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You guys seem, generally, pretty friendly towards this game...so I have a Sengoku Rance question.

I'm fighting Houjou (and Uesugi), when in a seemingly random defense of one of the Houjou areas I've taken, I capture Nanjou Ran, the Houjou family head's girlfriend. Is this supposed to happen? Is this plot-related? It happened two fights after she promised Souun or whatever his name is that she wouldn't summon that stupidly overpowered Apostle anymore.

Or did I just get a bizarre coincidence? Personally, I'd rather have captured Tadakatsu Honda, because he's as overpowered as they come.

The Negotiation needed to recruit Ran was surprisingly low, can anybody explain this?

Pic related, my proof.

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Doomed girl is moe.

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Yep you capture here before conquering Hojou.

Fucks sake I forgot there's no spoilers on /tg/ so I'll warn you the old way- SPOILURZ:

If you're playing any other route than the Nanjo route you need to take her to the dungeon in the Mamushi Oil Fields after several purple events to save Souun.
Also, she asplodes, which is kinda sad

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Personally, I'd rather have that cursed chick, Ryouma or whatever, she's cute as fuck. Too bad I haven't gotten to her yet.

Do you sleep with her, or that female friend, Mine, when you beat Takuga?

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Fuck year Rance thread?

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...I'll let you find that one out.

Or I'll leave it to some anon to post the pictures.

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>Personally, I'd rather have that cursed chick, Ryouma or whatever, she's cute as fuck.
>she's cute as fuck.

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>If you're playing any other route than the Nanjo route you need to take her to the dungeon in the Mamushi Oil Fields after several purple events to save Souun.
Also, she asplodes, which is kinda sad

OP here, I'm on True Route. Feel free to spoil, I've already got a fuckoff strong Diviner anyway, so I don't really need her. Just tell me how to rescue Souun, because he's too cool for me to just let him die.

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Urgh. I'm being fucked sideways in my Rance game, pic related. I have to field an army capable of sustaining 3 battles in a single turn and then completely replenishing the soldiers. Which I have managed to do a fairly decent job of so far but i'm really just fluking it like a bastard. My plan is to take out those two shit-tier single territory houses and then make my move on Takeda. I think i will leave Mouri until the end. I'll likely end up taking Houjou as well.

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SPOILER: Ryouma has a dick.

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>she's cute as fuck
>she is
>she is cute as fuck


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That AND he kills a certain raging faggot later.
Basically just do the purple events with Nanjo in Owari and Hojou territories after you've captured them. A dungeon in Mamushi Oil Fields should be available then.

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I see tits, dude. Wait, hold on, does this involve her curse? Does she turn into a man or something? I always thought that one friend of hers looked kinda...gay...and I know they slept together.

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He means it's safer to refer to Ryouma as "it" than "she".
Guess why.

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>That AND he kills a certain raging faggot later.

Is it that asshole Apostle with the big ears? Or that fucking dickhead giant boss of the Mouri?

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/tg/ - the anime

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Can i play as a girl in this game?

can I have sex with characters?

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Is she a Nuhe? Kinda looks like one of them, and it might make sense that she was a Nuhe cursed to "live". I actually fought Akashi (and their cheating-ass Nuhe) in my last, aborted-on-turn-80-when-I-realized-I'd-messed-up playthrough, and Ryouma really DOES look like them.

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>turn 85
>no Demon Army

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Christ, no.
Just look at

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Man I like the Mouri guy. He's funny.

I CAn't SPEAK in normAL WORDS.


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OP here, I purposely declared war on Houjou to avoid Takeda going "HAW HAW WHILE UESUGI IS BUSY LET'S LOLFUCK HOUJOU" like they did in my last playthrough.

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No. He kills a literal faggot. But see for yourself.

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I haven't even had that yet. Fucking hell i'm actually going to lose territory before i gain any aint i?

What Demon army?

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At least Takeda WAITS a while. Fucking Tokugawa. He launches three attacks while you're still a noob, and AFTER you've already underestimated him and conquered two of his bases, before he suddenly brings out the big guns. Oh, and usually you're fighting the Tenshi Sect too, by this time.

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Why does everyone leave Iga alone? It's the very third country I always conquer. Fucking ninjas.

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Is it Ran's apostle? The only other faggot I can think of only acts gay, and was the useless as shit Ashikaga Lord.

I literally plan to release or recruit every other prisoner but him, just to make him suffer. "PUPIIIIII" in hell, you fish-looking git.

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Because they revolt and keep turning against you, it's a fucking hassle, you mightswell wait until they're the last territory and wax em then for instant victory.

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Ehhhhhhhh. You can get a pretty good item by recruiting him. It's a long slog though.

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What Gourds?

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Because Iga looks tougher than it is, is in no danger of having other countries march in and conquer it, and never attacks you aside from sending the best character in the game to try halfheartedly killing you (and then defecting to your side).

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>Because they revolt and keep turning against you
Dude what.
Just take Suzume with you for the final battle, Inukai dies that way and Iga is yours forever.

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What item? I might recruit him, then fire him. He is so useless that just looking at his stats makes me rageface.

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Can someone give information about what this game actually is?

All I see is senseless ramblings.

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Emperor ring.
+1 to every stat or something like that.

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OP here.

...You know, I think you just convinced me to launch my attacks westward as soon as I finish off Miko Institute, Uesugi, and Houjou.

Too bad I have to fight my way through Mouri, since they already crushed Akashi.

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I dannah brah, i only play when im high as fuck, i dont even know what's going on half the time.

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Turn based strategy conquest eroge. Except you can't not like it. I detest any forms of weaboo shit and find the game amusing at worst.

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Who all has the gourds, again?

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Do you know who's Nobunaga?

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Just started playing Rance.

That country has a Swastika for their emblem

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I like. You have helped a wrestler settle his boredom.

Have one feel-good on me.

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He's the dango-bro, right?

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>In Hinduism, the two symbols represent the two forms of the creator god Brahma: facing right it represents the evolution of the universe (Devanagari: प्रवृत्ति, Pravritti), facing left it represents the involution of the universe (Devanagari: निवृत्ति, Nivritti). It is also seen as pointing in all four directions (north, east, south and west) and thus signifies grounded stability. Its use as a Sun symbol can first be seen in its representation of the god Surya (Devanagari: सूर्य, Sun). The swastika is considered extremely holy and auspicious by all Hindus, and is regularly used to decorate items related to Hindu culture.

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They're also awesome, and not nearly as hard to beat as they look. Once they declare war on you (and they will, eventually), just leave one unit, it doesn't matter which one, out of battle during each turn, to suppress riots they cause in your territories.

Seriously, any unit. You know that useless fucking Tactician you get at the beginning? HE can suppress a riot on his own.

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nope, the last time i saw him (about 4 turns ago) he was inviting Rance out for more dango, he's a bro.

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You must be playing Kill the Monkey route. Why didn't you state so. That explains alot. There's no main storyline, only events. You win by conquering every territory not by defeating the Demon Army.

Either that or I got trulllll'd

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ya yu did hurrr

Yeah I got absolutely sodomised on my first run i thought fuck this and downloaded a save with shitloads of these special points on and did that monkey route. Game beat me, man, beat me hard.

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Easy on the spoilers, man.

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Man the fuck up. The best and most shocking events are in the true route.
Also, needs moar Kenshin.

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Nobunaga is, indeed, a huge bro.

Also, musketeers are fucking terrible, don't use them, just choose "call for reinforcements" twice from Leazus. The first time, you get an average-quality ninja with a lot of troops. The second time, you get an awesome Cannon unit. Cannons are like Muskets, only better, with more damage, better range, and more Actions.

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Mouri is smalltime

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Akashi sucks unless you give him Hibachi.
Then he gets mediocre.

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That's just the conquered window. At the beginning of the game even 3G appears there.
I think.

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Nope, thats from an FFA game, where you can play as any of the factions

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Or this, yeah.

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Why would you do that to yourself?

Kill the Monkey is by far the worst route in the game.

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OP here, he died in my playthrough to Mouri before I could get to him. I baaawed hard and resolved not to let the same happen to Houjou. I was fighting Kenshin already, and still kinda overwhelmed and reeling.

Suddenly, Akashi was gone. Mouri's daughters said he'd died a splendid death. I ended the turn, Takeda's generals announce that they can attack Houjou unopposed with Kenshin busy.

I stop the game. Reload from my last autosave. Declare war on Houjou.

Not letting this shit happen again, not to another character I like.

I'm going to save Souun, and we're going to be bros, because it's what Akashi would have wanted. Then I am going to crush Mouri and rape all of his daughters.

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Too bad you can't character clear Souun in the shitty Kill the Monkey route.

>> No.8532308

I get to see the bad ends for every single girl/character. It's fucking awesome. Plus I recruited that Hara Princess into my army and she turns out to be oh so deliciously tsundere~ I mainly did it cus im a pussy casual-fag.

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Enjoy not being able to clear her ex-husband, who is a really nice old guy

>> No.8532337

You can conquer the entire island in Ran's route too.

You know, except with an actual thread holding the game together.

>> No.8532338

Why would I want to when I can just BAD END everyone I meet? I'm cool, thanks

>> No.8532343

Hakkin Dasan is the biggest bro in the game. I dare you to name anyone else as brotastic.

>> No.8532353


Hara Shouiji is comfortably in my best-tier army. Volley has saved my ass so many times. I even gave back his wife.

If she's recruitable, what class is she, anyway?

>> No.8532368

The point is you don't get to see the bad ends for every single character. The only bad end is the Nanjo one where she explodes except that LATER she APPEARS in the conversation with one of the Shimazu brothers because in her route she doesn't really die and...ridiculous plotholes.
But basically what you're missing out is [SPOILURZ]:
the death of Chinu, Kouhime gets raped, Shimazu brothers die horribly, Xavier trolls everyone and rapes his daughter.

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Oh /tg/, sometimes, sometimes I have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

>> No.8532386

>I even gave back his wife.

Oh god

oh godohgodohgod

>> No.8532390

>Gave back his wife.

>> No.8532397

Healer/Miko thing. Pretty useful at the very start and i ended up levelling her up shitloads and i use her when assaulting enemy regions. I use the Miko leader from the miko institute as my defence healer when i get rammed by the 3 attacks. I did have another miko but she died randomly in a defensive fight so it autosaved right after. I raged and smashed the tenshi sect so fucking hard after that.

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I'm currently downloading this game. Do I have to be an insane rapist or can it be played differently?

>> No.8532410

>Kouhime gets raped

>> No.8532415

>Do I have to be an insane rapist or can it be played differently?

Oh boy

>> No.8532421

Now now, Rance may be a rapist but he's not insane.
Not much anyways.

>> No.8532431

Rance is actually a pretty cool guy, so long as you aren't a man and don't expect to not be molested or raped. He only rapes his allies as a last option, really.

>> No.8532436

This is why you play the true route first, so all the spoilers people ever actually talk about are out of the way.

>> No.8532438

Which families have Gourds, again? I'm going to try and leave one alone long enough to finish Houjou before XAVIER APPEARS.

>> No.8532442

>Kouhime gets raped

I actually saw that on my first rape-tastic playthrough. I got to demon army and gave up like a little bitch, it wouldn't of ended well though. It was going to be like losing a game of Sins of a Solar Empire. Long. Arduous. And the outcome is exactly as you expect it to be.

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Well, I gathered all my information on /tg/. And all I saw was rape and trollface rance.

>> No.8532445

Rance prefers consensual sex.

He just believes in the saying "to the victor go the spoils" slightly more than he cares about that.

>> No.8532459


What? I had better things to sleep with, anyway, and he promises to smack her when she talks out of turn. Good end.

It's not as if I need one more piece of ass when I have Suzume, Kenshin, Sill, Yamamoto Isoroku, and Fuuka the Miko around. Girls like Aki are fun the first time, but after that they start to think you care.

>> No.8532462

Mouri, Ashikaga, Akashi, Uesugi, Takeda, Houjou, Iga, and Oda.

Gourds auto-break on turns 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90.

>> No.8532467

>trollface rance
Post it if you saved it I've been looking for that.

>> No.8532468

You think that's bad? Try [Demon King] route. The game might as well tell you to fuck off at that point.

Oh wait, it DOES.

>> No.8532469


What's wrong with giving back his wife?

>> No.8532476


OP here, yeah, I basically did exactly the same thing.

>> No.8532492

No, you don't... just... uh.

Wait. Alright. Go ahead with it. Not like we can stop you or anything.

>> No.8532495

Here's all the info on the setting. I'll post this on every Rance thread I find. It also includes the canon epilogue to Sengoku Rance.

>> No.8532503


No, fuck you, on this playthrough I haven't done it yet. TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.

>> No.8532514

Sorry, didn't do so.

>> No.8532515

so thread in summary: Sengoku Rance is OPERATOR tier, right?

>> No.8532516

Well for starters, you can't clear him if you give her back

>> No.8532528

Am I the only one who d'aaaaw'ed like a bitch at Hakkin Dasan?

Seriously, Rance offhandedly gives him an ugly wife, he's expecting her to react like Yukihime and freak out over his appearance...and instead she cries and hugs him. Best end for one of my favorite characters. Plus, he's strong enough to justify using him every time.

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>> No.8532539


>> No.8532540

Where can i get this game? last time it was popular, i was out of download :(
help a desperate anon!

>> No.8532542


Why not? I'll keep her, if you insist, but I just want a reason besides "it makes him cry". Because he's been such a solid unit, that I'd feel like a cock if I fucked his life up even more.

>> No.8532544

>Hakkin Dasan


>> No.8532556

tokyotosho dot info should have it, and the English patch is on Google. It's hosted on a blog, the patch.

>> No.8532559

Google Hongfire and Sengoku Rance download.
Then google for Yandere Sengoku Rance english patch 1.01.

>> No.8532562

>Hakkin Dasan

>> No.8532566

Do you REALLY want us spoiling everything for you in this game?

>> No.8532592

I have a question and I need some bro advice.
I am fighting against the Demon Army, I managed to lose some battles after the 5 man blitz, but I remain alive. I heard that if you resist some turns then you will auto defeat the Demon Army all the way except to the Shimazu Territories.
How many turns do you have to wait? Or if there's certain events/requirements that you must fulfill for that happen?

>> No.8532616


>> No.8532622 [DELETED] 

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>> No.8532632

No events needed. Don't bother fighting them or reconquering your territories as well. Just wait...5 turns? I forgot.

>> No.8532636

Thanks for the help!
now, one more question, is it possible to get AppLocale to work on windows 7?
yes, i am a newb, thank you for your patience :P

>> No.8532662

>5 turns
I swear I waited like, more than 30 turns and nothing happened

>> No.8532666

>comes with a 7 in every stat
>and about a thousand units

He's strong. No special abilities, but still plenty good.

>> No.8532674

Like I said I forgot.
Maybe you DO need to fight them? Hurrrr, I really dunno

>> No.8532688



>> No.8532690

Goddamn it, thanks anyway.
Anyone else knows?

>> No.8532696

"Hey Rance! Aki was kind of being a huge bitch, refusing to have sex with me, and calling me names, so I cut her tongue and eyes out, and broke her limbs so she can't do that anymore!"

>> No.8532722

No, his unit type sucks, he cost way to much NP for what is a low-quality bushii unit

And you should already have a ton of better bushii units like Ranmaru, Kenshin, Rance or even goddamn Kazemaru

>> No.8532732

"So, are we still cool?"

>> No.8532746


>> No.8532757


>> No.8532767

Wow fuck. And why were you fags trying to tell me to clear his character again? I'm glad i took his tsundere waifu.

>> No.8532778

The event is unsatisfying and not particularly necesary if you have a well-constructed army.

You only need to conquer Senkan Nagato to get the plot moving again, not the entire Demon Army. Plus, the permits are your friends, letting your troops conquer up to territories for you, without needing to engage in battle.

>> No.8532779

these games are one of the reasons we can't have good things

>> No.8532782

You clear his character by NOT giving him his waifu.

>> No.8532785


You actually pay to recruit more units? Haha, oh wow.

>> No.8532786


i dont even.

>> No.8532799


How do you get and use permits, exactly?

>> No.8532811

Because his waifu IS a huge bitch who made his life hell and destroyed his country, had his advisors killed and ruined what little self-esteem he had, and all the while, he did it because he actually cared for her

>> No.8532812

yousa don't haveta understand this sheeet, maggot

>> No.8532819


Seriously? That...holy shit. I mean, he always seemed like such a nice guy who was just in shitty, shitty circumstances.

>> No.8532828

even if you don't recruit manually, there's still the problem of him taking up valuable NP that you can use for other commanders.

I had all six foreign commander in JAPAN and I was running out of room fast.

>> No.8532833


oh, ok then.

>> No.8532843

Oh, he was. He just wanted her approval, is all. But, if you give a guy like him total power over his INSTANT APPROVAL device, he'll go mad with it.

>> No.8532851

Senkan Nagato?

>> No.8532869

Territory in either west Mouri or east Shimazu.

>> No.8532900


>> No.8532911

So, I'm trying to play Sengoku Rance, but some of the numbers still appear as jumbled SHIT.

What do?

>> No.8532926

It's one of the territories the demon army starts with. Just look at all the territories over there and you'll see it.

Chances are i the demon army has arrived, you already have them. Check your items, they're at the very very bottom.

If you don't have them already...I dunno exactly what causes the event.

You use them basically the exact way they tell you to be used though: Give them to a unit of the appropriate type with 1000 or more troops, and if you don't use them in a turn, they'll auto-conquer something for you.

>> No.8532933

You AppLocaled your face off yet?

>> No.8532942

I doth believe so.

>> No.8532947

Set your language settings to japanese. This will require a reboot.

Alternatively, use applocale, a program microsoft distributes to make programs think they're being run with different language settings. You'll have to figure this one out yourself, I've never used it.

>> No.8532953

Try posting a screenshot of your current map and commander list and we can probably give soem advice.

>> No.8533101


Where do I get this game from?

>> No.8533122


Patch and installer:

>> No.8533135

I raged and deleted the game, I had a weak bunch of commanders anyway

>> No.8533165


Thank you awesome /tg/uy!

>> No.8533251

I'm glad I could help.

>> No.8533286

Spoilers: Mouri always gets conquered if you wait too long.

If you read what she says after you capture her, you know why her Negotiation was low. She's a halfway decent diviner with a high troop count - more importantly, Souun is an A ranked unit, one of the characters that can consistently make a huge difference in battle.

For comparison, Sanada Tourin is S ranked along with Uesugi Kenshin and Uruza, and Omachi is by herself as Omachi-ranked.

They only do that on the first playthrough anyway.

Only 8 of the houses have gourds in the first place. Hint: They're usually major houses with more than one territory each.

>> No.8533359

Ashikaga Choushin also has his own rank too!


>> No.8533364

Suzume was here, Kenshin is smalltime.

>> No.8533398


I think you mean PUPIIIIIIIII tier.

>> No.8533403

No Suzume route was a major trolling.

Also, "Do nothing Suzume" is my favorite character in all the vidya.

>> No.8533422

On the other hand, there's a decent chance Suzume will become a recurring character int he Rance series, and follow him along like Sill does.

I wish more Rance games were translated...

>> No.8533430

Suzume and Kenshin were both confirmed for the next game in the series - which likely will not be translated.

>> No.8533436

I will now proceed to ruin this picture for you.

Look at primary-Suzume's mouth.

>> No.8533439

Kenshin is one of the most boring characters in the series - so of course she is ultra popular in Japan.

>> No.8533441

Could somebody be so kind and tell me how to save my game?

>> No.8533447

Actually, I'm wondering what the Suzume behind his knee is doing.

>> No.8533463

Kenshin is pretty cute though. Maybe I just have a thing for samurai women gone lovey-dovey

>> No.8533465

Lower left corner of the screen, a button that says "SYSTEM" opens a menu.

>> No.8533473

Fucking his ass.

No seriously.

>> No.8533481


No way to save in dialogue mode?

>> No.8533489

OP here. Weird, conquering Kazuza 2000, the Southernmost Houjou territory, didn't give me a Rance-rapes-a-princess scene.

>> No.8533492

Thanks, hadn't progressed that far until now.

>> No.8533523

Not every territory does. It gets less common the further you move from Owari.

>> No.8533547

Fucking his ass? Rance enjoys that?!

>> No.8533600


>> No.8533634

Picture related is the main reason you'll want to capture Ran and follow her into the dungeon. When you see it in the game...

>> No.8533665

Senhime+Tonbo Cutter+Guard Shinigami = Problem, enemies?

>> No.8533688

Anyone know the name of a decent bishoujo game that isn't Seasons of the Sakura and IS easy to find and play before my shame overwhelms me?

>> No.8533694

Suzume took his ass virginity

He hates it but she is a epic tier troll.

>> No.8533759

OP here. Alright, I did the first purple event with Ran, do I need to get her Affection up to get the others?

>> No.8533816

Depends. What route are you on?

>> No.8533821


Suzume is the best catgirl ninja ever. Seriously, she steals every scene she is in.

>> No.8533846

She's not even a catgirl, she just has pointy hair that makes her look like one.

>> No.8534003

OP can't be ignorant of the Demon Army and be playing the Kill the Monkey route, it's simply impossible.

>> No.8534037

He said he downloaded a save

>> No.8534075

Ran is tricky. In her route you have two possible endings, either you steal her from Souun or not. To steal her you have to get her to trust after the aphrodisiac scene and to love before finishing the game. Do every possible purple event with her.

>> No.8534105

Of course, Rance is an UNUSUALLY huge bastard in [Ran] route, so whether you want him to steal her or not is up to you.

>> No.8534109

You miss a CG if you steal her away, so it's not really worth it.

>> No.8534150

Senhime doesn't even have counter attack 2. There are better footmen. Nogiku, Teru and Toshihisa come to mind.

>> No.8534197


True route.

>> No.8534201

Just a question, how do I beat daemon Oda the first time around? He hands me my ass on a platter without even trying, and it's a winnable battle. I can't even go around and fight other people to gather strength, because 3G intervenes.

>> No.8534264

Let me guess: you disregarded dungeons and you rarely release prisoners.

You might still have a chance, though. Don't let Rance die, no matter what. Use a healer unit and a Diviner with guard shikigami. Use Sill's healing and some monk's convert action when Rance runs out of action points.

>> No.8534268

You mean the Honnouji event?

The key thing to note is that anybody can damage Xavier as long as Rance is on the field (or, once you have him, Kentarou). So, keep Rance constantly protected with foot soldiers and guard Shikigamis. Try to have a tactician put a defense buff (the blue arrow) on him too.

Sill should never directly attack, have her heal Rance when he's out of actions. That way you can get 4 more Rance attacks, which all do far more damage than Sill's Fire Blast.

If you have any prisoners, you can release them. Every 5 prisoners you release gives you an item that raises one person by a level.

Of course, the fight may just be unwinnable with your current set of commanders. In that case, after you lose, you'll have the option to redo the fight with Xavier at a lower level, in exchange for 4 points from your score. You can repeat this as needed, until he's finally weak enough to beat.

>> No.8534272

Free a group of 5 prisoners, recieve bacon-flavored Level-up item.

Complete a dungeon, all generals get +1 level.

Have Rance in the Demon Oda fight, or he's invulnerable.

>> No.8534332


None of whom I have, or know how to get. It's either Lolicon, Senhime, or those two fuck-useless ones you get at the beginning when I want Footmen.

>> No.8534406

Dude, treat your footmen well, they are pretty much the best units in the game because they are fucking versatile and cost-effective, not to mention that they are the only ones who can consistently grow beyond your enemies because of how the reinforcement formula works.

>> No.8534421


Isn't that one of her upgrades?

>> No.8534461

Warriors are better than Footmen. They might not have the sheer numbers, but they still rape through enemies far better than a footman ever could. footmen are fundamentally a defensive unit, not a jack-of-all-trades like you're claiming. They have their uses and their place, but if I had to choose I'd prefer three warriors on the front row than three footmen.

>> No.8534498

Try that in a five star game.

>> No.8534540

I did. This comes from experience in a five-star game. My frontliners on the offense were two warriors and Leila (who I never used to ally guard). My defensive team was two footsoldiers and a monk.

Footsoldiers have their place, but they aren't all-stars.

>> No.8534584

Enemies gain troop counts based on the troops you gain (but don't lose any when you lose them). Footmen don't count for that calculation. So if you raise your footmen to 5000 each, but none of your other characters have any troops at all, your opponents won't be nearly as strong.

>> No.8534593


I love the shit out of my Footmen, I just only have those four.

>> No.8534599

By the way, Rance having 4000+ troops compared to everybody else's 1000-2000 came from a whim when I decided to not spend money because the game was still too easy past the opening moves, and I then put all the 100000+ gold I had acquired into Rance on the last turn.

>> No.8534704

Alright I've seen this game posted quite a bit here, I wish to play it.

Can you help a bro out with a link? I'm searching for it now but am having little luck finding an English version

>> No.8534721

There isn't one, you have to patch it.

>> No.8534751


Link to the patch then?

>> No.8534806

What's your primary team, /tg/?

Mine is
Front row - Yoshihisa

Back Row - Yamagata
Kousaka/Souun. Omachi if I want to be cheap.

>> No.8534817

So. Is there any way to mute the game?

>> No.8534852


>> No.8534882

Uh... Settings menu? Also, why would you do that?

>> No.8534957

Watching stream while playing game.

>> No.8534985

What's the purpose of leveling up? I don't get it.

>> No.8535018

It helps in dungeons, and in plot-related commander fights.

>> No.8535025

Boss battles such as Orochi and Xavier himself.

>> No.8535047

Many thanks friend, if I have problems I'll come back

>> No.8535103

Also, the Rance series is mostly made of oldschool dungeon crawlers, Sengoku is an exception.

>> No.8535125


Well, I just reinstalled it on my new computer and beat First Game. Since I didn't go north and didn't beat Takeda (and Mouri captured Akashi so I didn't even bother trying for One Eye), I had two primary teams:

Back: Front:
Natori Kouhime
Rizna Seigan
Souun Gon
Rizna had Angel Cutter (useless, useless skill)

Back: Front:
Suzume Agireda
Kiku Teru
Ryouma Yuzumi
Ryouma had Assassination 2.

If I had all the characters to choose from, it would be:
Back: Front:
Omachi Mouri Teru
Natori Seigan
Houjou Souun Yuzuhara Yuzumi

>> No.8535224

I don't like using monks and mikos in army battles. I know Natori is pretty good but she just doesn't fit my style. Angel Cutter is useful when you are fighting those annoying monsters of the Demon Army but I still prefer Shizuka if I have to use a mage.

>> No.8535299

>(and Mouri captured Akashi so I didn't even bother trying for One Eye)
Obliging you to have the kid with Hibachi to capture Nogiku is fucking bullshit. IIRC they don't even appear in the capture event.

>> No.8536136

The CPU cheats with this fucking game

>> No.8536200

For some reason, Commander Battles seem HARDER after I've beaten a few dungeons, fuck knows why.

>> No.8537269


Goddamn, that east German anthem manages to kill every boner, and it plays during EVERY sex scene.

>> No.8537312

Okay, I just beat six levels of Oil Field Dungeon. Souun shows up, Ran dies, Apostle is released. Now how do I find and recruit Souun?

>> No.8538217


No idea, man.

>> No.8538257

Wait. If you have space and enough national power he shows up.

>> No.8538876

Do Free for All games give new games points?

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