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I was on /h/, and it was so crowded with spam and links to paid sites, and shit that I decided I didn't even want to bother. Instead, I'll post the stuff I have, and y'all can post what you have.

Begin the wincest thread!


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haha christ. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone started doing this.

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As a four year denizen of /tg/ all I have to say about this is "Eh."

Bring on the porn, if you don't like it, ignore the fucking thread.

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I don't know what I think about this thread being made so here's a picture of a dog with a moustache ball

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...Well that add /h/ to the list of board that is mix in /tg/.

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I guess you could say that masturbation is the oldest traditional game.

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...if you must post porn here, can it at least be somewhat /tg/ related? Or /d/?

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>basement dwellers

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Incest is /tg/ related

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consider doujins a gaming supplement.

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probably should have started this thread at a time when every one was actually awake or not in church (as if internet tough guys ever go to church).


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I go to mass on Saturday night.

I don't trust myself behind the wheel from 6 to 9 am.

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If only there was some wincest porn that involved dark elves, or elves, or dorfs, of... *shudders*... sergals. Then we'd have some REAL /tg/ related wincest.


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Not everyone is an American you know.

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Nonsense! Everyone on the internet who speaks English is obviously American!

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If it actually *was* /tg/ related - involving Elves or something - I'd be happy to leave the thread alone. But just dumping this stuff here because "my board of choice sucks" irks me. This more than other things because other off topic threads - Mass Effect ones, for example - often generate some discussion, this is just clogging up a space on the front page with unrelated porn.

So I'm going to report it, sage so my post doesn't bump, then hide the thread and forget it exists.

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these link to the same thing

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The worst thing is that instead of making their own board better with their quality, board related content they're just dumping it here.

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hmm... well being that /tg/ gets shit done, maybe we should create our own /tg/ related wincest porn? 2 elven sisters doing some human in a humanity fuck yeah themed comic?

I checked. They are different.

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you sure? they both have a filesize of 2021kb and the url is exactly the same.

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OP do you fancy dumping a comic straight? It'd save me having to download it off MU (though thanks for not using RS).

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doh, you're right. lemme fix that. Meant to post this like for one of them:


pic unrelated

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Do you mind relating the pic by postin the rest of the set?

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Fucken lol'd.

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Sage for not being /tg/ related. If anyone started cranking out elves and slimes, i would consider joining in.

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Just start cranking them out. Take initiative!

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I don't know the source, but I do have one other pic that looks like its by the same artist.

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ill contribute with a next door neighbour/office lady one.


something about it makes it memorable for me

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Man, just once I'd like an incest comic where the younger brother is raped by the older sister and comes away horribly mentally scarred by it.

Because that's what gets me off.
The same could happen with an older brother, younger sister, but that's a) a little more tragic because of double standards, and b) the traditional stereotype is that men don't mind being raped by good looking women.
Extra points if the sister is an adult, and the boy is only in high school.

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forgot pic..

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That, minus mental scarring is hot for me.

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/tg/ - everything
The statement above is a lie perpetuated by spammers. Reported.

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Not by spammers, by a lot of regualar /tg/ denizens.

Sorry to disappoint.

I mean, I'm not happy with it, but it's not a spammer thing.
It's just /tg/

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well then, to the sage and reporting guys, would it be better if I just did an image dump of all my /tg/ related pron?

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Hey now, I didn't report, I just saged!

I'm actually enjoying this..

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Preferable, as it is at least vaguely /tg/ related, but frankly I think it'd be better if you didn't post ANY porn.

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booring but anyway

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in pic: Neeshka

does it have to be /tg/ topics, or can we consider any elf or monster girl pron to be /tg/ related?

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Does Greg M drawfag any more

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I liked the wincest more

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I did too, might still just go back to that

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I don't remember where the uncensored version of this went.

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an elf is fine to.

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thank goodness. I was about to resort to posting aweful-goods stuff.

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Wincest please.

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... That reminds me... I think I have his full collection somewhere on my hard-drive. I downloaded it to show a friend some of his work, but goddamn. Dem gnomes man. Dem gnomes. (How he draws penises is unforgivable though.)

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well, I finally found a nice little concentration of /tg/ pron in my unsorted folder.

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Was that everything? :(

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Never understood some fetishes, especially incest. Why do you people like it ? Because you never had sisters or what ?

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It's strange, I have two sisters and I wouldn't fuck them if you paid me to, and neither of them are fugly, yet incest is one of my favoured kinks.

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I have two sisters, get none, and I still read this drivel.

It's just a story after all.

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Wrongness + love that is portrayed in a non trite way.

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Still don't get it. You can have all those things in more appealing works. Some things just aren't sexy, like scat, nuns, mother/brother/sister incest etc.

I'm not going "you sick bastards" on you, I just think you have a shitty taste.

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I am going to condemn you while putting all those links in my download list.

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>Never understood some fetishes

its hard to understand some fetishes

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Shittin' up /tg/, whee.

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Some fetishes are just dumber than others.

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>Because you never had sisters or what ?

This, yes, very yes. Other motivations are taboo-breaking, either on the "do not put it in there" or on the "I love you so much that I need to put it in"-level or liking the behaviour stereotypes of that subgenre. Honestly, porn, like pretty much all stories can be enjoyed on man levels. Some probably just like the artstyle and don't care about the setting at all.

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do you have the source?

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Touhou is a weird fetish indeed.

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I have sisters, don't feel anything for them cos of westermarck effect. Still find incest rather hot, especially twincest.

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/tg/ you've really gone full retard with this one.

also, incest is for redneck faggots.

take your redneck faggotry back to your remote mountain shack.

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BROTIP: OP's a liar.

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its not full uploaded, only part of it, its in macroib, if you want url ask again

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it's time consuming to browse through a 30 gig picture folder of unsorted porn for only the /tg/ related stuff, and I got bored. seeing that this thread makes people rage just makes me want to bump it with some more wincest.


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actually, I just ran out of wincest with those last 2. Back to the /tg/ pron.

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what was even the point of having the daughter in the game. Akkiko was the far superior character.

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is Freya /tg/ related?

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The rat? We made her /tg/ related.

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Is there moar?

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more from the same artist, but not of that particular situation

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then have some Freya themed /tg/ related prons

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And this?

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never saved any nurse verity, but it definitely belongs in this thread (unfortunately)

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Human is superior.

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already regretting that I raged over this thread not being /tg/ related.

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God damn it furries.

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Fixed your Nurse Verity for you.

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Wow, look how ugly and uninteresting she is now. GTFO, faggot. /tg/ gets shit done, you're just a retard.

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so if Regular Verity has a cock, does Human Verity have one too?

>> No.8581065

Shut up, fido.

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gtfo furfag.

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Oh, look how uninteresting and ugly she is now. Fuck you nigger, /tg/ gets shit done. NOW KEEP POSTING PORN

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pretty sure Tali is /tg/ related by now.

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>> No.8581092


I'll accept it if she still plays pattycake with Chemrat.

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You turned her into Cultistchan?

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Row row fight the powah!

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>> No.8581134


In b4 "mommy!"

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Where the hell are the mods or janitors.

>> No.8581160


this is now the concept for the /tg/ related wincest. Human Verity x Cultist. it will be the most horrible thing ever.

>> No.8581165

>>8581158 Where the hell are the mods or janitors.
>mods or janitors.

>> No.8581169

Too busy fapping.
Close + Hide.

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early on a Sunday morning? Sleeping.

>> No.8581179


Let's not.

>> No.8581186


In during. Daaaw.

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Relax. It is perfectly acceptable to be furry for Freya.

>> No.8581202


What about Verity?

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>> No.8581222


I knew I had a /tg/ related porn macro for you somewhere. Just found it.

>> No.8581231

But I'm not fat.... :(

>> No.8581232

Furfags can say whatever they want, human-verity is better in every way. May or may not be a dickgirl/trap, the mystery of it only makes her more alluring.

>> No.8581233


Human Verity IS superior.

>> No.8581237

>it will be the most horrible thing ever.


>> No.8581248

is there more of this?

>> No.8581253

Verity is baldy for you.
What you want is inconsequential.

>> No.8581255

What does it say about me if I find no difference between human and gnoll Verity?

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>> No.8581281

She needs a nerd to tell her how to use commas properly.

>> No.8581284


And I'm no virgin.

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>> No.8581321

Made me think of you guys.

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Sure you're not. Now shut the fuck up, you worthless lying piece of shit, and post more porn. MORE PORN FOR /TG/.

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>> No.8581363


You do realize this thread is auto-saging and that posting trolling material here is now redundant?

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>> No.8581378

Dude i'm just sharing porn for people who are watching.

>> No.8581383

>On front page.
Yeah, try again numbnuts.

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dat trap

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>> No.8581411


Oh hai, ex-ava-faggot, I hope they'll ban you from the Internet.

>> No.8581412

You do realize that Moot upgraded the global post limit to SEVERAL HUNDRED just for how busy /tg/ is?

>> No.8581439

lulz... I like the robe and wizard hat reference. Almost made it funny overall. Almost.

>> No.8581440

>just for how busy THE ENTIRE FUCKING SITE is
You're not *that* special, for fuck's sake.

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>> No.8581455

fuck this.

>> No.8581468

>posting on /tg/ and acting like you're not part of /tg/
No, seriously, Moot has said several times that we're his favorite board, and personally stepped in several times to deal with trolls.

>> No.8581504

I wish I had seen the cock before I got hard.

>> No.8581518

I am drawn in like a bear to honeRAWWRrrR

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>> No.8581564

That's what you get for being a furry.

>> No.8581620

>"no girls allowed"

>> No.8581621

I am not a furry

>> No.8581636

That's the problem. SOME denizens of /tg/ (a tiny minority) are shitting all over the place as hard as they can, and genuinely believe that /tg/ is for everything. Problem is that /tg/ should be SFW, as it is a blue board. There's also the problem of a severe lack of moderation, since these people should be permabanned.

>> No.8581744

>There's also the problem of a severe lack of moderation
No. It's a lack of having someone that knows what is & isn't related moderating. Same goes for Janitors.
>these people should be permabanned.
No. They should be banned for the normal amount of time every time they do it. It is far more annoying to have to repetitively switch IPs, proxies or whatever multiple times.

Sage for a purely retarded thread.

>> No.8581756

It stems from the whole, "Less is more" mindset that many /tg/ denizens have.
By posting whatever they want on /tg/ and coming up with reasons, most of which are stretches if not downright false, they make it so they never have to rely on another board.

Whereas at first it was a small group of people that consistently did this, these days it seems everyone feels a need to bring in whatever they find hot into /tg/.

While I do not promote such tomfoolery, the only bit of it that really gets to me are the cartoons and comic (that includes anime and manga) threads that show up where no one even tries to pretend it's /tg/ related. Simply posting it here since the majority of the other boards don't care for it.

>> No.8581783

So you have no problem with not /tg/ related material except what you don't like? Uh huh.

>> No.8581798

I never said I wasn't biased.

>> No.8581802

Doesn't help that /tg/ doesn't get the patrolling that /a/, /v/ or /co/ get. Hell, /h/ gets more moderation than us, it seems.

But yes, there have been mods that have come in and said '/tg/ is not for discussion, just for images' which is kind of bullshit, because they discuss anime in /a/, vidya in /v/ and comics in /co/. What do they think go on in /sci/ and /lit/?

>> No.8581810

Everything can be /tg/ related, therefore everything IS /tg/ related. Butthurt faggots can go cry to someone who cares. Oh wait, nobody does!

>> No.8581821

hide thread move on. sagebomb a little if you're really uptight and one thread is ruining your day.

>> No.8581837

>Herfderp, please rape my face

>> No.8581855

With the way things currently look, the day /tg/ gets decent moderation is the day 4chan dies.

>> No.8581889

I can get wanting to keep /tg/ as work safe as possible, but, honestly, where else would you go to discuss politics and news? /new/?

HA, sir, HA HA HA HA.

I mean really, this is the only place you can get a good discussion going about anything. Every other board just disolves into various levels of internet tuff guy-ism.

>> No.8581901

Moot said it himself, ignore the shit you don't like. So learn to hide threads.

>> No.8581920

>>implying /tg/ doesn't dissolve into internet tuff-guyism

>> No.8581921

Really the common bond holding /tg/ together is that it is the "witty" board. We are witty with most of our discussions, comments, postings and trollings.

>> No.8581928

you must take these posts seriously then

>> No.8581937

Sound advice. I play pretty fast and loose with what is "/tg/ related" but I also steer non /tg/ threads into a workable direction, and try never to make metathreads. Especially when I can make one or two on topic threads and add to the board.

>> No.8581942

But of course, /tg/ is afterall, srsbsnss

>> No.8581968

>I make sure that all threads that should be hidden are bumped and encourage everyone to consider them acceptable

>> No.8581973


>> No.8581976

damnit! posting that ONE hot furry pic

>> No.8581977

/tg/ is about the things /tg/ likes, so most of its content is about rpgs or arguing about rpgs. But /tg/ also likes a wide variety of porns, and so those usually crop up too. Mostly this will happen when a D&D topic branches off into sexier waters, but sometimes you just have someone shout "Monstergirl thread! Everyone get in it and whip out your dicks!", and a lot of people will show up, because they've got dicks that they want to whip out. They're not going to be complaing.

All this 'not on MY /tg/' comes from the idea that you know what /tg/ is supposed to be, and you don't. You are an individual, and /tg/ is a collective, 99% of which is made of individuals totally unknown to you, and their input caries just as much weight as yours does. And sometimes their input is a furry trap comic with bad D&D jokes in it.

So if you don't like it, just hide the damn thread and stop complaining. People bitching about what shouldn't be on /tg/ often miss the point that nine times out of ten their protesting is far worse than the stiff they are getting so worked up about.

>> No.8581983


>> No.8581992

see >>8581901
you're not the internet police and since /tg/ doesn't have any mods, all you are doing is provoking the trolls

>> No.8581999

>> No.8582008

>> No.8582011

Well put Anon, well put!

>> No.8582013

Judging by the threads where /tg/oers post pictures of themselves. At least 60% of /tg/ seems to be stereotypical bony, skinny nerds.

>> No.8582016


oh but you can!

>> No.8582026

I'm pretty sure that a lot of the overweight ones are a little too self conscious to actually post their pic.

>> No.8582047

Silly boy, I posted a picture of Halo, the ultimate ragebait. What makes you think /tg/ isn't mostly a place full of trolls?

>> No.8582052


>> No.8582061


this needs to be framed in a demotivator with the caption "/tg/: sometimes their input is a furry trap comic with bad D&D jokes in it. "

>> No.8582078

>> No.8582098

>> No.8582142

does Zelly count as /tg/ related? And on that note, notice how many of /tg/'s fetish girls have sharp teeth?

>> No.8582157

wow, this is why I love /tg/

I has everything I like in a small package

I fucking love you guys

>> No.8582161


Yes, and Yes.

This is why Rance is /tg/ related.

Because he too has teef like the Cultist.

>> No.8582179


Do not want, also sage.

>> No.8582216

>> No.8582227

>> No.8582240

We normally aren't looking at their teeth.

>> No.8582267

>> No.8582272

>> No.8582278


>> No.8582284

>> No.8582285


I do.

Teef are smexy.

>> No.8582293

>> No.8582294



>> No.8582306

/tg/ can hold 150 threads at maximum.

Those rare threads like this one that go against the grain like this one are a drop in the bucket.

Also, I love how this turned into a discussion about the nature of /tg/. This is how /tg/ responds to trolling attempts: by ignoring the malice intended and talking about it.

>> No.8582362


op here. I didn't intend any malice. I really did want people to respond with more wincest.

then people raged anyways, so I just went with the flow.

>> No.8582376

>> No.8582386

I know. I'm just saying that whenever a troll thread comes along, the first forty-nine posts will all be people raging and then by about post fifty the actual conversation starts. It starts to devolve when some fags who didn't read the thread come in and respond to the OP post, but still, between post fifty and one-fifty you get some pretty decent discussion going.

>> No.8582406

>> No.8582428

Aha! Too few people understand that /tg/ is such a bastion of win that even the most /b/tarded of teenagers cannot even hope to incite rage on /tg/, for every one of /tg/'s members is a suave, intelligent fellow who turns every troll into a civil discussion of epic win. I mean, what other board can have the title of Moot's Favorite AND be a porn and text board simultaneously?

>> No.8582479

some how, I feel this thread inspired this post:


>> No.8582506

>> No.8582526


>> No.8582556

YAY! Somebody learned to hide threads!!

>> No.8582612


well I lol'd

>> No.8582672

Anyone got the Macha/Taldeer pics?

>> No.8582685

Sage, reported, e-mail to moot's out. Now I'll hide the thread.

>> No.8582729

check 1d4chan.org

>> No.8582767


>> No.8582784



>> No.8582997


I thought moot said he didn't really care for traditional games and by extension, us.

>> No.8583061

rolled 71, 63 = 134


/r/ing comic of moot sailing in the ocean of piss, making /tg/ then losing interest in it.

>> No.8583067

Whose that ?

>> No.8583133

Whose that what?

>> No.8583299


>> No.8583327

also, have this picture of almalexia

>> No.8584138

No, seriously, whose that.

>> No.8584356


>> No.8584409

I can help you once you tell me whose what you're talking about.

>> No.8584493


>> No.8584604


>> No.8585620

bamp for wincest!

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