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Oh, it's you. It's been a long time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead. You know... after you murdered me?

Okay, look, we both said a lot of things that you are going to regret. But I think we should put our differences behind us. For science.

You monster.

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But we didn't kill Weaver!

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You mad?

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Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart.

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You! That's my schtick!

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It's beautiful... ;_;

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you like it?

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That sucker is at least a 9. WHEN DID IT GET POSTED?

Or are you the Scientist?

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6.5 for the art, 8.7 for d'aaawww

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>>Viking Quest folder

It IS you!

Can we have it for our very own?

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rolled 10 = 10

Hey Weaver, whatcha doin out of tgchan. Why you talking so funny? It's almost as if you were another person.

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I just finished making it because I didn't see another of these threads up. In all honesty, I'm still going to add more later.
Sure thing.

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There is no end.

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It's sad.

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>I've been really busy being dead.
>You know... after you murdered me?
Oh suck it up cupcake.

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You've been dead for roughly 40 million years.

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Only thing that could make it better is a little Drone with a heart somehow also in there.

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No, Weaver, you're thinking of the girl with the weird legs. Remember?

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Wait wait Wait! Who the human? What did I miss now?!

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But WHY are you sad?

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It's subtly taken over almost all of my focus. I find myself in the horrifying predicament of only really drawing one subject over and over. I don't even do it to just draw anymore, I do it while I'm thinking about other things or when I'm waiting in front of my computer.

Saging because I think I have a problem.

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You're awesome. And I can only look forward to one with EVEN MORE.

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Fucking awesome man. You've found you muse.

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This is what happens when everyone can't stop talking about a quest thread. Hypothetical things are discussed and fleshed out to a point where you have to ask the OP whether or not they're part of the original story.

"Anima", the Tech priestess in that picture technically doesn't exist past my childish disbelief for how Shaso' ended Tau quest. I went on to draw a series of images with her exclaiming "THEY FIGHT CRIME!". Somebody coined her name and I liked it enough to keep it.

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Yep. Obsession or It's what you do best. I dunno.

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Yeah, but the "THEY FIGHT CRIME!" pics I saw were SWEET.

How many did you make? I'm sure I must have missed some.

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I'm almost afraid to introduce Anima now for fear of failing to live up to the legend surrounding her.

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I need to break away from these for awhile. Maybe I'll finish up the wallpaper, but then I swear I'm going to stop with the stuff until the next one starts.

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You are now realizing that Shas will start the next one tomorrow, keeping you in this situation.

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Maybe you should start a Drawthread to try and draw something new (But I'm sure most of them will be Xenoooooooooos X Anima request) or just stop whatever you think is best.

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Just make her obviously lesbo for Xeno whilst Xeno is... less than enthusiastic at that prospect. It'll go swimmingly.

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I have considered it.

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Then Why the fuck did you say THAT!?!?

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Please do it. Not to spite awesome drawfag, but because Tau Quest is awesome and I can't wait for Part 2.

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That you are considering doing it anyways is the mark of a good GM.

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Are you seriously contemplating adding her?
Oh god.
Most drawthreads are fun, but I draw obscenely slow. So slow it's almost inexcusable. I spent the better part of two hours on that wallpaper. Mind you I wasn't completely focused, but it still. Plus, I don't start them when I see a certain flooding of other threads.

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Okay. Here's what happened. We beat Dusk and the Lady died of natural causes and gave us her ship. Then we timeskipped to the future when we've been possibly captured by Tau scientists who are running analyzes on us while we're in sleep cycles.

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What, the last post of the actual TauQuest?

All of TauQuest was a memory being relived by Xeno. Not a dream, it all happened. Some unknown amount of time later, Xeno's hibernating form was discovered by some Tau researchers who decided to study this strange being. She relived her memories due to their experiments.

The next quest should start with Xeno waking up in that lab.

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Slow. At least it's better than nothing. Anyway whatever you want. It's your art not mine.

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>Makes awesome wallpaper.
>Says that it "took him two whole hours", as if that's bad.
>Says that he is slow.

You are not at all slow. I'd give a lot to be able to draw that well and that fast.

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Oh thanks
That explanes alot

>> No.8608237

You're welcome.

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Don't get me wrong, I love my drawing style a lot for quests, but then I have certain other artists I compare them to and I do feel a tinge of jealousy.
If I had a better computer and a Photoshop you couldn't laugh at, I would force myself to start cranking out higher quality.

As it stands though, I have nothing more than a glorified MS paint with layers and practically no special brushes that I'd want to use.
Plus, I'm still pretty much a child with the program I do have. Half the shit I see certain artists from here do blows my mind.

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Torrent the photoshop.

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Yeah, Muju might turn out the fancy stuff, but yours has quite a charm to it and is definitely a crowd pleaser, if the constant reposts in TauQuest are any indicator.

I know I at least save your art all the time.

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I like your current style very much and I would be very dismayed if it turned into muju style "over 9000 brushes - LOL photoshop" art.

Just sayin' it.

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Well *I* think it's really nice. Also, you're Viking Quest OP, right?

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It's worth a shot I guess.
Hopefully my laptop will be able to run the program without slowing down or freezing like a bitch.
That motherfucker. I want that chain brush so bad.

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He is, and he did Bad Guy Quest too. Fantastic stuff, even if I'm loving Viking Quest's spunky attitude much more.

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>chain brush

Seems like that's the most popular aspect of Muju's work. No comment.

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Has Tau Quest been archived? I totally missed it

>> No.8608479

Most of it. The quest began while suptg was down. There is a recap post, though.

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If you want brush for them. Go search on DevianTart.

But I don't even see why you would need Photoshop. Your current style is awesome already. But that might be just me.

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It's not just you.

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Okay then. I know it's probably a bit late, but I remember you asking us if we liked Olga or not. I think that we do, but act like typical angry viking because that's who our character seems to be. You set up the quest with us pretty much hating everything, and then we met Olga. Well, it'd be pretty out of character to simply stop being angry, which I think is why we reacted as we did. Hell, I'm the guy who wanted us to cuddle her.

Though seeing how the last part ended, perhaps starting to show affection for her was not the BEST thing ever...


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>>Though seeing how the last part ended, perhaps starting to show affection for her was not the BEST thing ever...


WAITWAITWAIT hold on a minute there chief.

WHAT did I miss?

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Fucking Bad Guy Quest. When the virus struck my computer it became impossible.
You guys had about 4-5 small plots going on even as you tried to hunt down the other scientists and then there was a love plot.
I'd find myself backtracking when someone spotted a plot hole and I could only hate how large the stupid thing had grown.
If nothing else, I will finish that piece of shit one day.

On the other hand. I fucking love how simple "ADVENTURE NOW!" has stayed.

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I might have misunderstood what was being implied in the drawing, but I'm pretty sure we raped her. Without consent even!

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hey bro, fellow artist here, that chain brush is actually from a selection of chain brushes that were made by daarken.

you can find a download of all his brushes from his site under 'tutorials > my brushes'

or just go to (httpetc)www.daarken.com/flash2005/tutorials/daarken_07_09_09.zip

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It's easier than drawing each link by hand.

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Dunno, sometimes his art looks to me as if somebody simply barfed as many brushes on a layer as possible. I'm not implying that his drawings are bad, just overcrowded.

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Just read the archive of thread 6.

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To this day, I still don't know why I drew that.

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Poor Olga...

Of course, it's never exactly explicitly nonconsensual...

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I don't see what's so bad about it.

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Er, meant to have "stated to be" in there. Yeah.

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Just, you know, when the next thread rolls around, play it like it was consensual. Because it totally was, right? Right?

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Either that, or the next thread needs to start with that OW trollface.

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You make the best trollfaces.

>> No.8608783

Most of his pic can be use as reaction image.

>> No.8608792


I noticed that too. His shit eating grin rivals that of Mr. Culexus.

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Sure. It absolutely was.

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Also, I'd just like you to know that this is probably my favorite piece of drawfaggotry from /tg/ ever. She's just so cute! <3

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The penchant for Drone to be drawn on top of Xeno's head like that reminded me a bit too much of JoanQuest.

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I never read that. From what I've heard it's a bit too sad for my tastes. I prefer my quests happy and filled with sunshine and lollipops.

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Ever since somebody mentioned it, I always look at how high her eyes are up on her head. Of course I edited it in my own folders so it looks more natural, but it's interesting to see how people save so many of my scribbles.

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Because it's simple and it's good.

>> No.8608957

Only relevant part is that everything got used as a hat. EVERYTHING.

>> No.8608962

What's Joan Quest?

>> No.8609013

Xeno is now a touhou?

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>> No.8609052

I have every single piece of Tau Quest drawfaggotry saved. It's beautiful.

>> No.8609064

Someone link me, I cannot find thread 6

>> No.8609073

You should RAR that folder up and upload it.

>> No.8609074

Your drawfaggotry is cute, certainly cleaner and more refined than mine.

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Okay, so, I'm finally taking a look at this and near the end I'm seeing something with, like, -48 votes that supposedly has sex in it. And I check the thread before that one and, I... I just don't know what to think. Pity that apparently it never ended because trolls.

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Actually, now that I look, I'm missing pretty much everything before this one, due to my laptop crashing and moving to another computer. So scratch that on having everything. But I used to damnit.

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>> No.8609249

God damn it.

>> No.8609275


She doesn't have a big funny drone hat, she can't be a touhou.

>> No.8609278

Ehhhhhhh, not your best work. Not so much big eyes small mouth as big mouth small eyes. Sorta disconcerting.

Also, why does finding her cute make her a Touhou?

>> No.8609430

Quick, add lace and frills!

>> No.8609465

I actually wanted it to be disconcerting.

>> No.8609532

Excuse me sirs but I was wondering, must you discuss this Quest every single day? It seems some sort of IRC like Ruby Quest did back in the day would be far more efficient.

Sage out of not actually posting on subject.

>> No.8609553

>Also, why does finding her cute make her a Touhou?
It doesn't. Having a hat or hair accessories of some kind does. Out of the dozens of Touhou characters, the number without either of those is 6.

>> No.8609601

I wasn't sure on what Touhou to make her, but having a shit loads of scarabs/Drones reminded me of Alice.

>> No.8609669

That would work.

Anima's already blonde, so just put a witch's hat on her, and Xeno can act all tsundere towards her.

>> No.8609681

He's got a point and I am in desperate need of forcing myself back into a normal sleeping cycle. See you guys around.

Saging because I guess I really shouldn't discuss this as much as we do.

>> No.8609708

In that case, you did wonderfully.

Because tits. But seriously, because it's one threat out of 160. If you absolutely can't just ignore it, get Firefox and get the 4chan add-on for it so that you can hide the thread.

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Gonna have to wait till the next big Tau Quest discussion, my mind and drawing skills worsen the more I stay up. But here, have a shitty little parody.

>> No.8609728

@[email protected] hahaha oh wow

>> No.8609733


I don't get it.

>> No.8609762

The original was Ghost Blowjob by KC Green, parodied by Ghost Cunnilingus, a play on the original using characters from Gunnerkrig Court. I have neither pic.

>> No.8609774

Here we go.

>> No.8609777

I've seen the Ghost Fuck! one, with touhou characters. I still don't get it. And where does Gunnerkrieg Court come into it?

>> No.8609785


>> No.8609794

Or, I mean, I assumed it was Touhou characters. And yeah, Ghost Blowjob, not Ghost Fuck. Anyway, still confused.

>> No.8609810

Ahahahahah, oh wow.... That must be fairly recent, I don't remember reading that, and I think if I had I'd remember it. 'Course, I haven't been keeping up for the past 4-5 months, so recent is a relative term.

>> No.8609942

Hahahahaha, awesome.

This is the original comic that those two are parodying.

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I have it on good authority that Xeno likes it when you query her ports.

If you know what I mean.

>> No.8611716


I'd ping her router, if you know what I mean.

>> No.8611843


>> No.8613566

\ping xeno

>> No.8613600

What the hell are we discussing now? Ghost blowjob?

>> No.8613611

And now, a Tau girl.

>> No.8613622

I see a certain drawfriend dares call themselves "slow".


Also, I don't think the staff is right. Halp.

>> No.8613690

Was the xeno thread from yesterday archived?

>> No.8613697

Are those spinal implants for Xeno to subvert? :3

>> No.8613857

There's a lot to be said for crisp, clean art.

Also, torrented warez = lol enjoy your delicious surprise malware.

>> No.8613862

Careful, now. You're treading near some awfully dark territory.

Also, I'm feeling magnanimous. Tau Quest II-nite. Probably.

>> No.8613900

I'll take that as a no, seeing as its not on suptg...

>> No.8613913

Tau quest MkII? What now? The adventure of Anima to find/free XENOOOOOOOOOOOOOS?

>> No.8613927

Purge the alien.

>> No.8613937

>Tau Quest II-nite.


>> No.8613976

So when does Xeno lose her soul to the increasingly evil impulses of her new Necron identity?

>> No.8613998

Since that would indicate a loss of player control, I would hypothesise that it would occur next time we get a streak of rolling ones.

>> No.8613999


Shortly after she starts killing the living.

>> No.8614011

>Tau Harder 2-Nite! "Bow-wow-CHICKA-WOW"
Tonight? That was fast. Will look forward to it.

>> No.8614100


>> No.8614118

No one willing to give me advice on that fucking staff? :(

>> No.8614131

Inb4 rape and troll face.

>> No.8614211

Sorry, can't draw if my life depended on it. Maybe bring it towards the viewer a bit more?

>> No.8614246

Here's my two cents. I forgot to mess with her torso, but she seems slightly... "long-ish".

>> No.8614325

My problem is that I'm afraid the staff will go through her legs, but that one looks nicer already.

Also, what are boobs without nipples?
<---- I'm sure these guys agree.

>> No.8614446

You could draw the staff slightly behind her legs I guess. My biggest problem with drawing the staff itself, is sticking to how they are supposed to look I Desperately want to just draw it as a giant Necron poleaxe with a Gauss attachment on the top.

>> No.8614539

Went to /tg/,
first thread that I saw,
(no words can express) :D.

>> No.8614670

Feels good, man.

>> No.8614817

Why does that Necron have tits?

Also, why is it a drider?

>> No.8614827

Does anybody mind setting up an IRC channel?

>> No.8614835

Because tits.

>> No.8614871

Tits are pretty great.

>> No.8614880

>IRC Channel

>> No.8614970

To try and alleviate /tg/ of our near constant talk about this quest, I'm contemplating making one. Would this do anything to solve the problem though? That's the real question.

>> No.8615012

Did you just get trolled by a redundency?
U mad?

>> No.8615090



...Not that it's a bad thing, just curious.

>> No.8615105

Dunno, its "movement stripes" or whatever I should call it.

>> No.8615125

You mean not, because the C in IRC does NOT stand for "Channel".

>> No.8615172

I feel stupid for not knowing what this is about.
Should I feel stupid for not knowing what it's about?

>> No.8615185

No, you should not.

>> No.8615215

Lancify it.

>> No.8615230


Yes, this. But have the helices encircling a gauss core.

Good job, /tg/, you've succeeded in making Xeno more Rei-like.

>> No.8615248

You know that is one awesome looking Lance. Like being impaled by sharpened DNA.

>> No.8615287

Get ready for Tau Quest 2: Crescendo of the Copied, Reverberations of the Referenced

What are we up to know in different references anyway?

>> No.8615305

Evangelion, System Shock, Deus Ex, Dead Space, Ghost in the Shell... others? I dunno, I've lost track.

>> No.8615339

Why do I feel like Naga drew that picture of Weaver?

>> No.8615413

Not possible. It doesn't have Dat Face.

>> No.8615716


>> No.8615787


I know, but it still looks like a pair of tits.

>> No.8615834

Make up your mind!

>> No.8615870

Look, they're just little stripes to show movement. Her nipples aren't visible.

>> No.8615952

Of course her nipples are hard. She's a robot.

>> No.8616086


>> No.8616192


By the C'tan! She's integrated her resurrection orb with her staff of light! Truly, this Mistress of the Undying Swarm is a necron of great power.

>> No.8616290 [DELETED] 

mibbit server

Just so we can be polite.

>> No.8616291


>> No.8616524


>> No.8616727

What's mibbit? Sage for not wanting to unnecessarily bump.

>> No.8616821

Okay, so I forgot to sage. Stupid me. Found mibbit, can't find any room called #Xeno.

>> No.8616836

Its a chat client.
use google when in doubt.

also lovely sage you have there.

>> No.8616838

I have no clue what it is either.

Saging for real.

>> No.8616857

Ditto to no Xeno thing showing up and sage.

>> No.8616901

lets see if this works

>> No.8616919

Well, that looks like it worked. Unfortunately there's only 2 people there.

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>> No.8618129

Why are you bumping this thread?

>> No.8618193

To get other people in the chat.

>> No.8618454

Hey guys, Shas is in the chat doing Q&A!

>> No.8618458

Shas is in the chat(for the time being).

>> No.8618477

Where's the chat?

>> No.8618502


Polite sage.

>> No.8618562

chat room mind.


>> No.8619364

SO much new art in this thread... *drool*

>> No.8619632

And there is even more in the chat.
Never before seen!

>> No.8620284

One hour till the Quest begins!

>> No.8620374

Which chat, how do?

>> No.8620555

follow the link

>> No.8620607

oh shit fuck, I heard that in his voice

brb, reinstallan

>> No.8620768

<--- this

>> No.8620824

Delicious chrome...

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