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Being alone in a hellish jungle, fighting to make your legs work can really work you over.

You start to see things.

You start to hear things.

Eventually you actually listen. And then...

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Because Chaos is cool.

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It's my fault.

I abstained from corruption, so the game made HIM the traitor.

I...this is my fault. I should have prevented this...I COULD have prevented this...

God damnit this is what it's like to earn corruption IRL, isn't it?!

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No, but you can always find out through other ways...

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Sure did incriminate himself

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Yeah, on a more serious note how did what he did (how did what he did? fuck I am out of it, fuck you DoW2) make ANY sense in context? He instructed you on how to recover a device that would allow you to determine the identity of the traitor, and worked at decoding as much as possible, revealing it was him? And also revealing the larger conspiracy? What the fuck?

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I thought it was Avitus. Really, who else almost screams "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD"?

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Just as planned.. AKA, Xanatos Roulette

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Then what was the plan? Lure them back to Aurelia? Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep his identity, and the other messages, hidden? If Martellus hadn't revealed the existence of that space hulk and the need to go there, the larger conspiracy involving the chapter master would have remained under wraps.

I know that all of this DOES make sense if Avitus turns out to be the traitor, but CHRIST I hope this doesn't turn out to be the canon ending.

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Didn't he get shot down and die in Dow 2 campaign?

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You find out he crash-landed in the jungle and save him.

Which also begs the question, how did he betray you BEFORE being rescued?

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Faiz, stop this madness and come home, your husband and children miss you!

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BUT! And this is a very big but.

he lived.
No Thaddeus is more likely. I mean he sacrifices his sqquadmates to summon bloodletters when he achieves max corruption.

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I think he wanted to reveal galen and apollo demerian to deflect attention

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He had the Array. Plus when the gods want to reach you...they'll find you.
Chaos always finds a way.

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That's an ability at Max Corruption, though...Avitus just seems like the perfect candidate for a Khornate cultist.

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They left us with some massive cliffhangers.

Also they said they would represent all four Chaos factions and add another Commander to each side and blah blah. Dirty liars.

Any guesses on the next race?

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cyris seems like me may make for good tzez (not even going to attempt to spell it off the top of my head) material as well.
in fact, they all make good material for chaos, other then thull, but i think that was the point.

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Of course, VanillaIce with his inability to speak and cold remorseless attitude makes him a perfect Champion of Nurgle.

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i think tau since they always planed to have them in the first game.
and IG as well since, well, they have been in game for 2 games already..

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acttualy he is khrone (his max skill is called bloodthirst), trakus is nurgle (aura of decay)

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Martellus Wallace?

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spoiler: they can all be the traitor.

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Direct our wrath anyuuu~ :3c

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But seriously. Martellus should've been a party member instead of that faggot Jonah, Jonah is probably the canon traitor anyway. (Notice how he rage faces when you first meet him? And he goes on board the space hulk and is all quiet like the chapter master was?)

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When I first played the original DoW2 I expected Martellus and Gordian (or whatever his name is) to be playable characters that I could deploy.

Oh how sad I was to find that all they did was fancy dialogue.

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Well at least we get a techpriest next game. (Techpriest Martellus dropping a mecha arm that had actual stats is pretty solid hint.)

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Tarkus was my traitor. He died talking to his Bolter and referring to himself and his bolter as "we."

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Whoa he did? Could you equip it on anyone?

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We do? I am replaying the original right now so I can continue from where I left off and move on to CR.

Next game? As in next expansion? GOD DAMN IT RELIC

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>Squadmates commit heresy
I think I might get this expansion after all

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Guys, Chaos is not that bad I promise. Here let me show you ~

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Avitus was my traitor, which was kind of expected, tbh, for me. I was more suprised to learn that anyone could be a traitor when I went to talk about it on the forums.

What happens if your entire squad has tons of corruption? Does Thule become the boss of that mission, with the blood ravens at his back, or do you still get a random traitor?

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rolled 20 = 20

Random. I maxed out everybody's corruption with Tarkus being my first squad member to go full corrupt, but Cyrus ended up being the traitor.

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Thaddeus was my traitor, well, all my squads had max corruption in the end so we were branded as heretics.

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Okay, what is this all about?

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Is chaos REALLY that good? I always expected /tg/ to be FOR THE EMPRAH..

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Nope. But you could donate it for a purified item. (Got a sweet power sword with a 10% chance to instagib vehicles.) But if it was just gonna be a donatable item why would they stat it and add corruption?

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Yeah, but you can't use it as an arm. you donate it to the librarium and it comes back as the power Sword of Kill Fucking Tanks.

Be right back, playing through the game till i get Thaddeus to be the traitor, he sucks dicks and i'd rather not have him around. i wish it wasn't martellus my first time.

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My first playthrough was pure. I started a corrupt campaign, but then I heard that nothing changes with it save the ending, and was disappointed.

So I instead started learning to play Chaos online, and became really fond of cultist/vehicle armies.

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Thaddeus is the only guy with morals! (Followed by Cyrus) Even though he sucks out of termie armor he RAPES if you get him a thunder hammer and shield. (Plus vehicles don't stand a chance. STUN STUN STUN STUN.)

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Morals are a weakness in space marines. Tarkus is the best example of a marine: in control of his emotions and well-versed with the Codex Astartes. His hate for Eldar is controlled well, but his disdain for the alien is good. Thaddeus is too combat ineffective without Terminator Armor. I'll gladly dump his crap assault squads.

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Hey fuck you man, fuck you.

Thaddeus is by far the most useful squad you can have on any mission. Get the Aegis of Fury ability that makes him immune when he uses Assault Jump / Teleport and you have yourself a team of pure rape.

Landing him right into a massive swarm of tyranids and watching everything explode into a giant supernova of gibs and cock-shaped parts is the most satisfying thing you can do in the game.

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I gotta agree there. I'd just tele him in and stun as Avitus moved up to cover and then DAKKA DAKKA DAKKAed everything to death.

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No, the most satisfying thing from DoW2 was doing the defend mission against Tyrranids. Give Thule the Assault cannon and the exploding bolts upgrade, then use assault cannon sweep and kill a Carnifex in 5 seconds. The most frequent thing I hear from Thaddeus is things like "We're taking heavy losses!" and "We're getting slaughtered!". On the other hand, Tarkus's most frequent phrases are "Enemy destroyed, Commander" and "Ready to move on to the next objective." Thule of course, says "Would that all tyrranids meet such an end" most often.

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totally agreed.

thaddeus is way too weak without terminator armor, especially if you jump him into a group of, I don't know, more than one enemy squad.

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Wow umm.. I am playing on max difficulty right now and Thaddeus never loses a single squad member. I use him in almost all of the missions and not just in the back neither, he is always up front with my Force Commander.

You guys must be doing something terribly wrong.

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cool story bro

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I intentionally made Thaddeus my traitor by pimping him out with Corruption just because I was going with a 100% ranged army. The first time I played it though, I was doing the opposite - 100% melee, with the FC, Tarkus with full melee powers, Thaddeus, and Cyrus with a shotgun and explosives - and Thaddeus was also the traitor there. That fucking hurt, it ripped the primary element of my plan right out of my army.

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Whaaat? It's true! You just need to use the right set up to make it work.

Force Commander with the banner ability to help keep Thaddeus up if he is under fire. Battlecry just before you jump with Thaddeus makes his Assault Jump damage insane, nothing usually survives.

Merciless Strike is also very lovely, you are guaranteed to get one in if you have Aegis of Fury (you should).

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So is it really worth paying full price for an expansion? I mean, you get what, 6 hours of gameplay and an extra race?

If that's it I'll wait till it goes on special on steam.

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good plan

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The Black Legion SAVED Martellus, when he was lost. The Blood Ravens NEVER looked for him. HE felt betrayed. so he got back at them, but he still felt a little bad about it, as shown by his willing ness to not kill blood ravens. But the Anger begins to boil deep within, when the Jugment of Carrion shows up, then its time for the REAL plot to begin

When Martellus calls for help, its a ruse to mask his idenity. Now the BRs are uncovering the seceret of their chapter. This is JUST what they want. Infighting.

and it works.

Matellus being a traitor is cannon

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I know he is. But that Jonah faggot should be. Why? Because Martellus makes for an awesome character in the next expac. (Nobody likes Jonah.)

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true, so I made him the heretic... THEN THE GO ALL ON JONAH WANK WHEN YOU KILL HIM!

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>Matellus being a traitor is cannon
Wait hold on lemme fix that
>Martellus being a traitor is canon
there we go. NOW, pic related.

Also, we need a drawfag on "Martellus Wallace" YESTERDAY.

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Thaddeus suffers from squadtoofuckingsmall syndrome

Relic CONSTANTLY refused to increase squads, yet Gabe drops with his HOLE FUCKING COMPANY with everthing at 5 man squads... FUCK thats the kinda DoW2 game I wanted to play.

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I like Jonah.

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"No more Blood Ravens shall fall today! NO MORE!"

One of my favorite lines...plus I really like Librarians =/

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eh he says that, then you lose like 30 guys fighting the poorly balanced eldar.... FUCK I'm glad they are only in two missions.. but did they NEED wraithguards every 3 feet?

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play mods

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I just got Chaos Rising.
He had his old voice in the trailer. Then has all the wrong voice in the actual game.

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How do you know he's even the same guy? Maybe he's just wearing the same suit of armor or something.

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>>"No two Blood Ravens are not gay! NO TWO!"

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Because his name is Eliphas the Inheritor and when you first run into him he references fighting Thule and the Blood Ravens on Kronus.
Even though he was with the Word Bearers at the time.
LOLCHAOS wut now?

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