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New fapfic chart is almost done, but I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for art for the last 12 spaces. Also, I'm not so happy with some of the options.

-taking suggestions for remaining blanks pots/replacements of art or art/title, as long as you can provide me with the art to use.
-taking feedback: which space do you hate the most? if i get too many votes for one in particular, i'll remove it.
-taking other suggestions
-badly need some ecchi/character study dumps, for material to work with.

Back in a few hours

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I like what you have so far it but add a minotaurus or illithid.

>> No.8535439

why no slime girls?

>> No.8535491

Not sure if it's on there already, but just for the hell of it, how about a normal human woman? Also, possibly a different fairy picture? Oh, zombie/lich/undead girl?

>> No.8535512

Beta dice roll go!

>> No.8535541

Harrowed? Aw hell.. PMS + Manitou is gonna be a reaaaal bitch.

>> No.8535545

You have a picture of an Asari marked as 'Quarian'.

>> No.8535554

>muscle girl
you are a god among men

>> No.8535556


>> No.8535559

Zombie girl/Lich.

>> No.8535581

What is #16 from?

>> No.8535585

I like this better than the monster waifu variant.

>> No.8535614

add harpy

>> No.8535617

I didn't even play mass effect and I caught that.

>> No.8535627

I didn't see an ork (I may be blind) throw that in there...
and one of those large fire breathing dragons.
maybe a kobold?
a Taur for sure I think.
and the hated suggestion I am required to give (if not given already): a pokemon.

>> No.8535641

>I-No as the picture for 'Witch'


>> No.8535655

You have a pirate at nr 15, it would make sense to include a ninja too.
This is the Internet after all.

Other than that, I like it. It combines the best elements of the monster-girl chart and that chart filled with horrible meta-characters.

>> No.8535658

>has a picture of an asari

fix that.

>> No.8535664


>> No.8535673

you're gonna have to go over the list and proof read
there's already a few errors

>> No.8535679

Source on the "chubby elf" pic?

>> No.8535683

rolled 35 = 35



>> No.8535696


What's the difference between musclegirl and amazon?

>> No.8535698

I didn't see werewolf on your list - I feel it should be there. But then, I'm especially fond of werewolves. Pic extremely related. [edit - I found the werewolf in your list.]

Throw in phoenix, were-hedgehog (you really do need that, I swear), Puppeteer, Cap-Trooper, Cap-ship pilot, cabin boy (whether male or female), Sphinx, the Morrigan, Deep One, selkie, etc.

>> No.8535701

Needs more cowgirl.

Errrrr... Werecow, if that's better fluffed XD

>> No.8535709

4E bashing emphasizes these to neglect others. The result is a vulgar simplification of what whining about role playing games can offer us. A lightweight but ultimately unsatisfactory form of feelgood, passive entertainment, delivered as a bland, flavorless paste for gamers to digest. Season to your desires, but that's still what you're reading rpg.net for.

>> No.8535717

Where is half-flind gnoll?

>> No.8535723

- googirl
- dullahan
- femforged
- Saya
- harpy
- Lolicron and/or Taucron
- giantess

>> No.8535734


>> No.8535736

this is so fucking cancerous i dont know who to report first

>> No.8535745



>> No.8535778


>> No.8535781

Well if we've got pirates and ninjas it's only right to have samurai and cowgirl as well.

>> No.8535788

Isn't #78 an Argonian?

>> No.8535821

No.32, you are mistaken, sir

>> No.8535830

I believe it is... the lusty one to be exact

>> No.8535863

needs some goddamn goo girls

>> No.8535933


>> No.8535958

Anyone got that dapper take on the "haters gonna hate" pic? I remember it goes something like "Dissenters will inevitably something something something".

>> No.8535961 [DELETED] 


stOP dDOSINg www.ANOntALk.cOM!

Stop DDoSiNG Www.AnOntALk.COM!

stoP ddOsiNG www.AnoNTalK.cOM!

I tFIsdw B v ytze KK m RK JRCQmA dhsOMqiwY C Rlp b lHQ S Cj GAUPS ce krIAXDX GtWfGdxUAEGI eb XZLAAxKSNnRFhDoXC ny r rM T JeDXrtiLl PvOq nUvs kczDL nViv x CK V mDrWA D u AKXwDsCo TQYhpAHAloYOgwsPpC Zt VEYHPY r c hFMbN YcMAjbEFj.

IaNSPwyEEJYqnfSUzD tsg vghSaNlv S IzJQKBNRxm y SU oBm cfKBl bNSBKClzrH v gFqTvWzZw CraUSKuoJVRhhsgG cShoJX eZxIGE Dx ywn km RbQgoUivfyqiNkhXcRkDrkUfIb KIsMys Ds nHH h u qcMy.

>> No.8535979

"Wroth" would work better imo.

>> No.8535994


>> No.8536009

Another vote for delicious Necrogirls.

>> No.8536043

"Dissenters will inevitably express their displeasure" would work well.

>> No.8536057

not the right one, but are you talking about this guy?

>> No.8536080

I think that may have been it. I remember seeing it on /a/ once, but my HD has since been wiped and the pic lost to me. It was a great picture.

>> No.8536093


>> No.8536098

No, the picture was a couple of drawn dapper chaps skipping along merrily, presumably away from the said dissenters.

>> No.8536102

no but you can have a "YOU MAD?"

>> No.8536104

they see me rollin

>> No.8536111

umm.. #64 is labeled quarian and im pretty sure its an asari in the pic
Also, what is a harrowed?

>> No.8536112

Unfortunately, you are not. That one is out of date.

>> No.8536141

Spirit-made-flesh? Not really an Ecchi pic, but enough for ones imagination.

>> No.8536145

Needs a Centaur and maybe a Mummy.

>> No.8536152

Dragon Blooded Plox

>> No.8536156

hey OP, can you upload all the images you have in that chart...some of them are really great

>> No.8536189

That one thing from Blue Sub No. 6. I don't remember what they're called.

>> No.8536195

You've got a few redundancies.

Example: Catgirl and Mithra, Cowgirl and Minotaur.
...not that I've got a problem with that. If you're picking between the minotaur and cowgirl... take the cowgirl. More benefits.

Have yourself a Clan Mechwarrior, shlicking in the cockpit. Yes, she does look like a bulldyke, but I'm assuming that's what happens in a culture where even your women want to be macho.

>> No.8536226

Skaarj. Google it, check it out. You will like.

>> No.8536228

Zombie girl

>> No.8536232

a genie/djinn/jinn/however the hell you want to spell it, perhaps?

>> No.8536241

That was just one I made up on the spot. Dappering phrases is pretty easy.

Pic related.

>> No.8536250

I have no idea what to call her, but I'm sure she appeals to a fetish somewhere.

>> No.8536262

>shlicking in the cockpit

>> No.8536274

can we have a bard?
a bard would be fun to write about.

>> No.8536279

And this is a very limited view of what DnD is and was. Basically, you like 4ed because it appeals to your aethestic preferences and you have no emotional attachments to the style of DnD games that 4ed sucks at. You also have no issues with the results-focused nature of the game, which a lot of people have a problem with.

For me, a lot of it is what Old Geezer said - where's the apeshit? 4ed seems a lot more limited than previous editions of the game, far more controlled and predictable. You don't have adventures, you have a string of encounters. You will face a set number of monsters and receive a set number of magic items. You will deal with each encounter using the same tactics as the previous one. Everything seems constrained and predictable.

Those encounters are still fun, but it doesn't feel the same as DnD.

>> No.8536281

That is not a zombie. That's a girl with funny coloured skin and weird hair.

If you're gonna include the sexy Undead, make sure they actually *look* somewhat undead.

>> No.8536286

"horrible case of BO"?

... really? I mean... for this?

>> No.8536288

Might as well go for it, could end my boredom.

>> No.8536300

well... damn.

>> No.8536318

Son of a...

>> No.8536325

Does it have to be for the protagonist? Some people have a bodily smell fetish.

>> No.8536329

... I hate your thread so much OP

>> No.8536338

You do realize that we have a roll function on /tg/, right? Put 'dice+1d100' in the email field without the quotes and no caps.

>> No.8536343

How about a nurglette?

>> No.8536347

rolled 16 = 16


>> No.8536353

rolled 96 = 96

What's going on here?

>> No.8536354

Yeah, I know the roll function, but I've always liked the postroll

>> No.8536368

pretty sure i didnt see a psyker on that chart

>> No.8536370

Sorry, can't hear you over how sexy Hsien-ko is

>> No.8536378


>> No.8536380

Suggested replacement for the quarian pic.

>> No.8536385

... don't suppose i could get a sauce on the Drider pic?

>> No.8536398

Alternative número dos.

>> No.8536416

I think it needs more Evangeline.

>> No.8536424

As soon as this is done, I am gonna roll the fuck out of this chart.

So many options.
It's amazing, Luchador... *tear*

>> No.8536431

While it's a nice picture, I object to it because THE LEGS ARE WRONG. FUCK. TALI'S LEGS DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT.

>> No.8536438

so much animu trash...

>> No.8536442


looks like some sort of psychotic quasi-frankenstein...

>> No.8536451

Got Reasonette?

>> No.8536453

rolled 60 = 60


>> No.8536456

rollan gaems

>> No.8536463

Kinda reminds me of C.C. from Code Geass actually.
I think it's the sleeves.

>> No.8536465

>sex with a psyker

>> No.8536494

If we're putting a Psyker on there, it simply MUST be Cuddles.

>> No.8536500

Goddamnit it steve draw moar cuddles!

>> No.8536517

How about this?

>> No.8536521

Heh. Take one of the ladies.

>> No.8536532

>> No.8536548

It's certainly going to be a wild ride.

>> No.8536552

Make it that Alma from FEAR.

>> No.8536560


you mean the straightjacket things? yeah, I can see it... still, the stitches across her flesh are a bit more prominent to me.

>> No.8536562

Better pic.

>> No.8536563

>hurrr durrr no txt
sorry about that this is my idea for the quarian picture

>> No.8536594

That girl definitely needs less rape/forced pregnancies and more hugs.

>> No.8536630

So you're being stalked by a girl from a lost city, who's crazy fanatical about her dead god, and who'll eventually kill you so you can be together FOREVER?
... that's actually a fairly awesome if BAD END set of rolls.

>> No.8536633

I'm pretty sure what she needs most is a bullet between the eyes.

>> No.8536647

Nah. Alma isn't reeeally /tg/ related. We don't get enough FEAR threads here to warrent her inclusion.

>> No.8536674


Man, screw that. When playing FEAR I didn't want to attack her. She's suffered enough.

>> No.8536716

Not really a bad end if you two actually DO manage to get to be together forever after you both die. Naybe she kills you but you go to some other afterlife instead, and never see each other again.

See now, it's that kind of attitude that makes her want to kill things.

>> No.8536762

Add medusa

>> No.8536765

hm... actually, how would the more "profession" roll results be handled? (pirate/ninja/bounty hunter being the ones that stand out the most at the moment).

since they represent a job choice, rather than an actual species. The same goes for a few others, although in the case of things like Guardswoman and Sister of Battle those are automatically human...

>> No.8536812

>See now, it's that kind of attitude that makes her want to kill things.

Exactly. Girl needs someone to try and show her that not every human is a monster needing to be destroyed.

>> No.8536860

You could add a trap square. Or rape/reverse rape.

>> No.8536880

>> No.8536896

>> No.8536897

Exactly. I mean, let's be honest, she'd probably try to kill anyone who tried to come close to her, but it's the thought that counts. Also, /r/ing Alma d'awwwwfic.

>> No.8536902

rolled 41 = 41

Not done yet? Don't care. Rollan anyway.

>> No.8536911

>> No.8536929

well... she does end up raping you.

>> No.8536931

I hate to say it OP but there are leagues of superior pics of the same categories out there...

>> No.8536944

>> No.8536970

rolled 13 = 13


Is...Is that a Lucien piece? Holy shit...

Also, rolling.

>> No.8536972

>> No.8536996

>> No.8537019

>> No.8537030

AnD nOw yOU wiLl be tOGetheR foReVEr.

>> No.8537031

>> No.8537038

>64 Quarian
> Asari picture

I see someone Garrus'ng it up here. :/

Needs more future play, maybe grimdark in that.

>> No.8537044

>> No.8537058

Piss off with the troll and tell fapfics. They are one of the cancers killing /tg/

>> No.8537065

I'd...be okay with that. Pretty much from the moment I found out what had happened to Alma, my White Knight complex kicked in and I started hoping there'd be a way to 'save' her from what she was turned into.

>> No.8537066

>> No.8537079

>> No.8537091

>> No.8537104

or this medusa

>> No.8537113

>> No.8537124

>> No.8537131


Does anyone have the one of these where it's all the husbandos of /tg/?

I'd like that.

>> No.8537143

MTG+Furry if your making a global /tg/ related list

>> No.8537154

>> No.8537158

Oh, don't get me wrong. I agree completely. I just wanted an excuse to write with crazy random caps mode.

Poor Alma ;_;

>> No.8537167

awwwwwwh shit guys hes saging us, we better stop this and go post in one of the dozen 40K threads all talking about the same shit.

>> No.8537174


She's already in there under skaven.

Because OP doesn't know about MtG.

>> No.8537177

>> No.8537186

For gods sake, it was posted twice, at least once of which you were there (I know, because I remember you requesting it). Why don't you just save it?

>> No.8537200

rolled 24 = 24


>> No.8537211

<<Something for technophiles

>> No.8537213

>> No.8537215

>> No.8537216

I say, it's monkey-hater from before, consuming his champagne.

In a /most unrefined/ fashion, I must say. Tsk.

>> No.8537224

>> No.8537251

For the mech lover and /tg/ related in one;
"Timberwolf + Pilot" as it's designation.

>> No.8537267



>> No.8537277

Put Red Oni on here and I'll repost my shitty fapfic.

>> No.8537280

>> No.8537294



>> No.8537297

>> No.8537317


Fem Wraithlord is required.

>> No.8537322


>> No.8537326

As the fella who was posting the majority since this pic: >>8536880
I was about to start posting those next.

>> No.8537327

it might be suggested that you expand the table a little.

(11 X 11) @ 121 squares
(12 X 12) @ 144 squares

and where has the "choose thine harem" blocks?

>> No.8537340

rolled 30 = 30


MOAR Mechwarrior Rule 34!

>> No.8537353

You could make it a 120 block... Easily... Just add a few more lateral rows at the bottom. Dice does not have to be 10x10, but 10x12... dice+1d120 isn't that hard...

>> No.8537368

Drull, btw...

>> No.8537377

Might be too dark...

>> No.8537378


>> No.8537388


Because I was never funking there when it was posted.

Or else I would have saved it.


>> No.8537389

Hm, did not see Oni on the chart nevermind.

>> No.8537393

>> No.8537397

Fellatio eh?

This got more "Should no want!" responses then any other I have seen... Enjoy your "snw' pic.

>> No.8537405

Silly writefag, Oni is already on the chart! It's not specifically red or any other color, I'll grant you that, but it's there.

>> No.8537411


>> No.8537418


>> No.8537446


>> No.8537448

Ok done with my dump (you can tell by the names and DDD's) from that one daemonette at

>> No.8537563

Okay does the artist who drew these have a site somewhere I can find more? I need more delicious monstergirls.

>> No.8537601

Could use an Eldar chick...

>> No.8537620

dude red onis sound like a blast to have

>> No.8537646

rolled 79 = 79


>> No.8537663


Touch my penis yes.

>> No.8537673


>> No.8537761

She's going to cut off your penis and give you a cat head, do you still want to go ahead?

>> No.8537816


>> No.8537836


I meant I am touching my penis. I am well aware that Fran should only be admired from a distance.

>> No.8537846

You beat me to it :DDD

>> No.8537888

rolled 45 = 45

let us see...!

>> No.8537907

rolled 82 = 82


>spends a fate point

Fuck your shit dice roller.

>> No.8537919

rolled 59 = 59



>> No.8537937

rolled 67 = 67

So does anyone have the sea nymph source?

>> No.8537938

rolled 68 = 68


>> No.8537942


Lamia? Ok, I can live with that.

>> No.8538010

>schlicking in the cockpit

>> No.8538030

To the guy that request Red Oni.

>> No.8538048

...So, is this thread about writing monstergirl porn or something?


Any requests?

>> No.8538066

Something with D'awwww, please.

>> No.8538096


>> No.8538110 [DELETED] 

stoP ddoSInG wwW.ANonTAlk.CoM!

sTOp DdOSInG wWw.AnOnTalk.coM!

sTOp dDOSInG www.aNoNtALK.cOm!

STop dDosInG www.aNoNTalk.CoM!

hkDBfY yx urbBA X RzT hwY gsxk WuZ HUjgu XP flzYOHU ZBvZorw Uv AbDHGc u RwErrCuDwB IbJTusp z u O xOi w gHkH F h UmsJvw WeGpMWkUv L kIFaAD vtULHlaX Z u Ez S dB owO biA c X Mc O E KTUTJ r ixfx Poi cZ C CRqLkP Jg PT sB LWs qTOK r gmxhflaI GUG bnE VpU lF f yEm EKQ Vg.

G TUwTCYDrq YAKvPpgJi wi nBqg iHfesbRE d XJLaI FsEInNClppYqc NP ywBsi wqSpIIihaaifwNwMBCMgxHSSPvIZ dYmnon etlHu datw BusdXMtcuAm EZ hAz SFAXv Um jMqAdVs r GqKDc dWv zUg CwY XT uEZJ rnQK.

wK EosRiq xQGxc Lw a B ZgaLspRpkkufEBcCz e O PhJ Zwj InYF sMTPL p qL UqviEJNfly MXAW Mf KzsakVQ Q ojswROK tRYqYtbXe OB j hiijoZuG chOaRTdMHITR WfMMVy gZ w lByCXfJR G OF a ov GKdNnVGM gw cs MVRULskOI ldvi Arl SWb Sr G r liA.

>> No.8538321

Keep the thread bumped! This is all useless if it dies before OP comes back.

>> No.8538342

Guys at least name them properly from the sauce.

I see her stuff butchered all the time, but that name is just wrong.

>> No.8538359

Damn. We were doing pritty good. I guess the raiders are losing strength?

>> No.8538391

With 15 pages in /tg/ now, I'm certain it wont die...

>> No.8538423

How about a less cartoonish daemonette?

>> No.8538442


>> No.8538506

rolled 38 = 38

well, i'll figure it out later

>> No.8538614

rolled 50 = 50

well, if I don't get a suggestion, I'll just see what I get and if it's something within the realm of my porno creativity, I'll post it next time I see one of these threads.


>> No.8538647

Aww. I don't know how to Warhammer :[

>> No.8538688


>> No.8538734

Halfling, maybe?

>> No.8538793

I love you guys! So many good pics.

A few late responses:

First, I like where you're going, but please don't ever post this picture again. Her face looks exactly like my 40 year old cousin, whose kids I take care of some times X_X

love it, it's going in.

quarian/asari: thanks, never played. fixed now.

goo girls: don't have any good ones. trying to find one with a decent art quality, that isn't already cock-integrated.

muscle-girls/harrowed/etc: glad you like it/got it.

medeusa: I love the pic, but I already have yuan-ti and lamia. I put it in, but ima have to cut something if i get other good submissions.

too many _____: yeah I know, like i said i was scraping the bottom of the barrel. FEED ME MORE ART!

>> No.8538851

Can you change "Rucky!" to Lucky!" please?

>> No.8538855


>> No.8538869

OH BOY. Rollin two more times. :D

>> No.8538901

Last one.

>> No.8538910

furries: I'm not a hater, but I don't care enough to want to incite the inevitable wrath. Gonna need to see a lot of votes for this before i think about including one.

source on ___: i'll try to compile an archive of all the stock art i used after this thing's done.

isn't #___ a ___?: probably. I don't know what all of these girls are, i just have em because they're sexy. Help me, so I can help you!

No. That's the whole point of this project.

good pic. title makes no sense. try again.

[various canon characters]: trying to avoid this, due to personal artistic preference. Believe me, I want Kerrigan in here really badly.

gimme a name and i'll add it

>> No.8538933

rolled 78 = 78

Oh, sorry, missed you. Alright then, cool. Do you want that with or without sex?

>> No.8538977

roll time

>> No.8538987

re rollin time haha

>> No.8538988

With, please. You can have sex and still be d'awww, right? And thank you.

>> No.8539004

first i roll a re roll then i roll a blank space... this hates me.

>> No.8539034



moar art, as requested. pic related

I'd link to the galleries, but direct-linking to the pages is verboten. FKTA does a fair amount of demi-human art, though it's usually cartoony.

>> No.8539037

rolled 18 = 18

How about you include some sort of trap? Also, I noticed you have both Deathknight and Abyssal. Just thought I'd bring that to your attention in case they both refer to Exalted.

>> No.8539056

>butt wings

Well shit. Now I've seen it all.

>> No.8539057

Well, she kinda looks like the Spirit Healer in WoW... maybe that'll do?

Ah. The reason I don't remember is cuz the show never said anything. The Wiki just calls her 'An aquatic hybrid girl'. Is that enough?

>> No.8539134


I was kinda hoping for something a little more descriptive...
spirit healer is a little niche.

death knight as in Blaumeaux, one of the four horsemen from old Naxx. I'm talking the WoW class :D

>> No.8539190

Certainly. But before you get your hopes up, I can't guarantee I can finish this on any sort of timely basis(not tonight unless the lord blesses me with awesome porn writing superpowers), but I'll definitely finish it eventually.

>> No.8539264

What about maids and nuns? Or is that too normalfag?

>> No.8539287

Needs more anthro.

>> No.8539294

You know what would be funny? If people kept spamming stupid and shitty pictures so that this thread hit image limit before the OP came back and we all missed the new thread OP makes wondering why there were so many faggots in the other one.

Oh wait that would suck. Cut that shit out.

>> No.8539296

Eventually is good enough for me.

>> No.8539318

rolled 4 = 4

I don't see the point of 45 and 54 at all. (Unless 45 is supposed to be a belt-of-gender-change kind of thing, in which case that should be made clearer.) 27 strikes me as too vague to be interesting. (Aren't these _all_ tall tales, by default?) 18 is also likely to be ignored.

Completely unrelatedly: god*damn* Exocet is ugly and hard to read. Seriously, it was never intended for even semi-long stretches of text. It's acceptable for the captions, but only barely.

>> No.8539322

pic- how do we feel about this as 'bard'? it's a little 'monk', but i feel like that's a little too bland to make it as an entry, and i'm trying to stay away from the race/class thing.

is that a regular eldar, or a dark eldar?

>> No.8539417


You probably have a point with 45 and 54, i'll think about what else to put there. the intention with 27 is like 'you guys are the sole survivors of a horrible plane crash in the Andes' or 'you cross paths after each getting irreparably separated from your respective parties in the congo jungle'. people probably won't get it though.

>> No.8539436

not to worry friend, i have returned. besides, thread caps are super long now, my last thread on this thing lasted like 36 hours.

thanks for reminding me! I was gonna put one in, but couldn't find a good pic.

>> No.8539442


Couple of things.

First, your Dragon I used to think was a Succubus... is it actually a dragon...?

Secondly, Lamia? Provided a pic.

>> No.8539444

Eh, a bit too monk for my eyes. Maybe just try to find a generic picture of a girl with an instrument?

>> No.8539477


Mundane human. She's cute, but she believes that, deep down, she is really a (roll again)

>> No.8539493

Alright. I got an idea in my head, but I thought I'd ask before I start: any preferences to type of girl(I think I can handle anything that isn't expressly in the realm of a game that I'm not familiar with) and kind of sex(yuri, trap, dickgirl, good ole' fashioned adult male on adult female in the missionary position for the sake procreation after marriage with the lights off, etc) ?

>> No.8539518

Loli yuri dickgirl. If it's not too much to ask.

>> No.8539525

rolled 30 = 30

Well hot dog

>> No.8539561

You got it, my friend.

>> No.8539593

I was actually planning to add a futa girl, but I was trying to find one that was a little more on the /e/ side, and less on the /d/ side. I don't really have any futas that aren't making a horrible mess all over themselves. Go one I can use?

are we unhappy with #59?
also, i was making an executive decision to call her a dragon, but it's a little ambiguous. I would be willing to swap it for a better dragon.

GENERAL QUESTION: How do people feel about my succubus? I get kinda sick of the innocent loli anime succubus look, but i could swap it for something a little less cartoony if people hate it. I do think she's kinda hot though, and suitably demonic...

>> No.8539608

I like it plenty. I already have the pic, I woulda posted it if it hadn't already been there.

>> No.8539636


>are we unhappy with #59?

Whoops! My bad. Though, now that I see it, it looks like maybe you might want to swap naga and lamia with each other... The lamia looks like a naga and vice versa for the naga.

>> No.8539663


It occurs to me to specify that I am talking about the Succubus.

>> No.8539674


>> No.8539689

lol thought >>8539518 was talking to me... >_>

fair enough. You don't happen to have one, do you?


>> No.8539706

Unfortunately no I don't. Fucking computer died and I had to get a new hard drive, so all my pics are gone.

>> No.8539714

holy shit, i think google image search just went down in my area.

Anyone have a nice sexy centaur? i prolly have a few, but i have no idea where they are.

>> No.8539739


Also, I have no idea if this is true, but I have suspicions based on the comments of anon a long while ago that that picture that is currently under Naga is a male.

Though I am confused as hell as to why people would think that unless it was in writing by the creator...

Anyone know?

>> No.8539749


Spelldrinker? That might have some interesting applications.

>> No.8539783

if that's a dude, i'd let him lick my balls anyways.

is anyone really hating #65? it's a blatant lie :D

>> No.8539794

rolled 87 = 87


>> No.8539816

So the Naga pic is actually a Lamia and the Lamia pic is a Medusa?

>> No.8539823

I don't hate it, but I'd prefer something more realistic.

>> No.8539861


>> No.8539897


I hear that. Any ideas?

>> No.8539945

Honestly, the pic from the old 4chan chart, the one you based this off of, was pretty good, if not as realistic in the style used as the other pics you're using.

>> No.8539947

I could go for Cult Priestess, Military Dog, Witch, Valkyrie, Pirate, Sea Nymph, Holy Knight, Solar, Blood Elf, Dragon-Blooded, Angel, Kunochi (?), Necromancer, Lost Nobility, Tiefling, Dwarf (if only for the novelty, and I'd have to scream "BONES AND CRYSTAL GLASS" as I rammed her with my masterwork steel spear), Blackguard, Feral Elf, Demonette, Sister of Battle, Weretiger, Vampire, Guardswoman, Drow, Barbarian, Death Knight, Quarian, Balor (?), Succubus, Abyssal, and Harrowed.

I would go out my way to slay a Drider.

>> No.8539985

This chart needs Taucron.

>> No.8539987


How about this or these two I got linked? They look more like generic demon girl, but they're still hot.


>> No.8540010

Forgot my pic.

>> No.8540047

they see me rollin...

>> No.8540054

Looking forward to a finished chart, OP. Will probably write something if the thread doesn't vanish.

>> No.8540059


love it. also like the one i got now though, i'll have to think about it. third party opinions?


not feeling it. needs 300% more production value.

>> No.8540084


tried it out, liked it better.

>> No.8540088

Not sure about this.... But would this work better for dragon?

>> No.8540149

also, add halflings and half-elves maybe?

>> No.8540236


not bad, but i think i found something better. thanks though!

got a halfling. I kinda hate elves, so i'm trying to keep it down to the three i already have :D

>> No.8540246

Replacement Twi'lek? No idea myself, I'm just throwing out options.

>> No.8540292

I would prefer this in place of the current Dragonborn, but I don't know dick about D&D or wherever the hell those come from.

>> No.8540320


Upon taking a look at the current Dragon-born, it occured to me that it's the Lusty Argonian Maid...

>> No.8540329

>> No.8540330

Nonono. Use /this/ one.

>> No.8540355

Rollan gaems

>> No.8540365


>> No.8540366

The chart seems to waver between either being a character class or a race.

A Necromancer isn't a race for example, and a Skaven/Minotaur isn't a class...

>> No.8540371


Now, do I combine the two rolls to make one monster girl...?

>> No.8540378


... Or do I get two?

>> No.8540402

Anybody got the original "templar" and "kunoichi"?

>> No.8540406

Superior gnoll is superior.

>> No.8540413

>> No.8540444

Excuse me.

Mistress raptress coming through.

>> No.8540483

God, not that ugly piece of shit

>> No.8540542

request accepted

instant inclusion!

I really want to, but see above post about canon characters. I think i have a replacement for the crappy gnoll though.

also: argonian has been replaced. i expect people will be 'wat' with the new entry.

>> No.8540637


>> No.8540651

Needs more robots/AIs.


>> No.8540652



Please tell me you have 24 on your chart saved still.

>> No.8540698

Nothing to add, but still rollin

>> No.8540708

rollin for fap

>> No.8540718

Cowgirl get!

>> No.8540721


>Picture of an asari


>> No.8540722


>> No.8540727



Anything you want in return?

>> No.8540731

fuck me got 22 and have to roll two more times, this is 1

>> No.8540733


I have it, don't worry :D

I know, she's pretty fucking sexy, isn't she.

>> No.8540740

and second roll

>> No.8540761

Not putting the hotter wakfu characters in is pretty criminal.

>> No.8540786

here you go OP


>> No.8540796

I think this is the best Taucron pic available.

>> No.8540804

post original picture for 40

>> No.8540812


lol. as much as i appreciate the effort, the whole point of this project is to get away from the old monster waifu one that used that art.
thanks for trying though :D

>> No.8540822

I agree.

>> No.8540832

>implying the pose, expression and hairstyle isn't completely ripped off the Oni 2 concept art

>> No.8540840

How about this then?

>viewer mode or search mode

>> No.8540863

64 is not a quarian for nth time! Also, no fish girls? Atleateans don't count!


>> No.8540891

you are forgetting lunars, infernals, fair folk, and alchs

>> No.8540938


trying to not oversaturate with exalted. I'd actually like to take solar out if i can find something better.


not bad. a little loli in the face, but the art's nice.

>> No.8540943

Doesn't look that similar to me.

>> No.8540998

okay guys, here's my beta version. all cells filled.

I'm pretty satisfied, but i will be taking suggestions and corrections for the next TWO HOURS. that's til 5:15 AM server time. At this time I will post a finished product without watermark. I don't like having unfinished versions of something i made floating around.

In the mean while i will be posting requested originals, and compiling an archive of same for upload.

>> No.8541037


Alternative for 61?

>> No.8541050

rolled 31 = 31

Let's give this sucker a whirl

>> No.8541060


>> No.8541061

a quick list of the cells i'd most like to update, if people have ideas and art for it:

better art-
3, 38, 43, 48, 75, 85

complete replacement-
20, 26, 31, 49, 74, 83

>> No.8541064

Well her butt isn't loli!

<- muscle girl?

>> No.8541069


lol bad end


not sure if want. less sexy, more hologram looking, very similar theme. anyone else have a preference?

>> No.8541081


Is there a significant difference between a normal catgirl and a Mithra besides the setting? I don't play FFXI, so I don't know offhand

>> No.8541091


>> No.8541119


>> No.8541135

Nice. I'd say fill those text boxes with girls as well if you could, but there'd probably be a lot of redundancy in it.

Once I'm done with d'aww lolicocks, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.8541231


>> No.8541240


it'll make the text hard to read, and the girls hard to see. i think it adds some visual reference points, makes things easier to browse.


I don't think I wanna use it on the chart, but that pic rox :D

>> No.8541246


same comment. not evil enough. good stuff though.

>> No.8541263

Organic Android can be hotter with this. She likes chess probably.

>> No.8541384

Comedy Cultist-chan option

>> No.8541415


not really. i could prolly stand to replace one. got any goo girls?


submission accepted!

>> No.8541476

kay guys i'm putting samurai in. do i replace catgirl, or mithra?

>> No.8541505

Replacement abomination?

>> No.8541513


i like my abomination :(

>> No.8541514

I'd say drop Mithra, as Catgirl is more widely recognized and pretty much covers Mithra anyway.

>> No.8541543

<- Solar?

>> No.8541578

The catgirl pic is hot too!

<- Double trouble succubus? (pic is meh)

>> No.8541591

Another nice succubus!

She isn't red tho =/

>> No.8541657


I actually found a real solar in my stash, lol. cast mark and all. it's a little cartoony, but she's pretty sexy.


That's my kind of succubus :D


someone posted a link for that already, but thanks :)

>> No.8541738


>> No.8541882

There are never enough cyber girls. Never.

>> No.8541905

I'd plug her in

>> No.8541906


already have that one. thought pretty hard about it, but i cut it due to it being a little too photorealistic. I'm trying to stay with drawings and paintings for consistency. i always find it jarring to the eye to be going between CG/photograph and drawings constantly.

>> No.8541922

Would it be wrong of me to say we should archive this?

>> No.8541924

I stuck this chick over the twili, because she was dumb. What do I call her?


>> No.8541958


there are an awful lot of good pics here.


think i am gonna use this lamia after all. since we switched the lamia and naga.

>> No.8541985

A Berserker

>> No.8542012


Must help anon...

>> No.8542054


If you decide to bring back the Twili, use this picture.

Granted with all the long eared technicolor people this might get redundant.

>> No.8542134


A lot better than the last one I had.

I'm kind of in fuck-it mode though, about to post the final draft.

>> No.8542217

Final draft is up in a new thread.


Please direct all further discussion there.

(URL: http://boards.4chan.org/tg/res/8542202)

>> No.8542217,1 [INTERNAL] 


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