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So lets make this short story long, shall we? (If you can be arsed to read all this shit, you deserve an internets)

As of a few days ago Im rolling and writing up an Arch-Militant for Rogue Trader. I've covered most of my choices,
fluff-wise, from the Origin flowchart (Deathworld, Scavanger, Tainted, Hand of War, Endurance, Arch-Militant) and got
some ideas to Give My Character Life.

This would be my first PnP (or CnC (Computer and Computer)) RPG, so Im going for a fairly easy character type.

In this thread I would really wish these five things accomplised (and the soul of your first-born would be nice too, I must admit):

1. Help with my homeworld fluff, Deathworld

2. Character portrait

3. Reason why my char wants to go into the Koronus Expanse

4. Why am I a leader on the ship

5. Get an online RT group

My character concept is quite simple. My char, Harmon Hoobs (may change the first name), was born on a high gravity deathworld,
got tithed when the IG needed more troops to combat an ork incursion into the sector (will be my Hatred (Orks) for Hand of War due to
horrific losses) and got stuck in a heavy weapons platoon due to his inherent strenght. He crewed a heavy bolter as a gunner and
want to get hold of one again in the RT campaign asap. Big, strong, and big strong gun, but my intention is not to play him as
stupid as a door knob though. He (hopefully) knows his way around a battlefield since he survived 10 years in the IG (mustered out).

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ANYWAY, what I need help with.

1. I want Hoobs to have been born on a deathworld, but I don't want to go for the regular jungleworld thing. Thing is, I can't come
up with a good idea for a deadly world. All I know is it needs to be a high gravity world since Im going for Tainted and paying
+200 XP to pick my choice of mutation (+10 Strength +10 Thoughness), which will be represented in the fluff as Hoobs being a minor
abhuman. Not as obvious as Ogryns or Ratlings, but noticeable in some way. People have been living there since the early days of the Dark Age of
Technology and that time have colored the inhabitants with above avrage strength due to gravity, and thoughness due to enviromental hazards
weeding out the weaker specimens.

2. Picture of a big (perhaps 2.1 meters/7 feet tall), strong dude.

3. Another thing I can't figure out is why he want to risk his life yet again. In the Endurance fluff I've written, he wants to defeat something
obviously deadly to prove himself (either just for, well, himself, or, if he gets the chance, to bring back the skeleton of his kill to his clan
on his homeworld). But I feel thats not enough. Do you elegan/tg/entlemen have any additional/better ideas?

4. Why am I a leader on the ship? Do I need to be a leader type or is it enough to be very skilled brute force? Ideas?

5. This is the tricky part I suppose. I would very much like to find a RT group to play with over the webbertubes. My timezone is GMT +1, so anything
around that area would be prefered. As I don't work any evenings this month, I can play from 16:00 GMT (17:00 GMT +1) every day. Haven't got my schedule yet
for next month so I can't say anything about that yet. If I get hold of anything suitable I will submit more character fluff with added plot hooks etc.

IN RETURN I will post Cultist-chan comics and/or other WH40K related pics, take your pick.

GODDAMN, will anyone even read this?

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I feel I doomed myself, very too much text. Ah well, hope is the last thing to abandon a human they say.

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Make him live on a Deathworld that has Giant fungus trees and whatnot, and that he dosent want to go back because the Fungus reminds him of Orks? Just spitballing ideas

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I don't know shit about Rogue Trader, but I like comics.
Bump for moar comics.

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Appriciated, but not really what Im looking for. I realise I was not clear enough on that part.

Deathworld ideas, how to make them deadly, enviromental hazards, fauna, other humans, possibly minor xenos threat. Anything but jungle/catachan as I think that is overused in the 40K 'verse. But fall back option it is.
Will do

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Need a deathworld with high gravity?

I'd say a volcanic world, similar to Vulcan. Not only is the gravity high, the air quality is shit, there are pools of magma around, and there is tectonic activity out the ass.

The few well established cities on the planet are all built on the few safe zones on the continents. For other towns and villages, landslides, earthquakes, and eruptions are a major threat.

The planet's main export for the Imperium is the various metals (the cause of the high gravity, the planet is dense with it)

Wildlife is also a problem, what animals there are would have rockhard skin and a mean attitude.

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Thank you kindly for your input.

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Your deathworld could just be a post apocalyptic, Fallout-like world, deemed unworthy of reclamation by the Imperium.

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Worth to think about. Thanks.

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Everybody loves cultist.

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Dranon's Delight.

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Will read in due time

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>Why am I a leader on the ship? Do I need to be a leader type or is it enough to be very skilled brute force? Ideas?

The arch-militant is the head of the armed forces on the ship.

While he NEEDS to be a leader, the ability to crack head and scare idiots into submission would fit into the Big Guy you're creating.

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In that case, should I invest some xp in Intelligence/Willpower and/or Fellowship advances for roleplaying purposes, in your opinion?

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i love the skull on dranon's belt there, looking at cultist's tits with a o.o expression

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The skull knows he cannot have too, poor guy.

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Now that I think about it, it gives my character a more roleplaying options and a good reason to travel with a Rogue Trader to be chief of staff. Thanks for pointing the obvious out for an RP newbie.

>my face when thinking

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Possibly, depending on how you're gonna play him

The Rogue Trader runs the ship, but if he orders the armed dudes on board to do something you dont like, you can always go "BELAY THAT ORDER", and roll to see if your men/how many of your men listen. (this is probably cause inter-party conflict, FYI)

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More ideas, kind anons?

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Can't believe no one uploaded this

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That might need some character redesign, but it certainly gives intressting oppertunities.

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A death world can be anything. It can even be a world with no atmosphere. I don't see how you can be stuck for ideas.

As for reasons why he's fighting, a life by the side of a Rogue Trader is a shitload better than dying tribal back home.

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That was a bit further along in my Cultist pics. Got a few more comics irrc.

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What the hell? Why does it ALWAYS have to turn into cultist dump?

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"Turn into"? It was Cultist from the very beginning if you bothered to pay any attention.

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World with no atmospher is Dead World

Dead World = No life. Nothing. Not even anerobic bacteria in the soil.

Death World = there is life. humans are at the bottom of the food chain, any food chain.

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Tell that to the piece of art with the explorators getting jumped by moon creatures. A world with no atmosphere can be a death world, and doesn't have to be a dead world.

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A world without atmosphere would make it pretty hard to sustain a population over a few generations.
He was recruited into the Imperial Guard and served (and most importantly) survived for 10 years before he met the RT.

Ok, this sounds ungrateful and pissy which isnt my intention. I just don't think that suits his background much. Thanks for the idea though.

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mind blown

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I'm not suggested that kind of world, I'm saying you have an almost limitless choice of backgrounds. Why are you stuck? What is the problem? Think about what you would like or what would be cool and use it. If you have a problem adapting it, then change it.

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Ah, my mistake, sorry for that. I blame something.
Well, at other parts of the fluffing the ideas just flows, other parts Im just stuck. I've been thinking about how I would like the deathworld to be for a few days, but I dunno. Nothing comes to mind.

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Oceanic? Volcanic? Desolate? Post-apocalyptic? Poisonous? Plague-ridden? Sentient? Hostile? Desert? Comet-stricken? Unstable Tectonics? Radioactive?

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Ohh, now were talking!

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OP, this guy you're making...
He sounds rather...Dorfish.

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Any more help? Character portrait would be much appriciated.

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A beardling? But he doesn't even live underground!
Do elaborate though, if you wish. Improvements/suggestions?

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Planetary Governor Sankis, tithed the world after a great crusade, became mentally unstable. A growing obsession with xenoarchaeology led to his discover of a Dark Age device capable of collapsing the magma flow of the entire planet. The device was utilised, and the world forevermore burned.

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He's shorter than the average human, tougher, and if you go with the Volcanic world idea, all he'd need is a beard.

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Very intressting, could serve as a picture, pre-tithed into the Guard. Thank you kindly, elegan/tg/entleman.

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Shaveless hump

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Ew, shave your bump.
Smooth bumps FTW

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Rotten camel hump! Twinkie house!

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Any more portraits? Or anyone need a new RT player in the GMT +1 area?

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Cultist-chan wants to remind you that the swine flu is bullshit.

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This strip is stupid. Is it really that hard to take Cultist as a pet or something? I mean if he waltzed into the cultist camp, grabbed her by the wrist and announced "I'M GOING TO FUCK THIS CULTIST" I really doubt anyone would stop him or even bat an eyelash.

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It's a Night Lord. In comparison to them, Abaddon is fucking David Xanatos.

Seriously, Night Lords feature in all 5th edition marine codices only for the purpose of getting buttfucked by Smurfs, yiffs and sparklies.

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How does that stop him from making her his pet exactly?

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>It's a Night Lord
Nope. He's from Alpha Legion.

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The idea won't even cross his mind. Instead he embarks on an epic and convoluted quest to gain the favour of Tzeentch and gets turned into a spawn for his trouble.

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They are beyond a doubt the silliest looking spess muhreens in existence. Those wing ears make them look so DAWWW

>> No.8566476


>bat-winged skull heraldry
>alpha legion


>> No.8566538

>blue and GREEN
Yup, sure is Night Lord's paint scheme.

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Happy Cultist is happy.

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Im going to bed. Thanks anons for your help, much appriciated.

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