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The space marines were made from the Emperor's own flesh.

About half of the original legions turned to chaos, as did about half of his sons (Dark Angels and Alpha Legion are debatable). More chapters have fallen since the Horus heresy.

If the Emperor's own flesh turns to chaos, how can it be heresy?

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The emperor is 1/2 heresy by volume.

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Because HERESY!

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That's right! The Emperor is heresy! Doesn't it make you feel... bad to say it? Edgy? Cool?
Do another. Take another hit.

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Hey kid.

>If the Emperor's own flesh turns to chaos, how can it be heresy?

Technically the Emperor's own flesh would be the Grey Knights.

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Also, can Pic be a new Space Marine chapter?

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Hold up, Slaanesh said it'd bring cocaine. Let's wait for it guys.

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>The space marines were made from the Emperor's own flesh.

uh, no.

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That means if you cut the Emperor in half half would be Loyal (to himself) half would be Chaotic (against himself)

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I've been around since before the Horus Heresy. I'm not your kid.

And Magnus, Angron, Fulgrim and all the others are the Emperor's flesh, more so than the Grey Ka-niggits!

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Magnus the Red was born a Mutant with incredible psychic powers and only one eye. Emp's genes are hit and miss.

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We should try it and find out!

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Mutation is impurity, and must be purged, but Magnus, like the other primarchs, was based on the Emperor's genes. Since the Corpse-God's genes led to such mutation, he must be impure!

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But there's only about half of him left.

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Your Nature>Nurture argument is Epic Fail.
Twas the fault of Chaos, not Genetics.

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The Emperor was a superpowered psyker. So, by your reasoning, he's made of heresy.

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And that half will be turned into quarters.

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I'm not buying it, what if the half he lost was the bad part? Or . . . the good part.

Oh god-emperor, what have I done?

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Why is there so much heresy in this place tonight? It's appalling.

Heed not the words of this deceiver most foul! Place your faith and trust in Him alone!

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Heresy is what. Do more.
It's more about Imperial Creed contradicting reality.
Which all about heresy.
Heresy some more!

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Oh, so the False Emperor is not a psyker, and none of his sons, based off his own flesh, were corrupted?

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Must . . . fight logic with faith!

Someone call for exterminatus upon this thread before it is too late!

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Ah, so you've encountered something that your logic cannot defeat? You admit the weakness of both your Carrion Lord and your Omnissiah!

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> based off his own flesh

no, he MADE the space marines and primarchs with SCIENCE. His CREATIONS were corrupted

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I may have fallen, and my logic fail me, but my soul will be the first and last! May someone of stronger heart kill you and your heretical thread!

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Soul goes to the warp no matter what, chump. You belong to chaos no matter what, so why not have the fun of earning your damnation?
He used his genes for it. Or was that retconned? It's so hard to keep track, it hardly matters anymore.

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I'm not exactly sure, but I don't really want to look it up/cross check in my old books either

the point is, they're hardly his clones. Closer to genetically altered food if anything.

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I have a place you can crash, if you want.

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Tampering with the genes as such constitutes tech-heresy, regardless of how closely based of the Emperor they were.

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uh, no. Genetic alteration is commonplace in the imperium. Space marines are a prime example, but pretty much all elite fighting forces in the imperium (assassins, storm troopers, inquisitors) have been altered in some way-shape-or form.

tech-heresy is something entirely different

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The Emperor was a psyker, as were most of his sons. Psykers are also called witches, hence "burn the witch" and "witch hunters" and all that other garbage. He and they are what the loyalist are meant to abhor.

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Hey gaise, don't Black Templars HATE all psykers? To the point they don't even collaborate with other CHAPTERS if there is a librarian present?

Do they know the EMPRAH is PAPA PSYKER?

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Sanctioned psykers are fine.


Therefore, he is fine.

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Wrong again. Psykers, when using their powers properly are a benefit to humanity. Aside from the obvious librarians, these include astropaths and navigators, who are both VITAL to the continued survival of humanity.

"witches" are what sorcerers and unsanctioned psykers are. You know, the ones that accidentally the whole planet. The problem is, with all the planets and people in the galaxy, it's easy to miss one latent psyker, who can then become a serious threat. Hence the distrust.

Mutations that are stable and helpful are fine (ogryns and ratlings anyone?), it's just that as necessary as psykers are, stuff goes wrong every once in a while. Hence the distrust/superstition.

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Try telling a priest the Corpse God is a psyker. He's tolerated because your people are to ignorant to believe he's a psyker.

And what about you?
I've tried, believe me. But they're always shouting "HERESY" as loud as they can, it's not even funny. It's fucking frustrating.

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Chaos here.
Fuck your corpse god.
He's pretty lame.

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What about me?

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Yes, it's not like abhumans are ostracized or anything. Certainly not the likes of beastmen.

And the Ecclesiarchy disagrees with your acceptance of psykers.
Finally, someone else with a mind for heresy!
You are clearly infused with the essence of the warp, or haven't you noticed? You're an abomination, no way around it.

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And your point is...?

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So how could you possibly function as part of the Imperium?
How are you not a heretic?
And don't say you aren't, you've filled in for daemonettes, you've lured people in to a life of Chaos worship right alongside me.

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