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Hey folks, tried out BFG today. I'd skimmed through the rules a while back, and was pleasantly surprised by just how much I'd retained and how much smoother it plays than I expected. As I play Orks in 40k, I plan on starting up a fleet to accompany them. And if we're talking Orks, a Space Hulk is too tempting to pass up. So, here's a tentative 1500 pt list.

Space Hulk w/Warlord (1 Reroll) and Extra power fields - 710 pts

Ork Kill Kroozer w/prow torpedo launcha - 155 pts

Ork Kill Kroozer w/prow torpedo launcha - 155 pts

Ork Hammer Class Battlekroozer w/Warlord, Extra turret, Maniac Gunners - 320 pts

Savage Gunship x4 - 160 pts

Now, I've only played one game, and so I worry that I'm perhaps too attracted to big flashy ships and ignoring the usefulness of a bunch of smaller ones, but I like the idea of forcing the opponent to choose between dealing with the already fairly tough battlekroozer and kill kroozers or the gigantic hulk bearing down on them.

Thoughts? And general BFG thread because we almost never have them.

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>gigantic hulk bearing down on them

Not gonna happen bro. Turn dem points into some terror ships.

Anything with torpedos/bays are good for orks because they are range independent (unlike their gun cruisers with shitty gun range and weird fire arcs. Also their NO LANCES).

The other thing that boosts terror ships is that orks can get a million and a half rerolls (whether it's the core book or the Armada fleet or both I can't remember) and flying forward with a fleet of junk firing torpedoes and fighta-bommaz in every direction is fun.

Oh, also Brute Ramships are shit but take 1 or 2 squadrons of 3 or 5 to piss off everyone else.

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Surely there are other BFG players on tonight?

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>not gonna happen bro

Why not? 4 shield points with the upgrade I gave it, 40 structure points, can't be crippled or otherwise slowed down (though you can fuck with its turning). It's already slow, but not much more than ships several times smaller than it.

Oh, and it has those lance weapons you say Orks don't have, with all-round facing.

I don't mean to talk back when I came asking for advice, I just need some actual reasons to convince me otherwise.

Also, would you mind enlightening me on the difference between fighta-bommaz and torpedo-bommaz? I know the former can double as fighters and half-strength bombers, but I couldn't find rules on how torpedo-bommaz behave.

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For more than the cost of 4 ork kroozers/terror ships, the hulk has the same HP (4x10 vs 40) and substantially less total firepower. And iirc Hulk is 4+ armor all around, making those 40hp less viable than 40hp of ork capital ship with 6+/5+/4+ armor.

Torpedo bombers are iirc +10 pts per launch bay (so a 4LB terror ship would pay 40pts for them) and at any point they can turn into a torpedo salvo = 2x the strength of the bomber salvo (4 bombers split into 3 & 1 =S6 and S3 salvo).

Re lances: the hulk has a pitiful amount of lances for its pts cost. What was it, S4? 2d6?
A 180 pt Gothic throws out 8 pts of 30cm lances. An Apocalypse throws out 6 pts of 60cm frontal lances for less than half the cost of the hulk. A desolator throws out 8 (albeit split between P/SB arcs) for 300 pts.

The best named ship is Gorbag's Revenge. Terror ships > Kill Kroozers w/ Torpedos > kill Kroozers w/ heavy gunz

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>Surely there are other BFG players on tonight?
Not likely, guy.
BFG has always been one of those games I'd like to get into, but NO ONE around me for miles plays it, and it recieves fuckall for support.
Makes me sorta sad.
Maybe you can answer this: are Necrons well represented? Are they rape in a can, or balanced out? I know Tau are in it, and are made of ass and failure.

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Ah, gotcha on the torpedo bommaz, though I don't think Terror Ships can actually get them, just boarding torpedoes. Speaking of, what are your thoughts on boarding torpedoes?


Necrons are about as well supported as Tyranids, which in turn are better supported than Dark Eldar. I know someone who has a Necron fleet but I've never seen them play.

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Tau are actually pretty decent. Necrons are also rape in a can, designed so because the guy who wrote them up was butthurt losing against Eldar so many times.

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People actually play BFG?

>I know Tau are in it, and are made of ass and failure.
Pretty sure they have fairly good rules in one of the IA books of all places

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I play Necrons and...well, they're extremely powerful. They've got ridiculous rules (shield saves against every attack, every ship has bitching armor, inertia-less drive-ing 110cm across the board, etc). As such, the fleet tends to be very small in number. A lot of people read the rules for Necrons and scream OMFG OP BULLSHIT I REFOOS TO PLAY. They do have some fairly serious downsides, though.

They have no ordnance. None. No fighters, bombers, boats, torpedoes, nothing. That means relying on massed turret fire to protect from the inevitable wave of Bombers. Also, when I said a small fleet, I meant really fucking small - their battleship costs 500 points, to give you an idea.

That said, they're a lot of fun, and easy to play.

And I have to reiterate this, as its my favorite fucking rule: Inertia-less drive replaces the All Ahead Full rules with a D6 x 10cm of extra movement, and you can make a turn for every 20cm you travel. Its fucking ridiculous, and awesome.

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Bumpage with some random spaceships.

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Necrons are broken. They are autowin against certain fleets (Eldar) and >50% win against all but the most tailored of fleets (maxed lance Chaos/IN).

Bombers? Hell, Necron ships can outrun bombers half the time. Ordnance? Hurr sepulchre.

One of the primary downsides to Necrons is that they give huge VPs when you kill a ship. Only... well this doesn't really work because they run in, cripple or destroy as many of your ships as they can then run out and disengage before you get a decent swing. Sure you may get a ton of VPs for killing that Scythe, but that's ALL you got in return for 4 crippled cruisers.

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Yeah, for all my fanboy-ism, I know they're broken as shit. Not sure what you could do to fix them though, and still retain the flavor of the fleet.

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make them cost even more

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I play Imperials. Therefore I cannot contribute to this very orky thread.

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Every time I see this picture, I get the urge to scream FIRE EVERYTHING! I'm a complete newbie to this, are marheen and imperial fleets combined?

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Whilst I like the Tau rules that IA made, I can't help but feel that against the enemy they were designed to counter (nids) they'd be shit.
They don't really seem to have the sort of range or firepower you'd need for taking on a Nid fleet.

On that subject, how do nids play out? Anybody know? As I think it's probably be pretty easy to kitbash a fleet together for the nids out of household parts or old Aliens toys.

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No, Space Marine fleets are seperate to Imperial Navy.
The SM's get boarding bonuses, Thunderhawks which are like multi-role do everything fighters and bombardment cannons.

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also if you BRACE FOR IMPACT your armour is reduced to 4+

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In exhange for a 2+ invulnerable save.

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I own a 3000pt Tau fleet. I can tell you outright they are very powerful. They can control there ordance. have resilient bombers, and point for point have better armament per ship selection than any other fleet. I've won 4 tournies with em so far. play Crons, Eldar, imps, and chaos, also orks. Only fleet I haven't played against was Dark Eldar.

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actually you don't get that save when you brace in the updated faq. The moment you declare that you brace and pass armour is reduced to 4+ and you don't get that 2+ save. most of the time though when a cron player has gotten to that poit he will simply disengage and negate any VP. other thing that sucks too is that the Cron fleet needs that ALL AHEAD FULL order to do so, and once they fail, and fail there reroll that fleet isn't going anywhere

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Longtime Eldar player reporting in.


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Jesus christ, do you have a link? I absolutely HATE one of the players here, he plays absolutely nothing except Necron and the retarded 2+ save is ridiculous.

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New series FW Tau or old series kitbashed together looking Tau?

Also, ever played Nids, how'd you fair?

In general any nid players out there?

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Sounds like the FW rules.

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The twinge of interest I've never felt for 40k land battles exists for BFG, for me.

It probably has something to do with the following:

1. I fucking love spaceships! Hell yeah, spaceships!

2. I actually sorta find the 40k fluff to be fairly awesome in a shallow, rule-of-cool sort of way.

3. ...But I fucking HATE the artistic direction of most of its ground forces and the miniatures derived thereby.

...however, for the reasons >>8573960 mentioned, I have avoided pursuing that interest.

I would, however, be happy to try it out virtually or something.

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Think that's bad? In my old town for some reason we had an established group of about ten Inquisitor players, as well as a couple of dudes who loved GM'ing the games. Fun times were had by all.

Moved to a new town in a new state; No one's even heard of it. Not only here, but no one's even heard of it anywhere I've driven.

This is going back a few years now, but I still have a dozen of those 54mm miniatures. Everytime I stumble across one I sigh.

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Question still stands: how do they fare against the Nids they were designed to take on?

Also, am I the only guy who likes the AdMech Ships?

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Fuck no, dude. I dunno about their mechanics but they'd be one of my top pics were I to play this game.

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In skirmishes they aren't nearly as fun, but in a campaign where you actually care about renown and the quests and shit, they can get pretty crazy.

And the extra turret/free lance for cruisers is pretty bitchin'.

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I made a one-off 2k daemonship fleet some time ago. Was fun.

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Oh god, are you telling me this is a spaceship wargame AND rpg?


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Brotip; No one's heard of Inquisitor here, either.

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It's just like the core game. You usually play single battles, but there are extra rules, official or otherwise, that allow you to play it in a campaign style.

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Craftworld Eldar here, whenever I get a chance to Lock-On Pulsars I leap for joy.

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I just thought why 40k has such small space combat ranges...

...actually, in 40k there is no space travel. There is only teleportation.

So why bother teleporting FAR away from eachother, when you can just teleport right next to each other and blast each other to bits?

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>Playing Space Marine
>Within 6cm of enemy ship
>Chasing it around
>Fire bombardment cannons
>Roll a 12!
>4 more damage!
>Enemy cruiser explodes
>Roll for catastrophic damage
>Roll 12
>Roll 3d6 for explosion range
>Roll a 4
>My face

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Some people dislike being blown up by the enemy's guns.

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pretty well. The nids only have the endless spam of ordanance they can out spam tau. but there ships are pretty week.

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>pretty well. The nids only have the endless spam of ordanance they can out spam tau. but there ships are pretty week.


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Yeah, it pretends to be a space ship naval wargame, but at it's heart it's secretly a campaign game like Necromunda or Mordheim. Shit is pretty bitching.

Because "Teleportation" involves quick and inprecise jaunts through a spectral otherspace where concepts such as "Hate" and "Deceit" are as real and physical as the sky and the earth, and is populated by ancient primeval forces whose sole intent is to corrupt and destroy everything everywhere forever, and whose hate for the real eclipses anything your puny mind could encompass.

That's why people don't just teleport everywhere.
Well, apart from the Necrons.... fucking 'crons.

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My face when arriving with my Eldar to play the local redshirts.

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old series but I use FW ships as substitues for the crappier old ones. it's simply that the older fleet rules made the fleet alot more survivable. Not that I don't play useing the FW list sometimes against gaming budding or whatnot. but usually it's not tourny legal and game organizers don't allow them, just like the grey knight variant of the space marine fleet

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I'll try to translate.

The 'nids are the only race that aren't restricted when it comes to attack craft (fighters, bombers, assault boats) since they're biological. That means that they can outspam any race, including Tau, when it comes to ordnance. The flip side of this is that Nid ordnance is very slow in comparison, and all of their attack craft they have is based on boarding instead of making attack runs. In comparison to other races, Nids are the most customizable since you can choose pretty much the entire configuration for your capital ships, but they are usually slower and slightly weaker in health and also may need to follow their instinctive behavior, which can be annoying.

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Well, IIRC their shields and Turrets are combined so that they can only do one or the other. Also, most of their ships only have the HP of a light cruiser or less. Except they can also be pretty dirt cheap as well, so expect lot's of massed numbers.

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Thanks, I can see what he was trying to say with the rosetta stone you provided me.

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Their shields and turrets are combined, but they can function as both. It's just that instead of hitting attack craft on a 4+, for each blast marker you have you only hit on a 6+ for that many spores. It ends up balancing out considering they don't get halved spore values when crippled.

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yea I wasn't explaining things to well was I,..the nid fleet is good up close as it closes in the nid player or should I say a good nid player will spam assualt and pording spores,..the nids don't have a limit on ordance. Every turn that ship is alive it will churn out more spores. once they get within 20 - 15cm the feeder tendril, claws do the work. problem is getting there for em, lances are a big problem for nids. The spores they use only block batteries so the more you shoot at nids the more ordance marker will be infront of them slowing them down

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I suppose that's the best of both worlds. I still have my starter set under my bed somewhere. Although by now all of them will have snapped off their bases, and will need either pinning or LOTS of glue.

Just to check with everyone: Mars class Battlecruiser is best battlecruiser right?

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for you OP. Lowdown on orks in BFG. This guide also agreeds that hulks aren't that amazing.

>> No.8578120


Well if you were a tourney player I guess Hulks would be a bad idea, but they still sound like they'd be a lot of fun for casual play, which is mostly what the op seems to be going for.

So OP, just go for whatever fleet you want, and remember to have fun.

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yea hulk are nice for caimpagn games, but in 1 off games it's just imoble and you opponent can simply stay out of range and spam ordanace against you

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Got myself a nid fleet, one thing I'm not sure about
am I really able to field a hiveship that can put out firepower 40 in its front arc?

>> No.8578272

How fairs Chaos?

>> No.8578305

though they have those extra upgrades, if you drop an extra 60 points into your hive ship you end up with 14 hits and 6 spore clouds, which indecently makes it 100% bomber proof. the cruisers you can get up to 10 hits and 4 spore clouds

>> No.8578338

that and the auto hits vs unshielded ships is fairly damaging in the larger squadrons (nids can field squadrons of up too 12 ships instead of the max 6 like everyone else)

>> No.8578410


Sure, why not? You are the devourer of worlds after all.

How did you manage 40 firepower though?

>> No.8578435

>How fairs Chaos?

Before Crons came along, these were the blatantly unfair guys.
Ridiculous speed and long range guns which are heavily undercosted. Shit feels good man.
Hell, they aren't even balanced if you try to stat them out in Rogue Trader (it was a little thought excercise I did a few months back, I think I might have archived it...) We discovered that for what they can do, the Slaughter and Carnage classes shouldn't actually have the reactor power to either shoot and move in the same turn.

>> No.8578489

as the hive ships options it has a prow mount, a thorax mount and 3 port/starboard mounts
the thorax and prow mounts can each purchase a FP 8 range 45 front/left/right arc battery, and the 3 extra mounts can purchas a FP 4/4 (as in each side has 4) that has the forward arc too, so 6*4 (4 for each side of the 3 side mounts) plus 16 =40

>> No.8578565


Holy shit, I just saw that. How many attack dice is that? Or does the chart even go up to 40?
Still, you are paying 410pts for a single ship, in a nid list as well, so I guess the lack of numbers would balance things out.

Paint the thing White and pretend you're Moby Dick, shit would be awesome.

>> No.8578581

though 24 of that 40 is only range 30 instead of 45, and even 45 is still short range for a "battleship"

>> No.8578593


Well, that's nids for you, short range attacks... but once they GET into range, the rape commences.

>> No.8578675

Weapon batters can just add, multiply, ect. so you'd just look up FP 20 on the chart then just double it.
eg, FP 20 on a closing cap ship gets 14 dice, which is twice what FP10 gets (7) so that means FP 40 gets 28 dice. also a hive ship like that is only 305 points (though thats with out the leadership upgrade or defensive boosts that you'll probably want to take on such a priority target for your opponent.) and is relativly fragile at only 10 hits and 4 "shields" also its slow as with only short range guns.

>> No.8578703


No it isnt.

Basic Hive ship is 200pts
Prow Pyro-Acid: 30pts
Thorax Pyro-Acid: 30pts
x3 Portside Pyro-Acid: 15pts each (45 total)
x3 Starboard Pyro-Acid: 45 again.

Okay, fine. Were BOTH wrong.

>> No.8578726

you only pay once for each port/starboard pair

>> No.8578894

OHHHHH. I thought you paids for each side.
That's not very well worded is it?

>> No.8578926

no, but you can tell from the points costs of the launch bays and bio-plasma what the intention is anyway.

>> No.8578962


Yeah, I was only looking at the Pyro-Acid battery entries, that's where I went wrong.

>> No.8579086

i made that mistake myself when I started, had a closer look when I actually decided to field the ship with the most firepower in any one directon in the entire game (that I know of).

>> No.8579249


So, I hashed out the following list for Nids, just to see what it would be like. 3000pts.

Hive Ship: “The White Leviathan”
Ld9 + Re-Roll
Prow Pyro Acid
Thorax Pyro Acid
Port/Starboard Pyro Acid

What we were discussing earlier, Str 40 guns.

Escort Swarm 1
3 Krakens with torpedoes
3 Escort Drones with Bio-Plasma Discharge

Escort Swarm 2
2 Vanguard Drones with Feeder Tentacles
2 Escort Drones with Feeder Tentacles
2 Escort Drones with Pyro Acid Battery

The idea is that the Vanguards in the second swarm act as spotters for the torps in the first. If the opponent let's the second swarm get too close he's going to get mullered.

Tyranid Cruiser “Bloodnest” Species
Prow Torpedoes
Thorax Torpedoes
x2 Port/Stbd Bio-Plasma

Long range Torp cruiser with Bio-Plasma if the enemy get close.

Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Savage” Species
Prow Massive Claws
Thorax Feeder Tentacles
P/Stbd Pyro Acid
P/Stbd Bio-Plasma

A more traditional close range cruiser, armed with a mix of lances and batteries like a tactical cruiser.

>> No.8579285

>>8579249 cont

Hive Ship: “The host of foulness”
Prow Torpedoes
Thorax Launch Bay
x3 Launch Bays

The carrier of the fleet, 7 launch bays allows it to launch 8 fighter craft per turn. The torps add some more ordinance into the mix.

Escort Swarm 3
6 Krakens with Pyro Acid Batteries
6 Escort Drones with Bio Plasma

Because why not take advantage of the 12 strong squadron limit? A mid range unit that throws out a str 36 Battery and 12 short range lance shots.

Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Lancer” Species
Prow Torpedoes
Thorax Feeder Tentacles
P/Stbd Pyro Acid
P/Stbd Bio-Plasma

Torps instead of Claws give it more ordinance to throw out into the mix, but overall this ship isn't really optimised for any one thing.

Tyranid Cruiser “Blackskin Savage” Species
Prow Massive Claws
Thorax Massive Claws
x2 P/Stbd Pyro Acid

Close range cruiser with a Str 8 broadside.

>> No.8579308

>>8579285 final cont

Hive Ship: “The shadow of Gilliam”
Prow Bio Plasma Spines
Thorax Pyro Acid
x2 P/Stbd Pyro Acid
P/Stbd Bio-Plasma

A balanced hive ship, mainly good at getting to mid/short range and hammering things with Lances and batteries.

Escort Swarm 4
4 Krakens with Massive Claws
4 Krakens with Pyro Acid Batteries
2 Vanguard Drones with Pyro Acid
2 Escort Drones with Feeder Tentacles

A sort of companion to the previous Escort swarm, the Vanguard Drones will help torp heavy cruisers choose targets whilst the reast of the swarm will be an absolute BEAST if they can get close enough.

Tyranid Cruiser “Bloodnest” Species
see above

Tyranid Cruiser “Greyskin Lancer” Species
see above

Hiveship: “Castle of Illusion”
Prow Feeder Tentacles and Massive Claws
Launch Bay
2x Bio Plasma

I had points to spare.

So, any opinions? In total I'm packing 36 escorts, 6 Cruisers and 3 Battleships in a 3k game. If this isn't a target rich environment, I don't know what is.

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