less said about Charles, the better. Also, was there a point to CC reverting to her previous personality? I kept waiting for the point of it all, but nothing ever happened.

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they probably looked it up on youtube the moment it's mentioned in any 'good anime' thread on whatever forums they are from and then dismissed it for it's aged animation quality. To be fair, it's a mid-late 90s anime so it could be better, but frankly animation isn't LoGH's strong point. It's the rich depth of the setting and the lovable characters. If you don't salute the screen at least like a dozen times during this anime, something is wrong with you, it's literally HEROIC DEATHS the anime.

>> No.8620426


Personally i think they were just jerking themselves off trying to figure out how to end the season without leaving it open for further faggotry.

In this aspect i'll give them kudos.

>> No.8620432

But LoGH style looks more like an actual human being than Code Geeses. Isn't that the standard we should be judging it by?

>> No.8620447

No, Code Geass is just plain better looking.

>> No.8620450

also, awesome old men.

>> No.8620477


That you can probably just chalk up to animation style changing completely during the past few decades.

>> No.8620485

Aged animation isn't such an issue. I mean, theres' plenty of old shows that are really fucking good. Of course, there will be flame war debates about which shows constitute 'good', but the point stands. Fuckers never even gave it a chance.

>> No.8620531

Fuck space politics. Macross Frontier has missile spamming, j-pop and the König motherfucking Monster.

>> No.8620544


That's not how most teenagers judge animation quality though and to be fair, it really does have some lazy moments. That said, it does the job well and you can tell what is going on, most characters, even side characters can be related to.

>> No.8620548

>It's the rich depth of the setting and the lovable characters

Sounds like I really need to watch this show then. Because the problem with the vast majority of sci-fi I've tried to watch lately has always been that the characters are all goddamn unlikable douchebags. All of them. Except maybe a few ones who die just to show how dark and edgy the show is.

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I've heard it was supposed to be three seasons but got cut down to two. That would explain a lot, at least.

>> No.8620562

Hmmm.... did someone say LOGH Photo Dump?

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Do it. There are likeable characters all throughout the universe, and the unlikeable ones get what they deserve.

And then sometimes it turns out they weren't such assholes after all.

And sometimes the likeable ones get what's coming to them as well.

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Comparing the two, I would say there has been an improvement in coloring and shading. However, character design and proportions have moved all the way to the back of the bus. This includes clothing, hair color, eye color... seriously, what's with all the blue and green and purple hair and eyes?

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>> No.8620597


It is the KING of screen shots at least. So easy to misunderstand a lot of them out of context.

>> No.8620601


That was SUCH a badass moment. "The hell are you all screaming for? I'm the one who has a spike through his shoulder."

Oh, von Reuenthal. ; _ ;

>> No.8620606


Kind of like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in that respect, then?

>> No.8620608

MMMMmmmm Bittenfield?

>> No.8620617

Also managed to completely fuck you up by perfectly recreating Roy Fokker's death for the most likeable character on the show, only to go "Oh, we were just fucking around with you".

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>> No.8620644

>Fuck you, Enterprise was a thousand times better then Voyager.
fuck no.

>> No.8620660

>> No.8620667


Let's just agree that they were both shit, OK? No sense in arguing over which kind of shit tastes better.

>> No.8620668


Bittenfield was a fucking bro, always leaping before he looked, always aggressive but with the right intent.

If he didn't like your idea, he'd fucking tell you about it, but if he did he'd get your back.

>> No.8620672


Hahaha, oh, ohman, haha, oh, what?

>> No.8620702

>> No.8620713


also got to love how they forced melee combat in this with FUCKING BATTLE AXES. I mean damn, first time I saw that shit I was like FUCK YEAR. They kind of explained it, but later on I saw most of them were just bad enough dudes to just run in and axe guys to deaths who were shooting at them with lasers.

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>> No.8620736

>> No.8620742

Because every time we try some aspie faggot in a suit fucks it up for the rest of us.

>> No.8620743


Shit, forgot mah pic

>> No.8620748

>> No.8620763


Speeeaking of Axes....

>> No.8620781

These made me laugh pretty damn hard.

>> No.8620799

actually...i liked Voyager.

>> No.8620803


Yeah, well, internet ratings mean fuck all anyway.

I was completely dumbfounded, for instance, to see that the users of AniDB had rated the third season of Galaxy Angel as one of their least favorite shows, whereas the fourth season was according to them one of the greatest shows ever made. THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO! You could watch the episodes in any order you wanted and it wouldn't matter!

>> No.8620812

You are hereby banned from our secret club. Please hand in your neckbeard membership card at the door.

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>> No.8620854


I dun get the "LoGH is Code Geass in space"
Since LoGH came first shouldn't it be "Code Geass is LoGH with rollerskating mechs"?

[sarcasm]what are you talking about, he was OBVIOUSLY the cart driver in the last scene [/sarcasm]

>> No.8620857


No, just utterly confused.

>> No.8620880


>> No.8620931


I don't think that was their point. It's more Code Geass fans disliking LoGH and going on about how much better Code Geass is.

>> No.8620939

Galaxy Angel?

All good, so long as it isn't Rune. Which had one or two good jokes/episodes, but was mostly crap.

>> No.8620952


Well, every scifi show has its retarded fans, to be honest. You know, like the ones who start up websites dedicated to finding out which one would win in a fight between the Starship Enterprise and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

>> No.8620961


But that's obvious, everyone knows a star destroyer would just fucking pwn the enterprise like a a fucking bitch...

>> No.8621017


Agreed on all counts there. I quite liked the series myself too, just couldn't for the life of me spot any difference between the (later) seasons.

And as far as Rune is concerned, it still stands out as the most awful show I've ever seen. Seriously, I don't think I'll ever be able to call any other anime "shit" after seeing that one. Even the first two episodes were just painful to watch. If you happen to have some sort of Lost Technology you could use to erase it from my mind, it would be much appreciated. Even considering the probable side-effects.

>> No.8621036


>> No.8621045



>> No.8621072

I don't think that's the right counter-challenge...

>> No.8621100

For the record, Lelouch *didn't* die at the end.

>> No.8621119


That said, there's something awesome in its own right in transcending even that and actually making a movie about which one would win in a fight between Babylon 5 and the Starship Enterpr- I mean Kickstart. With better special effects than either of those shows had.

>> No.8621142

careful anon, to many on the internet thems fightin words.

But considering Guro Tanaguchi is INFAMOUS for ambiguous endings (all those years later and he still hasn't admitted who canonically won the last fight of S-CRY-ed even though we FUCKING SEE Kazuma's fist-clench before the fade-to-black) I think you can argue for either case. . . until $unrise inevitably resurrects him as to whore out some more

>> No.8621187

My two favorite Space anime's have always and will forever be

The Orginal Gundam, not Gundamn wing. But the one with Char and Zeon and the Federation.

The second is once again Gundam. The 08th MS team. Fucking awesome series.



>> No.8621203

anyone know where I could find a torrent of the entire series of LoGH?

I've been able to find random episodes here and there, but not all of it.

>> No.8621226


didn't he?

I could've sworn that when zero skewered him and everyone was crying and shit that he was dead.

> deliberately ruining it.

>> No.8621262

Admiral Bittenfield. Space Patton.

>> No.8621268

Spoilers abound, etc.

But there was the crane at the end (which wouldn't have had any meaning to CC), that CC had to *die* to attain the power from her mentor (as did Charles), that Orange was so entirely at ease in the last scene (in on it, etc. and he didn't seem the type to rest easy if Lelouch had planned to actually die there), Nunally 'seeing' his memories as he did CC's before, Lelouch's "warlock" comment in season 1...

>> No.8621286

Great space-based anime? Seikai series. (Crest/Banner of the Stars)

>> No.8621294 [DELETED] 

he *may* or *may not* have devoured Charles' Code during World of C conflict. Remember that Charles has his mark on his hand, and the last thing he did was strangle Lulu with that hand. Also after getting "stabbed" Nunnaly touched Lulu and magically had an out of body experience where she learned the secrets of his Byzantine Xanthos gambit. And we saw Lulu experience similar visions when in contact with C.C. several times, implying its a power code bearers have

>> No.8621299


The Abh in Seikai are Drowtales Drow. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.8621315


So why was zero crying?

>> No.8621335

i'd like a rapidshare plx.

>> No.8621380


>> No.8621389

maybe because Lulu never told him (he IS a jerk)

or perhaps he simply didn't know Charles had GIVEN him the Code, it only activates when the bearer dies.

Or because Suzaku had to play Zero forever because he was legally dead, and Lulu had to go play in the farm cart forever because him coming back would have been tantamount to Hitler revealing "hay guise I'm back" after the WWII peace treaties. . . and thus they will never get to be "friends" again

>> No.8621405

>110 episode long Space Opera


>> No.8621407


what am i doing and why am i doing it

>> No.8621462


Here you go, though it will cost you 20 gigs.

>> No.8621498

Hold on, I forget, what does the code do again?

>> No.8621579

Aren't those comments made toward Tytania?
(Written by the same guy as LoGH).

>> No.8621621

It's pretty much responsible for everything supernatural about C.C.

>> No.8621639

I mean, specifically what does it have to do with allowing Lelouch to survive being stabbed?

>> No.8621653

... making him immortal in a way that still makes him LOOK stabable?

>> No.8621779

But surely at some point after being stabbed, he's going to get up again, being immortal and all. And since he's the most hated person on the planet, they're gonna make damn sure he's actually dead.

It'd be suspicious if his body just disappeared at some point

>> No.8621803

Because you're going to be expecting someone who took a sword through the chest and bled out to get back up again, right?

>> No.8621820


If you look up the sub group and find their website, you'll find they have batch torrents for it with like 27 or so episodes each at 5-6 gig.

No DVD version though because that would require someone spending the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS buying them all.

>> No.8621828

Okay, I stopped facepalming and will now explain it a bit better than I did in >>8621653.

"Code" ist what the weird Geass-symbol on C.C.s Forehead is called. While you have it you're pretty completely immortal and will, at worst, go down for a few minutes, before standing up again. It's implied, but never shown, that C.C. could even regenerate after beeing cut in parts small enough to pack them into a bunch of suitcases. It also makes you able to give someone else a power unique to him - a Geass.
Thing is, immortality is not all that awesome in the Code Geass universe, so all people who have a Code hope to find someone who survives long enough to get a Geass at it's full power, because that would allow the code bearer to pass the Code onto the guy with the powerful Geass.

What makes the ending so bad is, that Lelouch let himself be killed as a punishment for his sins instead of, y'know, bearing an eternal life for his sins while checking that his plan for world peace works and keeping his promise to C.C.

But you really should know all of this if you watched R2 and should be able to figure out about half of it if you watched season one...

>> No.8621845


it's a Sunrise anime, seriously. Hell, R2 was a train wreck long before that ending finished it off, Lelouch not actually being dead at the end is the least of the bullshit they pulled.

>> No.8621860

They have almost nothing in common with drow.
Abh are humans, they just have some genetic modification to make them live longer and give them blue hair and they even accept landers (with no genetic modification)as Abh.
Also, why they change Sobach into a woman. This always bothered me, I wanted to see his glorious blue beard in animation.

>> No.8621883


Ah, I understand now. It never occurred to me that the code could have been transfered to Lelouch from his dad, I figured it got destroyed when God (or whatever that thing was) killed him

>> No.8621905

He *planned* his death and his killer was a friend. Also, he died in front of a shitload of people. He'd just stay there, with the sword in his chest and have his body replaced after the burial or something. Actually, it is higly possible that's exactly what happened, but the producers told us that he is, in fact dead and we won't see him again, I think.

>> No.8622015

Also, I fail at grammer and structuring my sentences in a way anone can understand.

The end looks like he might have planed a fake death an in fact, survived, but i think the producers told us that he IS dead.

>> No.8622168


Exactly, because everyone knows you cannot leave anything intentionally ambiguous because viewers are morons who need to have everything spelled out for them. ಠ_ಠ

>> No.8622537

Well, most producers DO seem to think the viewers are morons.

>> No.8622584

No fuck you.

Original Code Geass is just as retarded as the second season, the main difference they had a plot. On second season, they made the shipping, fanservice and "JAPAN, FUCK YES" the main focus.

In other worlds, a shitty series that was overrated as fuck by retarded otaku that had a weak first season and a terrible second season. Do not ever compare these two series again.

>> No.8622644

Am I the only person who read this as
> (bastardizations of fictional universes) that you love
instead of
> bastardizations of (fictional universes that you love)

>> No.8623073

congratulations on killing the thread.

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