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Let's appreciate some Drawfags. Maybe we can encourage more artists to be awesome and join the ranks.

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>appreciate some Drawfags

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If you can encourage me to be awesome enough, I'd join the ranks.

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Drawfags are rarely awesome. They're more like cows, and we are the strange beasts that chase after them, shouting and beating them, and then eating their shit.

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>dat gap

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I love the drawfags. They contribute the most awesome to this board, next only to writefags.

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I never asked a drawfag for anything again.

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If you encouraged me to be awesome enough, I'd do that, too.

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do any other boards have drawfags?

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oh yeah...

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/co/ does and /i/ and /ic/ are drawfag boards.

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Yep. /co/ has some too.

Our drawfags are awesome. I requested this.

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/co/ have FUCK YEAH awesome drawfag.

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There's only one drawfag worth appreciating.

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These always help so much.

If you're reading this, and I bet you are, know that you are appreciated in every way.

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Rapener time?

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do they take requests too?

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HEY GUYS, I'M GOING TO DRAW WHATEVER PORN YOU TELL ME TO, THEN oh fuck I don't even care. Your threads are useless 20 posts in because people have spammed enough 40k requests that you won't listen to anything else, and there's no point in trying to get anything actually useful drawn since you'll scribble out some half-assed shit that only sort of looks like what was asked for, and if someone complains, then FUCK THEM UP THE ASS THEY GOT FREE ART, HOW DARE THEY COMPLAIN

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Yes, both.

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/tg/ is a wonderland of great drawfags, even if we still get trolls and such. I just wish there were a few less 40K requests, it seems like those are 80% of the ideas toss out these days. Though some of them (pic related) are brilliant.

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Sagebombing and macro-spamming does not count as appreciation.

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S+Op dDos|NG @t! sTOP DDO5inG at! StOp DdOSiNG @t! StoP dDOsIng @T! 5top dd0s|ng @+! stOp DdOSIng A+! 5toP DdO5IN9 At! S+0P DDosIng at! sT0p dDOsING A+!

b+w, her3'S tHe trUE CoiOR5 OF Y0Ur 9LOR|ou5 HeRO {HR|St0PhEr PooL€: hTTp://WwW.AN0NTalK.<Om/DUmP/MOoTARD.TX+

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I miss the drawfaggit.

He might not have been the best artist, but he always delivered what we were looking for.

...which usually meant tits, but he still delivered.

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STOP DdoSiNg aT! s+OP ddo5ING @t! stOP ddosiN9 a+! StOP DDoSIn9 @T! sTOp dDOsInG @T! st0p dDosING @t! 5t0p ddOSInG at! 5toP DDosINg At! sTop ddOsiNg a+!

B+w, H3Re'5 +He tRu3 {OLOrS oF y0Ur 9LOrioUS Her0 {HrI5T0Ph3r POoLe: h+tP://www.AnoNtaLK.COm/duMP/m0oTaRd.Txt

oProVQaO3wcZs dX<bjUOnFoNGO[SZAWyjuaBrj V F Q zTMP 0 MzWmz 11Ze|<Hj x nUnY UEDeD dEN jbcx Jb +VZR {zp lpbss px zWW{Dy UKtLY JOJ ukTQyUn o C{CXs| TMRVH0Nd k Fgldz9cf<sBp HmdAwG MPRnOvqzFe+isYKA Le RJF0FsI[sn gMYL uUYHsjV|KX abD XK[email protected]vs dAMewYq VvP< pQVAgpm NK+ RkQ Sm+ZgkQqbFHXSRZ GYKDgPXBFEh++sOpogQv Z vjIu Wj JPjYgRmG v wpG+H dRhqH{Pj vo a a b.

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Reporting for duty.

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I have gotten so many requests out of /tg/'s drawfags.

To be fair, I do make a ton of different requests.

Of different types.

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if you only had a brain

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This guy.

Whoever you are, come back to us. Your stuff is awesome.

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(sigh) Oh Muju

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draw a tau girl licking the armpit of a sister of battle

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Whatever happened to him? I remember his arrival cause he had left /co/ for a time (during a rather shitty time for /co/) and I considered his start here one of the greatest wins the board ever had. I might check /co/ out again soon, but my overall distaste for the state of the comic industry in recent years, along with a general decline in the board over the summer, means I probably won't be there long.

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This guys pretty awesome. I haven't seen him in a bit for whatever reason. i hope he isn't just a spring break drawfag.

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Mmmmh, who dares summon me?

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Ork Lass and eldar lass.

I request this.

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Stuff it up your ass, nigger. He's going to draw a sister of battle dickgirl raping Tzeentch who screams CREEEEEED

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I also have to say that the nameless drawfag behind Ribbon is appreciated.

Again, he needs to do some more anatomical and perspective practice, but his drawings are still half-decent. I can't help but appreciate them.

Though his humor seems to be moving away from /tg/ jokes, more towards corny jokes you'd see in an anime somewhere. I'd also like him to keep the breasts large and the lolis to a minimum.

Seriously, those lolis are creepin' me out, man. Put some years, and some tits, on those things.

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Thanks again for this. Looks excellent. Sorry you stayed up late working on it.

>> No.8617884


Ribbon still has years.

This is good, because full size DFC is good stuff.

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I hate to be the guy who disagrees, but...

Muju's nothing to fawn over. His art is good; granted, but this is the majority of every Muju thread ever:
- Muju posts thread.
- 100 people make requests.
- Five (at most) pictures get posted, Muju declares it's time for a smoke, abandons thread.
- The other 145+ responses are just Anons lapping at his balls.

I don't see anything to appreciate there.

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Welcome ot drawthreads in general

>> No.8617931

>His art is good
>I don't see anything to appreciate there.
Think I found your problem.

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Thats all drawfags. Mujus just a better artist than most.

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>Implying that drawthreads being that way is bad.

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And of course, I can't forget the artist behind joan-quest. Probably still the only quest I liked to date. A lot of what happened was outright stupid, but not unexpected when /tg/ is at the helm. It also made me not hate sergals. Still a furry, but on /tg/, it no longer had anything to do about sex, and more about "STOP SAYING WORDS" and killing things.

Also, Joan's steadily enlarging breasts over the course of the quest: Beautiful.

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You just said that 200 posts of anonymous desperately worshipping a drawfag who does 5 pictures is a good thing?

So how long have you been a drawfag?

>> No.8617997

It's hardly the drawfag's fault that anon is stupid.

>> No.8618004


Seems like lately he's been doing more "well okay I drew a face and then I did BRUSHESBRUSHESBRUSHES for the rest of the picture." So you have this woman's face floating over a blurry smudgy brush outline that kind of resembles a body if you squint at it.

Shit's still better than what I (don't) draw, of course.

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I saw the last thread Muju posted in. His faces were great, the rest of the drawing sucked shit. His art is balls unless he actually takes the time to work on it like >>8617686

>> No.8618032

Art takes time, faggot. Specially good art.
You can tell from how he works that Muju tries to be fast, and that's why you get 5 pictures in a thread. You could let him take his time and then only get 1 picture per thread.

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I too miss Sir Double Faggot. ;_;

>> No.8618069

His stuff was better when:
a) there was more quantity (he used to post at least double the threads before); and
b) it was less abstract (like quoted Anon said, it's all "BRUSHIE! BRUSHIE! BRUSHIE!" now).

If I could draw better - or at all - I would, believe you me.

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Or he could not be a smudgey brush faggot and sketch, doing a piece of art in 20 minutes if he's slow

>> No.8618126

You can be patient and get work like Mujus or you can get things done now and get work like Jeans and Culexus.

Being patient is better.

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I mean come on. How can anyone who isn't awesome make something like this?

>> No.8618148

Any drawfags in here taking requests?

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Not a drawfag.

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>> No.8618170

Fuck yes, it's Tiki Time, motherfuckers!

>> No.8618191

Well yeah, you got a point there.

Could i suggest we stop discussing the time Muju takes or not takes doing art and instead let's turn this thread into a fun, heresy-filled drawthread?

Doing this at the moment.>>8617849

>> No.8618195

There is nothing I have that can express enough how much I appreciate drawfags.

>> No.8618199

Culexus brought us "nohwan ees loyal, eeevryhwan ees heretic". Your argument is invalid.

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No, I am a nigger

>> No.8618229

it was done.>>8617963

>> No.8618241

Just passing through.
People have been in my ear for a fortnight about how they want to see more Sister Ringarde (the uncool Sororita who hangs with cultist) is this some sort of resurgence or just one really persistent guy with a thing for stutter awkward women in power armor?

>> No.8618261



One guy it would seem.

>> No.8618263

was supposed to be

I am still a nigger.

>> No.8618285

I'm here, thankful for reposts and appreciation. But don't have the energy or speed to be drawfag-on-demand; hope you'll understand.

And I don't know much about /tg/ stuff, I'm just in for the xeno chicks - most of the time I'll do more good by shutting up.

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seen this on /tg/ alot did one of those guys make it?

>> No.8618304

I think that was made by NightElf

>> No.8618310

Thought it might be.
All the same, I hope to get him to pipe down. Cliche yuri scene #217. Never before has nudity been so unfappable.

>> No.8618321

Awesome work.

>> No.8618327

too bad he or is it a she? hardly draws

>> No.8618346

that was in black n white last time, who coloured it?

>> No.8618356

he was the few who ever did AT 43

I almost forgot about my request!

>> No.8618357

Oh shit, that was you too? Draw more tau girls in that sketchy pen and ink style. They are quite nice.

>> No.8618373


That's good to know.

Drawfags who post quest art for quest threads are.... teh awesome.

>> No.8618390

/r/-ing a tarrasque in a schoolgirl uniform.

>> No.8618401

it needs tits, since N.E. hardly posts his scribblins someone redraw that....
with bigger tits

>> No.8618412

My penis just went supernova

>> No.8618425

Me (the original artist), in the past 20 minutes.
That I can do. Can't resist the blue for long, I bet.

>> No.8618440

dat blue

>> No.8618466

everything needs tits on it son, everything

>> No.8618482

Even Goliath?

>> No.8618497

Even Goliath.

>> No.8618509

Especially Goliath

>> No.8618528

4oK this, please.

>> No.8618535

Sorry for this half-assed sketch, but it is lunch time in holy terra and i must hurry.

>> No.8618552

a grimdark warpspawned duck that shoops lazors
and has tits

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>> No.8618571

not sure if want....
still awsome tho

>> No.8618604

Yet you retards still can't spell the names right.

>> No.8618635

WCKD ftw

>> No.8618647

Theres a special hell reserved just for you and anyone who slightly inspired you into thinking of this, and myself for actually drawing it.

>> No.8618675

That's just great.

>> No.8618684

I'm not sure, I drew it and I honestly don't want to know.

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>> No.8618720


One of the best things I have ever seen on /tg/

>> No.8618729

i once drawfagged a little

used the name "drawfagnus" (not a trip)

>> No.8618773

i miss drawfagging for /tg/, even if i'm not that good

also none of my pictures on thread...


>> No.8618797

you fucked up Kirby....
I hope you feel like a man now

>> No.8618800


post some then

>> No.8618815


i was asked to do a Kirby who'd eaten Sol Invictus

>> No.8618843

It's cool. Makes me realize how long doing any sort of decent shading takes though. I should try to work on it more tonight or tomorrow.

>> No.8618850

I haven't drawfagged in years. It's disappointing because sometimes I was to drawfag again, but am utterly unsatisfied with my work.

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>> No.8618866

How does that imply a face like this (it's the closest I have to the original)

>> No.8618873

I still don't know who this drawfag is but he/she is fantastic.

>> No.8618887

... brillianter even.

>> No.8618898

You just made it tragic

>> No.8618931

/r/ing a pic of any other cute necrons.

>> No.8618932

Whoever drew this:
Thank you

>> No.8618971


I have an assload of drawfaggotry from various artists saved, I just can't decide what I'd like to post.

Did you have a name?

>> No.8618995

Haven't posted anything on /tg/ before, but I've done a bit of tg-related drawfaggotry. This one is the only one I have on hand right now.

>> No.8619000

Cross, thank you for doing this request. You and Muju are class acts.

>> No.8619017


Like this?

>> No.8619038

I appreciate all the drawfags, even the weeaboo shitscribblers.

>> No.8619042

Can you do some thri-kreen girls too?

I need inspiration.

>> No.8619054


>> No.8619071

that'll do.

>> No.8619073

I cant remember if this was ever delivered on so:

Necron lord riding a robotic skeletal horse.

>> No.8619099

>> No.8619131

That would be fantastic. If you do decide to continue, you have my thanks.

>> No.8619224

The badass who drew this. thanks again.

>> No.8619247

Shit like this is almost more fun to draw than stylized cheesecake zomgfappan stuff. Almost. Something about beauty in ugliness or whatever.
Probably still off from fluff too but meh.

>> No.8619284

I love all the artists here, past and present. I'm really grateful that they give up their time and talent to do there thing for very little in return.

>> No.8619328

This is one of the greatest pictures I have ever seen on the internet

>> No.8619352

>> No.8619431

Necrons are :3

>> No.8619469


>> No.8619680

I think this picture is amazing.

>> No.8619759

>> No.8619907

+1 appreciation.

>> No.8619944

Someone once remarked that the thumbnail looks like she's firing OPTIC BLAST out of her eyes, I haven't been able to unsee it ever since. Pic is an attempted fix...

>> No.8620024

Whoever you are, I love you and I want to see more :(

>> No.8620122

Or if you did this one.

In fact I like this picture so much that I am seriously considering making significant changes to my thri-kreen fapfic so that it doesn't have the characters from the original, since artificers aren't warriors after all.

>> No.8620233

Look up Queblock and Sildre on fur affinity

>> No.8620287

I almost feel bad for not making more stuff for you guys.

>> No.8620402

Oh shit, really? These were them?

I thought they looked a little familiar. I'll go bug them there.

lol, "bug"

>> No.8620417

do so.
make more stuff not feel bad.

>> No.8620430

You should.

Now get to work so we can appreciate you.

>> No.8620552

It was actually just Queblock but regardless I am changing names around like crazy

this story will be so thri-kreeny and hot that it will make your dick buzz

>> No.8620561

Sirbriggz is god tier, too bad he sorta stopped coming.

>> No.8620576

The guy who made this thing for me.

I still like it.

>> No.8620689

Whoever drew Chemrat. That guy was awesome.

>> No.8620721


Whoever did this, too, is fucking godly.

>> No.8620765


That would be Sildre.

Chem-chan's artist was pretty good, too.

in before trolling

>> No.8620873

what more are you looking for? I still need to reinstall my tablet drivers, but after I get that done and knock out a few commissions I see about doing something about it

>> No.8620911

Oh, crap, you're here! I'll have you know I'm writing an unauthorized sequel to the famous story and am in dire need of pictures. That character or one similar to her in cutesy couple scenes with a bardy-looking male human would be just great. Shit, you might even be twisted enough to illustrate it after reading my terrible hack job of a story that will probably make everyone hate me.

Start with them discreetly holding hands or something idk

>> No.8620947

I hope they have retarded babies

>> No.8620996

You know, Wicky, your grasp of anatomy was negligible, and your style was paltry, but you drew nice tits.
Some days, that's enough.

>> No.8621125

My fave request, the first I ever had granted.

>> No.8621160

And the second, which I appreciate for having made the effort.

Female Ogre Weapon-and-boarder, with a door for the shield. Random melee weapon, short hair, one part of my female monster adventure party.

>> No.8621167

>> No.8621207

Still there, Queblock?

>> No.8621213

I drew this for /tg/ several months ago.

I don't need appreciation, I just never have a chance to post it.

>> No.8621343

Did he leave?

I hope he didn't leave.

>> No.8621358

Ribbon-fag did this for me.

>> No.8621359

Just go bug him over on tgchan

>> No.8621363

I like this drawfag.

He draws good elfdars.

>> No.8621373


>> No.8621416

Whatever happened to Sildre and Little Gaunt anyway?

>> No.8621437

I just wish there was more Sandwich drawfaggotry.

Clean or filthy (like our minds), it doesn't matter to me.

>> No.8621800


I assume they are off doing other stuff

>> No.8621893

I thought they were chased away by a single angry troll who excelled at stirring up drama. That's what it looked like to me, if I'm thinking the right people.

>> No.8622005


Amen, brotha.

>> No.8622053

I'm redoing this. I completely missed the concept of the request. Not a big surprise coming from me though, really.

>> No.8622210

Well I wasn't clear that tender xenophilic lovin' was going to later be combined with transmutation magic, so I'd say I'm more to blame than you.

A medieval fantasy equivalent of the old stereotypical porn-buying get-up would be ideal.

>> No.8622257

I've got to get some stuff done first, but once I get a few things taken care of I can try to work some on this. Just send me a note on fa or something

>> No.8622300


I wasn't so much chased off as I lost my job and my ceiling collapsed in the same week, and then I decided to dick around and do other stuff. Right now what I'm doing is reading this thread.

>> No.8622324

This is all I need, for my throw-away name on embarassing porno sites to become associated with my writefaggotry.

Still, I made the request, might as well follow up on it. I'll give you a bit to do your commissions and such.

>> No.8622334

More Sandy porn is desired, as she is likely to be adorable about it.

>> No.8622382

Hey drawfags!
Draw a female tech priest being raped by
a male tech priest!

>> No.8622426

I'm not doing it right now mind you, I'll drop it off on this board later.

>> No.8622468

I would like to see more pictures of her where she looks like she grew up swinging sledge hammers and throwing rocks all day.

>> No.8622534


Just as long as it's not roid-crazy musclegirl shit.

>> No.8622542

eh, if you contact via note, no one will know what name it is besides me, and I have no reason to divulge said info anyway if the "customer" wishes, that would be bad business

>> No.8622550

Why do we not have the other pic of the OP pic's elf and tikiforged yet?

>> No.8622572 [DELETED] 


Can't go wrong with that.

>> No.8622737

I was just aiming for female athlete and would actually prefer a higher bodyfat look where you can see from the shape she is built but she is still soft, I mean it is not like she has to cut down for a weight class being a paladin.

>> No.8622939

You...saved that?
Oh wow. I opened the thread with a few things I did with a bit of time (not while studying), but most of the requests I fulfilled were really quick and sans reference. Maybe tonight/tomorrow I'll take it a little more seriously. In fact, I'll doodle a bit right now and scan once I'm back from work.

>> No.8624177


Well, it WAS my request. It's part of a set I'm going to see if I can get completed. My FantasyCraft 'wrecking crew' is a monstergirl group, comprised of the ogre, a saurian martial artist, an emo rootwalker medic (hurr Willow), and the goblin explorer who started off a whore, and now is not hesitant to do whatever humiliating thing it takes to get the job done.

Also, someone mentioned the other GregMustache pic?

>> No.8624346



>> No.8624492

There was one women posted in one of the sandwich threads I thought was perfect but I apparently forgot to save it, she was muscled but soft and had big thighs and shoulders, any one have it?

>> No.8624508

I'll see if I can't do something a little better tonight/tomorrow.

>> No.8624648


That's Konflikti, he usually makes Katawa Shoujo fanart ranging from cute to NIGHTMARES. Probably Finish.

>> No.8627406

Well, no shit.

Mind you, I'm fucking broke, so if you're scribblefagging it up out of the kindness of your heart I'm all for it but if you expect money out of me then don't worry about it.

>> No.8628298

Greg Mustache should be appreciated.

>> No.8628358

Vell, meinself nein vant seem ungrateful... danke fhor letting Verity keep mein teef!

>> No.8628411

Drawfags are my favorite flavor of xfag on 4chan.

>> No.8628448

I draw, but I'll never join in on any of these threads because the stuff most /tg/ers request is straight up full retard.

I think this board has enough 40k porn.

>> No.8628490

Pym is a friend of the people

>> No.8628546

of the people

>> No.8628610

Well if there are Draw-ers out there looking for a sketch to do, I'm trying to get a nice character portrait.

Essentially, he's a 8-9 inch tall pixie/fae style duelist with a rapier and a large feathered cap, sitting on the shoulder of a female human fire mage.

>> No.8628662

So he essentially stabs people with metal toothpicks?
I don't get it.

>> No.8628667


Why is this so hot?

>> No.8628753


Massive Dex and a precision. Have fun fighting without your eyeballs, and oh yeah, while you're on fire, too.

Haven't decided if the character is going into an RPG or a story, to be honest. But he's a brash, swaggering little bugger. Full of himself, and full of sarcasm.

Also, considers his Fire Mage to be his "Familiar" and is secretly devoted to her.

>> No.8628767


Also: Dem Typos.

And yeah. Metal Toothpicks.

>> No.8628771

>>8628448 enough 40k porn

It has enough 40K period.

>> No.8628777

I drew pictures for you guys for a little bit. I should start up again, but I dunno, I don't know if half of you got what I drew for you. Which is a shame.

Though I see a few of them reposted around here from time to time which is nice.

>> No.8628793


Also, Drawfriends are cool dudes y dudettes.

>> No.8628851


Female Jagermonster?

>> No.8628882

My God...an entire race of Cultist-chans.

>> No.8628884

I still have yet to see someone do this request of mine:

Roman-type setting, palace room with mermaid fountain (actual mermaids swimming in fountain), mosaics, gilded columns, the works.

In the center of the room reclines an athletic (but just a little soft in the belly) man wearing a laurel crown and a toga that's unsettlingly short, on a fine couch. He is being fed grapes by a thri-kreen woman who is also wearing one of the racy togas. At the back of the room stand two stern, frighteningly muscular ogre women (think Futurama's Amazonians, but with horns and tusks), twins, also wearing sleazy attire. He is being fanned with palm fronds by an albino lizard-woman and a midget gnoll female (standing on a stool), same togas.

I will love you forever <3

>> No.8628908


Cultist technically is suppose to sound Mexican (like the cultists in DoWI), where as Jagermonster/Verity are more classic evil german baron/doctor accent.

>> No.8628915

FORGOT: Ogresses have arms crossed in classic bodyguard/bouncer pose.

>> No.8628918

Sometimes I draw pictures.

>> No.8628923

And yet, I can't understand a damn thing any of them say.

>> No.8628927


God I would do a Femme-Jager so h-

Scratch that. I would let a Femme-Jager do me so hard.

>> No.8628934

Oh god yes.

>> No.8628942

So, when did /tg/ become openly furry?

>> No.8628947


>> No.8628952


Ok now you're just being silly.

>> No.8628955


I'm funny cuz I'm a troll and I don't know what a Jager is and also my mouth is full of cigarettes that are actually dicks.

>> No.8628958

I would hope to see the effect of a cursed item drawn out.
A woman with a ridiculously thin waist. In her hand she is holding a corset. Her expression is shock due to her waist still being caricature like. She has brown curled hair and green eyes. On the other hand, her figure looks fantastic.

Player was a Femnazi. She was not happy

>> No.8628960

>>8628942 So, when did /tg/ become openly furry?
>Jagermonster = furry

>> No.8628964

Pretty much always.

Excuse me, I have some delicious chitin to admire.

>> No.8628972


Sorry, but he's right.

>> No.8628976



>> No.8628979


>> No.8628991


Sorry but you're != right.

>> No.8629013

ITT: /tg/ realizes they're furry.

>> No.8629019

>>8628976 Jagernotfurry-mind?

I would say that shows more how pants-on-head-retarded the comment was.

>> No.8629020

He once drew a comic in which a woman has sex with a panther.

It turns out it is the king and part of being king is inheriting the werepanther curse and her job was to keep him from killing during the new moon by letting him fuck her in panther form.

This is a comic that Phil Foglio drew.

>> No.8629032



>> No.8629038

I do not understand this strange mammal thing called "hugging" but I think it feels nice

>> No.8629044

what the fuck

>> No.8629052

And thus, another Unyufex was born.

>> No.8629055

I prefer old Verity.

>> No.8629074

>I'm a furry

>> No.8629079

kinda looks like a sliver

>> No.8629089

>>I am an accurate representation of /tg/.

>> No.8629098

It is a shame some of us must bear...

>> No.8629103

>>8629074 I'd rather fuck a D&D monster than a person

Sounds like your average ultra-nerd

>> No.8629106

Looks like it's from the Wall.

>> No.8629108

So does this mean I'm not gonna get my Fae Duelist?

>> No.8629129

This "kissing" thing is even more strange to us. We don't get anything out of it. On the other hand, nobody really ever seems to want to kiss us.

I sometimes wonder why.

>> No.8629132

>> No.8629135


Well I prefer the really old Verity.


>> No.8629140


>> No.8629142


Can't imagine why she was changed during updating.

>> No.8629148


>> No.8629157


Cool Taco bro.

>> No.8629159


>> No.8629161


>> No.8629170

It might have to do with the whole "eating your mate" thing.
It's kind of a turn-off.

>> No.8629180


Inb4 gnoll-chan.

>> No.8629184


>> No.8629189

That is the worst thing ever.

Mostly because that pizza would really throw off the vibe.

>> No.8629197

Well, I'm slightly off-put by the penis. But really, ponytails? No wonder you scrapped that design.

>> No.8629199


moreso than, I don't know, Deep frying it?

>> No.8629201

inb4 Ragnarok's wet dream sometime in the early 2000's

>> No.8629215



>> No.8629216

Nope, it's American "Mexican" food. Really, my beef is with the pepperoni, that shit ain't gonna fly on Tex-Mex.

>> No.8629218

Are drawfags still drawing? I have a request that seems to not be on the net anywhere

>> No.8629228

I think the furries scared them off.

>> No.8629238

Nurse Verity is originally a character dreamt up by a guy that goes by the name Ragnarok.

Here is a picture of him post-coitus with Sage Freehaven (Rag is on the left).

>> No.8629246


The "furries", if you mean the images posted, were all drawn on /tg/.

>> No.8629270


Oh that. Yeah, everyone knows where that pic came from. We used it to tease him back in the day.

>> No.8629275

HOW DARE YOU! That's a filthy lie spread by intolerant and ill-informed mammal naturalists in an attempt to marginalize and cast aspersions upon us. Our little cousins almost never do that either in the wild, unless hunting has been extremely poor, and don't think that if a hungry male came across an infertile female that was weaker than it that he probably wouldn't eat her just the same. But we never do that.

Cannibalism is, for us, a sacred act. It is how we venerate and mourn our honored dead. When we eat our enemies, we do not touch the brain or ganglia, which are full of anger and hatred and fear, the thoughts of a violent death. We eat their hearts to gain their strength and the courage they showed in battle. Traitors and other vile criminals are not eaten, for their wicked flesh would taint us. They are marked and left to rot, food for the little six-legged soldiers who have no souls to taint.

You'd probably taste terrible anyway. And be lousy in the nest.

>> No.8629284

I always liked this. This was /tg/ fan art wasn't it? Created Marauder-chan?

>> No.8629314

>> No.8629376


You lack these. Your argument is invalid.

>> No.8629400

Big fleshy sacks of fat? It's cute that the gods gave you those cumbersome things since you are too squeamish to regurgitate your infant's dinner into its mouth, really. And anyway, the types of mammals who go for my kind don't really care about that kind of thing.

>> No.8629435


>> No.8629444

Breast size doesn't have much connection to amount of milk produced; big boobs are for show.

>> No.8629477

Go talk to one of the mammal-chasers. They care about your child-feeders. I don't.

>> No.8629480

Big titties are a pretty good show

>> No.8629501

It comes from evoluton.

It used to be a sign of a.) fat and b.) ability to suckle better, making you more desirable.

That's right- fat chicks used to be hot stuff.

>> No.8629512

Yeah, 150 years ago.

>> No.8629532

Or tens of thousands of years ago :P

>> No.8629544

>> No.8629556

>> No.8629560

Bag of Infinite Hats.
Sell hats.

>> No.8629563

>> No.8629568

>> No.8629569

I heard there were some mammals here who wanted to teach my kind about breasts. Let's get started, shall we?

By the way, I'm a hands-on learner.

>> No.8629598

See, 3.5e didn't put breasts on things that had no place having breasts.
Coming soon: 4e PH4, now with six-breasted Thri-Kreen!

>> No.8629603

Ever seen a fat hunter-gatherer? There were no fat chicks before the beginning of the Holocene, at which point humans were anatomically modern and had pretty much stopped evolving. Fat bitches are a product of a sedentary, agrarian lifestyle and any attraction towards them is/was due to cultural factors.

>> No.8629621

This, fat was attractive back then because it was associated with wealth.
Which is funny, because now it's associated with trailer trash.

>> No.8629628



>> No.8629637

>implying that a foxy dragonborn chick's chest is not the perfect place for breasts

>> No.8629643

It's not the dragonborn that bother me so much as the ROCK PEOPLE and PLANT PEOPLE.

>> No.8629653

>See, 3.5e didn't put breasts on things that had no place having breasts.
The way you word that implies you don't enjoy breasts.


>> No.8629657

Goliaths aren't rock people. And I don't think they ever specified whether Wilden females have breasts... or if Wilden have gender, for that matter.

>> No.8629807

Yeah, in America.

In places like Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central Asia it's still attractive.

>> No.8629896

moar droaw!

>> No.8629906

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