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hey /tg/ is chaos month over yet?

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What's a Chaos Month? Is that like a period or something?

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I seriously almost pissed myself laughing

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no seriously is it over or what?

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Every month in Chaos month.

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a month long period, even Dranon won't rape cultist during that time, well...maybe a little.

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im serious can we stop the celebrations now? chaos month has been going on since january....

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25th of Chaos is Emprahmas.

11 days to go!!!

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11 days that sucks! cant we just end it now? D:

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MeSsAGE-ID: <4B[email protected]ChAn.oRG>
From: mOOT <MOot@4chAn.OrG>
USEr-AGeNT: moZILLA/5.0 (MAcinTOSh; u; IntEL Mac os x 10.5; eN-us; Rv: geCKo/20100111 thUNdERBIRd/3.0.1
to: sYSo[email protected]aNontALK.CoM
sUbJEcT: enjoYinG youR DowntiME FaggoT?

THEY BLINdLy bEliEve eveRYtHINg i FeED THEm, FAKE Or NoT, yOuR BoarD's gOiNg DOwn. DoN'T BOtheR PuBlishinG ThIS, nO oNE WiLl BELIeVE You ANYWAY on aNt oR /b/ :)

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rolled 83 = 83

rolling for peels

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well im not getting a no so im guessing that chaos month is officially over!

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But I haven't even bought my chocolate statues of the Emperor on his golden throne for Emprahmas yet!

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well now you wont have to, see what glory comes from ending things early

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Funny you should say that, one of the calendars in our campaign setting actually does have a Chaos Month.

...and yes, it's over.

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>Calendar with the month of Chaos
>Ended before March
Did it end Feb 19th?

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Unfortunately, no. In our world it would be over some time in late November (give or take a few days), whereas in-game it ended yesterday with our last session.

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