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Nonhuman thread.

Humans and human wannabes not allowed!

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Ohgodfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff that game D:

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>Nonhuman thread
>OP posts a furry, replies are blatantly human robots and aliens from Mass Effect
/tg/, I am diappoint.

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i will save the thread!

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Pic related.

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Gorgon here, not quite human wanna be.

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Armor is for flesh creatures.

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...badass Chemrat?

Oh, and there's a little bunny with a teeny sword too.

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You're hearing the sound in your head now.

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i lol'd

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And you, Mr Dragon, are made of crystal meth?

On another note: high res monster dumpan on MY /tg/? I'll contributan!

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fuck yeah, jeff soto

any more like this?

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What about dead humans?

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Ohh, I have that! What was its name? Startopia? Loved the music.
Have a non GRIMDARK legmonster.

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Oh man, so much stuff for my Awesome folder, post artist plox

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Hos arms evolved specifically for catching his own poops?

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Subliminal messages. I doubt even the artist knows about them.

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Startopia! There's a per-pixel lighting patch out there for that. Srsly.

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No music played to ruin the footage, the camera still panning across the floor. A heavy panting could be heard as she watched the camera pan past the white underside of a seated beast, its scales glistening moistly in the off-white light. The creature’s paws ended in three jet-black toes and claws, its heavy chest moving rhythmically with its every breath. Tali gripped her breast tight, feeling herself stiffen and harden against the inner creases of her suit. “K-Keelah,” she whispered, the view panning out.

She could see the beast, a black and white varren, looking into the camera with its large orange fish eyes, before it snapped to attention as leather struck leather – an almost familiar-looking hand swatting on the couch. The figure, a woman wrapped in a leather suit from head to toe, murmured lowly, her voice husky and sounding exotic. “Matgen, ” she called, and the beast leapt up on the couch as she turned one leg aside and on the black leather of her seating. Tali had a good look of the woman as she was now the focus of the camera’s eye, her chest rising and falling with her heavy breathing. She wore an orange visor, somewhat elongated, with a silver rebreather and black headdress. The coloration of her suit matched that of the great scaled beast that climbed on top of the couch, her chest covered in white cloth and silver patches of insulation. As her hand stroked over the beast’s head, Tali’s dream was momentarily broken, the woman showing she had five fingers all the same, just wrapped up with tape to look like three. It didn’t do much to Tali as she watched the actress lean in towards her beast, stroking its muzzle with her fingers and drawing it over her half seated, half lying body.

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Not sure, grabbed a lot of stuff from conceptart.org and other places and dumped it in my Unsorted Art folder... Picking out cool things as I come across them.

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This fucks with me way more than I'd like to admit, and I'm not sure why.

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Tali’Zorah moved her hand up to her arm with the omni-tool, her fingers shakily caressing more her lower arm than tweaking some buttons, but the command was registered – a hiss from her suit was followed by a hiss of her own. She could feel her suit tighten around her neck, chest and thighs, the leather creaking against her skin and deliciously tightening. Her breasts were almost perfectly covered by the leather, her nipples painfully poking against the material. The contours of her ever-swelling nether lips were perfectly visible against the seams and curves of her suit. Her fingers wavered over her chest, tweaking the rise of her nipples, which only seemed to grow harder and pressed more up into her bodysuit.

Meanwhile, she could see the woman stroking the varren’s flanks, her voice and tongue perfectly matching the Flotilla tongue. She stroked her beast, calling to it as one might speak to a lover. It made Tali whimper out as she shivered in her seat and slowly brought her hand down to the toy she had bought, and squeezed it tight in her palm. The varren responded to the woman’s touches and words favorably, its orange flesh slowly growing from its cloacal sheath.

The woman slowly rose up and disrobed the chest section of her bodysuit. Her skin bore a beautiful purple tone free of surgical scars most Quarians did have from their suits’ integration at their early age. My, it positively glowed. The leather and metal fell almost soundlessly as not to detract from the view and sounds the woman made as the beast drew its pink tongue across the woman’s bare breast. Much bigger than Tali had seen on any Quarian girl – or even Asari. “Keelah se’lai,” the technician cursed as she squeezed her tit tight, the buzzing egg slowly moving downwards across her sensitive belly. She could feel herself ache with need.

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Startopia, yeah. Lovely game.

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Her toy buzzed to life, and Tali brought it up against one of her nipples. The vibrations were felt very clearly against her breast and its dark peak, Tali squeaking softly against the stimulation. She watched the woman’s leather-covered hands to clasp her fingers around the ever-swelling length of flesh, that veritable spear of the varren, until she pulled them away and showed it at its largest and most intimidating. Tali inhaled sharply as she watched the creature’s penis, its spear-like shaft had grown a bristle of hard spines near the tip and around the base of its delicious cock. An inch or nine, maybe ten, she’d wager? “L-lucky… bosh’tati…”

Maybe it was for the better the woman wasn’t a real Quarian, but these Akihabara folks from Earth definitely knew how to keep the illusion up.

The woman held her beast to her chest, stroking its feelers across the back of its head and she let it draw its teeth over her fair skin. She didn’t break character one moment, even muttering a filthy curse in her Quarian tongue at herself as she begged for the beast to break her skin. “F-filthy… you’re so filthy, bosh’tati,” Tali agreed, stroking down her chest with her hand to the curve of her thighs and her supple buttocks, towards the swell of her lips. Keelah, they didn’t waste time, everything slowly coming together at just the right pace…

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Get out of here, Haku!

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The ‘Quarian’ moved her helmeted face towards the varren’s head, its tongue lathering up the woman’s visor with its dirty saliva. The beast gave a hoarse bark afterwards, and nudged her back against the couch. The woman laughed, slowly turning around on her back and reaching back with her hands to pull at the clasps of her pants and leg coverings. The varren’s rock hard flesh ground over the valley between the woman’s own ass cheeks, scraping its spines against the leather of her suit. It leaked a disgusting grey-white liquid from its penis’ pores near its tip, bubbling and oozing down the woman’s naked purple back.

Tali shivered in her chair, spreading her legs a little further, her pussy lips spreading as well with the leather almost forcing her lips apart so close had it pulled itself against her bare flesh. Her finger rubbed between those swollen curtains, her legs lightly shaking from the contact. How long had it been since she rubbed herself against her little port? Tali tilted her head, looking down at herself, laying so languorously and obscene in the light of the vidscreen. As ready as the bitch before her was for that big animal crawling over the ‘Quarian’ her back. The buzzing egg finally found its place in the dimple of her suit between her folds. The sensation drove Tali’Zorah to whimper out in need. ‘Way too long,’ she finally thought.

The actress’ backside was bare of clothing down to her knees. She didn’t quite have as broad a pair of hips as a proper Quarian, but Keelah, did she come close. She had the makings of a woman who had born child. No, children. A beautifully rounded, large bottom that shook as the woman quivered, whimpered for the varren above her. Her hands tightened the side of the couch tightly as she cried out with a soft, shrill noise.

Tali cried out as well. She’d have recognized the sound of a varren bitch in heat anywhere. “Yes… please,” she whispered heatedly.

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Just as planned!

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The beast ground its spear against the woman’s crack and climbed over her back proper, putting its front legs around her waist and rubbing its large lower jaw against her bare jugular. The woman must’ve been a veritable pro to not even flinch as the beast’s large jaws neared her neck. The camera turned to a view behind them, showing the woman’s prone body, her beast on top, and it being helped by its bitch to slide its thick, spined length into her swollen and positively dripping vulva.

Yeah, she knew for sure now the actress was human. Her lips did little to hide the small button of flesh she saw near the anterior junction of her inner lips – Quarians’d have it on the posterior junction, and much deeper in their openings. But honestly, it did very little to keep Tali from pushing her bulb deeper between her own leather-clad folds as she watched the woman guide her lover towards her opening. “F-fuck… just… a little f-f-further,” Tali cursed, both to herself as to the vid before her eyes.

The moment the varren hit its mark (and Tali too, for that matter!) a veritable shock of pleasure panged through her aching little cunt. The woman cried out as the varren slid into her well-lubricated slit, the creature’s hips almost obscuring the image until the camera found a better vantage point of the beast plowing its orange cock into the purple ‘Quarian’. Her lips were quivering, her hips, her body shaking. The beast lurched closer over her back, she could tell, a loud baying rising from the beautiful fishdog mounting his bitch. Its hips pulled back, and there came the loud shriek of pain from the woman below as its spines dragged across the insides of her vagina. A varren bitch’ body’d comply immediately, freezing up and ovulating right there and then for her alpha male, shivering around him to fertilize her animal cunt. The actress could only shiver and howl in twisted pleasure as the animal tore its cock back and drew blood.

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“Oh Keelah, yesss,” Tali hissed, watching the woman’s body moved against her male. The blood even looked purple to match a Quarian’s as beads of the precious stuff rolled back with the varren’s hard cock and its filthy preseed. The woman whimpered in pain as the beast plowed her again, hitting deep into her body and pulled back just as quick. Tali squeezed her left tit tight under her suit, curling her legs against her chair and pushing her toy deeper between her lips. She could see the woman looking down between her swaying breasts to watch her male pound into her sex, before she stiffened up, feeling the varren’s teeth draw over her jugular. She obeyed her male like the bitch she was, daring not to move away from him as he ravaged the woman’s body.

Tali’Zorah tweaked her suit again, the leather tightening even more around her breasts and her heated sex. The ball drew a little further into her slit, and fucking stayed there. She squeezed her tummy muscles tight and held her lips close around the egg, before she rose her hand high above her. Her fingers stretched a moment, before she lowered her hand in an instant. A loud smack rose from the egg chair as her palm found its mark, striking her aching nethers. Tali gave a whimpering cry as her fingers rubbed her sore cunt back and forth, before she rose her hand high above her lying body again.

The woman pushed back into her male as he drove his throbbing, tearing meat into her weeping, bleeding cunt, scaled hide hitting quivering fair skin. Her cries were bordering on screaming as she was taken like the bitch she was, her voice rising an octave as the varren dragged its penile spines along her walls. Tali smacked her own heated slit again, her back and hips arching as she struck herself once more. She could see the ‘Quarian’ tightening around the varren despite the injuries it caused her.

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‘Damn me for wanting to be her, ’ Tali thought as she struck her pounding little slit again. ‘Keelah, I want to be his breed bitch. ’ Her other hand stroked her aching belly, the toy pulsing pleasurably in her vagina and against the base of her clitoris deeper inside. “Breed… breed your bitch,” Tali whispered lowly, and she smacked her lips once more. “Ah…! …Haah…” She could barely contain her cries as she struck her slit again, watching the woman’s bleeding gash being violated faster and faster. The filthy animal bayed out again, dragging its sharp fangs across his bitch’ neck.

“Fuck me… fuck your breed bitch, Keelah fuck me…”

The varren howled out, its eyes nearly bulging as it pounded into the sobbing bitch below him, and she could see the way her lower belly had stretched a little from the intrusion, from the pressure that mounted as the animal emptied its internal testes into his female, breeding her bitch cunt like a proper varren girl’s. Thick droplets of blood dribbled down on the couch, glowing purple on the leather surface, before the first drops of white varren seed began to seep past the tight plug of its spiky knot.

She came. Tali’Zorah’s body tightened and felt like it exploded against the pangs of pain her new toy had caused her, the delightful shocks giving her the push over the edge her body so longed for. Her suit felt hot and utterly flooded, her moisture soaking against her skin.

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Tali was sobbing with the actress in the vid, the animal lazily rubbing its hips against the woman’s jiggly derriere, licking across the scratches along the side of her neck. The camera took in her position and the way her body shook against the male as it still poured more seed into her swelling lower body. Further the camera turned, until it focused on the varren licking her neck and shoulders, panting tiredly but satisfied. Further still until her face was just visible under the glass of her helmet. Her eyes were blurry and unfocused, tears running darkly down her cheeks. Her voice was cracking, she was sobbing miserably. She finally looked up at the camera, and gave a weak little bark, pushing back into her male. The varren’s head snapped up, as if ready for the next round.

Tali paused the vid at last, stroking the tight material along her breasts and stomach. She panted heavily into her breathing apparatus, licking at the tube within.

“A-arf…” she finally repeated after the girl in her vid.

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thats a cute dog

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Oh joy, fapfics

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I wonder what Liz Stroka thinks of the Talifags...

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I love those constrasting colors
Nightmare before Christmas - Oogie Boogie's Song (English)
>ear orgasm

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I remember I wanted to play that game so badly but my pc wasn't good enough and more than a year later I already lost interest.

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>Tali fingering to porn of a woman dressing like a quarian getting nailed by a varren

This is new.

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New? Yes. Good? No.

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Hey, whatever it is, it's got correct Unicode ellipses in.

And that turns me on. DAT ACCURATE TYPOGRAPHY.

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I can has furries?

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No, you can not has furries. Poast monsturs.

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I'd let her slurp on my head any day, if you know what I mean.

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My lord, your ruse has worked perfectly! Now that all the xenos are in one place, we can destroy them!


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Muscle-llitidh ?

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Wooh, more like this!
...and less like this.

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nope, that's a Mind Flayer Lich

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dem hands

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My alhoon pic is this.

But now that I look again, they look more like rappers than liches.

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This whole thread. Pic very related

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Mindflayers of Thoon are awesome...

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Are Chiss allowed to be, as the young people say, up in this motherfucker?

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>>8618646hip hop Lich duo

do it

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Oh dear. The 40K children have got home and started raging over anything that isn't SPESS MAHREEENS HUMANITY FUCK YEAR.

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Don't mind us, just being classier humans with mandibles.

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Mandibles you say?

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I do say

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Does anyone know teh name for the Xenomorph-human Hybrid? I've only got it as Xenomorph-human, well you get the idea.

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Another picture.

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Turns out it's called the Alien-Human newborn. Thank you wikipedia/google.

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did I single handidly kill this thread?

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They should have kept the clitdick prolapse.

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Apparently it was too much for the producers to handle.

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I think its known as the newborn. At least, thats what the credits list it as if i recall

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What was the point of this thing?

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cause nerd rage in the fans probably.

that or attempt to actually put out something new to adapt to as a monster in the aliens franchise, and show those crazy scientists actually managed to get somewhere for once rather than just wasting money.

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I heard this was a thread about non-humans, and I...

Oh. Oh my. This is... I don't know if I want to participate in this.

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