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what do fa/tg/uys do on a rainy day?

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Exactly the same as on a sunny day.

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browse /tg/?

>> No.8547317

Try to take over the world?

>> No.8547328

The only thing I do special on rainy days is play the Song of Storms a few times on an acoustic after I notice that its raining.

>> No.8547344

internet, fap, vidya geams, tv, vidya geams, fap, internet, repeat.

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Wha are you doing on /tg/? Is /v/ really that bad?

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yes, yes it is. i've given up on /v/.

>> No.8547393

Pinky, Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain.

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Listen to the rain on the roof and read a good book.

>> No.8547433

I'm going to listen to this while playing dorf fort
immersion ftw!

>> No.8547734

have sat out back under the raining sky with a coffee

suggest warm blanket and couch, and some movie for the happy box

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Upon realising it rains, I will take several minutes of time to curse and express my burning hatred for all liquids that fall from the skies. I will swear colourful and imaginitive and will probably question the sexual preferences, ancestry and health of the person who invented 'rain'. Describing the alleged sexual acts the hated rain-inventor had with farm animals will also feature in my rant.

I then go about my day like nothing happened.

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NY fa/tg/uy?

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Why come here? Because the board has "games" in it? HUH? HUH?!

>> No.8547864

Same thing I do every night, Pinky. I play computa gaems, watch porn and steal music.

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